Pinnacle PRO Vaporizer Review

The Pinnacle Pro in my opinion is extremely similar to the original Pinnacle I reviewed that I really wasn’t thrilled with.

Some people seem to like this one, so I decided to give it another shot and try the Pro model, and I also got the water tool with it this time (the DLX package comes with the HydroTube).

Pinnacle Pro Overall I’m really not impressed, I still think the vapor feels a bit hot and harsh which makes the experience a little uncomfortable and not very enjoyable. I also don’t like the mouthpiece design very much, and although the hour of battery life you get is pretty average it can take quite a while to fully recharge (up to 3 hours).

It does perform better with the HydroTube attached and filtering the vapor through water, and it’s definitely less harsh, but I feel that using it with the water tool severely limits its portability.

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Video transcription:

What’s up, how you doin? It’s been a little while! What I’m gonna show you in this video is the Pinnacle Pro portable vaporizer. This thing is made by the Vaporblunt company and I did review their original model which is this one right here.

Now there are a few small differences between them and I will explain what they are in a minute.

But before I get started I just wanted to say that I do know that there’s some people out there that like this vape, and I completely respect everybody’s opinion believe me, but I just can’t lie to you guys my viewers and say that I like this vape, because I really don’t.

So if you happened to have seen my review of the original Pinnacle the few things I picked out and mentioned that I didn’t really like about it were 1) the mouthpiece being kind of cheesy feeling, 2) the vapor it produces being kind of hot and harsh, and 3) overall I didn’t think it felt like a very well made product.

Now with the new model, with the Pinnacle Pro, the things that I don’t like about this one are basically the same.

So like with the original model one of the issues I had was with this mouthpiece thing how it sort of just pushes on and off and is sort of just loose – I don’t know just not that tight not really that well-made.

The new one looks a little different, it’s black, but it’s sort of like the same thing. I mean it just pops on and off, it fits a little loose, and I’d say it’s maybe a tiny bit better but it’s still practically the exact same design.

And then they both have this extra little mouthpiece thing here at the tip which I also don’t quit understand, why this is even a separate piece, but whatever this piece gets stuck in there and now it looks like that.

So when you take off the mouthpiece the chamber in here comes out, sort of like a cartridge type thing, this is the actual herb chamber, and this is what the inside of the vape looks like or the heating chamber.

Basically what you’re supposed to do is pack your herbs in here, not too tight and don’t over-fill it, and then you drop it in and take your mouthpiece and snap it on like that. Then you turn the vape on by clicking the power button.

And my battery is currently dead which is what that means, the flashing blue light, so what I’m gonna do to show you how it works and the different heat settings is I’m gonna actually plug mine in.

So that is actually something that most people would consider a pro or a positive about this vape, that it can be used while it’s plugged in and charging.

To turn it on push the button once and it’s gonna flash, that’s the lowest heat setting that bottom light, so that means that it’s heating up when it’s flashing. Once it reaches the desired temperature, which is 375°F on this setting, it’s gonna turn solid and stop blinking.

The next heat setting this vape has if you push it again you’ll see there’s two lights now, this is 395°F, then if you hit it again you get three lights and that’s 420°F, hit it again you got four lights that’s 445°F, and if you hit it again all five lights is 470°F.

Now I’ll admit that it’s cool to have multiple heat settings in a vape, but I don’t really feel like 375°F is a good place to start. Some people like to vape at lower temperatures than that including myself, so I would expect maybe a lower starting temp, but the main issue for me is that even on the lowest temperature with this vape on 375° the vapor still feels too hot and harsh, like I’m breathing in hot air.

Most of the other good vapes I’ve reviewed don’t give you that kind of feeling when you draw, you just kind of feel like a cool or neutral type of feeling and then you get a bunch of vapor, it doesn’t really feel very hot while you’re drawing, but with the Pinnacle it feels very hot to me every time I take a draw, even on the lowest heat setting.

So this is a convection style vaporizer, and one of the benefits of that is that there is very low draw resistance, it’s very easy to pull from this one. So that’s something that I would consider a positive or something good about it, it’s just that unfortunately because of the fact that the vapor feels kind of hot, harsh and a little uncomfortable, it kind of cancels out the positive factor of the low draw resistance, if you follow what I’m sayin.

Now if we put aside the issues I have with the mouthpiece, one of the things I do like about this vape is its size, it is pretty damn small, and in the realm of portable vapes small is good.

Now if I back up a minute to the issue with the vapor being hot and a little harsh, sometimes when I say that to people they come right back and say well why aren’t you using the HydroTube that you can get for it. So when I bought the Pro I went ahead and got the Hydro Tube this time.

What this thing is for is they give you a second type of mouthpiece that fits in the bottom of the tube, so you actually fit it on top like that, so now your Pinnacle becomes this thing with this HydroTube on top and then you fill a little bit of water in here up to about here, and then give your vapor a little water filtration to kind of cool it a little and make it a little more comfortable.

I will admit that using the HydroTube does make the vapor more tolerable, it makes it more comfortable, it doesn’t feel as hot and harsh going in so it sort of neutralizes that issue.

However, in my opinion once you put something like this onto your vape and there’s water inside this is no longer a portable vaporizer. How are you really gonna use this anywhere other than inside your house or something like that? I certainly will not be putting HydroTubes in my pocket and trying to do this on the go.

I do think it performs decently like this when you use it with the water tool, but that sort of brings up another issue. So like I said if you’re going to use it like this I would consider it mainly a cordless vape for use around the house, but if that was the case and that’s what you were looking for, a good cordless vape to use around your home, there are some other models that I would recommend over this one, even with the HydroTube.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t consider it a great portable vape by itself, I do think there are some other models out there that are better for that, and then when used with the Hydro Tube as a cordless home vape I also think that there are better options out there for that. So I just can’t think of a situation where I would currently recommend the Pinnacle over any of the other models I’ve reviewed so far.

Now for a size comparison this is the Pinnacle, the Pax, the Ascent, the Firefly, the Solo, and the Magic-Flight Launch Box.

So this clip here is me taking a few draws with the Pinnacle. First I’m gonna use it just with the regular mouthpiece and I have it on the lowest heat setting, so it’s on 375°F, I have the chamber inside loaded about 80% full, and then I’m basically just taking a nice slow, long draw.

Now in this clip I have the other mouthpiece thing on to use with the HydroTube, and I’m gonna take a draw from that so you can see what that looks like. Like I mentioned the vapor is a little more comfortable this way, I would say that if you are gonna get this vape I would absolutely get the HydroTube, because I really feel like that’s the only way to make it tolerable and make it a good experience.

One of the last issues I had here with the Pro is in regards to the battery life and charging it. So I was able to get in my testing about an hour of usage before the battery completely died, from a full charge. Now that was broken up into about seven 8-minute sessions, because this vape has an automatic shut off timer that’ll turn it off 8 minutes after you turn it on as sort of like a safety thing.

8 minutes is a little short though for a session and I found myself sometimes turning it back on again but I counted the minutes and I basically got about an hour of battery life.

Now that’s not that bad because that’s pretty in-line with the other portables out there, but it does say right in the manual that you might need up to 3 hours to fully recharge the battery when it’s empty, and that’s on the long side, that’s actually a lot longer than most of the good portables.

So in conclusion, I’m not too crazy about the Pinnacle Pro, there are some people out there that do like it though, so if you happen to think that this vape is right for you and you like and you wanna buy one I did put a link in the description to the authorized dealer I bought mine from.

If you wanna watch some more reviews of some portable vapes that I do like, check out my website at

I really appreciate you takin the time to watch, stay up!


  • for the price they offer one is better off buying a PAX or an Arizer Air. And especially for a garbage device, HELL NAWWWWWW!!!

  • I must be lucky with my pp,had it since Christmas 2013 and had been used daily at least 5 times a day and only once when the unit was cold I had some funny red lights show up,I have the glass pong with extends glass insert which cools the cape nicely,all in all I love the pp!

  • Unfortunately, I bought it two days ago. In my seniorcrowd it will a good conversation piece. Thank you for all the great reviews. I will be listening again. I will be intouch cause I have some questions on how to operate my pax for the best vaping.

    Thanks again for the great work.
    The Dawg

  • I bought a base model pinnacle in June 2014. The battery started getting wanky after about 3 weeks, and finally stopped taking a charge. I sent it back to Vaporblunt on my dime, and after a month, received a new one. That was the end of August 2014. The second pinnacle just died on me after a month. I paid $220 for the original at a shop. I bought the water attachment for $115. I even bought a sweet little bullet carrier for $40. So between the pinnacle, the accessories, and the shipping back to Vaporblunt, I spent $400 for about 2 months’ use. I’m hoping they replace this 2nd dead one. I told them they need to send me shipping this time, because I don’t have confidence at all that if I do get another one the same thing won’t happen.

  • purchased in may 2014 now sept and unit is malfunctioning, also you are 100 percent right its too hot. not recommended

  • Love your reviews!!! I just started working in a head shop, and i love watching your reviews it helps me sooo much! But we do carry the vapor blunt and I’m just wondering if there’s any positive’s in your opinion, or who would this Vape be suitable for? I am a very honest person, but my job is a sales person, I’m just wondering how I could ever feel good about selling this product again. So anything good you could tell me or let me know what kind of person would love this vape would be sooo appreciated! Cheers!

    • I’m really upset that the guy at the shop I bought mine from so highly recommended it. It’s a great idea, if it worked. But after two dying on me in about as many months, I’m beginning to think they burn too hot and the battery can’t handle it. I don’t know if that makes sense, but something’s not working right.

    • I’m quite surprised by all those negative reviews here. I’ve got my pro since january, been using it daily and it’s still working like a champ. The only issue I had was the plastic of the pong adapter breaking after a week of heavy oil use on heat level 5. But a little ball of cotton fixed that. Meanwhile I got that pong replaced with the new glass-lined pong, which doesn’t show any sign of damage after almost 2 weeks use on level 5.
      I never had to deal with their customer support, but before deciding with which vape to go, I read through the pp thread on FC forum, where the owner and engineer of vaporblunt were heavily engaged and promptly addressed most of the few issues some costumers reported, though most posters there were really enthusiastic about the pro, just like I was when I finally had it.
      The pinnacle pro is for people who appreciate ease of use, efficiency and stealth and are too lazy to clean their gear :). The bullets make it so easy to handle, especially if you got the bullet holder. You can prefill several bullets and if one is used up, just dump it and insert the next one.
      The plant material gets evenly toasted in the bullets and in my subjective view, I get more hits out of it then with other vapes I tried. Definitely it gets me heavily medicated ;D
      Its size makes it perfect for use in the public, nobody will notice if you take it out of your pocket for a quick hit.
      But the best thing about the pp is that it needs almost no cleaning at all! In fact burning out the little screen in the glass pong every 2 or 3 days is all maintenance that’s necessary and that’s quickly done. Brush the chamber and the bullets every once in a while and that’s it.
      A pro tip at the end: Kick the mouth piece! Only use the pong, even when inhaling directly from the vape, without water filter. Point the pong slightly upwards in your mouth, so the stream of air doesn’t hit your tongue, and you won’t have any problems with the heat!

  • i purchased the Pinnacle pro DLX in may and I loved it! Until it broke… the top part of the vaporizer is made of very cheap plastic considering the price was $229. The customer service for the company is horrible because I’ve called them multiple times and I just got an answering machine. Don’t buy into the b.s. about the warranty, there are so many ways that you can void the warranty. If the vaporizer is damaged with water then your out of luck.

  • I discovered vaporizing in 2007 and the Vaporgenie was my first device. I’ve since gathered a decent collection including Big Daddy, Supreme, Iolite, Magic Box, Volcano and my most recent purchase was the Pinnacle Pro.
    Without question the Volcano delivers the highest quality and quantity of vapour but is truly meant to be parked at home. Further the user experience feels very unnatural.
    Iolite and Magic Box are both disappointing devices.
    The Supreme Vaporizer is amazing but sadly out of production.
    Big Daddy is a great low/mid price device.
    Im 4 weeks into using the Pinnacle Pro and LOVE it. Portable, discreet, quick charge, easy load.

  • I have owned the pinnacle pro dlx by vapor blunt for two months and just incurred the problem with the unit not heating properly, cascading red lights and then shutting off. Very frustrating and do hope that it will be remedied by The Vapor Blunt. Any suggestions.

  • Buyers of the Pinnacle Pro BEWARE!! The company is super unprofessional and they do not honor their warranty at all. I saved my money, didn’t [partake] for 2 months just so that I could afford it and reduce my chances of getting a chest infection (I have a genetic condition). I only trusted this brand because it’s sold with a one year warranty. But after 2 months of VERY light use, the vaporizer just stopped heating up. I’ve been in contact with the company now for over a month just trying to get them look at at the vape and honor their warranty. They are literally just ignoring my emails/attempts. It’s crazy, they’ve been so unprofessional and wont even acknowledge that they have an obligation to the warranty. I’ve gotten as far as them asking what’s wrong and then I get no response back. I think they’re hoping I’ll just get tired of asking but since this truly is a BIG purchase for me ($250 with the water attachment), I can’t do that. I really had nothing but high hopes for this brand and company but no one should invest in a product that 1- only works for a few months and 2 – has a dishonorable company who basically lies and steals your money…. such bad karma guys :/

    • Thanks for posting your experience with this vape/company, and I’m very sorry to hear the situation you’re in :\

      I don’t let companies slide when they do stuff like this, so I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for anyone else who may have had a similar experience.

      I was never impressed with any of the vapes I’ve reviewed from this company, and hearing stuff like this is just the icing on the cake as far as giving them another chance goes.

      • Worst customer service ever, and I’m over 60. They twice sent me the wrong, and cheaper, accessory product than I ordered. It’s been over three months trying to resolve this. They were rude, condescending, and incompetent. In order not to have to deal with them anymore, I accepted a refund for the difference between the product they sent me in the product I ordered. They argued about refunding my return shipping costs of the wrong product, because the wrong product “worked”. Oh, ironies of ironies, just when I got my refund, my pinnacle pro died. It’s still under warranty, but I don’t think I have enough years left to try to resolve this with them.

    • This is the same thing that happened to me. In addition to it not heating, it cracked around the rim. It took constant email after email to finally get a replacement unit. Well after 2 months of using the “new unit” very little, it has cracked again. Now they say its just the way it is and they will not repair for free again! What a bunch of crooks! I spent a lot of my hard earned money on this vaporizer, and now it’s a paper weight. Do not buy a Pinnacre Pro. And do not give Vapor blunt your business. I hope this will save someone the trouble that I’ve goes through.

  • I’ve had three solo’s die with the same technical failure (rapidly flickering idle light) within six months. Please stop recommending terrible, defective products

  • I received my pro today, but I’m concerned it is defective. The full blue light tells me the battery is full, but the device does not heat up unless it is plugged in. When it isn’t plugged in, the heating light will flash at level one for about 15 seconds, then the light will turn off. 3 seconds later lots of different colored lights will light up from the bott to the top. After all 5 or 6 colors flash, the unit goes blank. However, the unit works fine when it is plugged in. I have tried different heat settings, and have plugged the unit in for over an hour then unplugged it to give it a try, but neither of those things did anything to help. Do you know what is wrong, and how I can fix it?

  • I will be getting the Plenty vape as soon as I save up enough. I feel it’s gonna be very hard to imitate

  • I got the Pinnacle Pro……

    Hot as Fuck!!

    Not sure if I should keep it or not….

  • Thank you for taking the time out to review this vape! Since I sent you the request, I have purchased the Plenty vape and am more than happy with it. I know you have championed the plenty – and I thoroughly agree with your positive report.

    Pete Crane

  • Another honest and comprehensive review. Thank you. I always enjoy your reviews and revisit them from time to time.