KandyPens Review & Coupon Code

This page is a current list of the best KandyPens vaporizers I’ve reviewed from each category: Dry Herb, Concentrates, 510 Cartridges, & Portable Dab Rigs. KP has consistently been one of my top picks for best vape pen.

» Crystal 2  *Latest quartz-bucket vaporizer pen for wax & oil concentrates

KandyPens Crystal 2

The Crystal 2 is KandyPens’ latest and greatest vaporizer pen made for wax and oil concentrates. It has an above-average sized quartz bucket atomizer, and these are what I consider my favorite vape pen coils.

The experience is similar to taking a low-temp dab from a quartz banger, you get all of that flavor and you can get some nice clouds from very small amounts, so it’s super efficient with your stuff. It currently sits at the top of my list of top picks for best vaporizer pen.

I like the sesh-mode feature and that’s how I prefer to use it – basically all you do after loading your concentrate is quickly tap the power button twice, then the light with turn on and it automatically heats the coil for 8 seconds. This is usually long enough for a good hit, but you could always double tap it again to resume your draw.

Price:  $105 from official KandyPens store   (after using my coupon code STAYUP30 for 30% OFF)

» KandyPens OURA  *Best Portable Dab Rig of 2020

Oura Vaporizer

You gotta get one of these if you’re into concentrates and doing dabs, it’s awesome.

The new OURA vaporizer from KandyPens is the best portable dab rig I’ve tested in 2019, it’s my personal favorite over the other two models I’ve tested from other brands.

It is super easy to use and get big clouds from, there is no special technique required and you won’t have to use a lot of wax either, it’s a very efficient way to vape your concentrates.

One of my favorite features about it is the quartz glass atomizer it comes with, you get very pure tasting vapor with the quartz and it’s also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Check out my full Oura review I have both a write-up and a video!

I think this is a really cool little rig and it has become my #1 preferred way to vape wax and oil.

Price:  $263 from official KandyPens store   (after using my coupon code STAYUP25 for 25% OFF your order)

» C-Box Pro  *Great 510 battery for THC vape cartridges, one of my top 3 picks

C-Box Pro

This is the C-Box Pro 510 battery that fits most common vape cartridges on the market (up to and including CCell size).

I like this one a lot because the shape is nice and ergonomic, it’s a good size and it feels good in your hand, and I also like where the power button is located.

Unlike many auto-draw batteries the C-Box has a button you push to engage the power as you inhale. There are pros and cons to both styles, so it’s really personal preference, but this unit is awesome.

They include small magnetic adapters that you screw onto your cartridges, then when you insert the carts in the battery they snap into place inside the unit, and they don’t come out unless you purposely pull up on it.

It has four preset heat levels from 3.4v to 4.0v, I always recommend starting low and working your way up.

Price:  $38 from official KandyPens store   (after using my coupon code STAYUP25 for 25% OFF your order)

» K-Vape Pro  *Latest portable vaporizer for dry herb with good performance

KandyPens K-Vape Pro

The K-Vape Pro is the newest dry herb vaporizer from KandyPens.

What’s cool about it? Well, it’s well-made, it works pretty good, and it’s cheap! We’re talkin 75 bux for a decent herbal vape that won’t burn your mouth with hot and harsh vapor.

It has a slightly below-average sized oven that is lined with ceramic, and it’s a hybrid so it uses both conduction and convection heating. I’ll be adding this vape to my list of top picks for best portable vaporizer under $100.

The mouthpiece is glass with a honeycomb screen inside that prevents the vapor from making a direct path to your mouth, it helps diffuse the heat a bit so that it’s more comfortable when it hits your lips.

There are four heat settings and you should go to the max if you want big clouds. Battery life is fairly average at about 4-6 sessions per charge, and it does have pass-through charging.

Price:  $75 from official KandyPens store   (after using my coupon code STAYUP25 for 25% OFF your order)

This was my written review of the older Elite pen:

The KandyPens Elite vaporizer has quite a few things goin for it. This pen isn’t for dry herb but you can pretty much use any type of wax or oil concentrate in it, even very thin oils because the bottoms of the atomizers are sealed now (no leaking).

It comes with two different coils that both happen to be excellent, and the experience with each one is unique.

KandyPens has been consistently improving their pen lineup over time and they brought together all of their best features with the ELITE, the most important of which are:

» More durable finish – It comes in a few different metal colors in addition to a white ceramic paint. The paint job on this one is thicker (3 coats) and more durable than their standard painted colors, so it won’t chip around the edges. This is also the most elegant/luxurious feeling vape pen I’ve reviewed so far, it really feels soft and smooth in your hand.

» Two top-tier atomizers – You get 2 different coils; one is ceramic-lined with a ceramic plate heater at the bottom (coil-less), and the other one is quartz-lined with dual quartz rods. They’re both really good and each has its own advantages.

» Excellent vapor quality – The flavor and smoothness of the vapor from both atomizers is top shelf with this one, I really enjoy them both although my personal preference is that quartz!

» Elevated air holes – Both atomizers now have the air holes placed high up on the chamber walls to minimize leaking and maximize how much you can load.

» Mouthpiece air-carb – This is an extra air hole in the side of the mouthpiece that helps free up the draw to make it easy to pull from. If you want to you can also use this hole as a carb to get denser vapor. There is very little draw resistance with this pen, it feels very natural to hit it.

» Four heat settings – The temperature range is pretty good with the 4 heat levels on this one, and I’ve found that they all feel on the lower side with the ceramic coil and on the higher side with the quartz coil (light vapor vs. dense vapor).

» Excellent efficiency – With the ceramic coil a little bit of wax goes a loooong way, it’s extremely efficient with your concentrate. You’ll go through wax a little faster with the quartz atomizer but that goes hand in hand with stronger vapor and bigger clouds.

» Great battery life – When using the ceramic plate atomizer the battery life is way above average, that coil really is efficient in every way, but even with the dual-quartz coil you’ll still get a good amount of usage on a full charge because you don’t need to take long draws to get good vapor (only ~2-5 seconds).


The best way to use this pen is with small amounts. You want to load about 0.1g of concentrate at a time, or roughly the size of one or two BB’s.

It’ll hold more than that, maybe the amount the size of a pea, but it’ll perform best and require much less maintenance when you load just a little bit.

After you pack it you’ll want to give the power button a few quick pulses (1 sec each) to melt your wax over the atomizer – this is called “priming” and it ensures that you get great vapor right from your first draw.

» Coil-less Ceramic Atomizer – This one heats really slow and low, so I recommend you draw from it for the full 10 second power cycle until the light flashes. If you’re like me you’ll probably prefer this one on the highest heat setting (blue) to get the most vapor you can get from it. If you’re looking for extra-light draws or you want to be super discreet you can turn it on low heat and get just a wisp of vapor.

» Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer – I actually prefer and recommend the lowest heat level with this coil (purple), because it’s really not that super low so you’ll still get a lot of visible vapor from a short draw. Start slow and take short pulls with this one until you get a good feel for how strong it is and how much vapor it produces. I’d say 3 to 5 seconds is the sweet spot with this coil as far as draw duration.

With both coils it’s a good habit to continue your draw for a few seconds after you cut the power.


The most important thing to remember with a pen like this is that it’s primarily designed for use with small amounts at a time.

If you don’t overload the atomizer with wax the chances of you running into any issues is slim.

After a bit of usage, depending on the purity of your concentrate, you’ll probably notice some discoloration and residue buildup on the coils, and this is perfectly normal.

The easiest way to maintain your pen and get rid of the residue is to simply do a “burn off”, which is when you hold the pen upsidedown (with the mouthpiece removed) and engage the power button in 3 second bursts.

I usually just do this over a paper towel, and after a few cycles of running the heat you should see some of the bunk oil and residue dripping out.

It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get a wax pen atomizer back to 100% like-new after it’s used. However, it’s pretty easy to maximize the life of each coil by being gentle with it and maintaining it properly.

If the coil isn’t clean enough to your liking after doing a burn-off you can then also soak the atomizer in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes (while it’s still warm). Just be sure not to soak it too long and not to rub the painted finish when there’s iso on it.

An advanced cleaning method is to use Propylene Glycol (PG) first inside the atomizer, before the ISO. The PG acts more like an oil and actually mixes with the residue when you heat it up and makes it come out easier.

I’m working on a cleaning tutorial to give you a better visual of these steps, but as far as vape pens go the Elite is on the easier end of the spectrum to keep clean.


Basically, use the ceramic coil when you just want light vapor and you really wanna conserve your wax, and use the quartz coil when you want maximum vapor production and the strongest draws.

Also, just remember to pull for the full 10 seconds when using the ceramic and only pull for ~2-5 seconds with the quartz (at first).


  • Hi,
    would you recommend any Galaxy pen or maybe the Hypnos Zero for old style hash?
    These pens with a plate would fit for my concentrate use, i do not use waxes nor oils, just old style hash(powder resin or resin thats being pressed from powder) or sometimes also water hash

  • I do not see how the use of oils will not leak out. And it seams as if the wax could leak or find its way to the mouth piece as neither of the atomizers that were sent to me have any top seal. I can see right through the mouth piece to the coils and the ceramic, depending on which one is attached. It seams obvious that if I put oils in the chamber it will run right out the mouthpiece if the pen is held upside down or if the pen is passed to another person. Am I missing something?

  • I bought my very first vape pen, can’t find wax or oil. Here in Texas they are saying vendors only sell juice. I have yet to use my kandy pen and getting frustrated. I bought a limitless pulse it’s ok. Gotta keep purchasing the cartridges. Saw another brand called itsawa amigo. I just want to vape!!! So complicated

  • Just started using kandypens prism + with wax. New to the whole thing. I do a very small bit at a time. With the ceramic cartridge, the wax melts and rehardens, and I can go back a few times for more. How do I know when what’s left in there is just residue and not worth further vaporization?

  • So ive had my pen for a bit of time but recently it cant hold its charge even when i put it charging it shows a green light saying its charged the led doesnt even flash this never happened to me until recently im not sure why could someone help me

  • Hey Bud, what’s with glue story on these and the gravity atomizers? What about the other pens? Do all of them use an epoxy. I love the Gravity (except for the super bright LEDs), have never tasted anything bad but I do 2-3 10sec pulls on Red(2) for each hit. Now I’m worried.

  • I may not be a heavy user but the Gravity atomizers lasted me about 6 months. Titanium/quartz rods (for me) is way too hot even on the lowest setting but hits nice and hard. I love the ceramic atomizer which doesn’t get irritating for me unless I use the Blue (hottest) setting (usually use Red(2)) and gives nice gentle hits.
    Just reordered 2 new ceramic atomizers and used your code (TVC30) and got the 30% off the atomizers so another big thumbs up for Kandypens and Bud.
    As far as cleaning goes, I found that placing the atomizer upside down on a candle warmer with a piece of foil on it, the residual oil drips out onto the foil (move the atomizer around using tweezers/pliers(it will be hot)). After this is done and you can handle the atomizer, do 2-3 burn-offs at the highest temp and shake any leftover onto the foil. Let cool, trash foil and wipe the threads and clean the inside with alcohol wipes (like the ones diabetics use before pricking their fingers). It’ll look almost just like new and be ready to go. This works best on the ceramic, which since it just boils the shatter/wax, has residual oil leftover. The Titanium/quartz rods which basically burn the shatter/wax (using a glowing wire), has very little residual oil left over (but it will start to taste burnt).

  • Hello i bough one 8 days later he dont want to heat service customer got my sick whit 25000 times the same questions very desapointed .

    • I posted my message a bit soon cause they send me a new one atomizer when they realiae it was less then one month so im fine

  • Hi Bud,
    Great Reviews, Quick Question on the Elite,
    Can you use the thicker Oils with this Pen.. Like the Honey Oils, RS and CO2 Ex..Not the like the Pre Filled Cartridges of thinner Oils.

    Thanks for the Help,

  • I have the ceramic/gold version and I am quite disappointed :/ The draw resistance is way too heavy for the ceramic atomizer to be effective at all. Even with smaller dabs in there it’s like drinking a thick milkshake. Also the heating element is not efficient enough to properly heat the ceramic atomizer. I was excited to receive this pen mostly because i am a heavy dabber and vaper and I enjoy long, terpy, tasteful draws. This pen with the ceramic atomizer on the highest setting takes usually about 3-4 full cycles and lots of lung power against that resistance to achieve any kind of vapor at all. And that runs the already small battery out very quickly and makes the unit hot, especially around the mouthpiece. I’ve tried the extra long prime method, the carb use method, and the smaller/larger amounts in the chamber method, all with no success. I don’t care much for the quartz atomizer either. It is a little too harsh and has a tiny bit of that hot metal taste i hate in a lot of vape pens. On the lowest setting I find myself wishing it was cooler. If there was a broader temp range, then the ceramic could operate better at a higher temp and the quartz could chill out a smidge on a cooler setting. That paired with better airflow would make this pen amazing. Compared to my Source Orb 4 and even my kandypens donuts, the Elite is very nice looking, but terrible when it comes to performance. I will be hesitant to purchase from them in the future. I’ve had more misses than hits with Kandypens. The Source Vapes: Source Orb 4 is a much better option and is basically the elite done right…. for less…. with more different kinds of atomizers(all of which are great). I do, however, enjoy the Kandypens Donuts pen. It is a terp machine and operates how a coil-less atomizer should. The Donuts and the Icon enail kit are the only Kandypens products I’ve liked so far and I’ve tried almost all of them. The Icon is a great enail kit with awesome functionality and quality design. I switch between the Icon and my Source Nail enail rig when I’m dabbing on the go. Thanks for the great website though Bud! Keep the reviews coming I’m excited for your review on the upcoming ghost, and the recent arizer solo 2 and hydrology 9.

    • Hi Alex,

      This is Roger Van Zandt, the VP of KandyPens. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with our ELITE vaporizer. Sounds like you must have a faulty unit since the mouthpiece has an air carb with no air resistance whatsoever. Please contact our customer care dept ASAP by calling 855-526-3904 or by email support@kandypens.com so they can send you out a new MP and new coils. Please refer to this post when calling. Hopefully we can turn this bad experience around for you. :) – Roger

      • You don’t see a message back from the VP of a Company almost never, Just gotta say Your a pretty Stand Up Guy to make this Wrong a Right Yourself…
        Definitely have My Business and me as a Customer after reading this!

        Be Well Always

  • Ordered this pen… new to the vape side of things and wondered if I need a separate piece for the pen to use the oils or vape juice vs the shatter or concentrate?

    Going on a cruise and want to have all of my ducks in a row before I head out…

    Any tips or pointers would be welcomed! :)

    • Oh man, can’t believe I missed your comment Kayla, sorry!!

      Hope you’re enjoying the pen, you can use wax concentrates as well as thin oils in the Elite, the bottoms of the atomizers are sealed to prevent leaking.

      You can also attach any pre-filled oil cartridge to the KandyPens battery and it’ll work great.

      Stay up!