KandyPens Galaxy Vape Pen Review

This Galaxy vape pen from KandyPens is NICE, it has lots of positives and only a couple of tiny negatives. It’s currently one of my top picks for best vape pens overall and it’s also one of my personal favorites.

KandyPens Galaxy First I’ll tell you the main difference with this one, because let’s face it most pens out there are pretty similar. It’s the atomizer, or the coil, and it’s awesome. That and it’s also the sexiest pen I own, it looks and feels elegant and luxurious. Just in case you didn’t know, this vape is for use with wax & oil concentrates only, no dry herbs.

There are some other pens on the market with quartz atomizers, but this Galaxy one is definitely robust and performs very well. One of the main ways it differs is that it’s tuned to produce good sized clouds of vapor with relatively short draws, so it feels really natural to use and the experience is very satisfying.

Quartz Crystal Chamber w/ Dual Quartz Rods

What we have here is a Quartz crystal-lined chamber with two quartz rods near the bottom. These rods are wrapped with a titanium coil, and the first thing you’ll notice is how nice it looks inside. But wait, there’s more.

I’m a big fan of the quartz because unlike ceramic or fiber wicks it doesn’t really absorb your concentrate, so the rods don’t turn dark or get that burnt look/taste ever. Every time you open it up and take a peak in you’ll see a nice amber glow, and if it’s time to give your coil a cleaning all you need to do is give it a quick soak in some ISO alcohol (be sure not to rub the outer finish).

The real advantage to the quartz though is the taste. This material in vape pens tends to produce purer-tasting vapor, although sometimes when you take very big draws the vapor isn’t quite as smooth as that from a ceramic or fiber wick. However, the Galaxy pen is really good at keeping the vapor smooth and comfortable, even when you take huge rips.

Quartz Crystal Chamber

Small to medium draws, about 4-5 seconds each, get you nice clouds of vapor that taste super clean and pure. I consider a long draw to be anything more than ~6 seconds, and when you take one of these you can get really big clouds of vapor and it still tastes great. The vapor only gets a tiny scratchy feeling when you take really big pulls, and it’s not enough of a change to hold me back from taking those monster rips.

Important: The capacity of the atomizer is somewhere around .3g of concentrate, which is quite a bit, but for best performance and to avoid any possibility of clogging you should load small amounts at a time, about the size of a pea (roughly .1-.2g). From this tiny amount you should be able to get 5 to 30 hits, it really depends heavily on how long you normally hit it for and what heat level you use it on. In general though it’s a very efficient pen, you definitely feel like you get a good number of draws for how much you put in.

Galaxy Atomizer

New & Improved Airflow Implemented Summer-2016

When I first did this review I had no problems with the airflow, it wasn’t very hard to draw from and felt pretty natural, but in the summer of 2016 they updated the atomizers and mouthpieces with new air holes and made this pen even better.

What KandyPens did was actually pretty smart – they moved the air intake holes from the bottom of the coil up to the side walls, high on the walls, and then they sealed off the holes in the bottom. So now what you have is an airflow system that does not come through the bottom of the atomizer, and this is how you prevent thin oils from leaking down into the battery connection.

In addition to that they added an extra carb hole in the mouthpiece section, and this gives you even more airflow and also allows you to experiment with carbing your hits (a way to control vapor density).

Battery & Heat Levels

The battery has 3 adjustable heat settings which lets you control how hot the coils get. Using it on low is good if you want sort of a lighter vapor, and medium produces a little more vapor but it’s just a small bump up. Vaping with it on high is actually the way I like to use it, it seems to heat at the perfect rate and get to a good max temperature that gives me a nice satisfying cloud from a ~4 second draw. Real big clouds of vapor usually require ~5+ second draws, and you don’t necessarily need to use it on high heat to do this.

There’s actually not a huge difference in performance between the 3 temps, it’s pretty subtle but once you get used to the pen you can notice it a tiny bit. To cycle through the three heat settings you click the power button 3 times, and then the indicator lights are as follows:


To me, this is weird. Until I read the instruction card I was just assuming RED meant HIGH and that’s how I was using it, but in fact that is not the case. It’s totally not a big deal, it just threw me for a loop at first. So yea, just remember that red is low and blue is high, you’re in bizarro world ;-)

Besides that though the battery life is great, no problems there at all. For an atomizer with two coils I expected it to die a little sooner, they usually draw more power from the battery but the charge is lasting quite a while, right on par with other top tier pens.

I actually did an extensive battery test and can consistently get 70 full power cycles from a full charge on high heat, which is above average and equates to about 100-200 hits per charge (depending on heat level and draw duration).

KandyPens Galaxy

In Summary…

I like it a lot. I’ve been using it all the time and it’s doing what I want it to do, beautifully.

Build quality, elegance, flavor, performance – top notch.

Dudes, this is a perfect gift for your woman also, my wife loves the way this one looks and performs.

Buy the Galaxy pen from the official KandyPens store. Make sure you use my promo code STAYUP25 during checkout for 25% OFF. I get compensated if you use my referral link and I appreciate your support more than you can imagine!

Stay up!

These are the metal Galaxy finishes – from left to right you have Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Chrome, and Gold:

Galaxy Tornado


  • Hi, thank you.
    Three questions:
    Can you put FLOWER in the Galaxy Candy Pen if you have no wax or oil cartridge?
    (Not used to high THC pot)

    Do only certain size cartridges fit into this tho g?
    Lost my charger. Only have one with a longer cord that won’t fit in the nice box.

    Where can I re-buy an original charger cord?

    Like you said, about the world, forgot, but it was apt…
    Upside down world… red means low buy it should mean high


  • This is the most frustrating POS pen ever. Trying to get high on this thing requires sucking like a crackwhore in a back alley. One microscopic morsel of hash is enough to clog this joke of a pen. Getting high used to be fun, but with this junk I just get pissed off now. So thanks for helping me quit weed!

    • Do you own stock in another vaporizer by any chance. Your comments are not consistent with the glowing reviews of this product on many YouTube reviews.

  • I know how to cycle through the temps, but how do I select one and get it to work ???????????

  • Heel I would like to purchase a rose gold galaxy pen please let me know if there’s anymore left in stock

  • Hey my name is ricky and i would really want one of these if u can get at me and let me know how to gettin on of these msg me

  • Sounds pretty thick but new to the vaping game. Just bought the Chronos and it says concentrates…what are they? Wax? where do you get them from?

  • Well actually in science blue is hottter than red, so these guys are pretty smart to be doing it right.

  • Hi there!, very good review!, I was just thinking in getting the Kandy Pen Elite, what do you think about that one?

    • Hey I have the Miva but haven’t produced a review for it yet, however it’s a decent little vape with good performance.

  • Galaxy is amazing. Coils last for a longgg time, the battery last forever, and their customer service is spot on.

  • My science-geek take on the red=low, blue=high thing… it is called the Galaxy and in reality red stars have less energy than blue stars. I have no idea if there’s any intentional relation (nor if there’s any such thing as a green star) but it’s still kind of neat.
    Just purchased the Gravity (my first ever shatter pen) and so far I love it!

    • Our suns peak wavelength is in the Green portion actually, but our eyes perceive it as yellow.

  • I bought this pen and absolutely loved it. Worked well for about 10 months, then my battery went out. I emailed them, they asked me a couple questions, then mailed me a new battery. I didn’t have to send mine in for any testing. However, the new battery, which I’ve had for a week, is no longer working. I will email them again and hopefully they will send another replacement.

  • Please find me an easy to use (not too many parts) e-pen with good vapor. I just got the Vaporfi Rocket 3 and it has so many parts I can’t get it back together before the liquid leaks out. Please help. I need to quit smoking regular cigs for major health issues and just can’t find anything easy to use, other than Blues which have no vapor.

    • The galaxy is pretty simple – I have had one for a while and there is not a lot of parts, not to mention that it is very durable. I have dropped it , on concrete and in the toilet, and it still performs

  • all these improvements were mandatory because the old vents were placed in a stupid location
    why couldn’t`t this have been done in testing, before most of us were left with obsolete hard ware that cost plenty

    outrageous !!!

  • Hey Bud,

    Thanks for the review! Just a couple of questions:

    Qyestion 1:
    I own both the Puffco Pro and the Source Orb 3. I really like the airflow that the Puffco Pro offers, but, like the double quartz coils that are now available for the Source Orb 3.

    With that in mind, I almost feel like the KandyPens Galaxy would provide great airflow along with the double quartz coils. Am I correct in that assumption?

    Question 2:
    Pens are my typical go to for concentrates, while I go to the Pax 2 for flower. The only thing I dislike about the Pax 2 is the heat it produces. Can you suggest a way to alleviate that?


    • You can screw a pre filled cart of oil onto the battery – and it will work, but it does look a bit stupid.

  • I am trying to decide between the Galaxy and the Gravity, both of which sound quite good. It looks like you have both of them now rated 95. Do you have any preference between the two? And thank you very much for all of your great reviews.

  • I purchased the kandyvape pen…. didn’t get my discount… poor vape cloud… leaks!!! Not happy…. they wouldn’t help me !

  • What about the new donuts they look amazing and they have a ceramic bowl which is an absolute must for me lol. Does anyone have one or has used one i would love to hear how other customers like it, its negatives and positives

  • Thank you for the review. I’m new to the market. I have a Dr Dabber but it’s too big to take in public. Will be buying a galaxy. Can’t wait!

  • Cannot wait to get my Rosey in the mail! I did some serious research on pens and man, you have the best, most thorough reviews – thanks much! I got the limited edition Galaxy with the tornado coils. The last pen I ordered (and based on your review) was the gravity and even though I love it, we simply need 2 pens in our house. I used your promo code too! :D Thanks again and YOU stay up!

  • It Ripps super hard and the battery control is effective. I added the perk and it so sick. :ole dabing through a rig without the the torch and the rig.

  • Thanks for the info I miss the promo code. Got on the chat with them they fixed it right then and there good customer service.

    • IF we purchase a Galaxy Tornado pen and use your promo code, will they send an extra Tornado ato. or a normal ato.?

      • Hey great question, since the Tornado version is the premium model they won’t be able to give a second tornado atty but they will include a free standard atty with it, and with the new elevated air holes it’s very very good.

  • On Saturday I order galaxy pen and ordered donut by mistake,and called kandypen within a minute they answer and handled my problem very efficiently. Your site is the most informative and one of the best.THANKS! Keep up the good work.Stayup 20

  • Worked really well for the first little while the rods did eventually turn dark and it tastes terrible now getting the donut attachment maybe that will work better it has a metal taste to it now

    • Hey it shouldn’t taste bad even after a lot of use, try this…

      Put the battery on high heat and turn the vape upsidedown, then press the power button for a full cycle over a paper towel. Wait a second or two and then run the power for another full cycle.

      You’re basically burning/vaping off any buildup or residue around the coils, and anything in there should start to drip out.

      This should get it mostly clean, then to get it almost like-new you can soak the atomizer in ISO alcohol. Try soaking for 30 minutes at first, then 60 minutes if you need more. Don’t rub or over-handle the atomizer while it’s covered in the alcohol, you don’t wanna ruin the finish.

      Then let it air dry and you should be good to go with a nice fresh coil.

      The Donuts atomizer is cool too it just heats at a really low temperature so you need to take longer hits to get good clouds.

  • My battery just up and died on my new Draco. Have not even had it for a month. Lights work but it won’t charge and I’ve tried two atomizers that do work with no joy.

    Any others out there experience this problem?

    • Bummer!!! I haven’t received many defect complaints at all so I think it’s just a fluke, and Kandy should replace it for you under warranty. You might have to send it back first so they can test it before sending you a new one, but any 510 threaded vape battery will work to hold you over, even a really cheap one.

      Please keep me posted!

  • Well because of your review jus ordered 3 can’t wait for them hopin I get one free atomizer per pen

  • This is a great review: I’ve been searching for a wax pen that provides high-terp low temp vapor; most taste like you’ve been sucking on a hot penny or chewing on wires rather than medicating. I ordered through your link last night.

    Thanks again for the excellent, detailed reviews of all products on your site: there are a lot of terrible devices out there and few willing to do the work necessary to separate the cream from the crap. You do a fine job and it is much appreciated.

  • Hmmm, I wonder if the red=low and blue=high is based on the fact that red light has a lower frequency than blue light. If that’s the case then it makes perfect sense.

  • Was looking forward to ordering this pen until finding some pretty harsh criticisms online about pen quality and customer service from Kandy. Thoughts?

    • I think you’ll find stuff like that written about any company but I can tell you it’s honestly a good product and they take care of the people I send their way, if you have any issues you come to me

  • After reading your review I went ahead and purchased one and the package came very quickly and using your code I did receive a extra atomizer along with the discount. As far as performance and taste it’s the best I’ve used and the flavor is clean and delicious no burnt taste like you said! Funny thing High Times posted this item as a “Hot Buy” but I heard it from you first so thank you so very much!!

  • Help! I bought this today for my son thinking it was a e cigarette. He went to a e cigarette shop today to ask them about the concentrate so that he had the concentrate when he got the vape pen in the mail and they kept bringing up THC….is this a e cigarette…or for weed only??? From what the shop led him to believe we made a big error in thinking this was a e cigarette.

  • Here’s a product description from an online dispensary I use. Does this product sound to you like it would be compatible with the Galaxy?

    “BHO Vape Pen Oil – BHO mixed with a small bit of glycerine making it ideal for vape pens.”

    Thanks for your help! Your site is awesome!

    • @Nick…No! Any concentrate mixed with glycerine, vegetable oil, or grain alcohol is not meant to be used with this device! You would need an e-juice style vape with a clearomizer tank. For this vape you need a clean pure concentrate that is stable at room temperature meaning that it’s not in a liquid state. Check out rosin, shatter, wax, crumble, honeycomb, BHO, taffy, or even thick gooey sticky oils will workwthe this just nothing that’s been thinned out and runny at room temp

  • I ordered a galaxy using your promo code, and wrote them several e-mails asking for confirmation that I’ll be receiving my free atomizer, because I’ve read that they forgot to send it out to others, and woke up this morning to this disappointing message from their customer service: “Sorry but it is a free atomizer there will be no confirmation sent out unfortunately.”
    Really hope they send it out, or else I would have just bought an extra atomizer outright :/

    • Hey you’ll definitely get one don’t worry, I think they may be like a week backordered on the atomizers right now so they’re just going to send it to you when it comes in, let me know what you think of the pen!!

  • Aww man, I recently bought a kandypen galaxy as a gift and BOUGHT and extra atomizer to go along with it. I was expecting to get another atmoizer on top (so 2 extra quartz atomizers) of the one i bought but i used the wrong coupon code. The coupon code I got, I thought was for 20% off and an atomizer, but it was only just for 20% off.

    Im happy i got the pen, just sad I didnt get the deal I wanted :(

  • Thank you for this blog! It really streamlined the research process. Now i’m currently waiting on my draco galaxy pen!

    Stay up!

  • Hi Bud,
    i’love your very accurate reviews!
    Can you vape “brown or black” in the pen or is it impossible to clean it out?

  • Hey Bud,

    Vaping a lot of dry herb, I am about to try switching to concentrates more for mostly economic reasons. Trying to decide which pen to get and I am between the galaxy and source orb. I have a bunch of questions.

    1. How often will I have to get a new atomizer for the galaxy?

    2. I am a fan of big rips almost simulating a rig, so which one between the source orb and galaxy is better for that?

    3. I am lazy and don’t love cleaning so which one’s production is effected a lot more when not cleaned properly?

    Thanks for your help! I go to you for everything about vaporizer. Top notch videos. Please keep em coming.

    Stay up,

    • What’s up Jay,

      There are a lot of variables but I’d say with normal gentle use you should get roughly a couple of months with each one. I’ve had mine a few months now and I’m still on my first coil

      Possibly the source for biggest rips, but it’s pretty close. The tradeoff with both of these is that if you take really big rips the vapor isn’t quite as smooth as normal rips. With either one you’ll need to take a 6-10 second pull to get a big cloud.

      Overall the galaxy atomizer is a bit more robust than the source, which is kinda why it only comes with 1 and source gives you multiples, so I’d say this one is probly better for you.

      Lemme know what you go with man!

      Vape it up!

  • I purchased a puffco had it for 2 months and had major problems w degrading battery life. It came to the point where I waited for the charge for 3 hrs ..for only 3-4 hrs of use before it died. I just recently mailed my puffco to kandy pens for their Galaxy and am awaiting for my Galaxy to come in the mail. My question is how long does it take to charge the Galaxy and can yu give me a more detailed answer of usage time per full charge

  • Hey man, I trust your reviews, and have never been lead astray by them before, so I’m a little frustrated with Kandypens at the moment… I never received my free atomizer, but didn’t think anything of it, until my atomizer broke this morning (less than a month of use, btw)… I contacted Kandypens about receiving it (as you stated to another customer here in the comments), and they told me I did receive it. They straight up lied :/

    • UPDATE: They emailed back saying they will send a replace out on Monday, we shall see if this is the case. My apologies if I jumped the gun

  • I purchased this pen based on this review. Totally love it and they did honor the discount and the extra atomizer. I was smoking concentrate before but now I think I’ve found my forever pen. Thanks!

  • Bud–

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to the reviews. Super helpful and it helped lead me to my own Galaxy. The issue I’m having is regarding the battery. Is there a large occurrence of these going out? Mine is not responding after 2 weeks, so now I have to pay add’l shipping for them to test the battery and potentially send me back a new one. This is a major pain because the cost of the unit obviously just went up and they won’t send an advanced replacement, so I’ll be unable to use it for a period of time. Is there a compatible battery that I can purchase in order to avoid the delay? When I’m done buying a backup battery and paying shipping, this unit goes up to $130.

    • Hey you can actually use any EGO style battery to hold you over and it’ll work, you’re the first to mention a battery issue so please keep me posted!

      Stay up!

      • Are there compatible tips as well? I bought a replacement tip 3rd party for sanitary reasons and the Galaxy thread is larger so it doesnt fit. I see i can either buy a replacement battery or a new unit. Any suggestions?

        • Damn you know what, I’m not positive which ones would fit, I should try this out myself.

          I think they might be coming out with some new tips soon and if they do I’ll post an update with pics

  • Thank you so much for the great review! I just purchased one with your promo code and they confirmed that I will be receiving a free atomizer with it as well. You also helped make my decision in choosing this vape pen over the Puffco Pro. I am so excited, and I have never been involved with Dabs in my life. I will be purchasing my first concentrates on Monday when I receive the vape pen. Anyways, awesome review and keep up the good work!

  • I am in between the Galaxy and the QuickDraw 500DLX (3 in one). Are you planning on dong a review on the new QuickDraw 500 DLX? I currently have a PAX and a Firefly, and I need something for concentrates and/or liquids. The concept of a three in one is appealing, but I would like to get your thoughts on it before I consider purchasing it, as your reviews tend to be spot on. Also, there are currently very few reviews out there on this one.


    • Heyy the quickdraw 500 is actually the same unit as the V2 pro series 7 I reviewed here: https://vapecritic.com/v2-pro-series-7/

      The colors are just different and how they package them.

      It works pretty well with the wax and e-liquid cartridges but I’m not a big fan of the performance with the herb cartridge.

      If possible I would get separate vapes for each type of material, the overall experience is generally better that way, and for wax concentrates I would currently go with the Galaxy.

      • Been vaping concentrates for quite a while now. First pen bought was the QuickDraw. (Tired of the entire rig presentation, torch all that, kinda makes you feel like your no longer having fun with some THC) If you want to vape some concentrate buy a tool designed for such. Don’t fall for the 3 in 1 pen. The Galaxy nailed it for anything from a puff to damn that was good hit, it’s up to you how hard you hit it, If you want to vape some good shatter go with this and have fun! If you not sure on what your planning on vaping then, take the time and decide which form you want to vape and buy a pen designed got that. 3 in 1’s suck. (Helpful hint.. concentrate taste, feel and last longer) PEACE

  • I’m actually in the middle of looking for the best or just the best vape pen for myself. I’m trying to get away from smoking black and milds and with your info and videos, I feel great about this Galaxy pen. Looks like my type of vape pen. Thanks for all the valuable info.

  • So many options. Here’s the objective, maybe you can make a suggestion that will confirm a sale.

    Cost aside:Requirements: Stealth (TSA none the wiser), Discreet, Quality, Ideal for freshly pressed Rosin Tech essential oils. USE: pack with a fresh pressed dab of rosin and ON THE GO. in your pocket. No smell, light vapor, pleasantly medicated

    Already have the PAX2 for dry herbs. NICE but Not Discreet in terms of smell at all!!

    Have o.pen 510 battery & FIY empty carts for mixing collected ROSIN thinned with CONNOISSEUR CONCENTRATES. This set up should be ON POINT for what im looking for. If I had access I’d need nothing more than some QUALITY Prefilled carts (BhangPrivateReserve or kushbotanicals).

    • Sup Jay!

      This pen definitely hits what you’re looking for, the vapor of course will have a little bit of odor when you exhale but the unit itself will not give off a smell like the PAX does.

      And this vape is good at producing light vapor or dense vapor, whatever you prefer, just vary your draw duration (pull for less than 5 seconds for light vapor)

      The ONLY thing I can think of is that it’s not 100% discreet while it’s being used because of the light on the tip. If you grip it the right way the light can easily be blocked with your hand while you hit it though, that’s what I do.

      Stay up man!!

  • I’ve just purchased the Galaxy due to your excellent review so a big thankyou ..I used your code so you can benifit :)

  • I just purchased the galaxy after my micro finally gave out on me. I’m just curious at just how long before you had to recharge your pen? I’ve had mine a week and use it daily for maybe an hour or two and it’s still going. Thanks for reading, I just don’t want it to give out on me in the middle of a hike.

    • Great choice!

      This pen’s battery has been lasting me a really long time, and you probably have a good amount of juice left but if you’ll be away from an outlet for a while I would prob charge it up just in case ;)

  • Apologies if someone has already asked, but I’m looking to upgrade from a string of several very disappointing purchases. I had Halo mods for quite a while and loved them. Now Wulf (even the name makes me cringe a little) has bought them out their quality control is right out the window. I use an atomizer (dual-coil ceramic rod) for about a week before it just stops producing vapor like it should, and I seem to just be wasting my materials.

    My question is this: Do the Kandy atomizers last for a while? It may be to do with the purity of my Magrathea, but it really feels like the Wulf mods are actually costing me more than something more expensive that is manufactured to a higher quality standard. I constantly get attys that are poorly wrapped (it’s a frikkin rod and a little piece of wire guys! what gives?) or only fire one coil.

    I also am now wondering what the Puffco Pro threads are like in relation to the Wulf attachment (which I’m sure won’t mate…but I’m on a budget). I’m also inclined to agree with with cory that the gold is a bit much. I’m just not quite ready to go back to the 70s like that just yet.

    • Hey thanks for posting!

      To me they look and feel like one of the most solid pen atomizers made, but they’ve only been out a few months so I can only say that it’s still going strong ;-)

    • I put a pea-sized amount of wax on the end of a dab tool and then gently press it down onto the coils, but super gently so that the metal tool doesn’t touch the coils.

      You can even load your concentrate in with your finger if it’s solid enough at room temp.

  • Tons of props to your reviews! If you have the Kandy Galaxy and the Black Edition sitting on the shopping cart. Which one wins? I’m unclear if the Black Edition has the quartz atomizer. It (Black) seems to have a bit more versatility with the bubbler and oil attachments. But the Galaxy has quartz lined atomizer.

  • Hey there, I’m used to using Kandypens MicroDX for my herb, which I totally love. But today I just received my gorgeous Galaxy pen as I’m now venturing into the use of CBD Oils (Rick Simpson’s Oil). My questions are: How much of this black oil should I load in the chamber (just enough to cover the coils)? Also, I found the pen to get quite hot after less than 30 seconds of trying to figure it all out. Is this normal that it gets hot?
    Thanks for your help. I love your site. It’s so helpful.

    • Hey what’s up!

      Ok I think the oil you’re trying to use may be too thin, is that stuff liquid at room temperature?

      If it is, you can use this vape but load very small amounts at a time and use it with the pen vertical to avoid leakage.

      It should only get hot if you cycle the power 2 or more times in a row, like back to back. If you hold the power button down for ~10 seconds per draw I would let it cool down for a few seconds before starting the heat again.

      Let me know if you still have any troubles!

      Stay up!

  • Is it safe to assume that the 2 coil crystal atomizer will fit and function properly on a puffco?

    • That is exactly what they have done here. the coil/mouthpiece/battery all interchangeable with puffco pro. Difference is they stuffed 2 lil quartz rods instead of 1 big ceramic one.
      Doesn’t hold quite as much, but way better flavor and rips

  • how does the oil not go through the air holes in the bottom of the coil? and is there any place to get different tops that fit? gold is a little flashy

    • The main air holes in this one are in the walls of the chamber but somehow concentrate does not go through them, I have yet to have that happen with any pen I own.

      Currently gold is all they offer but it’s a pretty standard size so you can probably get different ones that fit!

  • Bought this pen trough your referal, like your content. How long does the atomizer work and how can you tell when you need to change it?

    • You’re awesome!

      The life of the atomizer will depend on how gentle you are with it when you load it or clean it, and what kinds of material you put in.

      If you’re using good quality clean concentrate and you’re delicate with it you should be able to get maybe 2-3 months from each on average.

      You only really need to change it if it stops working and doesn’t heat up anymore

  • Hi there,

    nice site. I already got an arizer and an crafty on your advise. I´m really satisfied with your description and the way they work. Since i´m looking forward to buy a vape for concentrates i came across this one and pretty much made my decision towards this device. There is only one question left in my mind. Do you know wich grade of titanium is used on this? Because a lot of guys auround the web think it really matters wich quality is used. I heared p.e. grade 4 titanium will give you a metal poisoning. Nevertheless this grade of ti is used in various devices like the Dabstorm or else..

    • Hey I’m really glad you’re happy with those vapes!!

      The coils used in this one are just the standard titanium ones used in most pens, they are not the grade 2 kind that some pens have, although the risks of one versus the other are highly debatable.

  • Hey Bud, the top 3 pens you recommend are meant for waxes and solid concentrates. What are your top 2-3 suggestions for a pen that works well with concentrates that are liquid/oil at room temperature?

    • You know what, that is a damn good question Mike.

      I am ashamed to say this, it makes me ill, but I actually do not have enough experience with thin oils like that to confidently make recommendations.

      If anyone with experience wants to chime in here please do, whatever models you guys want to know about I’ll buy to review.

      I know some companies make those ecig-looking pens that you use with those oil cartridges that stores sell, but beyond that I’m not too sure.


      Thanks for asking man ;-)


    I just put a new pic at the bottom of my review comparing the 3 black colors they have now, which are all HOT btw

  • Hey bud so I ordered the Galaxy.. I just had to try it even though I have the source orb XL on pre order. I’m kinda bummed because I know which ever one hits better is always going to be my go to, And I most likely won’t use the other one lol. Also I seen your review for the vapexhale ordering that bad boy next week through this website, which is amazing by the way. Keep doing what your doing brotha love your stuff!

  • Got my pen on Saturday using your discount code on their site. It’s amazing – so much better than the cloud pen I used to have.

    Quick question – if I fill the atomizer about 75% with wax, will it all get vaped or is it best to pack a little bit at a time so it is touching the coils?

    • Awesome glad to hear it man!

      Filling it 75% is cool and is the max I would load, but yes it should vape it all or almost all of it without you having to go in there and move it around.

      Just make sure you don’t block the tiny airholes in the wall of the chamber, although I’ve found it almost impossible to get them blocked

  • Good question. I’m also curious. My LP will soon be making vape oil cartridges available and was looking for pen recommendations.
    Great site!

    • Hey Chaz check out my response to Mark above, you basically just need to match up the cartridge you get with a vape battery.

    • Hey so I’m not super super familiar with thin oils or oil cartridges, but I think I can help a little…

      Typically thin oils or liquid oils are sold in a cartridge already, and all you need to do is attach it to a battery to use it.

      KandyPens’ batteries are “510 threaded” which means they would technically work with any 510 threaded cartridges.

      The only thing you need to match up on your own is the size or style of the cartridge with the battery (if you care what it looks like)

  • I ordered a Dr. Dabber Ghost and a KandyPens Galaxy to compare the two, and the Galaxy wins hands down. Flavor from quartz, no wick, adjustable temp settings, the weight of the quartz in the atty makes it top heavy which gives it a really nice feel and grip. 10/10 recommend the Galaxy over the Ghost to everyone

  • BUD, KANDYPENS IS AWESOME. I CAMT BELIEVE WHAT THEY JUST DID FOR ME. So I krdered the galaxy thru ur site right. I wanted black and they were out of stock but i wanted the halloween discount. So they told me I could order a different color one and that they’d send me the black when it was back in stock. Anyways I just received it in the mail today and i open it super excited and its turquoise… Still gave me a boner tho. Anyways I sent a nice email letting them know they made a mistake and asking if I should send the turquoise back. I was thinking maybe they will at least let me keep the sticker in the package for my trouble -_- but they let me keep the turquoise pen AND told me theyd send me a black pen asap.super stoked! Maybe thats nkrnal for a company to do idk but I thought it was super awesome! Also it came with a lil pink concentrate container lol^^

  • Just ordered the Galaxy through your link of course. Once I read your review I new I had to get it immediately. When I emailed them about the free atomizer I made sure to say the only reason I ordered this was because of the vape critics review.

    Thank you! Keep on vaping!

  • First thank you for doing what you do. I know that I have been watching your videos for a while now and am very impressed. I am not new to vaping, however I am new to vaping concentrates. I am looking for a great pen for a great price. The KandyPens Galaxy looks awesome and if I were to buy one I would also get a Donuts atomizer for the flavor and conservation. However I found that SOURCE sells the orb slim kit with everything that comes with the Galaxy and also a Donuts style atomizer as well as having adjustable air flow, but for half the price. Im wondering if the Galaxy is worth the price increase. Please help Bud!

    • My pleasure Logan thanks for posting!

      Honestly, they’re both awesome pens, you should eventually have both in your collection ;-)

      But the reasons I label the Galaxy ‘best vape pen’ right now are that I get a slightly smoother vapor from the quartz atomizer in this one versus the SOURCE, and the Galaxy is also significantly smaller than than even the Orb Slim, so it’s more discreet/portable.

      Here’s a pic I took comparing the sizes of the KandyPens and SOURCE pens:

      Hope this helps!

      P.S. I spilled a full cup of water right on my keyboard as I was typing this response LOL, literally had to switch keyboards in the middle of writing this.

  • Just placed my order. Almost got something else, but then saw this. Top recommendation from the Vape Critic plus 20% off? Easy choice. :)

  • Hey buddy I currently own a source orb with the dual Quartz atty. I came across your review on the kandy Galaxy vape pen.
    What’s the difference to you between the pens? Why do you prefer the Galaxy over the source orb. I’m thinking about buying one, but I just got an email from source saying they are releasing the source orb xl with 3 Quartz attys and holds up to a 1 g of concentrate. So I’m on the fence help!! Lol

    • Hey what’s up good question,

      The SOURCE quartz coils are really good, I like them a lot, if there’s one thing to pick out that I noticed between them it’s that I get a slightly smoother vapor from the Galaxy.

      Taste is pretty much identical (awesome) but I guess because of how they heat up it affects how smooth it feels.

      The Source might be able to produce slightly bigger hits though if you crank it up to the max. And I suppose now with the triple coil attys this is also true lol

      Overall vapor quality the Galaxy edges a little higher so it’s what I like to use daily

      You really need all of them!! ;-)

      • Thanks for replying, I’m all about the big hits that’s why I have the source haha!! Just always on the look out for the next best thing! I might just have to get both to try then decide. Will there be a video like all the other reviews? And I hope source sends you the XL so you can review as well!

  • Keep up the great reviews Bud. Saw your review for the Mighty and Crafty a few months ago. Bought a Mighty vape 3 weeks ago based on your reviews and I love it. It’s a freaking beast!! I just ordered a GALAXY based on your review, again. They have all colors back in stock and don’t forget to use that code. Thanks again for helping us to get the right vapes.

    • Hey thanks Joe, awesome choice with the Mighty and I’m not surprised you’re lovin it!! ;-)

      Please report back with your thoughts on the Galaxy!

  • I’m pre ordering my Galaxy as we speak and used your code (GOOD LOOKS!) but it doesn’t say anything about an extra atomizer?

    • Hey they aren’t able to have the free atomizer show up in the cart but they’re tracking my referrals and will def give you one

      You can email them with your order# just to confirm (support@kandypens.com)

      You’re gonna love it!

      • Just got my Galaxy yesterday and LOVE IT!!!!! Will DEF be sending KandyPens an e-mail letting them know its because of you that I purchased their product.

        The only thing I have noticed is it will get kind of hot since its all metal….have you noticed the same thing?

  • Hey Bud, love the site, only place I go to for my vaping needs!

    I am a Dr. Dabber man through and through…have everything they offer but after reading your Galaxy review I definitely want to get one! Just was on the site but they are all SOLD OUT….just wondering if you know when they might get more in or if you can recommend a different place to purchase one?

    Also I had a question about the mouthpiece…do you ever find that the concentrate gets pulled up close to the tip of the mouthpiece when taking a pull?


    • Sup Kyle!!

      Dr Dabber is awesome, but definitely get one of these Galaxy pens too, it’s a different experience and a good one ;-)

      They should be getting more pens in stock within just a few more days, this week is the ETA. I would hang tight and get one from their official site I link to

      And for the mouthpiece the concentrate will never make its way to the tip, even when you use it upside-down sometimes, and it stays in place nice and tight

      Vape it up man!!

      • Good looks Bud…Yeah I’ll definitely wait for the official site to get more in stock, especially cause it helps you out! Thanks for the reply!

  • I ordered a Galaxy and planned to use oils in it. Your review says it can vape oils. Kandypens messaged me and said “don’t use these pens with cbd oil! Wax only! ” I’m so confused now! I think they might be interpreting the word oil differently? I don’t know but I need help!

    • Ahh sorry for the confusion Luke!

      Sometimes the term “oil” is used loosely to mean a few different things, but this pen is in fact designed for use with “waxy” oils, or concentrates that are solid at room temperature and then turn to a liquid (oil) when heated.

      Thin oils, or oil that is in liquid form at room temperature, does require a different type of atomizer and pen.

      Can you describe the consistency of the oil you’d like to use?

      Stay up!

      • okay thanks for explaining that to me. There’s wasn’t necessarily a specific kind i was looking for as far as consistency goes. I just hope I can find wax with a high amount of CBD and not such insane amounts of THC. THC makes my anxiety worse and I’m looking to treat that. Unfortunately I heard high CBD strains are hard to come by.

  • After reading more about kandypens, I could never buy anything from this company.

    [link removed]

    on top of that, $10 shipping for every replacement atomizer is an awful deal

    • Hey man the things you read about KandyPens are ancient history, I’ve personally vetted them and work closely with them and wouldn’t jeopardize my reputation by recommending bad companies. If anybody has an issue after ordering from any store I say is good they can contact me directly and I will investigate.

      This pen is excellent and it’s a good deal with my discount code, for the replacement atomizers they’re $20 each but you can use my promo code again for 20% off which makes them $16, and yes shipping is $10 but you can order multiple coils and it’s still $10.

      The average replacement atomizer ranges from $15-$20 for most top-tier pens and I don’t believe many (any?) stores ship them for free.

      Thanks for posting though Eric I always want my viewers to do their due diligence. One of the services I provide is vetting all of these companies I link to so I can just say “they’re good” and you don’t have to worry ;-)

      Stay up man!!

    • Yes but you do need to be very gentle, and if you’re going to soak the atomizer in iso don’t soak it very long, maybe 15 mins at a time, and be careful not to rub the outer finish when you take it out so that it doesn’t fade or chip.

      After cleaning with iso wipe it down with a water-dampened napkin and dry it completely.

      An alternative way to clean out the atomizer without using alcohol is to simply hold the vape upside down and run the heat for a few cycles. The atomizer should heat up enough to liquefy any remaining oil and it should just drip out and/or vape off.

  • Hey Bud, thanks for all the great info.. Trying to decide between your top 3:
    KandyPens Galaxy (90/100) – $80 (after discount)
    Dr Dabber Ghost (90/100) – $85
    SOURCE orb 3 (90/100) – $80

    …Galaxy black out of stock. Did the give you an idea when more colors will be available? And how solid is the tip? My Santa Cruz vape pen always falls off in my pocket, well now always, but enough to be annoying. Thanks man.

    • Black and white will be back in stock within the next 3-5 days. you can wait or just order a different color and then email then (sales@kandypens.com) with your order number and tell them to make it black instead.

    • Hey Shawn should be just about one more week for stock to be replenished of the black & white, and then a few more weeks still for the new gloss and matte black colors.

      The tip is solid, that’s something I definitely look at because my pet peeve is loose mouthpieces

      I would hold out for the galaxy if you can, you’ll love it

  • Have u tryed the divinetribe 2.5 or the kiln atomizers? Im looking into these for a heavy hitting pen.

  • Hello from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Im leave the smoking for vaporize and sure il feel better and love to do it. One question about that amazing product: can i use any type of liquid in titanium + quartz vaporizer’s? I have some oil’s that il use here in my EGO CE-5 (Joyetech and some others). Can i use this oil’s on KandyPen’s? Thank you very much!

    • Hey Felix!

      This Galaxy pen is really designed for use with waxy types of oils that are fairly solid at room temperature, and then when they’re heated it turns to a liquid.

      If your oil is already in liquid form at room temp this style pen unfortunately wouldn’t be what you want :-(

  • Hey Bud great reviews. I own 4 vapes my crafty is my favorite. I love my dr dabber but am a fan of large potent rips and i find my crafty does the best job of this even though its with herb. Do u think the galaxy would be more to my liking for extracts or witch pen would u suggest for heavy hits thx stay up.

    • Hey man you’re right on point with the Crafty having the most potent herb rips, I concur.

      I do think you’ll like the galaxy, the quartz is awesome for flavor and and you can definitely get big potent draws from it.

      Put it this way, at this current point in time when I leave my house I normally take my crafty and my galaxy with me ;-)

  • I just bought one of these through your link. I didn’t use your code because the Halloween discount was a little better so I really hope you still get credit. I love all the work you do. There needs to be critics as dedicated and meticulous for other products in the world lol. By the way, I was wondering if you were going to update the site to include the Donut pen Vapor prima and mivape. i know you just recently reviewed these, so im not expecting them to be up right away of course.

    • Oh also, if you didn’t get credit, ill be buying through you again soon so don’t worry XP I just won a bet with my girlfriend and she said she’d buy me a new vaporizer haha! As long as its under $120

    • Oh shit ur mivape review is up too now, disregard my statement I guess. You’re on top of things.

  • Thanks bud! Just got mine (in teal as black was sold out).
    Hands down the best coil currently on the market!
    It’s a puffco pro that has been sexified on the inside. It has color options externally (but idk if the painted ones are a good idea as many people like to cook the coil to clean them out. Not sure if this is possible with this, we’ll see lol)
    Internally this thing’s a beast. the quartz leaves no flavor or aftertaste as the ceramic coil does. Also the dual coils make for less clogging and better draws. It has the same awesome capacity as well.

      • Update. I’m a daily concentrates user and put at least a gram per day through my coils if not more.

        I was digging the puffco until the galaxy came out, however I find that although their coils are slightly superior their customer service is terrible. I ordered six coils using your stayup20 coupon and sent an email with my order number asking for the extra coil and they won’t honor it.

        I don’t need another little 600 mah battery as i have a bunch of high end vape batteries (provari, mvp3pro) so… I just ordered the coils. Over the phone they said it would be np and to send an e-mail asking for mouthpieces with my coil order. Now they are respond I will have to wait a month or two before mouthpieces are available, and they won’t honor your coupon for an extra coil.

        Fortunately the puffco mouthpieces screw right on, or I wouldn’t be able to use it at all.

        • RE-update
          Galaxy coils are the best coils on the market imo, however the customer service at kandypens is trash.
          They have threatened customers who left bad reviews with their home information, and IP address (obtained during the purchase).
          They lied to me about multiple things over the phone, and put my unit number where my address should be on my package… so I’ve had to wait nearly a month (still waiting) for my new coils.
          Also nobody there seems to know the output voltage of the batteries 3 settings, or any basic knowledge of the product.
          I have called maybe half a dozen times, on different days, during different parts of the day, and always got an answering machine. I only ever got 1 callback (in which they told me whatever I wanted to hear, and then never honored what they told me after I made the purchase) By far the worst CS.

    • Hey sorry I don’t have a page on my site about the Donuts pen yet

      EDIT: You can find my Donuts review here.

      It has a very different atomizer, it’s a ceramic disc inside a ceramic lined chamber, instead of the all-quartz the galaxy pen is rockin.

      Donuts is good for discreet vaping with low vapor output and high efficiency, Galaxy is what I consider best overall and has excellent vapor quality & great vapor production.

      • Other than the atomizers, are Donuts and Galaxy the same pen? (I’m wondering if I can put the Galaxy atomizer onto a Donuts pen.)

  • Thanks for being upfront about your relationship with KandyPens. I assume you won’t be able to answer this (and I already sent an email to KandyPens), but it’s worth a shot. How do I know that I’ll get my free atomizer with the code you gave for KandyPens website? I don’t see it anywhere when I check out, and their Galaxy atomizers seem to be all sold out when trying to buy them individually.

    • Hey thanks for posting!

      Thanks for letting me know about the free atomizer not showing in the cart, I apologize about this I’m working with them to get that working.

      I’m not exactly sure of the stock status as of right now, but rest assured you will receive the extra atomizer, you have my word. If for some reason you do not get it I will rip them a new one and send you one myself ;-)

      Stay up!!

      • UPDATE: I spoke to KandyPens – If you’d like to confirm your free atomizer all you need to do is send an email to support@kandypens.com and include your order# and say you used my promo code.

        As of 10/29/15 they are sold out of all atomizers, these pens are hot right now, but the new shipment arrives Nov. 7th and everyone who is owed a free atomizer will get one shipped to them as soon as they come in.

        The new black colors are also arriving soon and I’ll update this page as soon as they’re in.

  • You say that this is your favorite pen, however you do not have a video review that i can find. What gives?

  • Something like this might well be my next vape pen when the two Puffco atomizers I have die (which could be a while, given how rarely I vape concentrates). I love the quartz-lined chamber.

    Anyway, when is your E-nano review going up? I got mine a week and a half ago and couldn’t be happier. It matches my preferred sippy usage pattern perfectly (and about as efficiently as one could hope for) while still having the optional attachments (not to mention custom stems/GonGs) for those who want enormous clouds.

  • This thing look super nice, also a ton like the Puffco pro. Do you know if the chamber threading between the two is compatable (ie could I use this pens atomizer with a puffco chamber/mouthpiece.) Awesome review as always!

    • Hey Dan I just tried it and yes they fit together and it works, only thing is the colors are different and don’t match up if that matters to you, and also I don’t know how much it matters long-term but the Pco battery is matched with the single coil of their atomizer and the Galaxy battery is matched with their dual coils, and i think there’s a difference in voltage used but I’m not 100% sure so I could be talking out of my ass

      So yes it works, I just don’t know if it’ll work forever like that ;-)

  • Wow,nice review!
    I always come here first for any info on a vape I’m interested in. You state FACTS,not hype and you still have a passion for what you’re doing,kudos all around!

    P.S.,I hope you realize all the good you’re doing,to many “reviewers” are just shills. One last thing,you’ve saved me a lot of $ over the years…thank you for that!

    STAY UP!!

  • I like my Crafty, bit damn if that battery life sucks. Was going to get one of these but I have no access to concentrates – just dry herb. Thought about picking up a traditional pipe but I want to vape, not combust.

    Thanks for the review regardless!


    • The Crafty is a beast isn’t it!!

      But yea battery life is buns :\

      Definitely get a usb power bank to bring around with you and keep it charged up.

      Stay up!

  • Can you pack The Galaxy Vape Pen by KandyPens with the actual herb or you need to use concentrate?

    • Hey man this pen is for concentrates only and will not work with herb, only clean wax & oil that fully melts to a liquid when heated.

      Are you specifically looking for a herb vape that’s shaped like a pen?

      • yes. It seems like an easy solution and still better than pipe. Why would this not be a good idea for herbs?