G Pro / K-Vape Vaporizer Review

G Pro & K Vape

This is one of those vapes that’s sold under a bunch of different brand names, but they’re all essentially the same thing with a few minor variations. The most popular models are the G Pro from Grenco Science (G Pen) and the KandyPens K-Vape.

How to Use

It’s easy to use which is nice, all it has is the one button on the front.

  1. Click it five times to turn the vape on and hold it down for 3 seconds to cycle between the different heat settings.
  2. All 3 vapes use the same red, green and blue colors to indicate low, medium and high temperatures.
  • LOW (RED) = 320°F
  • MEDIUM (GREEN) = 380°F
  • HIGH (BLUE) = 420°F

I think it’s pretty confusing and not very intuitive to have the red light as the low setting, it should really be: low = green, med = blue, high = red

These are the Three G Pro Models I Currently own – Standard, DGK, and Black Scale:

G Pro


For the best performance and most vapor production you should grind up your dry herbs fine and pack the chamber full, then tamp it down a tiny bit, you don’t really want your stuff loose in there.

As far as vapor quality, that’s where it doesn’t score very high in my book. I’ve definitely experienced worse, but it’s not on the same level as the better portable vapes on my list.

Vapor Quality

The taste of the vapor is decent for the first few draws, but about halfway through your session it starts to get a little hot and harsh, and not quite as pure as some other models. This is when using it on the medium or high heat settings, on low heat it won’t really get uncomfortable you just won’t get as much visible vapor. However, you can use this vape on high heat through a water-pipe with a special adapter and it really makes the vapor smoother and the experience better, I show a clip of me using it a little farther down the page.

Oven Again, this vape is very inexpensive which is why I’m giving it some leeway with the vapor quality, I wouldn’t expect a unit this cheap to produce top shelf vapor, and you shouldn’t either. If you get this as your first vape at least you’ll know it only goes up from here! ;)

The herb chamber is fairly large with a capacity of roughly 0.4g to 0.5g depending on how finely you grind. It isn’t quite as efficient with your material as some of the better portables, but it’s not bad either, I seem to be averaging about 10-15 decent draws from a full packing. It does seem to evenly vape your herbs pretty well though which is always nice to see.

The Heat

Heat up time is pretty quick, normally around a minute, and you should be able to get just about an hour of usage before the battery dies. It uses the standard micro-USB adapter for charging, which is really convenient, these chargers are cheap and come in many forms. It also has pass-through charging, which means you can turn it on and use it while it’s plugged in.


Cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be a big issue with this vape, as long as you brush out the chamber and mouthpiece quickly after each session you should be able to go quite a while between thorough cleanings, at which time a paper towel and some q-tips with rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

K-Vape models I have – Standard (middle), and the White & Black 24K Editions:


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money at all, if you’re just looking for something entry-level, this one could be right up your alley. For the best experience I highly recommend using this vape through a water pipe with the adapter I show below, you won’t notice any harshness in the vapor this way and it’s way more enjoyable.

Buy the K-Vape on the official KandyPens website

Stay up!


      • Me as well. eBay pulled an item I ordered (black mamba) without informing the seller. So I picked up a GPen Black Scale up from my local vape shop for $62. Had it less than 12 hours and I’ve gotten a total of 15 minutes of vaping. Working on 3rd charge already. Already got in contact with customer service for a refund. We’ll see how that goes…

  • I’d stay away from this product – i’ve had a gpro for about 3 years now and have used it a couple times a month. While it has been a decent vape for me, i started reading about the risks of the vapor path, and some people who had melting issues and concerns about drawing air across the computer board.
    The first couple times i used it there was a plastic taste but after that the vapor tasted fine. After reading about the melting issues, I ended up taking the g pen apart to make sure no melting was occurring, there wasn’t which made me glad i wasn’t inhaling plastic the past couple years.
    I wish I had paid more attention to the materials and construction when i first bought this, i probably would have made a different choice.
    I don’t think there is much regulation on consumer safety and testing for the vape market.

  • The G Pro works fine. Most people just do not understand how it works. You must grind your substance up well, for sufficient air flow. Also, load the chamber to the top for max efficiency; just don’t PACK it. You want air flow.
    My only problem is, and its just something you may have to work with, it doesn’t always turn on with the five quick clicks. Sometimes I have to do it a couple of times before it will turn on. Could just be a flaw in mine. At any rate, the red light will come on when it turns on, and the button will turn green when it is ready to hit. The temp settings are low(green light), medium(red light), and high(blue light). You change the setting by holding down the button until the light changes color.
    By vaping, you are literally dehydrating the substance. Everything that you want fom the substance, you will ingest in steam form, rather than smoke form(supposedly healthier). Also, when you vaporize certain substances, such as medicinal marijuana in the states and countries which allow it, you maximize the benefits because you don’t burn up your product so fast. In essence, it lasts longer. When the contents have been used up, the substance will be extremely dry to the point it will turn to powder between your fingers. At this point, toss out the used product and it is ready to reload.
    All in all, this was a great first vape for me. I recommend it to anyone for a starter.

    • My problem isn’t with the vaping or operation of item itself. Mine won’t hold a charge for more that 5 minutes of vaping. So far, this vape blows…

  • Absolutely crap. I bought it for my husband to try and alleviate a little bit of his severe arthritis pain. Ok the hemp flowers are ok the actual vaype is crap and because we are elderly and didn’t have s clue we were so ripped of by the seller Mr. Ohm in Dunfermline Fife Scotland. So thank you for that Mr Ohm

  • You guys are retarted. It heats the herb up just enough so the THC is emitted. Your breathing in hot THC air. It’s like making a firecracker how you but the weed in the oven wrapped in foil, the THC gets emmitted when it heats up and that’s what your breathing in when you take a hit.

  • The plastic inside where filter is to hold it. Broke off after only 3 weeks .
    I guess heat eventually burns it or melt it off
    I loved it other wise but i wont buy it again.
    T l

  • I bought the camo model used and the battery was messed up so I cracked it open and swapped a battey from dollar store power pack for phone charger and works awesome now, too hot on high green green is just right !

  • so I have had the snoop gpro for maybe 2 days now, it was working great. now when I hit the button 5 times the bottom light flashes blue then the larger light flashes red 6 times, took it apart and all wires were attached does anyone know how to fix this just want to get back to vaping.

  • Get a beer drin k it ge a bud put a few holes in the can and hit the bud you are better off than this POS, I bought one it never worked properly and My can works better, LOL What a joke

  • It sucks never worked and I never got any service from GRENCO or THE Herb Import Co RIPOFF

    • I bought the camo model used and the battery was messed up so I cracked it open and swapped a battey from dollar store power pack for phone charger and works awesome now, too hot on high green green is just right !

  • I have one of these and it’s the reason I’m skeptical about ever buying a dry herb vape again. The taste is horrible! It’s like sweet, warm plastic. The unit operates ok, I haven’t had any breakage or failure in the year I’ve had it. I bought it based on good reviews and slick advertising, so who do you trust?


  • Got mine today first time opening it the mouthpiece screen feel off into my hand I forced it back into place noticed there wasn’t even groves chat into the cheap practice mouthpiece. Wanted to give it a try anyway noticed you couldn’t use it with the adapter plugged in which sucked. Tried it today I could barely get smoke or anything out of it it was hot burning my lips a bit after trying it over and over wasting my medical the battery kept giving out after 2 refills taking this POS back tomorrow o can’t believe the chamber and mouth piece is plastic what is this company thinking

  • It’s a shame that people are having so many problems with this. Mine works fine for me. I have the army camouflage print one. Had it about 3 months. My only complaint is the taste. I think for the £30 I payed for it, being able to get high discreatly wherever I want to it’s a bargain. I don’t use it all the time tho, just for out the house use.

    • I’m really struggling to use this, I got the camo version, it just burns my lips, how do I even work it?

      • I think it’s literally the design man.

        Search online, 100’s if not 1000’s of people complaining it’s useless to them, myself included.

        Mine turns on, works electronically fine. Issue is it produces no vapour. Doesn’t matter what setting, just… gets hot and nothing.

        Won’t ever spend money on Grenco product again.

    • Just got mine today. Do you hold any buttons down when inhaling? I’m getting little to no cloud even on highest temp. Im not feeling it any where near as much as I would from my bong/bowl or a good old J.
      Kinda feel like I’ve wasted my money and my banana Mac!

  • Update on G pen. Pen started working well for a few days. Cleaned it as usual. Now I turn pen on after it shows a green light that it is fully charged. The pen turns on momentarily and then flashes red 9 times then turns off. Does not heat at all now.

  • Never got much vape from the get go. Only works on high setting now after only a couple of weeks use. Worked on green for a while and got flavourful vape on first draw but then had to punch it up to blue. Have been using now on blue for a few days and I get barely got any vape out. Have to draw hard like your blowing up a balloon but opposite to get any decent vape. No instructions, instructions on site hard to find and vague. Had to go to a you tuber to find out how to use it. I also gave it 3 serious cleanings with alcohol but to no avail. Vape still sucks. Contacted the company and they did nothing…and were very condescending…..

    I doubt if the retailer will take it back!

  • I buy a g pro herbal (fake) for 40 Dollars and you can find it for less in Internet. If you want a first experience of vape It would be a good choice. it’s exactly the same of the original. Vape that ;)

  • I just got a question….can i smoke wax with this vape?. If i cover the chamber with aluminium paper so the wax doesnt get inside the holes, can it work?

  • Well I got this for free so I’m all good LMAO
    Works fine to me haha, buy lame you gotta wait couple few seconds to take a hit,smh.

  • i bought the dgk gpen pro yesterday i tried it with my grinded herb but i never saw any smoke come outta da vaporizer im now beginning to regret buying this vape

    • My exact problem. What did you do? I would like to start a class action against this company. Thing has no warranty and you cannot return these to the retailer. I am a single mom with fibromyalgia and my son also has a disability. I work but at times I am too sick and have to rely on public assistance. This is cheap but took a whole week’s groceries out of our mouths. Just don’t buy this people!

    • yup! I smell a law suit…Maybe if we all complain we can at least get our money back. Oh! and one other thing, the bottom of the mouthpiece gets soooo host that you have to be careful not to burn yourself.

      • I’m gonna file for one mine just exploded and busted out my tooth split my lip and everything I’m calling ma lawyer

  • Same shit as everyone else. 3 months use. Been improvising the mouthpiece. Now won’t charge. Faint red flickering light. Damn piece of crap. Soooo frustrated. Get what you pay for as they say.

    • We went through three mouthpieces as they all broke or cracked . The las mouthpieces we got did not fit so we just got a new one and I think it’s a better design . So far it has not broken .

  • every time l hit the G pen a couple of times both lights turn green. I just bought ot yesterday. It was working fine the first time l used. When l charged it up both lights turn green and I can’t get anything. Is it broken already. I paid 99 bucks for it.

    • Just take it back to the store and explain. They usually take
      care of warranty returns and if they don’t, then go to the grenko website…..It will give an address and return instructions..

      • Contacted them about 5 times… they were just condescending and told me to read the instructions! I am pretty sure I can read…. I have a Master’s degree!

  • The mouth piece design is extremely poor. The plastic that holds metal filter keeps breaking within 3 weeks. I replaced two already and now I can’t use my vape. I’ll probably buy another part and really research a pen that will be designed in a better way. Anyone that is reading this comment.. I’m open to suggestions , I’m willing to spend up to $120. Or is that a very low budget??

    • After my 2nd mouthpiece I improvised. I took a pill bottle (meds from pharmacy) and drilled a hole in bottom for drawing from. I kept the metal screen piece from original mouthpiece. I load, insert metal piece , then pill bottle. Fits perfectly snug and leaves abit of draw room in case. I can use the bottle for about a couple of months and replace when just to dirty or anything. Been doing this for just over a year. Getting meds monthly is a free mouthpiece whenever needed.

      • This is so true. I went through two already. Besides that, the vape is pretty good . When my last mouthpiece broke .I ended up using one of those large hookah tips.I took the metal piece out of the tip and i fits perfectly in the hookah tip.Last much longer and a better hit.I have a spare GPro tip to use only to use when I’m away from home to keep discreet .

      • Omg this is halarious! My sister is so creative like you I’m glad it works now I’m hoping I get used to mine lol

    • Ah there is trick to the mouthpiece, the guy in the store told me..you have to push it off from the side. Forward then up.

      Had it over a year.with no problems
      My friend was constantly breaking them too…and after I showed her she hasn’t broken one since.

  • These things are perhaps dangerous as the lids start to melt and crack over time…possibly breathing in plastic fumes. The company won’t reply regarding these concerns which is also not a good sign. DO NOT BUY

  • Have had my GPRO for a yr now and have spent more money on replacing the lids. They can not stand the heat and crack. Absolute waste of money

    • hi cristy being that its a plastic item it gets softer as it gets hot so try not opening while its hot or with a wet cloth just put it on the lid for a couple of seconds and then open



    Hence why I am online looking for a new vape. Had this for 2 years now. It sucks. 3 lids cracked and i’ve spent more on lids than Id like to admit. Coulda just got a better vape with that money. Top clogs, warm up time sucks, no cloud at all. Just straight shit. Waste of $100.

    • DON’T FALL FOR THEIR LAME ASS GHETTO “CLUB SCENE” ADVERTISING. Just cause the got some desperate rappers to help advertise doesn’t mean it’s a good product.

    • its probably counterfeit .Check the chamber .If the holes shape like and x then its fake.If theres holes surrounding the chamber+ x like in the middle then its real. If you are having problems with the real one then you should call Gpro.They should replace it

  • I was given this for a gift, the top cracked for reasons unknown after the first month I had it, read this has happened to other users as well, not worth the price, quality is not good, is there a warranty??

  • I bought one of these as a cheap extra to add to my Pax1 and 2, mflb. The USB charger was key to the purchase. These proprietary chargers (my #1 complaint with the pax1 and to a lesser extent the pax2, which still requires you to carry the cradle. My biggest issue is with the plastic mouthpiece cap. It gets real hot AND it cracks. I was traveling with it and didn’t have an extra cap obviously, not knowing it was a problem. I had to krazy glue it on the outside, not optimum considering the fact that it gets real hot so if you have an issue with vaping krazy glue, well… After gluing it, it just cracked in another place. I guess you need to limit the session to to your 2nd 5 minute timeout (it takes about 4 of the first 5 min. to warm up). Don’t use the highest heat setting either. That’s more likely to crack it. The warm up is not quick, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    We used it with 3-4 people and it seemed to work out, but you do have to let it cool. The battery life was pretty decent really. I’d say that’s a major plus.

    The vapor was quite good, IMO. More consistent than my pax 1, which had to be packed tight to produce good vapor, with a light top off and stirring to get the most of the fill. I don’t like a burny flavor and I thought this stayed within the flavor range fairly well on Red and Green. I was a little confused about the temp colors at first, but as a graphic designer, the RGB is easy to remember.

    The other big issue I have with this vape is how hot the black mouthpiece gets. You must use the rubber tips. They should make a ceramic one Or use one of the accessory attachments. A ceramic screen to replace the wire mesh is a good idea, which allows for a clearer draw

    Overall, this vape is worth the money, preferably as a secondary portable in instances where you don’t want to risk your pax2.

    • Hi everyone, i just bought the Gpro and it’s awesome. The burnt plastic smell is not that bad at all. I got it for 40$ CDN. Tottaly worth it. A lot easier than rolling a joint every hour or so. Cheers­.

  • Hello Bud,
    I bought my first Gpro earlier this year and it was working great then I went to charge it and it would not charge at all so I went back to The Lemonade Stand where I bought it and I said it was working with my laptop but now it doesn’t. So they suggested I get a USB block and try that so I did and it worked then after a fey months it would not charge at all. So I went back and they said that I’d have to go through GPro to ge it replaced cus they can’t do anything. About it. I then went to another store here and just bit the bullet and bought another Gpro so I have one till I get around to contacting GPro. Now last night I went to charge it again and it won’t charge. Any suggestions?

  • HORRIBLE HORRIBLE burnt plastic taste, even making my home smell like it…. why is this? I even tried adding flavour drops not helping at all. I am so disappointed right now . I literally feel sick every time I try it.

    • Hey, just got my kvape in the mail. It’s been charging for twelve hours and it’s still not initially charged. That’s not normal right? :)

    • I thought I was the only one having this problem, no one talks about this. The taste is so dramatically disgusting…and I can’t even stand the smell! My room stinks after using it as you said, too. I noticed the taste is (always horrible, but) almost “acceptable” on red, while it makes you want to throw up on blue. I’m so sad this is happening. I used it a couple of times and that’s it.

      • I can’t get a good draw on any level.I’ve packed it light,tried a hard package
        Either way I’m not happy.I bought it at my dispencery.the good thing is it leaves a beautiful golden hay that I can make my cannabutter or oil.
        Still lots of good things in the leftover bud to put to good use. (Ihope)

        Anyone have any things I can do to get a good draw. I HAve barely 2 hits.I should get at least 6 right?

  • Hey Bud,

    I’m hoping you can help me determine if I purchased a lemon K-Vape 2.0 or if I’m doing something wrong. 1st…my only vape experience is with my Magic Flight Launch Box. Ok…so I’ve only used my K-Vape 2.0 three times and each time I have to suck so friggin hard on the damn thing that I almost pass out…like the airflow is obstructed. I cleaned out the device thoroughly to test the airflow. 1st I pulled the mouthpiece off and sucked through the mouthpiece to make sure it was functioning…and it was working perfectly…good flow. Then I put the mouthpiece on with no herb in the chamber and it is difficult to get airflow. Then I examined the device to determine how air is supposed to get it and the only thing I can figure is the USB charging portal? Seems like there should be a hole somewhere…bad design IMHO. 12 pulls off of the K-Vape 2.0 is equal to 3 pulls off of my MFLB. By the 12th pull the thing is so hot it burns my throat. WTF am I doing wrong?

  • We have 3 of these and are going to switch because the lids are CHEAPLY made; they crack and/or the middle metal piece falls out after about 3-5 uses! So far we have spent more $$ on replacing the mouthpieces than for the vapes themselves (and yes, we followed the instructions on how to take the top off and put it on, but the mouthpiece is CHEAP, thin plastic, with the center metal screen holder not even glued or held in by anything so that expansion breaks both the plastic and allows the center to fall out! Worse, the company that MAKES these mouthpieces could care less,obviously); this is NOT acceptable and I am surprised you said nothing about that since it is a big problem: In fact, it is the only problem we have had; we have had ZERO trouble with the vape itself, so it’s frustrating – and we bought two different brands (but BOTH use the same exact mouthpiece!). I have to wonder WHY the company doesn’t just fix the darn mouthpieces – other than to get more money out of the buyer?! Well, it has driven three of us away completely from those types and I’m sure others are angry and frustrated as well. our 3 cents.

    So I am left to wonder why you did not add any info about the crapy tops they make for ALL of these particular “types” of vapes.

  • How to know if the one in the middle of the picture is fake? (the arm color) Definitely getting confused with the reads on plastic spell.

  • I just got my GPRO black pen going. I found on High heat, a slightly conjested screen , and fine ground dry side herb gave me the best vap. Im a smoker and I like the burn …I swore it was burning but the left over material and lack of real smoke proved it was vaping.
    Unfortunately , I dropped it and the mouth piece cracked as did the plastic housing the metal screen receptacle. I just used some instant glue and will hope for best. Its plastic pressure fit mouthpiece was the main weak point I noticed upon this otherwise worthwhile economy vaporizor when it arrived. Anyone know of parts?

  • “I think it’s pretty confusing and not very intuitive to have the red light as the low setting, it should really be: low = green, med = blue, high = red”

    Consider the intensity of emitted energy:

    Blue wavelength > green wavelength > red wavelength

    • everything about the Gpro is confusing to me…I’m not satisfied with it at all. The taste is unbearable and burns. I’ve tried all settings and get the same results. BTW… Is Bud still around, I’m not seeing any recent commments from him… All blogs I go to seem to be old, maybe a goole thing…hmmm

  • My gf’s G-Pen breaks roughly once a month, which the guy at the smoke shop told her was “normal”. So she has to replace the middle part monthly…not really convenient or cost-effective. The company should definitely warn customers about this if it’s a known issue. Also, I see people on weed forums claiming the Grenco model “can’t possibly vaporize herb”. Is that true?

    P.S. – It *IS* my gf’s first vape, so maybe she’s doing something wrong. Meh.

    • I haven’t held the button down when trying to inhale from the mouthpiece. If that’s what’s missing, it’s no wonder I couldn’t get a hit off my black scale G pro.

  • I just bought the gpro n have yet to b able to get a hit from it, any idea what I could b doung wrong? Or have I purschased a faulty vap?

  • I have the gpro but everytime I use it I cant seem to get a decent hit. I never see any vapor am I doing something wrong?

    • hi Manny, I too bought the Gpro and don’t seem to get a decent hit, it shouldn’t be so complicated….I don’t want to deal with it for 30 mins before I get a hit…lol The taste is horrible.. I am getting some vapor, but, looks to be very little, I’m use to a strong hit I suppose, but, not sure I can deal with the taste.

  • I bought the g pro and I can’t seem to get a vape like you can in your video. what am I doing wrong ?

  • I bought a G Pro vaporizer about 2 months ago. I actually liked this vaporizer (for it’s price it’s just fine) however, it has one big fault which undoubtedly didn’t show up in your review because it takes a bit of time to appear. After a couple weeks the plastic lid/mouthpiece started loosing it’s grip onto the unit so I started using adhesive tape to hold the lid on. Then little pieces of the rim started breaking away …basically just deteriorating. The seller sent me another plastic mouthpiece (they said this was a common problem)and I handled it even more carefully yet it started losing it’s grip and had little pieces breaking away even sooner. I used to work in the plastic business and that plastic mouthpiece is just too thin around the rim, and even if ‘fattened’ I doubt it would hold up unless they also improved the quality of the plastic used. As is, it’s a complete waste of money.

    Cheers …and keep up the good work Vapecritic:)

  • Hi Bud. First off, thanks for these reviews; your site has been my go-to resource for reviews while I look for the best starter vape for my purposes. I’m looking to vape about 0.25g a day for chronic pain relief and have been told that convection vapes are the way to go for not having to pack bowls tight. This vape advertises as “convection vaping in its truest form” but does it really live up to that claim? I don’t want to have to pack my material because I am going to be vaping at school and don’t want to attract attention when I do so. Assuming the herb would get shaken about and un-tamped, does it greatly reduce the efficiency of this device? Price point is great and I don’t care about clouds or huge rips; just enough to get a numbing of my body while maintaining clarity of mind. My budget is ideally less than 150 (CAD, not helping myself here!). Do you think this vape would hold up to those requirements? (small bowls, discrete, not picky about grind)


  • For those still CONSIDERING getting this vaporizer…don’t. Just get an astral. With Bud’s discount, you can get it for the same price as the K-Vape/G-Pen/Titan/etc. and not get as harsh or hot vape quality. Will THAT be better than Pax, not by a long shot but it will be FAR superior to this and it definetely won’t break the bank. Good vape sessions to all and to all a good vape lol

  • DO NOT BUY THIS CHINESE PIECE OF GARBAGE. This thing is a total ripoff. I literally used it for two months and the mouthpiece fell apart and now the battery won’t hold a charge. If you try to contact their customer service you will most likely be ignored. One of the guys who owns the company is named Roger and he will tell you a bunch of BS if you run into any problems. If you want a quality vape, I would seriously look elsewhere. I literally saw this same vape on a Chinese wholesale website. Kandypens buys these piece of shit vapes from China and then throws a “K” on it. What an f’ing sham this company is. I REPEAT…. DO NOT BUY THIS CHINESE CRAP.

    • YES! They are a terrible company! Sold me garbage that stopped working after a week! Glad I’m not the only one.

  • I just bought the G pro yesterday and to be honest, I am not a fan. Not enough vapor at all and it doesnt heat all the way up. I would not recommend buying this vaporizer.

  • Ordered micro dx for wife.

    First use, packed full but not tight.
    Very bad smell/taste very bad.

    Is it suppose to be cleaned or pre cooked before first use?

    Or is it just the strain?

  • Just bought the K Vape (my first vaporizer) and I am barely getting any vapor and usually only one puff per session. I am fully loading the chamber and tamping it down. The battery life is terrible as well, I charged for hours and I only get a couple draws before the battery dies and won’t restart. Did I just get a defective device?

  • I just bought the snoop dogg g pen and it doesnt seem to be workung right. Do you press down the button to hit it? I wouldnt think so bc that button changes the temp settings

  • i bought the gpen in November 2015 since then Grenco has billed my credit card 4 times for this piece of shit pen trying to get my money back for the overcharge is crazy
    Don’t do business with Grenco there thieves

      • Vapecritic, please stop endorsing this bullshit. These vapes are seriously made in China. And we all know anything made in China is cheaply built and therefore will not last very long. STOP PERPETUATING THIS HORSESHIT. You and I both know these vapes are seriously bullshit.

        • Most Apple products are made in China and they manage to deliver high quality finished products. You can add many other consumer products to this that are either manufactured in China or other parts of Asia – most are well made (nut to a lower overall cost than in the USA) and will deliver whatever they are supposed to.

  • Hey man! Are you a bigger fan of the white/gold or black/gold 24k K-Vape with regard to looks/aesthetics? Thanks!

  • I bought the G/Pro Snoop version and was rather disappointed. It did not follow the 1-3 hrs as the manual stated to charge. After about 5-6 hrs it finally turned green, then to not a hold a charge after first usage. To add to the 1st one, no high, no vapor, no nothing except for wasting my herb. It did however turn the herb brown and waste it. Now they replaced it “Grenco Sciece”, who were nice to replace this model since I did not buy it from them, however neither of them WORK! The second one was the “black version”, it did not take 5-6 hrs, it took 2. Then the light was fully green and it did not produce a vapor, nor a buzz, hit whatever. The rep told me it was not fully charged even though it was green and to give it another 2-3 hrs, which it held the charge but produced no vapor, no high, and herb was still green. Now they want to send me a pen, this company needs to go back to the drawing board. I have used a volcano, a Pax, an Ego-t and they all do both. I might as well been vaporing H20.

    • They did send me a nice working pen. I don’t prefer this way to smoke, especially since the pen is just a pseudo vape. It does however come in handy for the home or other need to be discrete areas.

  • I just have a question. I have been looking for a new vape pen since my original snoop Dogg pens battery is about shot. IV been tossing up the k vape and the g pro. I am leaning towards the k vape but but 3 minute auto shut off seems kinda short. What would you recommend for less than $100?

    • If you want them to take money out of your credit card go to Grenco and you can pay $590 for a $119 pen other wise go any where but Grenco

  • Brand new, I charged it, about 4 hours, then a couple days later I try it out.
    5 clicks, The K Vape turns on, warms up, about 30 seconds, temperature light comes on, and the top light immediately starts blinking, 13 times and shuts down and its not hot enough for one puff.
    I saw one comment suggesting clicking the ON button 10 times when turning it on as it resets the clock? No luck.
    What do you think?

  • I got the g pro about a month ago and it worked fine and didnt really have any problems with it untill one day it stopped charging. The only way it chargers is if i put pressure on the usb and bend it a little but even then it cahrged for 3+ hours and still was red. Ive tried using different usb cords but the same thing happens everytime.

  • Hey there! My GPro is showing a full charge but then blinks red and shuts off before it gets hot. I even tried keeping it plugged into the outlet and it still won’t work.

    Any ideas on what might be going on?


  • My wife got a free one for me at some Convention in Vegas and I was pretty hyped considering I was scoping this one out before I got my Flowermate. But after using it a few times I realized that I made the right choice going with the Flowermate as my back up vape to my Pax2. The G Pro let me down.. The mouthpiece get’s super hot even with the rubber piece and taking short pulls. You have to use that long weird looking adapter mouthpiece in order to take long pulls. Which leads me to the taste.. The taste that comes from this thing is dreadful! I cleaned it and ran it a few times hoping the taste would go away. But it never did. I used it 6 times in total, and the last 2 times I got a headache. That rubber/ plastic bitter taste can’t be good for your body. I have to admit the vapor production is pretty good at the medium/high setting, and the herb vapes evenly. BUT! Needless to say i’m never using this G Pro again. That rubber/plastic taste is a deal breaker for me. I’ll stick with my Flowermate & Pax2.

    • Quite the same here, I thought the strong plastic smell was because the unit was new, but after several use it just remains and you can actually smell it on every part of the vapo. Also I did find out I do not seem to obtain much vapor in low or medium and have to use it at the highest temperature; which quickly consume the bud and produces a harsh smoke that burns the throat. I guess that’s what it is for this price… The worst thing is definitely the plastic taste.

  • My Grenko G-Pro vaporizer stopped holding a charge after less than 15 uses. They made it very difficult for me to go through a return process through their company. Fortunately the store I bought it from did a complete exchange. After two months, the replacement charging port began to fail. Now, again, it does not work after charging. Disappointed after some short-term enjoyment.

  • Yo man I need sum help I just bought this g pen and whenever I press the button 5 times the lower light quiclly flashes green then the power button light flashes red 6 times any suggestions??

  • I recently bought the G Pro vape and I’m trying to figure out how much herb I need to get [desired effects]. I’ve used the medium setting and found it didn’t work as well as if I put it on high (420 degrees). Last night I filled the bowl to the max, which is like 0.5-0.6 grams and it got me super [nice]. I just don’t want to be using so much product. It is a little harsh (heat/taste) but it definitely works and it’s not too unpleasant. Better than smoking, that’s for sure. Very clean [effects], takes a little longer to kick in as opposed to smoking. Easy to clean. Looks nice. No issues so far with the batts or any problems like that. So, how much (good quality) herb do you use?

  • Hi,
    I got the g pro vape one week go used it a couple times a day for 3 days and it has stopped working . Blinks red 10 times and shutoff. Any suggestions of what could be happening?

  • Don’t see no vape , but u get buzz ? Who cares if ya don’t see it.? I.pack gpro halfway(tight) and pull 10 quick long draws, packed tight . Awesome effect. Love it

  • I bought a DGK G-Pro last night, followed all instructions to a T but I’m getting no vapor at all out of the vape. I can smell and taste it but no vapor. I used desk tops before but this is my first portable. Also, I’ve used both the medium 380deg and high, 420deg (ironic the temp) but still no vapor. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Same here – very little vapor and very little buzz. First time vapeing – feel like I’m better off rolling and smoking

  • I am rally disappointed…I just opened it and I wanted to remove the mouthpiece (it specifically said “push the side not the back”) wich I did en the whole vapo was in pieces…what to Do now??

  • Hi, just bought the DGK G Pro. Worked ok the first time and from then on it doesn’t seem to hold charge, even though the power light eventually turns green (charged) from red when it´s been plugged in for a couple of hours.
    But then when I turn it on the power light starts blinking red a few times and then it shuts itself off.
    Any tricks that you Bud or anyone reading is aware of to get it to work again? is the battery replaceable? Otherwise it was a pretty expensive one session.
    Regards, all the best!

    • Hey man. Did you ever find a resolution to this? I just got a G Pen Pro and it has never worked. Mine does the same exact thing as well.

  • I been using it for a few days the taste of ruber makes me feel like ruber particles are vaporizing into me which makes me feel could cause cell degeneration can anyone recommend a cape that doesn’t taste like ruber or the safest one out there….

  • Also the vaping sometimes seem to come a little too close to blackening for my taste too. And a little too fast as well.

  • Hey Bud,

    So my bro has the G-Pen and he thinks its the Bees knees. I tried it and thought it was the coolest thing ever…until I found this awesome website. Now once you try the Pax (original) you are going to realize the STRONG contrast between the two. For aesthetics, it is plastic and cheap feeling. The raw mouthpiece (not the rubber they send you) gets hot after one pull (not even a session just a pull) though we’ve only used it on hot since it doesn’t vaporize well on medium and we didn’t grind it up to flight box standards. If you have soft buttery lips (you naturally have smooth lips and don’t crack easily), then you’re going to feel it very fast and the rubber mouth piece is recommended.
    The rubber mouth piece itself makes it harder to pull meaning you got to pull harder than average to get decent pulls (for harder pulls, pull super hard with the mouthpiece). The rubber can get warm but won’t burn.

    You have to tap it around which can become a nuance between sessions. And even though my bro never dropped it and always charged it RIGHT before using it (never at night before bedtime) the battery started dying out faster and faster within 6 months so it has a cheap rechargable battery. Currently battery life is sustained around 20-30 minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t even charge fully or at all and you have to wait an hour or so just to have it accept charge. Maybe do some fanagling just to get it to pick up charge. A big no no in my book.

    The vape is kind of harsh like you said bud and it definetely has a funny taste. Even though I never taste any flavors when smoking or vaping to begin with, this one had a funny taste that definetely didn’t belong on the material but never had that problem with the same material on my Pax. I never got the experience I was looking for as fast as I could with other vaporizers so I definetely think people should save up and especially now since this Vapium SUmmit seems to be making quite a lot of buzz too, because otherwise, you’ll just grow weary of all the fanagling. And please don’t drop it on hard flooring because I have heard horror stories of it not working anymore either.

  • Hey Bud, thanks for the review :)
    I have a question for you or the rest of the guys, I would like to use water bubbler on the G Pro, I can get the Pinnacle Pro Hydro Tube, to connect between I see your link to newvape that sells adapter, but I’m not sure if I should get the male or female adapter to connect the two (G Pro with the Hydro Tube of the pinaccle pro), can you please tell me which one should I get??

    Thank you!

  • Bud, I have a question for you. Since the G-Pro and K-Vapes are, basically,the same and you have both can you check to see if the G-Pro mouthpiece will fit the K-Vape. The reason being that the replacement cost of the G-Pro’s mouthpiece is $5 and the K Vape is $20. I know the K Vape is warranted for life , but have heard of others having trouble with Kandy after a couple of mouthpiece replacements.

  • You mentioned cheap build quality but you didn’t mention that the K-vape is still lifetime guaranteed. I’m a mmj patient who is getting ready for a second major spinal surgery. After the first the cartridge style vape pen I used in the hospital & nursing home both bankrupted me & added humidity to my lungs when I got pneumonia. I want a dry herb vape for the next surgery. I have COPD & that gives me issues with draw pressure. Most reviewers do not rate on ease of draw & that is unfortunate because that’s one of the most important issues to the people who need to vaporize the most. Also many of us are disabled & therefore on fixed incomes so clear quality/warranty information helps us.when it comes right down to it for $150 or under what vaporizer would best serve me while I am on my back recovering in a hospital with possibly limited dexterity like I have presently? I have about 60% use of both hands.

    • I own the Magic Flight Launch Box ($119), and the PAX2 ($279). I adore them both! My mother in law also has COPD, she is in the end stage of it, lots of breathing difficulties. She has used both the MFLB and PAX2, they both worked good for her, although the PAX2 had to be cleaned with a pipe cleaner after a 1-3 uses otherwise it would become more difficult to inhale. I have MS (I get a lot of weakness), and pushing in the battery on the MFLB gave me no issues. Hopefully you’re able to see this, and it helps. Good Luck!! :)

  • I found the problem for the people that have the flashing red light problem… so i took it apart and the problem seems to be the 2 white wires that hang from the heating cup and break off really easily from the main circuit board . These wires connect to the thermometer in the heating cup, and so if the thermometer can’t read the temperature then it shuts off for safety reasons. Its a very simple fix just reattach those wires to the motherboard and voila it will work .
    The case is made of 3 parts, insert a flat screwdriver between the top right and top left edges of the plastic piece that has the button. Gently pry and the two small nubs in the ribbed part will move back amd let the top piece slide up and out. Be careful, theres two black and two white (silicon) wires to power the heater around the cup, and two thin wires wrapped in thin white silicone tube it looks like. The two thin wires go to what appears to be a thermocouple.
    Do not bother prying up on the plastic part that has the cup, its only held in with two small nubs protruding into the main part of the case. No glue, no extra clips.

    • Hi, I also have a problem that you may be able to help me with. I have a G Pro and once charged the light will green then I’ll use on what ever heat I put it on, then when it goes to shutoff the main light ( power button) will stay on and be red but the on light below. Have you ever heard of this?

  • Ok, so i am now on my second replacement of the K-Vape and idk what to do . Same problem on both pens !! i charge it up with a Galaxy Note 4 charger ( 5v 2.1Amp) for about 2.5 (hrs) and then use it . First round of its use it works fine, but once i click it five more times to turn it off to prep round 2 it doesn’t fully turn back on again . It just goes through its heat up stage and then flashes the red light like 15 times and turns off , i’ve tried recharging it nothing.. Same problem over and over . Am i doing something wrong here ? Does it really seem normal for two consecutive units shipped a few days apart ?

  • After reading a lot of reviews, including this one, I bought a K-Vape. Yesterday it arrived. I was stoked!

    I read the instructions and plugged it in to charge. When I did, the red light came on like it’s apparently supposed to. About two hours later, the light was green, indicating the unit was charged.

    However, when I attempted to use it, it would not work. I pushed the button 5 times and the red light came on, indicating it was heating. Almost immediately however, the light flashed 15 times and the unit turned off. I tried charging it and repeating the process many times, all with the same result. 15 flashes of the red light and the unit shut down. I even tried different charging cables and plug ins.

    I’m waiting to hear from customer service. Doesn’t really help m at the moment, but at least it’s warrantied.

  • Hey Bud,
    In your opinion would it be better to spend like 20 dollars more and get a magic flight launch box instead of a K-vape? I would be using it pretty much every day, but I haven’t had a vape before and would prefer to use something simple for the time being.

    • Don’t buy this vape, it has off-gassing issues and is probably unsafe to use on a regular basis. Awful, headache inducing odors led me to shine a flashlight on the unit (this was all prior to ever using it with product). I deduced from personal experience as well as some threads on vaporizer forums that inappropriate materials are used in the vapor path and mine had a visible plastic vapor coming out of the unit. Beware!

      • Moreover, I did around 100 full burn off cycles and the strong, noxious vapor persisted. After 100 cycles it was just as pungent as ever. I returned mine, will never buy a cheap plastic vape again and will be purchasing a Firefly, as I value my health, which is the whole point of vaping anyway.

    • I figured out my own dilemma. I went back to my gpen and returned the gpro vape. The vape only works for wax. The gpen is for the dry stuff…

  • I have a gpro pen. And I can’t get any vapor or smoke. Am I supposed to hold down the button and pull or when it’s green just pull and don’t hold down any button? Help me out bro this is frustrating

  • I am so disappointed this vaporizer is crap, what a waste of money to top this my mouthpiece seems to come off when I am actually trying to open my chamber, I think i am going to break this shit if I cant open it cause ive tried to open it for the last 4 hours and it doesnt seem to open !!!! , has anyone else experienced this ?? any tips ???

  • Help!!! My vape pen g pro won’t turn off the light stays green all the time it worked right first day but after the first charge it currently won’t work right what is wrong

  • I bought mine second hand I’ve never used a vape before and I can’t get any vapor to come out / it’s not doig anything for me. It’s heating up and I’ve tried it with a small amount and larger amount. It is dried and ground small. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  • Quick question;
    I have a g pen pro
    It’s mainly for dry herbs
    But I got som bud that’s called moon rocks in California it’s a dry [herb mixed with] oil and Keith!
    Will this do damage to my vape?

  • Hey bud, i just recently bought the vapor 7 months ago. The green light remains on when plugged in and does not charge. Would you have any suggestions. Thanks

  • DO NOT BUY THIS over the flowermate! You will regret it. Bad battery life. Poor vapor quality. Cheap materials. Flowermate all day for the price! Do not buy the gpro!

  • hi men how could i know if my g pro is fake or not i read a comment that says that the chamber holes should be all around not in a c

    pd: im sorry if my english is bad

  • Hey.. I just bought this item but it doesn’t create vapor smoke puffing out as yours is. Any advice?

  • Hi, I just bought my g-pen pro and the vapor isn’t quite as good as you show in your vidoes and the chamber is a little misplaced like it’s not centered with the plastic hole. What should I do ?

  • Hey man. studying your reviews for some days now. I’m deciding for my first vape and I kind of decided for the No2. but i’ve seen an offer in my country today for this vape. I can get the No2 or the G-pro exactly for the same price. Now i’m kind of confused since you got the g-pro in the “top-picks” and the No2 you don’t. Is this really better than the No2? If so, why? thanks a lot.

    • I actualy found the snoop dog g pro even cheaper now: $126
      while the cheapest I found the No2 is $172. more confused now even.
      (import taxes are high here in Brasil)

      • Hey man. I have both the no2 and the g pro. I honestly like the no2 much better. It’s not as discrete as the g pro but it is so much better in terms of quality. It depends on what you want. Portability or quality vape sessions.

  • Hi,

    Just bought a G pro and I get no clouds after an inhale, it’s burning the herbs but I do not get as strong as an inhale (if any) like in your video. Do you think it is broken?

  • The plastic taste and smell actually gave me a headache. Even after heating the oven on high a dozen times to purge that “new” smell. Using quality herb of course.

  • I prefer the no2 over this one. No2 is way more efficient and better tasting imo. The Alfa is on my wish list.

  • I need more feed back on the k-vape from kandy pens. I’m having the same issue k-vape vs pax or pax 2. only use vape for travaling. can anyone help out?

  • I just bought gpro and kandypen my gpro light doesn’t turn green to let you know when to hit it my kandypen light shows charged but when I turn it on it just shuts off very disappointed no phone support for kandypen what vapor would you suggest

  • This is my first vaporizer. I am satisfied with it so far. My question is would it be better to wait till the battery is completely empty before charging or could I charge it after say 1 or 2 uses without harming the life of the battery.

    • As as I know bro, it is a Lithium battery, just as cellphones are. I do use my cellphone while charging it, and I do unplug it before a whole charge sometimes. I’m doing the same with Grenco Gpen Black Scale… hoping it’s a good quality battery and it won’t be affected negatively.

  • I just got one of these today, and your review is spot-on. The vapor quality isn’t on par with my other vapes (Da Buddha and Firefly), but for what I paid for it I’m pretty happy. It’s very portable and the build quality seems decent. There’s a definite plasticy taste when you first turn it on, especially when set to 420. It’s much less noticeable at 380, and seems to be diminishing as I continue to use the it. The unit does get pretty warm, and the vapor is a tad bit harsh but not terrible. I got a good deal on this vape so I think it’s definitely worth it, but it ain’t no Firefly. You get what you pay for. BTW, that V2 Pro Series 7 that just came out looks nice, maybe you can review that one some time.

  • So im new to the vape world and i don’t wanna be conned lol … im looking at both the pax and k vape but im getting mixed reviews on both .. I understand the pax is double the price but im more concerned on actually getting to the desired point “fly high” and not looking at just price .. How many chambers do u need to pack in order to feel effects on both the pax and k vape also is the pax worth the extra hundred thank you in advance

  • Love the reviews! You do great and professional reviews! I sure hope these companies are providing you with product for the review or at least a discount.

    Quick question? Sorry if this has been addressed but I had not seen it.

    What is the vape’s dimensions?

  • I just bought the Atmos Transporter. I like everything except the taste. One of the best parts of an experience is the taste. I put top-shelf product in the chamber as described and it taste bad. I hate [using] paper, but the flavor with this vaporizer almost makes paper better.
    My product taste and smells amazing until I use this vap, then it taste yukky from first to last hit.
    What am I missing? Help, I want to enjoy the flavor too.

  • I just ordered the Titan 2 for $25 bucks. I have seen many good and many bad reviews on it but they all seem biased in some way. What is your opinion on this vape?
    (my only other vape experience is from a friend’s airizer solo)

  • None of you who are having trouble with the “G Pro” are alone. I won’t bother typing out my experience because it is literally identical to the less than satisfactory results some of you mentioned above. I’ve already sent my unit back to Grenco. Of course no refunds but I’ll receive a rebuilt or replaced unit within two to three weeks. Let’s see if they have better customer service than they do vaporizers.

  • Bud , you should try putting one of the little filters they gave at the bottom of the chamber, gives better air flow so the vape [pulls] really well.

  • Heybud, i’m very new to vaping, and I’m bery stuck between the g pro and the pax. By the way, i’m wanting something that produces the most minimum odor. any advice?

  • Between this one and the V2 pro what’s your rating? I am entry level. I like the V2 because it seems to have a smaller chamber and better usage of your material. Do you have to completely fill the chamber every time ? Not really worried about amount of vape. I’d like it to be smooth as possible with price. Just worried really about getting my affect and not hacking a lung from too burnt material from the classic pipe and lighter

    • Hey based on what you want and your concerns I would go with the V2 Pro Series 3 as the better option for you

  • This is an absolutely terrible vaporizer.

    Maybe my unit’s defective, but I’ve tried using it six times now and I’m getting zero results from it. On the low and medium settings, no amount of “heat-up” time, and no amount of any length of draws will produce any vapor at all. On the highest setting, I have to let it heat up for nearly three minutes and take an unprecedented 20+ second draw until I get anything, and even then it’s an anemic cloud that I feel absolutely nothing from.

    On top of this, the mouthpiece burned my lips and already has a large chip in it from where a piece fell off, and obvious fault lines where pieces are sure to fall off in the future!

    What do I wind up with? .2g of ABV and barely a headrush. This is AFTER a three week t-break! Where’s the manufacturer to stand behind their product, provide support, and maybe even offer a replacement for my unit? Nowhere to be found.


    • Hey I’m super bummed that you’re so disappointed!!

      You should be able to get better results than that with it, maybe something is defective with your unit.

      One thing I can think of is how you’re packing the chamber…

      Grind your material VERY fine and then make sure you pack it at least 90% full, and tamp it down so your stuff is fairly tight in there.

      If it’s not ground up enough, or you don’t pack enough / make it tight enough, you can get the results you described.

      Try it and let me know how you make out!!

  • Hey bud I just bought one and it’s been charging for about 2 hrs and still no power when I click 5 times need help I’m using input 5v 1a

    • Hey Leo if you’re still having that issue I would contact the manufacturer, if something is defective it should be covered under warranty, but let me know how you make out!

      • Grenco is no help at all. Mine never worked from the start and I contacted the company the first day I bought it. They just give lame excuses and make me feel as if I am a moron. They make all kinds of demands, wanting me to send them various pictures of the unit. I have every part and my original receipt from a store where it was purchased. This is an authentic product and I want a full refund or a replacement from Grenco. But they don’t seem very interested in solving my issue. I would just avoid this poor company all together!

  • Our new units are not like the others everyone is selling.. the titan model.. We’ve upgraded the temperature from 360, 380 & 420 to 365, 400 and 428. We heard you loud and clear so we updated our new pens. Site update in progress. Watch for “The Chief” within the next few days as well. It is by far the best and most improved version of this vaporizer…custom one-of-a-kind design and performance.. aside from the X Pen Pro. Lord Vaper also has a handful of new useful pens coming out to solidify our product line. We’re here for the long haul to create and bring you the best most affordable and effective vape pens on the market. In one case, we’ve taken a pen the critics raved about and improved on a few things. So keep an eye on us and try our products. Thank you. BTW we respond to all sales and customer service inquiries and follow-up every day, even on weekends in most cases.

  • HeyBud, Great Blog! I just got the G Pro by Grenco. It’s my first vaporizer. Wanted to know a few things in general. Do I need to always fill the chamber to the top? And how many draws should I be getting from a full chamber or half full chamber? I seem to only get one good draw from an almost full chamber, and then a few little draws at most. I’m using medium temp. Any advice? Thanks Bro

    • Hey man yes this vape works best when you fill the chamber completely, and usually it’ll work even better if you pack it fairly tight and your stuff isn’t loose in there

      From a full chamber you should be able to get roughly 10 decent draws total

      Try grinding your herb finer and packing a little tighter, and make sure you take a long, slow draw to get max vapor

      • Thanks Man! Really appreciate your response (even though you did remove my link for some reason!). Will try your advice! Sometimes less is more, but I guess in this case more is less!

        Go forward, not straight! Peace!

      • Hey man, I was wondering. Why does my GPro taste like plastic? And why isn’t there that much vapor after I hit it. Do i need to be doing something differently

  • How does this pen compares to the v2 pro series 3 with loose leaf chamber? And also how do these 2 (v2pro series 3 & x pen pro) compare to the pax? I am buying a crafty from storz and bickel for myself and thinking of a second one for sharing the experience with friends. I am wondering if the x pen pro or the v2 pro series 3 are half as good as the pax! As prices are more or less half of the price of the pax!

    • The Main difference is the chamber size – the V2 Pro chamber is smaller (~0.1g versus ~0.3g in X-PEN) so you can’t get as many draws from it and the volume of vapor won’t be as much, but it’s efficient and the vapor quality is good.

      I normally recommend the V2 Pro for personal use, and just a handful of draws at a time.

      The X-PEN Pro would work better with a group of 2 or more people but the vapor quality isn’t quite as good as a vape like the Pax.

  • Hey Bud, I just read about another pen called the Vaped Titan. It looks different than the Titan 1 mentioned above, and I was wondering if you planned to review it. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

      • FYI, it was the Titan 2 I was asking about. IDK about you, but I get a pretty good laugh when other sites who sell this vape go off on a rant about how all the other ones are fake pieces of garbage and theirs is the only good one, when in fact they’re all selling the same exact product.

  • Excellent review, purchased product 1-2 months ago and for being a low end device, it works pretty well and it does not combust. Thanks for your reviews. It’s great that it kinda looks like an e cig and it is very discreet.

  • Hey Bud, I just bought this vape from Lord Vapers. I can’t vape from it while it’s plugged in when battery die and this vape very little vapor ( I tried all 3 heat settings)
    Can you comment on this? Could you also do a video with
    quality steam on a black background


    • Hey what you might have to do is if the vape is completely dead you might have to let it charge up for a little while before it’ll turn on.

      This is because it uses power faster than it can charge back up, so it needs a bit of initial charge (maybe around 20% charge or so) to have enough power to vape.

      I do show vapor production in my review video and it starts around the 1:46 mark.

      Are you grinding up your material nice and fine and packing the chamber full?

      If you’re not that’s usually the cause of poor performance, but if you’re already doing that let me know.

      Stay up!

      • Yes, i’m grinding up material nice and packing the chamber full. All 3 heat settings are not productive enough, so I wonder if there is some defect. When I measured the temperature with pyrometer it was 200 degrees instead of 400.

        • Hmm there may very well be something wrong with your unit, the performance isn’t fantastic from this one but you should definitely be able to get some decent vapor from it like you see in my video. Try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have any addt’l input, and if not they should replace it if it’s really defective. Either way let me know how you make out, and if you get any push-back tell them I sent you.

          • Hello! Now I have no doubt I was right – my vape is defected. It is not turning on and charging anymore. If it were correct assembled it
            would not become unworkable after 10 uses. So i use my warranty. I’ve send the defected vaporizer to Lord vaper, but he don’t answer me. I have very bad experience with this company.What do you advice?

          • Hey I don’t like the sound of that, I’m going to look into this for you, please email me your order number and I’ll get back to you asap: stayup[at]vapecritic[dot]com

        • Chingiz I’m not sure who you are based on your username here. Please contact me at support@lordvaperpens.com .. I’ve replaced a few pens that folks claimed were defective. In a few cases, they were not. In a couple they were and that is normal considering the large quantities of product we stock. Who knows, the delivery guy could have smashed it. I know, I worked for a major courier service before and I’ve seen the treatment of some packages. Not to excuse quality, I expect and demand the best when we are producing our product. If you are truly our customer please contact me as we ignore no one.

  • I recently purchased my first portable dry herb vape, a look-a-like to the X Pen called V-pure from a head shop locall
    in Michigan. Cost was $129 out the door.

    Very little vapor ( I tried all 3 heat settings).
    Have you heard of this knockoff? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! :-)

  • Hey bud, I’m really stuck between the g pro (xpen, titan) and the iolite. How would you say the two compare? Besides the fact that one is butane powered and one is electric?

  • In the second video here you say that vape pens generally just combust dry herb in a more convenient fashion. Is that true of the product in the first video (The X-PEN Pro Portable Herbal Vaporizer)? I am interested in a low-cost dry-herb vaping option but I want to actually be vaporing and not just using an electric pipe. Thanks.

    • No sir, the X-PEN Pro (first one) does truly vaporize dry herbs, there is no combustion.

      Some pen vapes for concentrates claim that they work with herbs also, but most of them just burn it.

  • I didn’t care for the orbit when I tried it, I’ve been looking for this X-pen and frankly I’m glad I got it, the price is right and it performed better than I expected from the review and everybody sayin stuff. Vapor quality is great with a steady draw as recommended. Its sitting on my night stand and getting good use. ;) What a beautiful day people. I vote X-pen. Good customer support over there too.

    • …based on YOUR review, again I’m sold on the Kpen. Appears with what I’ve ‘learnt’ from Bud this should be a super one person do hickey. With care the ‘cheapness’ and lower quality construction should not matter. Reviews are higher elsewhere. Than X!!! Than X to you 2 Bud. Peace!!!

    • Tough call but I’d say the vapor quality from the Orbit is a tiny bit better, and it’s also a little more expensive. It’s a little heavier than the X-PEN too and feels slightly more solid.

  • Just came In the mail, your review is spot on, Bud! First time using a vape. I highly recommend it to anyone reading this, especially if you’re still combusting. Im totally biased because this is the only vape I’ve used but it definitely seems atleast an 80/100.

  • Hey Bud, I just bought this vape (a titan). I haven’t received it yet. A large portion of the internet is claiming a strong plastic taste from this vape. Can you comment on this? Could you also do a review of the new flowermate v5.0 with a glass mouthpiece? Thanks

    • Hey Josh, the taste and vapor quality are definitely the main drawbacks to this vape, I don’t think it’s horrible or unbearable, I’ve tried worse, but after the first few draws it’s not going to taste very good and the vapor will be kinda hot & harsh. A little plasticy yes, but mostly just hot. I recommend using it on the low or medium heat settings only, I wouldn’t put it on high.

      For the price though I wouldn’t expect more, it gets the job done which is most important to some people, and if you’re looking for tasty high quality vapor I would look into one of the higher rated models.

      Thanks for your request also, I have that one of my list of future possibilities.

      Stay up!

      • Yeah but is that plasticy taste safe because if it is harsh on the body then it kinda defeats the purpose of vaping.

      • First portable vape purchase, fairly happy with it.

        No burnt plastic on my end. Burnt popcorn towards the end of the session before you repack. Make sure nothing is getting to hot and/or you do not over pack this as it won’t work as well and you may end up burning the unit getting a plastic taste.

        Here’s how it to works the best for me.

        First: finely chop and *DO NOT* over pack. Screen at top can get blocked after one draw. So try to pack it down about medium [don’t pack too hard or too loose] leave the top half centimeter [.5cm] from the top empty. [you may need to turn unit off, take cap off and clean screen with brush]

        Temp/type and draws.
        High temp if you’re in a hurry and/or herb is chopped but a little damp. After 1-3 pulls you can use medium setting.

        [pollen] – is IDEAL in this unit, very little is needed and you can still add a little mix to it Important: ONLY USE LOWEST HEAT setting for ‘pollen’

        Always give it 30 seconds after it turns green before first draw, on any setting. Best/biggest vape hits that way. 10-30 seconds between draws.

        The taste. As your session comes to an end and time to refill after the last 3 min session the taste is more like burnt popcorn [unit auto turns off approx 3-4 mins no matter what…]

        How do you know you had max vape session with this product? When I clear the screen [please remember to turn it off] pour a little of the herb into your hand, scrunch it. Does it remain looking like tobacco? You probably can do another session or two. If it crushes easy and turns to coffee grounds/dust – DUMP it.

        Hope this helps new users of the G Pro convection heating herbal vape pen. Others that use coils *burn* the material, this won’t burn it. Cannot say that other Grenco products for [concentrates] are decent even for the price.

        ~ 30 years of experience w/herbs and oils

        • Wow thank you Sandy I bought this unit just a few days ago. I was not too disappointed but i though it did not produce enough vapor. It says to use the V card to grind, i found out the v card does not grind enough unless you really go at it. Now that it is fine thanks to my crusher I really like it. I do have to agree though the charge does last an hour or less in my case. No worries I always have a portable charger on me in case, but a longer lif would make it better. I would spend $50 for a better version with longer battery. If I had to change my mind i would have waited and bought a pax, but for now I like my G pro a lot Thanks

          • Thanks, Sandy. Been using the G-Pro as my only vaper for a year or so now. Have had to replace the plastic mouthpiece twice – it cracks from overheating after a while, even at only the lowest setting (which is all I use). AI very modest dab of essential oil (I use lemongrass) rubbed inside the rubber mouthpiece will add to the vape flavour and eliminate the ‘plastic’ taste – which was never that bad for me at low heat setting.

        • from one Sandy to another thanks, mine just arrived today and its my first time using a vaporizer. your post was super helpful :)

        • …than X Sandy. I’ve ordered a Kpen and am glad you posted an UNBIASED & OBJECTIVE review. Beneficial!!!

        • Wow Sandy, thanks so much for the detail. Just got my first ever vape and went with this as the gateway pen. I’m loving it so far but the extra detail will be super helpful later on.

        • Hi Sandy, looking for up to date replies, I think I’m a couple of years behind..lol I just purchased the G pro and can honestly say at this point, I’m not a happy camper…bad bad taste and not much of a hit, I’m use to a heavy throat hit.

    • you should try the K-vape from Kandy pens they are getting a lot of hype. I know you already tried the x pen but that a cheap knockoff of the k-vape. I want to buy but have been burned by the puff it vape and counterfeit pax. so now I’m skittish when it comes to portable vapes.But its getting good ratings.

      • Please get your facts straight. The X Pen is NOT a knock off. It works quite well. X Pen was out before the G pro or the kandy pens. They are all coming from the same factory in most cases. In fact, the X Pen guys have a new one called the Chief which has been hot-rodded (modded) with better temp settings.

    • I don’t get it it doesn’t work I don’t see any smoke coming out no matter what I do I really think just wasted my money

    • Hey Josh,

      I have a Flowermate 5.0. It’s was the first Vape I bought and subsequently my best purchase of 2015. I accidentally dropped it in a half full sink, smashing the glass mouth piece and submerging it in water in the process. I was devastated….I could not get it to turn on, so in a panic I went to the nearest Vape shop. They did not carry the Flowermate 5.0, I was foolishly tricked into buying a G Pro Black Scale kit. Worst decision of 2015 thus far for this girl. Thankfully I was able to fire up the Folowermate again once it dried out! My sweet, sweet Flowermate 5.0.
      I am now stuck with $180 Vape kit that sucks… Apparently you can’t even hock these things on Kijiji, my ad was taken down.

      Cheers and happy vaping!