Donuts Vape Pen by KandyPens


This is the KandyPens Donuts vape pen and it features a ceramic disc atomizer instead of the traditional fiber wick or ceramic rod. Check out my review video above for a demo and complete details.

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  • Would you say that it’s a sturdy vape?I could just flip it in my bag or pocket or whatever and not have to worry about it getting damaged?also,do you have any promo codes or anything for this vape,i’ve been considering getting it but it’s a little pricey

  • Hey Bud, huge fan of your videos; very helpful in my search for my first concentrate vaporizer. I am in the market for something i can discretely use in class. I often use the magic flight box without issue, and am just wondering if this is the pen you would most recommend for use in public or if you would recommend something else. Thanks!

  • Could you do a review of the zigzag 3 in 1 vaporizer also called the no.335? I’m specifically interested in the concentrate performance as I could care less about e-juice or herb with this thig. It looks cool with a stainless steel body ,I assume, and uses a stainless steel chamber similar to storz and bickel and features a silicone mouthpiece which I like.
    Thanks Bud!

  • Hey Bud now that you know red is actually low heat and blue is high heat will try the donuts pen again to see if it rips any better? I’d appreciate it!