Atmos Kiln Wax Atomizer Review

Atmos Kiln Atomizer

The Atmos Kiln atomizer is pretty unique, it’s different than most of the ones I’ve seen so far with other vape pens, and this Velvet Hammer is just an unbranded one.

This is the top part that has the ceramic disc coil inside, and the whole housing is made of ceramic too.

So the top looks a little bulbous, and I do wish the design was a little more appealing to the eye. Thank goodness it works as well as it does though, because the performance more than makes up for its homeliness.

We’ve seen the ceramic disc atomizer in a few other pens but this one aint like the rest… it seems to heat up faster and get to a hotter temperature than for example the KandyPens Donuts and SOURCE Terra coils. What does this mean? You get a lot of vapor, and you get it quickly.

What’s nice about the ceramic disc, compared to fiber wicks or ceramic rods (most of them), is that it never really gets that blackened look, it’ll still be mostly white after many uses. It gives the vapor a nice clean taste also, one of the major benefits is definitely the flavor with this one.

Velvet Hammer Let’s Start With The Negatives

There always has to be something wrong, right? Well here’s a few things…

The chamber is pretty small, so you can only load a small amount of concentrate at a time for the best performance. A BB-sized amount is really recommended, maybe up to the size of a pea.

Now with that faster, more intense heating comes more splatter. No matter what you do some of your oil is gonna bubble up and get stuck inside the top piece, and since it’s pure white you can really see the buildup easily.

Not a big deal though, this happens with most pens you usually just don’t notice it as much because they’re not white. Once a decent amount builds up you can take your dab tool and scrape it off to put it back down on the coil.

Ceramic Housing Doesn’t Get Hot

A big advantage of the Atmos Kiln design is that the outside of the atomizer where you touch will never got hot, it’s really well-insulated.

Some vape pens have issues here, they can get warm to the touch after a few heat cycles, but not with this one. Most good vapes won’t get uncomfortably hot, but if you happen to be having this problem with your current pen you might wanna give this one a shot. You can also get the atomizer by itself to put on a 510-threaded battery you have already, I’ll put a link to the one I have at the end of this review.

Hopefully with future versions they can slim it down or whatever to make it cooler looking, I really like how it performs I’m just not in love with its appearance.

Kiln Atomizer Instant Heating & Great Airflow

When you press the power button you’ll only have to pull for a few seconds before vapor production really ramps up, it definitely heats at a faster rate than most other coils.

The main benefit of the fast heating is that you can take just a 3-5 second pull and get a nice cloud of vapor, with most pens the average draw length for a good cloud is 6+ seconds. The catch-22 is you don’t want to take too long of a hit with this one or it’ll bubble up more and get stuck to the inside.

Airflow through this atomizer is also fantastic, I only got a clogged feeling once from it and that was when I packed too much oil into it, so for various reasons it’s important not to load too much at once (remember, a pea).

This makes it feel really natural to pull from, which is always important in my book. It’s more of a “direct lung inhale” versus a “mouth to lung” inhale, if you know what I mean. Cigarettes would be an example of mouth to lung, and a water-pipe is an example of direct to lung.

The video clip below shows me taking a couple of draws:

Pure, Clean Flavor & Big Clouds

The last and probably most important advantage of this kiln atomizer is the taste of the vapor. Super clean, super smooth, I’m diggin it.

New Vape I mean let’s be real, it’s not quartz clean, but it’s pretty damn close. Out of all the coils and atomizers I’ve tried so far, the ceramic discs and quartz rods are my fave.

You’ll never get a burnt or over-heated taste with this type of donut heating element, and I really like that a lot (as will you).

Who Should Buy This Pen?

If you’re done caring about anything other than the performance of your vape pen, you should absolutely have this one in your collection.

Vapor quality and taste are the main attractions, with efficiency and nice cloud production being a welcomed added bonus.

Stay up!

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  • I don’t care for the ceramic tank have put about .2 of diamond dabs in it n got like 6-8 small hits n it was for me maine problem is the hits no matter how long are not like a 2 second hit on a good pen . so ill give it 1 out of 5 ‘s

  • Atmos Customer Service is an absolute JOKE. I am so frustrated. It came broken in the mail. (Plus it wasn’t sealed which wasn’t a big deal but still). I purchased the item using a groupon that I had purchased, and spent about an additional $20 on their site to cover the whole price. Well, it arrived broken. Really bad packaging. I called them and they told me because I used a Groupon I have no recourse and there are no refunds. I reiterated that it arrived broken and he said they do not give any refunds on purchases made in whole or in part with Groupon. When I complained further he said that it was my choice to use a Groupon. I asked to speak with a manager and he said he is the manager. No apologies, nothing. I have a broken unit that I now have to dispute with both groupon and my credit card company. Really bad service. Also, any items they offer you for “free” on their website are crap and they don’t stand behind them either. Don’t by from Atmos.

  • I purchased only the tank portion and put it on my normal box mod. Works great for me!!! It really packs a punch! Great quality, I would recommend to others. Probably not the whole system though, just seems like junk. Unless you don’t have something better to put it on.

  • I have had it for less than 6 months and the start button is stuck. It is expensive and I do not like this Kiln at all. Would not recommend to anyone.

  • I’ve had nothing but trouble wit the atomizer. Leaks like crazy, and no, I’m not overloading it. Tiny dabs disappear and end up leaking out the holes in the 510 thread.

    Junk. Wasted $30.

  • Blinking battery out of the box, wasnt the battery, was the top part… Now I have two batteries, two tops, 2 coils, and 2 pieces of junk…

    What a waste of money. I’d never buy a product from them again..

  • I purchased one of the KilnRA vaporizers last May 24, 2017. I contacted Atmos 6/1/17 because the product wouldn’t work. Atmos didn’t help me make it work and they refused to replace it. When I went to their authorizer dealer that I bought it from they told me Atmos wouldn’t allow them to replace it. Since that time I have contacted by phone, email or chat, Atmos 8 times trying to resolve this issue. The call I made went unanswered and unreturned. I tried chatting with them starting Monday and didn’t get a response until Weds.

    Since I bought this product 8 1/2 months ago I have been able to use it for ONE THING ONLY. Pure cartridges are the only thing that works. ALL other cartridges don’t, the ceramic chamber won’t work and the Dry Herb attachment won’t work.
    The Ceramic chamber is defective and it came apart in my hands. Not apart like its supposed to but apart exposing the chamber. So I reached out to Atmos AGAIN. Now they tell me they want ME to pay $25.00 for them to replace the piece they should have replaced 8 months ago for FREE.
    I had 8 utterly disappointing and useless contacts with Atmos. NONE of their reps have been useful and as their customer frankly I don’t feel like Atmos gives a damn about me or the quality of their products or service.
    So, I will use this piece of crap until it fails completely, which I don’t expect will be very long. Then I will buy from another manufacturer.
    NOTHING Atmos products do for any price is worth having to deal with Atmos to own one.

  • I’ve had it less than 6 months. Gone through 8 Chambers. Does not work well at all. I would not waste money on this product.

  • Bought a Kiln atomizer well over a year ago to put on a Smok 80w box mod. It’s been great for me, quality has held up to regular and sometimes prolonged use.

    • WHAT IS THE OHM OF THE RA TANK I brought the smok alien last week have my watts at 13 temp at 250 but it’s not reading my ohms and I have tried everything need to know what settings to us. My kiln battery bit the dust but I love the tank best wax pen/tank out there and I can replace the coil and always have clean hits so please somebody help me

    • I have an almost identical setup, a SMOK AL85 set for temp control at the low end (160° C) and currently have over 6,000 five second tokes on it and still going strong!

    • Not oil it’s to liquidy. Distilled is a lil runney in it I also have the apx ceramic tank and the distilled runs out the holes on the bottom of the 5/10 threads. Kiln R/A doesn’t have holes on the 5/10 what makes this the cleanest and easy pen to get build up out

  • I would never buy am atmos product again. I purchased a kiln ra and was brokem right out of the box. Becuase I filled it up once the store I purchased from would not return it. I contacted atmos and they told me the dont warranty accessories. They offered to sell me replacement parts which is bs. Stay away from anything thay says atmos. There customer service is am absolute joke and they do not stand behind products

  • I had my kiln ra for a week and a half, used it 3 times maybe and the light just blinks, fully charged. After talking to customer service they say it’s the atomizer, which happens to not be covered by the amazing warranty. But they are “graciously” giving me a one time free replacement.

    I would be VERY careful buying this. The quality may be suspect.

    Update: After waiting 11 days, just found out the order wasn’t placed. Really wish I could return this thing.

  • COMPLETE AND UTTER PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!! DO NOT BUY! Atmos will NOT take care of you when this unit fails.

    I bought this unit, 5 days later it wouldn’t take a charge. Contacted manufacturer who forced me to spend my own $ to send unit back to them. Wouldn’t authorize an exchange and store told me Atmos WON’T ALLOW them to exchange the unit EVEN though it had Failed at less than a Week. They then kept unit almost 10 days! They called me twice to tell me they couldn’t figure it out, I told them I don’t care just replace the unit, don’t send me back; the same defective unit. So what do they do? They ship it back so It takes almost a week to get here and of course its the same piece of crap that wouldn’t charge before.

    I have had this unit now almost a month and I have been able to take individual drags off the unit 13 times TOTAL. Not cartridges, not days of use, just 13 activations in just under 30 days TIME!

    So I told them I will NOT pay again to send the same piece of crap back but they better back up their so called warranty and send me a replacement or tell the store I purchased from to exchange. Frankly considering my experiences I don’t expect much. Considering how many GOOD vaporizers are out there I would buy almost anything else. Even my $16 Serenity pen has worked flawlessly for two months!!!!!!!!

  • I bought a kiln approx 3 weeks ago. Only tool i use now, have been using it all day everyday (every 2 hours at least). Battery lasts but dies next morning if i don’t charge overnight. Overall it is great, very simple, but requires frequent cleaning, and may not be easy for some people to use. While I would buy it again, I wouldn’t recommend it for most people, as it takes regular cleaning and an experience with shatter/ reclaim to use efficiently. Controlling temperature using the one button is also not ideal

    Leaning curve with this tool. Esp if someone is not familiar with shatter and reclaim. Reclaim builds up in the pen (in the actual pen via air holes, not in the chamber) and then slowly runs through little holes at the bottom onto the battery if you don’t clean it for a while. If you have a buildup you may be able to avoid cleaning by taking a decently hot hit, removing the battery, plugging the air hole on the side with your finger, and blowing into your pen, forcing most of the reclaim out the holes in the bottom. I avoid this by leaving the pen (battery removed) in iso alcohol for a night, then rinsing out with water in the morning. I just inhale (not battery or heat) to dry it out, so my use isn’t interrupted.

    When you use a pen with reclaim built up inside it, lower temps vape the shatter, but higher also vape the reclaim, giving you a harsh hit that is very irritating to the throat. It is still usable, but not as pleasant. A noob might not notice when he is vaping the reclaim, mistaking the vapour for shatter vapour.

  • Stack your kiln on a cool fire pebble batt pack. Adjustable and great size. Really makes the kiln rock.

  • I love it. The last one i bout only lasted a few weeks before it burned out. But i like it so much i went out and baught another one. Today

  • I have a siegel 200w box mod w temp control with watts,TI,or NI, choices hw shuld I set up my mod

  • If you read the instructions, they state to only use 510 batteries. I’ve been using for over 5 months and never had a problem. I like the kiln because it doesn’t burn or waste your vape and the flavors always taste fresh and not burnt.

  • I jist purchased one and it dpesmt let me unlock so it sucks i tried pushing it 5x and nothing so its useless sorry but not happy with it all.

  • So I’ve purchased a few kilns. They will burn up past 15w!! Be careful people, 10-15w is all you use. The kiln has the best terp taste of any vape I’ve tried. Probably my favourite way to use shatter.

  • Kilns suck. Wastes concentrate always seems to burn the concentrate but you never feel like you get a hit. Like others say it leaks through the coil into the battery. Gets clogged and can’t hit. Do not buy a kiln! Huge waste of money!

  • Was told by costumer service rep of the manufacturer that’s it’s final sale and that they don’t replace defective units. Mine was 2 weeks old and stopped working. Do not recommend this product to anyone!

  • All you people that fucked yours up are idiots. You need a sub ohm battery and shouldn’t go above 11 or 12 watts. And to clean it use alcohol on a q tip. Not rocket science. Kiln is my favorite and now they do make ones where you can change the atomizer. Try knowing a little about your product before just ripping it out of the box and breaking it

    • Idiots ? That manufacturer makes garbage. I have personally tried dealing with their “customer service” with little to no help at all. My Kiln was defective straight out of the box, yet it’s not under warranty because I charged it through my apple USB wall connector and not my USB port on my computer they say ” it burnt the atomizer out when I attached the battery to it because of The watt difference spiked the atomizer and burnt it out? I would NOT recommend ATMOS products to ANYONE. Save your money or buy a product that will actually work.

    • Agreed. I use tf out of my kiln with the original atmos battery and i’d rate it as the best wax vape i’ve ever used. never had issues with it and it has even dropped out of my pocket while riding a bike. No issues, just big rips.

  • The Kiln ceramic is not a quality product. It stopped working “atomizer not working” on an E Leaf I Stick 40 w battery. Several sites suggest it has a 5 yr warranty but it does not. I contacted AtmosRx customer support and was very disappointed to learn that it has no warranty once any wax has been used, even after lets say 1 week. Try to find a more durable product.

  • Breaks VERY easily; be very careful not to really touch the heating disc with your dabber because it (is)/becomes extremely fragile. I’ve had 2 break on me and I was always pretty careful to be gentle. If the hearing element was more durable this would be the perfect attachment. And it leaks a lot, a lot of waste… 3star right now.

  • 2 weeks and now its not charging, cleaned (wiped once a day) not sure i would buy another for $60 {1-10} it gets a 4!

  • The coil isn’t replaceable is it? That’s the one downside to these vs many others. Once it’s used up, you have to replace the entire unit?

  • I’ve now thrown away about $50 on this Kiln business. It’s amazing how little information they give you. My first one stopped working after I cleaned it. Apparently you’re not suppose to use water and clean it like you would any other product of this nature. Out of courtesy they sent me a new one and I just had to pay for shipping. $10.00, yay! It’s a final buy so paying for the shipping was a courtesy for something that’s built like $^#%, Awesome!
    I got two uses out of it and followed all directions that had been given to me thus far. Called ’em and was told I had the battery too high. 13w watts is too high if you’re using a different battery. They told me because my box mod can go up to 100 watts that I should’ve been running it at around 9, even though the battery itself I was using is no different in the amount of volts it pushes than theirs so regardless of how much it could push it’s no different running mine at 13 watts or theirs.
    Here’s the thing. I’ve been an ecig user for years now and build all my own stuff ( Iknow, I sound like a douche, that’s okay) First of all there is nothing inside it that would be destroyed if there was water in there. The problem is you can not get access to the inside of the Kiln at all so even if you know exactly how to fix the problem you can’t without breaking it open.
    I REGRET this purchase so much and the customer service is not pleasant in anyway, shape or form. I would urge anyone who reads this to save your money and buy something that works longer than a day. The cheapest pen is going to last you longer than this thing.
    You’ve been warned! Terrible product, terrible service and a complete waste of money.
    Now I’m off too bust a second one open and repurpose the parts like I did the last time.

    • My first one lasted 8 months! Now I have went through 3, I have received one that didn’t work after one use and the others aren’t making it a week, I don’t think it is me, I don’t know what to say? One lasted a long time and now I can’t find one that can make it a month.

      • I do this when waiting for a replacement kiln! on no.5 now! Works but You don’t get the terps like the kiln

    • If you’re an avid RDA user, why not build a single coil and push it down to where it almost touches the deck of the atomizer? Put your concentrate on the coil and hit the button. I did this for my wife and it worked really well.

  • Yea i bought this thing and it lasted for 20 min, i used on my ipv4 box mod. Needless to say i followed the instructions and didnt understand why i wasnt getting anything out of it when i inhaled no smoke nothing. I honestly am very dissapointed in this product for the fact that i read the main review on it and it sounded amazing but when i got it and tested it really irritated me that i spent 40$ nothing that the review said was true. There is no warranty or anything. This is an honest review if u want something that works dont buy this product it really is complete garbage.Great idea but actually pull through with quality.

  • I have owned the kiln for about a week now. Only purchased the top is awesome. Best wax vape I’ve ever owned. I aleeady vape, so it fit right on to my vape mod, or battery. It has 510 threads which is compatible to most vape batteries. Super easy to use. I have a “smok h priv 220w” battery. Whenever I switch from my nicotine vape juice tank to the atmos kiln wax tank it just asks if “this is a new coil?” I click “yes” and it automatically recognizes the atomizer and adjusts the setting. I burn it on 15 watts to get a nice tasty rip. To get a full dab choke rip I use it at 395-400°f on temp control. 5 stars so far. Great product.

    • Can I ask what the coil setting is I’m burning my the same my coil is at 95 don’t look right to me

  • After watching you take those couple hits from that,I’ll pass. I have Matts micro skillet and I use dual Quartz atomizers and get huge clouds compared to what you are getting with that 2.5 atomizer!! I’m not convinced it’s any better. I’ll stick to my micro skillet with huge hits.

  • I’m currently having problems with my kiln, I’ve had it for 1 week and it’s reading no atomizer found: can someone tell me how to fix this please???

  • Probably the worst investment. Literally not even after a day and careful vaping (390 degrees on temp control) and the ceramic coil literally broke. This is literally over priced and complete garbage and Divine Tribe 2.5 is the same thing for $20 cheaper. STAY AWAY FROM THE ATMOS KILN

  • Very underrated vape. I had 2 before I got the Dr. Dabber deluxe and it’s just to much going on there with the water and glass and this and that.

    I want to just put my wax in something small and simple and folks this is it. The only one I think is a little better is the Puffco Pro now that’s saying a lot.

  • Hey man quick question. Atmos Kiln vs Lynx Hypnos Zero. My buddy has the Atmos and I love it but I’m trying to decide whether I should switch it up and go with the Lynx. Any recommendations on which one you like better?

  • Grate write up! Next time try heating at 380 degrees, 15watts, take a 3 second pull release the start button & press again! Huge hits!!! (try for a 3rd or 4th if ya can ;) This also keeps the spittle down and won’t crack kiln. There are also spittle proof or more resistant ceramic top out there. Dan K

  • I must say I bought a black one 2 weeks ago and simply loved it until it died. Used for maybe 40 puffs and quit on me. I’m a medical mj caregiver and have many followers on my page so I hope you can make good on some sort of warranty. I didn’t overload it or used high voltage. I love it but I won’t buy another until I know you stand behind your units.
    Thank you,
    David whitten

    • Use the Micro Skillet with dual Quartz atomizers. Mine works awesome. Huge clouds. I get about 1 month per atomizer which cost less than $3 per coil. I buy packs of ten for $28 delivered. I use an Eleaf istick 30 watt set at 14-17 watts. I’ve used lower watts but not less than 9. In use for about 1 year so far. The skillet is the best ive used to date. Not looking to buy one of the kilns until they are well made. Too much money to spend on them when they seem to be good or bad. Many reviews say bad too. So I’ll stick to my skillet. $13 on line and includes 3 dual coils.

      • I totally agree!! I use the exact same set up. I bet I know exactly who you buy from on eBay. Lol.

        I started with Matt at Divine but he raised his coil prices.

    • Have you gotten anywhere with the company? The place I got mine from were cool it had been maybe 3 weeks an out of the blue mine up an shit the bed on me I took it in an they swapped it out for me.

  • Great review! I love my kiln and have been using it for over a month now with few problems. only when I overpacked it, it started to clog and bubble up, but it’s easily fixed. The only thing is how to clean it. I scrape a lot from the sides and put it back in, but there’s a ton of residue, and if you keep hitting with the residue I feel like it’ll burn the coil out.

  • i bought one of these. its a total POS. it worked for a week then shit the bed. A total waste of $. These are by far the WORSTE dab pen I have ever tried. What a waste of money.

  • Hi Bud – I notice that New Vape no longer offers the Velvet Hammer battery mod pictured above. They do still sell the ceramic concentrate atomizer, just not the battery.

    As far as I can tell, the battery pictured above in your review is a re-branded Joyetech eGo ONE with the e-juice atomizer tossed away.

    Any idea why New Vape quit selling them under their brand. I rather like New Vape and their fine grinder is truly a piece of quality work. You can still find them on ebay under the Velvet Hammer brand but not elsewhere.

    • If you go to ineedhemp, Matt shows how to blow clean the atomizers using heat.

      Heatvac sells this same pen, as does Atmos. It’s such a gimmicky, rip-off based industry.

      I got the various ceramic donuts Matt sells and paired it with a eLeaf TC 40w.
      The problem is this: in TC mode, I get “temperature control” warning messages despite running on low heat and keeping the wattage at 11 (in case it unlocks and jumps to VW mode).

      There are some interesting discussions concerning the electrical engineering problems inherent with these setups on r/waxpens and r/divinetribe, as well as f*ckcombustion.

      Thanks for the reviews Vape Critic! I got the Hypnos Zero thanks to your review. A bit overpriced, but certainly effective for stealth situations.

  • This is the same atomizer as made for and sold by Divine Tribes. Matt at Divine Tribes seems to be an open source kind of guy and you will see this exact same atomizer under different labels.

    With regard to TC box vice voltage/wattage. I have had it working both ways and prefer TC on with my eLeaf TC 100. I can get very good vapor from this unit from about 360 on up. I tend to start at 360 and then up the temp for later draws. I have no confidence that my eLeaf TC is particularly accurate. I have it set to Ni as the wire core in the ceramic donut is made of nickel. But TC mods use a calculation based on the change of resistance of material at temperature to determine temp. Its a once removed measurement and with the ceramic insulating the Ni core, I’m not sure how accurate it it. DOESN’T MATTER. Just find the temp on your box that corresponds to good vape and there you are. Relative temp is good enough, objective temp would be nice but if I know that 360 F on MY mod work (or 11 watts for that matter) then that’s all that’s needed in my opinion.

    I have also had it work well in wattage mode. Great thick vapor at 11-13 watts. I have no idea why the fella above thought he needed to crank 25 watts through this coil

    As for dripping and leaking. You put too much in it. Bud’s BB to small pea (and even small pea may be a bit much) is absolutely correct. If you look into the oven, you will see small air holes on the side. This is the air input for your draw. If you put too much product to the point that you are covering up these holes, it will leak (duh).

    Also, try continuing your draw for a second or two after letting up on the power. This will clean these draw holes up so when it cools the product doesn’t block them.

    Finally, look at V2.7 of Divine Tribe’s atomizers and you will see they incorporated additional feature to keep the splashing down. I really haven’t had a big issue with splatter in the mouth piece. Don’t try to cook it at temperature of the sun type levels and you will be ok. And Bud is correct that after accumulation, its very simple to take a dab tool and clean out the mouthpiece.

    Bud, best vape review site ever. Great job, please keep on truking

  • So the only concern I have since I bought one is cleaning, doesn’t come with any form of care instructions, the little tool kind of works, I don’t imagine just letting it build up is good for the ceramics though. Anyone

  • It leaks out the bottom.. my Istick is a mess because of this thing.. my buddy and his buddy both have same problem…

    • yeah, mine too. i just bought it the other day, and noticed a little drip where the battery attaches to the vaporizer. i unscrewed them and there is a ton of wax own where it shouldn’t be. i also don’t get very big clouds unless i take a huge pull, but my product is definitely disappearing…

    • I use an Istick 30w with a micro skillet using dual Quartz or ceramic rods. I get way bigger hits and in the year I’ve opened it,it has not leaked. It’s going to be hard to get me switched. Especially looking at the little cloud he produced.

  • Good review only thing not mentioned is the danger of cracking at high wattages. I had mine 2 days and boom at 22 watts, the store said 25! Don’t go above 12-13. Wish I had done more reading first.

  • Hey Vape Critic!

    Love your reviews. I was wondering if the velvet hammer atomizer is the same one as the atmos kiln?

    Stay up!