Gravity Vape Pen Review

Well, KandyPens is certainly staying on top of their game, this new Gravity vape pen has a mix of some of the best features currently found in pens.

What might those be?

– Coil-less ceramic plate atomizer (low temp dabs)
– Dual quartz crystal rod atomizer (bigger clouds)
– 4 heat settings
– 3 stealth black finishes (sandblasted, polished, & rubberized)
– Non-clogging airflow (air carb in mouthpiece)
– Leakproof coils (bottoms are sealed)

The other vapes from KandyPens share some of the same features but also have some differences.

You get the best of both worlds with this pen… Use the quartz coil when you want clouds of super tasty vapor from short puffs, and use the ceramic coil to maximize efficiency and smoothness while taking long, slow pulls.

Watch my video review above for everything you need to know about this pen and how it compares to their Galaxy vape, my previous top pick that comes with just the quartz atomizer.

I had some influence in the design of this vape and I really feel that it’s a very well-rounded unit – you’re gonna love it. After my original review they updated their atomizers and sealed off the bottoms to make them leakproof, so you can now use this pen with thin oils as well as wax.

Click here to buy the Gravity pen from the official KandyPens store and use my promo code STAYUP30 for 30% OFF. They compensate me if you buy through my link and I appreciate your support more than you know!

Stay up!



  • Hey just bought a gravity and was wondering if i can out a cartiage on thay as well ..i know its for wax but are they capable with cartiages from the dispensarys?

  • Holy shit dude I just christened the quartz coil atomizer, and I had to post to say that personally, I think the quartz is WAY better. First pull on green heat, I actually lifted my finger off the button after approx 7-8 secs. That NEVER happens.
    I always have to use that full ten seconds until the light flashes and it auto switches off.
    Like I said before, I currently have straight up waxy dabs, I had to refrigerate it just to be able to scoop up a piece to load (either without taking too long.
    Don’t get me wrong the ceramic got me baked but not like the quartz.
    My two cent scientific hypothesis is that the more pasty the substance, the more direct heat is required to burn efficiently. I was getting exhaling almost no smoke at all with the ceramic and allot of excess wax is lining the bottom of the cup after two loads and a day and a half of regular, careful use..
    Something I don’t understand is how you can load wax into a cup with quartz coils, have the wax melt over the coils, and that doesn’t damage/affect them at all?
    Also when cleaning the quartz coil atomizer with a Q-tip and ISO how do you clean it without damaging the coils? Do you clean everything but the coils? I’m going to call kandypens tomorrow cuz I heard they have excellent customer service but I figured I’d throw this out there for mainly you bud but anybody else feel free to chime in.

  • Bud what’s up man, I’m a new subscriber to all the info you got out on the web forums and YouTube.. i just bought the KP Gravity, it came yesterday. Not new to dabs but new to using a pen/atomizer. The 8th pic down you’ve got posted on this page is the exact picture that was used by the site I bought the pen off of..
    Weird? You wouldn’t happen to be moving these outta the 315 area would ya? Hmmm, BD Builders, build custom coils too (shove shove)
    Blink once for yes lmao..
    I’m just wondering when using the ceramic atomizer, I still see my dabs (really waxie, gooey consistency but really quality stuff) in the bottom of the cup, like I don’t know when I should be either one cleaning it or two loading in more wax. I’ve only loaded it twice, minimal amount no bigger than a bee bee though it’s not formed like you can do with shatter, its legit goo. Just saying.
    I guess my question is can it be kicked while i can still see waxy brown that looks like a layer of still fresh, not burned through yet dabs at the bottom of the dish?
    I don’t wanna ruin my brand new atomizer with rookie mistakes.
    Also I read that using the hold down the button, unit upside down burn off method can damage the atomizer? Also that ISO will eat away at the coating inside the ceramic dish?
    So how to clean then? Are these things I read accurate or..? Thanks in advance man!
    – Alix

  • Im not sure if I need a new battery or new coils for my Gravity (sandblasted black) but after having it only a few months it started to over heat mid-hit and turn off even on its lowest setting although we mainly used it on the green setting. It would flash a few times then just turn off. Please help, this was a birthday gift from my boyfriend and i friggin LOVE this thing!

    • Hey check the connection between the battery and the atomizer and clean it with some ISO on a q-tip, If that doesn’t help you might need a new coil!

  • How long is the battery life? Mine is currently going 30 mins and then it’ll blink 8 times not pull after that

  • @RSA98: I’m removing your comments because I’ve investigated your complaint and there was no wrong-doing by KP, so I don’t feel it’s fair to leave comments like that up on here. Issues like yours happen all the time with every business, it’s very common nowadays, what happened to you has happened to me 3 times already this year, from other sites. Since you didn’t leave an email address with your comment I can’t reach out to you, but if you’d like to contact me we can discuss this further. Thank you.

  • I may not be a heavy user but the Gravity atomizers lasted me about 6 months. Titanium/quartz rods (for me) is way too hot even on the lowest setting but hits nice and hard. I love the ceramic atomizer which doesn’t get irritating for me unless I use the Blue (hottest) setting (usually use Red(2)) and gives nice gentle hits.
    Just reordered 2 new ceramic atomizers and used your code (TVC30) and got the 30% off the atomizers so another big thumbs up for Kandypens and Bud.
    As far as cleaning goes, I found that placing the atomizer upside down on a candle warmer with a piece of foil on it, the residual oil drips out onto the foil (move the atomizer around using tweezers/pliers(it will be hot)). After this is done and you can handle the atomizer, do 2-3 burn-offs at the highest temp and shake any leftover onto the foil. Let cool, trash foil and wipe the threads and clean the inside with alcohol wipes (like the ones diabetics use before pricking their fingers). It’ll look almost just like new and be ready to go. This works best on the ceramic (which since it just boils the shatter/wax) has residual oil leftover. The Titanium/quartz rods which basically burn the shatter/wax (using a glowing wire), has very little residual oil left over (but it will start to taste burnt).

  • I am very happy with this purchase. I found this review to be very helpful.

    I like everything about this pen. Particularly that it works! I have been through more pens than I can count, this is the first one that works. I do wish there was a screen between the oven and the mouthpiece. I find the vapor to be very strong and it needs some cooling before the mouthpiece. I manage this by letting the vape cool for a second before I take my draw.

    The Ceramic coil is excellent and so is the dual quartz.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The One And Only ^ ^ ^ V a p e M a s t e r ^ ^ ^

    • Hey you can pretty much use any type of wax or oil with this pen, but I would probably stick with shatter, budder or wax for best results.

  • How do I clean it? And how do I know if the quartz is broken it has a funny taste now when I use it so I stick to the ceramic how often should you clean it and if it’s still producing vapour or is it done after so many hits like the dry herb ones where you empty it after so many pulls?

  • I have a question I just got the Galazy on your recommendation. If you put the oil in and turn it upside down it looks like the oil will just fall out ??? in the past I only had to fill like once a day and it would stay inside. Can you explain ??

      • In reality it’s best n9t to have the pen upside down there is nothing blocking your mouthpiece and the oil itself. That is how I clean mine. Take the mouth piece off and heat it upside down.

    • These pens are all designed to be used in a mostly-vertical position, and you’re right if you have thin oils in there or if your wax is hot and liquidy it could leak out if you tilt it on its side or upsidedown.

      Pretty much all ‘vape pens’ work like this, the way to get around it is to use those pre-filled oil cartridges, and then just put one of those onto a pen battery like this one.

  • Bud,

    this is my third vape i have bought that you have recommended even though there is backlash about kandypens on reddit as some others have mentioned.

    well i bought it after watching your review and used your link to get the 25% discount (thanks!) but of course paid full price for he extra two atomizers.

    well the very next day i get an e mail saying everything is 40% off on the store for their black friday sale.

    even though this is entirely my fault for being impatient and not waiting for black friday, i called them and they added an extra 15% discount on the gravity (to bring the discount to 40%) and gave me the full 40% discount on my atomizers!

    since i have never bought anything from kandypens before, that right there is a great first impression for me and tells me a lot of what the nerds on reddit are saying about kandypens isn’t true, at least in my experience so far dealing with their customer service.

    that said i hope you don’t lose out on your commision since they applied the black friday discount, i would feel kind of bad.

    anyways, thanks again and of course i have subbed to your channel and will be back when i am ready for my next vape purchase. :)

  • I took your recommendation and ordered a kandy galaxy the rog version at the time because they didnt have a solid black version yet. I LOVE it, recently i upgraded to the gravity and when i got my package, the box was sealed and inside was the case but NOTHING was inside the case.. I chatted with kandypens online and told them what happened and the customer service rep personally made sure my replacement pen was shipped that day and arrived within two days, as does everything i buy from them shipped to California. I could not be happier with these pens. I do have one issue / question i cant find an answer to though. I bought a new extra atomizers for my pen and NONE of them screw on them same, by that i mean the carb hole is always in a different spot depending on which atomizer im using at the time and i only buy the dual quartz ones, is this normal? Sometimes it feels like i have to take harder hits then others. I also noticed that really waxy wax will bubble and pop, i under to use crumbles and shatters now and have no more issues with my concentrates popping up getting hot wax in my mouth or just a ton of reclaim near the mouth and carb piece. Hope that helps and maybe i can get an answer to the question about the carb hole not lineing up the same on each atomizer for the gravity? And as someone else pointed out i also have some chipping paint on my pen after normal use with no drops or falls. Over all i still use this pen daily and i love it

  • I have both a Galaxy and a Gravity. I would be glad to donate the Gravity to anyone. Galaxy is an amazing pen. Gravity no so. The whole pen does not fit together well. Always have problems with the fit of the components. I was an early adopter so maybe the one I got was too early. Talked to Kandypens but they couldn’t or didn’t help. Bought both through VC discount. I have replaced all the parts except the battery and I’m still not happy.
    The Galaxy is one great pen though. Galaxy keeps me going back to KP.

  • Bought the gravity pen after seeing your review (along with a few other vapes). Only had it about a month now and the paint is wearing off… One of the best pens I’ve ever used otherwise. Paint wearing off like this kinda puts a bad taste in my mouth though after spending the money on what I thought was a higher end product :(.

    • Hey man I’m really sorry about that, please email me a pic of your pen and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of: bud[at]vapecritic[.]com

      Stay up!

  • Just found your site (unfortunately) after buying the Gravity from Ebay(I know). I loved the Gravity (especially the ceramic disc and super low temp setting) but started having problems after about a month and was directed by the seller to Kandypens support. I expected them to say Ebay…..sorry we can’t cover that. The total opposite happened. They were professional, polite and extremely helpful. Finding good products is hard and to find good customer service is even harder. Kandypens (and your site) are now bookmarked. Wish I found you sooner.

  • I need a new mouthpiece or part above the atomizer the one with the Carb hole. I have two gravitys, I will purchase them but I can’t find them anyways

    • Shoot a quick email to

      Put a link to this post and attach a picture of your pens if you can, and say that you’re looking to get new Gravity mouthpieces with the carb hole and VapeCritic said to email you.

  • My gravity about 4 months old and scarcely used burns the shit out of me when it isnt clogged up i understand i may be doing something wrong but what now gravity’s are new and improved i just want to buy the parts

  • Got mine mabey 6 months ago i have a clogging prob and hot concentrate burning my mouth so even though i bought 2 one
    as a present (not given)i rarely use it what am i doing wrong

  • Hi Vape Critic,

    Can you speak to the negative reviews of Kandy Pens on Reddit please. I bought the Gravity Pen based on your review and top picks for a Solid Vape Pen for concentrates. After doing some more research on reddit, I have found a huge backlash against this company (as well as accusations not to trust your reviews or others who give Kandy positive reviews). This is a little disconcerting as I dropped over $100 with s/h on this pen. Thank you for any comments or insights you may give.

    • Don’t know about the other reviews but I bought a Gravity from Ebay (didn’t find Bud’s site til now) and it worked great but fried itself after a month (these things happen). Guess what (?)…..Kandypens is totally taking care of me and sending a replacement. I loved the pen when it worked and now I love Kandypens even more for their awesome customer service.

      For anyone else, if you’re getting splattered/burned, turn the heat down and don’t over fill it. Just because it says the chamber holds .5g doesn’t mean that’s what you have to stuff into it (I use no more than .1g and the lowest setting).

        • Yes I did. That is what is so surprising. After about a month of use I started getting connection errors (LEDs flashing colors while trying to vape). Ebay seller said that returns/repairs had to go through Kandypens so I emailed them, explained everything(including Ebay) and within a few days they sent me a new battery and dual-quartz atomizer. Not much else to say except Kandypens has a great product, and great customer service.

    • Did the comments on Reddit affect the performance of your pen? LOL

      Reddit is just a place for people to talk shit. They just mad cuz KP takin over the world and they still flippin burgers, living in mamas basement. I mean c’mon, seriously? What kind of question is that?

      Need to open your eyes son & see the way things work. Reddit a bathroom wall.

    • It’s $98 after you use my promo code!!

      Regular price is $129.95 and after the 25% off it’s $98, use code STAYUP25 son!

    • They do both require a USB port to charge as most vaporizer pens. You could get a USB wall adapter for no more than a few bucks just about anywhere. It will charge the pen through your wall outlet. Hope this helps.

  • Got the Puffco Plus ordered today and now i’m worried I made the wrong choice….

    Any suggestions on if I should go with Kandy or Puffco?

    thanks bud!

    • I think the gravity is a much better pen in my opinion. Read a decent amount about Puffco plus issues when it came out.

  • Bud, is this pen able to vape C02 oil? I’m looking for the KING of oil concentrate vapes for my honey to be syringed into. Thanks brah~

  • hello! first timer, but love your reviews and would like your take. have read a ton of reviews, and am interested in your top choice overall for oil/wax, no price limit. Kandy gravity, dr. d aurora, or puffco plus? Is it worth seeing what comes out next year? Thanks so much!

  • Yo bud, I ordered a Gravity not too long ago, upon ur recommendation and I love the pen the most delicious hits and keeps me super lifted!!! I used the STAYUP20 promo code which I thought was supposed to include an extra atomizer. Sadly no extra atomizer came with it and now I’m in need of a new dual quartz. Would you think that Kandypens would send me one? I am planning on placing an order of a few atomizers and it’d be sweeeet if they included the atomizer I was suppose to receive with the pen. I don’t know if theres anything you could do to help me out…

  • Trying to buy using your link and promo code but says it’s not valid. STAYUP25
    Any other ideas?

  • I just ordered the Gravity today. This is my second KandyPens vape pen and even though my Galaxy pen is still working great I decided to purchase the Gravity because I was going to purchase both of the Gravity atomizers for my Galaxy anyway so I thought why not just get the Gravity by spending just $60 more thanks to your discount code. Bud, I have been watching your reviews for years and I also bought the crafty when it first came out after watching your review on it and I have not had any issues with it. Thanks for your reviews as I am now saving up for the VapeXhale.

  • Will prefilled cartridges work on this pen or others you’ve reviewed? also, can these atomizers vape oil from syringes?? Thanks Bud.

  • On the series 7 V2 Pro I just want to know if it has heating problems with the mouthpiece getting hot, battery time, charging time

  • I am new to the world of vaporizers, but I wanted a multi-purpose vaporizer pen for herb, oil and wax. I came across the Kind Pen and wondered what were your thoughts on the differences between the Kind Pen, Pax and Arizers?

  • I am new to the world of vaporizers, but I wanted a multi-purpose vaporizer pen for herb, oil and wax. I came across the Kind Pen and wondered what were your thoughts on the differences between the Kind Pen, Pax and Arizers.

  • Hey Bud!
    I just picked one up and used your code.
    Thanks for the awesome review and promo code.
    I will definitely let you know how it goes.
    Now I have a Pax 2 for dry and a Gravity for concentrates and with the warranties on both they should last a looooong time.
    Thanks again and stay awesome :)

  • Hey Bud what vape would you recommend that can be used for both herbs and concentrates?? Thanks

    • If sticking with portable, the Firefly 2 works real good with herb and concentrates. The might/crafty handle it pretty well also but personally I like keeping my crafty for herb use only.

  • I have a battery, I just want an atomizer that will vaporize rosin and not drain out through the air intakes whilst clogging them.

    The Gravity ceramic coilless looks righty.

    What is your suggestion for rosin only?

    • Some of the newer pens out/coming out (believe gravity is one of them possibly) do not have air holes in the bottom of the atomizer. Using a DT 2.5 atomizer on a mod might give better results.

  • What is your preferred type of concentrate (e.g. shatter, wax, budder, etc.) to use with the pen? Thanks in advance!

  • I bought a couple of the original KandyPens Gravity atomizers. Am I reading your comments right that I can request an tornado attachment from KandyPens for free? Thanks for all the great information!

  • Great review again. I just picked up a Gravity on sale from a local shop a few days ago and I’m loving it. Mine’s a little different though. The tip is sand blasted and there’s no air flow hole on the lower part of the mouthpiece.Did I buy an old version or something? If so, is there a way to get the updated parts sent to me even though I bought it locally? If not, am I missing out on much?

    • Hey what’s up it sounds like you have the original version so all you need to do is email and tell them I sent you for the new Gravity mouthpiece and they’ll hook you up.

      Stay up!

  • Have you tried the Atmos Kiln? Thoughts on whether or not there is a big enough difference to upgrade to this pen? Benefit of the kiln is I can place it on my regulated box mods that I use to vape e-juice.

    • Yes I do have a review posted for the Kiln and honestly you should eventually have both in your collection because they bring different but equally-awesome things to the table.

  • I just bought this pen and it works great!!!
    Now im new to the whole Vape Pen world, I was just wondering what is the best way to clean the Gravity Coilless Ceramic Atomizer??

  • My gravity pen does not have the air holes in the top or the smooth mouthpiece, do I have the old tip, it is not like the one in the video

  • Hey Bud. I am noticing that the hits on my gravity pen are quite harsh when exhaling. I know the concentrate is good quality. Would it be that I need to clean out the ceramic dish? Thanks.


    • Hey it is very possible, it definitely shouldn’t be harsh especially with the ceramic, I’m working on a video for how to clean it and will get it posted as soon as I can!

  • Trying to find out the best way to clean the ceramic dish on the Gravity Pen. Thanks.

    • Did you ever find out how to clean out the ceramic dish? Ive been trying to do some research too but cant seem to find anything.

  • Hey bud. I’m new to the whole vape. I’ve done enough research now, these kandypens are looking like the top dog atm. I need to know, can the gravity/galaxy take the green? And which pen would be the best option to go with. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews with the galaxy but I only spotted the gravity just now. I only ask if they accept the green is because I saw that the galaxy doesn’t take herb… Correct me if I’m wrong. Ordering from overseas too. Aud. cheers!

    • Hey what’s up! Pens like this one (and the other ones in my top picks) are designed for wax only and unfortunately don’t work with herb, so I recommend getting a separate herbal vape.

  • First off, thanks for all your reviews, lifesaver when it comes to the decision making process. Simple question for you…

    I have the original Pax and I think it’s time for an upgrade as I really want something that can handle concentrates. Do I buy a top tier pen or should I go all in for the Firefly 2?

    Curious what your take is…

    • Hey thanks Dan glad to hear it, that’s a bit of a loaded question so I would really recommend learning all you can about the FF2 and maybe even how it compares to the PAX 2 so you know what to expect, I have a comprehensive comparison video of those.

  • Any thoughts on the Gravity vs the Omicron v4? People seem to rave about that pen on Reddit, and I think there is some real substance to the claim that the build quality of the Omicron is much better compared to many of the most well known brand name companies that essentially rebrand Chinese imports. I haven’t found much anywhere else besides Reddit about the Omicron, and you don’t have a review on the v4 (perhaps because they don’t give out pens to reviewers or do any promotion at all?). Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Gravity or Linx Zero? I have only experience with o pens and love the look of the Linx. Is there a big difference between how the two perform? Thank you!!

  • Just ordered using your code STAYUP25. Thanks for always leading me right. I can’t wait for my kandypens Gravity to arrive. This will be my first substantial concentrate addition I’m making to my vape lineup. I appreciate the solid reviews that I can trust. Stay up!!

  • I bought a gravity and I don’t have the hole on the side for air flow why there is no carb hole on the side the mouthpiece

    • Sounds like you have one from the original batch so all you need to do is email support[at]kandypens[dot]com with your order information and they’ll send you the new one with the hole

  • hey bud i have a quick question for you i have a kangertech topbox mini and i just recently started vapeing and i wanted to get an attachment for wax that would fit directly on my unit. i first went with a yocan exgo w4. worked well at first but the heating element would burn out fast. some didnt even last a week with very light use. i finally got fed up and bought something new called the dab mod by cannastick. All ceramic deep dish no coil. Hit it 4 times worked great on the 5th small dab it wouldn’t read in my mod anymore. I brought it back to the shop because it was less than 24 hours old. And he noticed a small Crack in the ceramic plate that was causing it not to read in my unit. Of course they don’t carry replacement coils so I’m stuck with what to do next. At that point I said fuck it I’ll take my business elsewhere and started reading reviews of your top 4 pens. I’m not sure if I’m better off getting a whole new set up or simply getting a new attachment that will fit on my mod I have already. I noticed the source orb xl I can buy separately without the battery and I would need to get an attachment to make it work on mine. I’m pretty much fed up and just want something to work and not cause so much grief. I understand changeing the atomizer is necessary on these units eventually but after a week is bullshit. Hellllllp a brother out! I just wanna get lifted and I’m hitting road blocks. Any suggestions? And if your suggestion is to get one of the 4 top pens you’ve reviewed then which one in your opinion has best build quality or will I get the best bang for my buck as far as usage goes before I’m stuck with buying new atomizers

    • Hey man what’s up, you really can’t go wrong with any of my top picks but if you wanna use your mod and get an attachment I would go with the source orb xl I really like it. The atomizers are big but they’re really nice and it’s super strong.

  • So I was looking around for a vape pen, wanted to get the puffco, they didn’t have any at the moment on their website, which I was disheartened by, because I like the idea of it being coil-less. Then I found your site, which is helpful, but I have only one complaint. Why is it that KandyPens Gravity pen has a rating of 95/100 and yet you list the Galaxy Pen, rating of 94/100, as being your top pen, and there is no mention on the top ten list of the Gravity? After reading about the Galaxy, I went and bought one even though it wasn’t the same design as the coil-less one I wanted, because I didn’t want to wait on Puffco to restock, but then I was looking around on their site more carefully today after making the pruchase and I noticed they do have a coil-less version! And its nice. And you even gave it a higher rating than the Galaxy. And on Kandy Pens website, it says that the Gravity, not the Galaxy is your number one pick for a vape for 2016. What give? I would have bought the one without a coil, the more expensive one. But you didn’t even have it on your list of top ten. Oh well. Guess now Ill use this pen for awhile, and when Puffco restocks, Ill switch to that since its coil-less. Too bad for Kandy.

    • Hey I’m super sorry about this!!

      Your timing is impeccable, it was taking me a while to make some updates to my site and you happened to stumble upon these pages before I was done making changes (my fault).

      I’m emailing you now to make this right!

      • Bud,
        Let’s be very fair regarding the Galaxy because with the NEW release of there “tornado atomizer” for those who bought the limited addition version aka Goldfinger/Silver Surfer Edition etc…will now have the ability to adjust the airflow on the atomizer making it even easier to obtain bigger clouds with less resistance…And with my added glass mouth piece my Galaxy now hits with better taste & flava….with these newer additions this pen easily can go up to 95 matching the gravity’s topmark. Test the tornado atomizer before giving up on the Galaxy.✌

      • Hey,

        I had the Puffco Pro and was thinking of getting the Puffco Plus but saw your site! Not sure now between three:

        1. Puffco Plus
        2. KandyPens Gravity
        3. SourceOrb 4

        Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

      • **Sorry, replied in wrong place previously**


        I had the Puffco Pro and was thinking of getting the Puffco Plus but saw your site! Not sure now between three:

        1. Puffco Plus
        2. KandyPens Gravity
        3. SourceOrb 4

        Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  • What’s the difference or what is it about the new Gravity mouthpiece that makes it better than the original?

    Thanks for all your great reviews

    • Hey you mean the new gloddy black tip versus the original sandblasted black tip?

      The new is just smoother on your lips and feels better, the original felt a little like, well… sandpaper lol

  • Hey Bud. What is the best way to clean the Gravity Pen using the ceramic dish. Also, how can you tell when the concentrate is used up? Does it become real harsh. Thanks.


    If you own the Gravity pen already all you need to do to get one is email – include your order# and tell them I sent you to get the updated mouthpiece kit, it will be free of charge.

    All new Gravity orders from today on will include the updated parts!

    Buy it here and use promo code STAYUP25 for 25% off

  • Enjoy your reviews bud.

    I got a aura a month ago , I like the Quartz coil but it taste bad now like the old school pen vapes with that metal BBQ taste using the same material I did when it tasted great.

    So I was going to get a galaxy or gravity today what do you think is the better buy?

    Do you think getting the new plate and putting it on the Galaxy is a better setup to
    Run? I really go for quartz anyway but nice to have the new option. Or do you think the new Gravity is a better device all together? Basically everyone says Galaxy is the best so I don’t want to miss out on that if I go with the gravity seeing I can add the new gravity atomizer to the Galaxy.


    • Hey go with the Grav since it comes with both styles of atomizers!

      Also if you’re getting a bad taste from your quartz try doing a ‘dry burn’ on HIGH for 2 power cycles with the pen upsidedown, then immediately soak your atomizer in ISO for 15 mins. When you take it out blow in both ends to get all the hidden iso out and you should be good to go, it usually gets to 95% like-new.

      • Went with the gravity. Only tried the new coil less atomizer. It melts the material but I’m not getting any vapor at all? Any suggestions?


  • Bud,

    When are they releasing the updated version of Gravity you mentioned? I just got a Gravity today. Should I return it? Do you know anything about pricing for it? Thanks!

    • Same style atomizer (ceramic plate) but it’s a bigger chamber with a larger plate, so it can hold a little more and hit a little harder.

  • Wat up bud!! So I’m relatively new to the whole “vape-pen” movement, and could use some advice. Currently have the Atmos Jr, but now I want to ditch the coil and upgrade. I’m currently deciding between the gravity/galaxy from Kandy pens or the aura from Dr dabber. My question is, out of the three. Which packs the most punch. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey bud was just curios u said the double Quartz atomisers are the same as galaxy it says in their email drop that it’s got elevated airflow no blocking ? Have the moved the holes up a bit and does it not block as much as a galaxy ? That is my major Isue with my galaxy and is the reason it only my back up pen to my flostradamus battery with the orb head on and double Quartz am loving the orb head on flostradamus baterry absolutely great freedom never blocks and delivers the most potent tasty hits for me ☺️Although I had to jump through hoops to get a flostradamus as u would rember me raving on bout them telling me 300 for shipping Thanks for your awesome work sorry to rave on so much

      • Hey guys they actually made an update to the Gravity to make it even better and I’m working on my review now, the new version will be shipping within 2 weeks.

        The dual rod coils pack the most punch with both pens, and they can both hit pretty hard.

        • I just order a Gravity; it shipped out yesterday matter of fact. In your opinion is the upgrade worth reaching out to them and having them hold my order?

          • It’s all good since you already bought it I can hook you up with the new tip no problem, just have to wait for it to come in should be within 2 weeks.