Pinnacle Vaporizer Review

Pinnacle This vape was released spring 2013 by the same company that makes the VaporBLUNT and the Palm vaporizers.

I chose to review this model over the VB 2.0 because the Pinnacle seemed to be smaller and closer in size to the Pax, which is an important consideration when you’re looking for true portability in your device – you want it to comfortably fit in your pocket right?

Overall I was not very impressed with the build quality of the Pinnacle, nor did I particularly enjoy its performance.

The vapor it produces seems pretty hot and harsh to me, and it also isn’t very dense.

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Video transcription:

This is my review of the Pinnacle Vaporizer by Vapor Blunt. I don’t like it. Thanks for watching, stay up.

No but seriously this is my review of the Pinnacle Portable Vaporizer. It’s an herbal vaporizer made by the VaporBlunt Company, which also makes the Palm. They also make another vape actually called the VaporBlunt. Basically, I’m going to keep this short because unfortunately I really don’t like this vape that much. I’m not really going to be recommending it over the other portables I’ve reviewed that I liked, because it’s just not as good. I don’t foresee myself choosing to use this one over any of those, so it’s hard for me to recommend this as one you should get as opposed to the Pax or the Solo, or even the Launch Box, the NO2. Those are just briefly a few that I can name off the top of my head that I’ve reviewed that I like.

Basically, my issues with this one are, you know, it says it’s designed and assembled in the USA, and you would think that that’s a good thing and everything and it means that it’s great. But I found that the quality of the workmanship and the materials is pretty low. It doesn’t feel like a high quality device to me, especially this top piece with the cap. It’s very loose, and it doesn’t fit on well. It’s something that you’re going to be taking on and off constantly, and it just feels very cheesy. That’s the only way to describe it.

And then the design of the chamber isn’t ideal. It’s skinny and long, and it’s almost like a crucible type of situation here where the herb chamber is metal and it comes out of the unit. It’ll get hot after you use it, so you’re not going to be able to touch it at first. So just the design of the whole chamber and the whole mouthpiece thing I didn’t find that great.

The main issue I have is that the vapor it produces is not only on the light side, it’s only light to medium density at best, it’s also kind of hot and harsh. This is a convection type of vaporizer, and the other type that they make is called conduction. The main difference between the two is that with the convection vape, you actually have hot air passing over your material and that’s how it vaporizes. With a conduction vape, your material is sort of pressed against a heated surface and then the heat radiates through your material and vaporizes it.

So it’s a little different how it works, but the drawback to a convection vape like this, not being extremely well made, is that the air coming through is very hot, and the vape isn’t designed to cool it down at all before it goes through the mouthpiece, so it ends up being pretty harsh and uncomfortable to vape with this thing. I didn’t really like it at all. I used it to review it, but I don’t think I’m really going to be using it anymore after this review.

Really that’s sums up my issues with it, my main issues with it. I just don’t think it works very good, and I don’t think it feels like a high-quality product, even though it’s priced in the zone of other high-quality products that I do like, so you know, that’s a concern.

The one thing that it does have going for it that I do kind of like is the size. It is on the smaller end of portable vapes, and it is pretty comfortable to hold and stuff. It’s not exactly one that I would feel comfortable just putting in my pocket of my jacket or my pants or whatever, because this top piece is so loose, it’s not attached very well, so I would be worried that the top would just fall off in my pocket. So again, that’s something else to consider.

So overall, you know, I’m really not that impressed with it. I probably won’t be recommending this over the other models that I currently like. But if you do happen to like this one and you really want to get it, I did put a link in the description to the store that I got mine from. Otherwise, I do suggest you check out my homepage on and just check out some of the other portable vapes I’ve reviewed and see if you like any of those, because there are some other good ones out there for roughly the same price as this.

All right? So that’s going to wrap it up. I appreciate you taking the time to watch, and stay up.


  • My wife has gone through seven (7) Vapor Blunt pieces of junk in less than 5 years. They all fail. She has spent around $1,000 in total for them and doesn’t have a single one that works. They all get a warranty response from the company of “you must have done something wrong” (she hasn’t) or they just send it back broken. She got a Pax 3. They have a 10-year totally hassle-free warranty. Vapor Blunt has a 1-year warranty that has no purpose. Plus, the Pax uses FAR less herb, so it will actually pay for itself over time.

  • Good review! I have a pinnacle pro, but the body is broken, is there some place to send it in order to repair? I’m from Brazil and I could send some pictures to see how much will be and post.

  • I can’t get it to heat up.
    It appears that I received a vaporblunt pinnacle pro that doesn’t work and tech support wants me to pay them 20 to 30 dollars to talk with me about it.

  • I want to know if you will be an analysis of the vaporblunt 2.0…

    Finally I would like to know your Council, I want to buy a vaporizer and I´am between 3 models which you believes that it is best between quality and flavor?
    Mu options:

    1- Flowermate Aura
    2- Air Vape
    3- vaporblunt 2.0 (this is my posible buy)

    thanks for answer!!

  • Do not buy from this company they are out to cheat you.They will not answer any emails.They put a warrenty on their product but you cannot contact them.SCAMMERS

  • The Vapor Blunt has to be the shittiest companies that I have ever had to deal with! After spending $378.00 and using my unit a few times it is now completely useless and won’t even turn on.
    The Vapor Blunt will not return my calls nor will they respond to my emails and obviously are not doing ANYTHING to honor the warranty
    Whoever is in charge deserves to be shot with a ball of their own shit! This is the worst company bar none that I have ever dealt with. You’re not business people you have no right being in business and my final question. How does it feel to suck so badly at what you do??? This company and the people who work there are pathetic.
    P.S. Let’s not leave out that I purchased this unit from not doing anything to help or solve my problem. They made the sale so now I can go sit on my Pinnacle Pro for all they care.

  • About the Pinnacle Pro: All I can say to you guys is to stay away from this Vaporizer. First of all, the vaporizer is not worth all the money. I got a “brand new” one but it had some glue attached to one side of it and finger prints all over. It would work for three times, than wouldn’t turn on properly. I fully charged it and it would turn off after 5 minutes of use, telling me that the battery was empty.
    But the worst part of the whole experience wasn’t even the vaporizer itself, it was the customer service. I have bought so many things over the internet over the years and I know what a proper customer service is, but the people who are distributing the vaporizer were the worst.
    I wasn’t happy with my vaporizer so I wanted to send it back. I told them so and explained the situation to them but all they had to say was that THEY don’t think that another one would make me happy. I found that quite unprofessional, especially in the light that they told me each mail they want me happy. I have told them what would make me happy but I guess it didn’t go along with what they thought what happiness is. So bold and so arrogant. We went back and forth and after quite a while they offered me to send me another one, the better version. I felt so drained at this point already because I had to argue with them about something, I thought, was clear: I wasn’t happy, I told them what would make me happy, they tried to make me change my mind. Bad bad service.
    When I finally got the vaporizer, it was missing the receipt (thus warranty was gone), the glass mouth piece that I really really wanted and I was pointing that out in almost every mail wasn’t there either, and it was also missing a second plastic mouth piece that my first vaporizer had.
    I am done with them and will never go back to this product nor will I recommend it. The whole process was so hostile towards me and at no point I got the feeling as if they really do care about their customers.

  • Vape critic…the first Vape i tried was my own little gadget with a mason jar in a glass bowl in tube & heat gun works great but I need something more discreet as I am a mother of two young children. I mostly Vape alone and need something for on the go portable the first vape I bought myself was the iolite and I hated how it used butane I thought it was killing me. after that I bought the Magic Flight Launch Box I loved it for a long time but then the batteries dying became an issue for me. Most recently bought the DaVinci and after 2 uses the digital screen stopped working I also thought it was very hard to get in and cleanand I hated how you had to heat it up first and then load it and that is not good on the go. I have watched your reviews on the paX, firefly and some of the other new portables. so I guess I want something rechargeable, easy to load, great on the go heats quickly, for someone who vapes alone & on the go. I prefer never combusting :) suggestions? I appreciate any advice you have for me thankS Tiffany

  • I TOTALLY AGREE with everything you said about this vaporizer. I just got mine and I’m a simply disappointed. Not really designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, mouthpiece fitting is crap and harsh vapor. If I would’ve read your review beforehand I would never have picked this up. Not exactly cheap either, but, I don’t mind spending $$$ so long as it’s well made…like the pax which I’m eyeing right now.

  • I bought the Pinnacle Pro and was happy with it for the first dozen uses. Then it started burning the product rather than vaporizing it. I had it on the recommended setting. I tried to contact Vapor Blunt several times by email and phone. It took them over a month to respond. After I sent it back for repairs it took them three weeks to send it back and it was not repaired properly or at all. Since that time they have stopped responding to my emails. I do NOT recommend this company or product.

  • Let me thank you in advance for all your reviews. It helps my customers make an informed decision. I agree with what you said about the pinnacle however, after adding the hydro tube, the unit is spectacular! The cold water does wonders for the vapor!!!

  • Have you tried the Pinnacle Pro? it is said to be better than the Solo. Im also looking into the Cera.Just heard it overheats! Would like to see one of your reviews on it. thanks!

  • Hi there!
    Has anything moved on with you as regards to the Pinnacle Pro? I am watching reviews that are rating it as the best portable vape on the market, at present. I did not use the old model, but saw from your review that you do not recommend it. I am torn between buying a home vape, such as the Plenty, and a vape I can also us on the hoof. Thanks, man!

    • Hey Pete I have not purchased the Pro model to review because the list of changes & new features doesn’t really address most of my issues with the original.

      I do recommend separate vapes for home use and use on-the-go, I haven’t really experienced any yet that are great at both, and I do think the Plenty is excellent and use my mine all the time, and the Pax is still my go to portable.

  • The pnp dlx is what i want to see reviewed that water tool looks awesome. I have read a good bit saying the pro is alot better then the original. Thanks

  • Hey, so did you check out the pinnacle pro yet? I’m on my last debate between pinnacle pro, pax wispr, and the firefly!

    Awesome reviews btw!

    Cheers !

    • Hey I’m really not sure, a few people have asked me to but I’m not convinced that it’s going to be any better than the original one I have.

      I’ve reviewed two vapes by this company (this and the Palm) and wasn’t impressed with either, so I’m hesitant, but I do appreciate your request and will definitely consider it.

      • Hard to argue with that. But many people in the internet seem to be really enthusiastic about Pinnacle Pro. Of course it could be just a dirty advert campaign, but anyway, it raises curiosity :) Would love to hear your opinion about that one, and maybe comparison with Pax?

  • Hahah, you know it’s bad when it lets air in through the loose mouthpiece, you’re gonna get half vapor half air with that thing.. I’mma go with the launchbox for my first vape, after spending a day on your site.

    Great resource! :)

  • The pinnacle pro is amazing you should try it out. They improved almost everything that was bad about the original. The water tool is cool too.

      • The Pro version has a superior heating system…everything is so much better. It flat out lays the pax to rest as the ultimate portable imho. I find it vapor to be equal or even superior to my solo’s.

  • Are you planning on reviewing the Ascent? I’m trying to decide between that and the proven Solo.