SOURCE orb 3 Vape Pen Review

SOURCEvapes has a pretty sweet vape pen lineup that they bundle differently than many other companies on the market right now, and they also make some really cool atomizers.

SOURCE orb 3 The SOURCE orb 3 is the 3rd generation of their most popular pen, and they offer a few nice packages ranging from $50-$130.

I have the Signature kit that basically includes every part they make, this is what I show in my video, and I also have the orb slim travel kit that’s only $50 and I show some pics of mine at the bottom of this post.

The unique bulbous shape of the pen is one thing that sets it apart, but this company also likes to give you multiple coils and atomizers to play with.

Most pens come with one type of coil made specifically for that model, but SOURCE includes 8 atomizers in the signature kit I have (eight!), they give you 7 in the Premium kit, and 2 with the smaller kits.

The battery piece that comes with all of their kits has a 650mAh capacity and is variable voltage with 8 different settings from 3.2v-4.8v, which basically allows you control the intensity of the heating.

SOURCEvapes Tops Now the battery is definitely on the longer side compared to most other pens, and their top pieces are fairly large too so when it’s fully put together you have a pretty big vape pen. This limits its stealth-factor, but it more than makes up for it with its versatility in my opinion.

They offer three different full-size mouthpiece/atomizer attachments: orb 3, orb slim, and globe 4.

The orb 3 is the bulbous one that SOURCE is best known for, and although I’m not thrilled with the look of it I do like the performance of it a lot. It has A LOT of airflow so it’s really easy to get big draws, and it keeps the vapor nice and smooth too, even big rips are comfortable.

The orb slim attachment is the most normal looking one with a straight cylindrical shape, but again it’s on the longer side so together with the long battery you have a fairly large pen.

Mouthpiece Components What’s cool about this one is that it has adjustable airflow, you can open up or cover little air holes on the side to control it. This attachments comes with the Signature kit and the Travel kits but does not come with the Premium kit.

Lastly the globe 4 is a bulbous glass attachment with a carb hole in the side. This one is just a different way to experience this vape and it’s pretty cool being able to see the vapor form inside the glass. I don’t use this one a lot so if you’re not looking to splurge you can probably forego the globe.

SOURCE orb 3 Atomizers

This is where this vape really sets itself apart.

Aside from the number of atomizers they give you a couple of them are very cool, and SOURCE is the first company I saw them from. I’m specifically talking about the Quartz Double Coil and
Ceramic Donut atomizers.

They give you the typical wicked and ceramic rod coils as well, and this is the company that pretty much started the double-coil trend.

Quartz Rod Atomizer Here are the 8 atomizers they make:

– Quartz single coil (love it)
– Quartz double coil (love it)
– Ceramic double coil (great)
– Wicked double coil (great)
– Dry herb baker (not feelin it)
– Dry herb hitter (not feelin it)
– Terra ceramic disc (love it)
– Quartz Terra ceramic disc (love it)

The quartz atomizers are cool because they don’t absorb your concentrate like the ceramic and wick coils do. It’s not a huge difference, but there’s a subtle change in the taste of your vapor with the quartz, I would consider it slightly purer.

Dual Quartz Rods Quartz Single & Double Coils

– Slightly cleaner taste
– Doesn’t absorb concentrate
– Looks sexy as hell

As far as single coil vs double coil, the single is better for light to medium draws and the double is better for larger draws. The double coils will use up your concentrate as well as your battery life faster, so easy does it if you don’t have a charger with you, or if you’re low on errl.

Both of the dry herb atomizers are just for show IMO, they look nice but won’t really do an effective job of truly vaporizing herbs, use them if you want a fun way to combust.

Now the ceramic disc atomizer is a special one, I’m really feelin it. They call it their Terra ceramic donut coil and like the name suggests it has a small ceramic disc at the bottom of the chamber instead of a rod or wick like a typical pen.

Quartz Terra Ceramic Disc Terra Ceramic Disc Atomizers

– Slightly purer, tastier vapor
– Slightly more efficient
– No burning or charring
– No oil gets stuck at bottom
– More discreet (less vapor)

– Lower vapor output with short draws
– Not the strongest effects

Using this vape is pretty straightforward, it works just like other pens with the 5-click lock and unlock battery. You can then adjust the voltage or heating intensity with the dial on the bottom of the pen, and simply press the button while you take a draw to start vaping.

Stay up!

Here’s some pics of the orb slim travel kit:
SOURCE orb slim Orb Slim Travel Kit Dual Quartz Atomizer


  • For me also, this thing is a total POS – gone through two batteries, first one the threads stripped, and second just stopped charging. As for the atomizers, most don’t even work. Total junk.

  • I have spent hundreds on these useless vaporizers. I am totally stupid. Be smart don’t buy.

  • Wish I had read some reviews from actual customers before I wasted my time with this crap. I bought the Source 3. Battery did not work. Their customer service was great. I took a picture of the product and mailed it back. Git another battery. It did not work. I wanted a refund. I was told that the time period for the refund was past and I could get a store credit instead.Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a product purchase.

    • I agree with you , I was shocked by the pictures and how great the product looks. I spent 140$ CDN It hit like a small sick child. USELESS. Super pissed off. A guy at work has a 80$ unit that takes Yocan Coils. His hits are 5 times bigger and 3 times stronger than this pathetic Alien dildo. I cant believe I fell for this shit. Yet another shit product. I should have known when I seen SV, I use to import them from the Philippines for 12$ a Pen. Christ I had this sale written across the forhead as soon as I seen it. What a regret.
      You like wasting your money ? then buy this shit.

  • These guys suck bad. They failed time and time again to provide me with a workable machine after it failed only 5 or so months after purchase. They addressed my broken machine by repeatedly telling me to send videos of me experiencing difficulties with the vaporizer [i’ve sent two these last 7 months, they’ve asked for another], sending a bunch of useless spare parts the had nothing to do with the problem and asking me to address their crappy manufacturing errors and report back like some unpaid QA intern..
    Of the 12 month warranty they offered, i was without a machine for 7 of those months.
    FOR GOODNESS SAKE TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE, THEY’RE ARE IDIOTS! I have nothing to show but 300 grams of e-waste.

  • Don’t buy anything from source vapes, inferior Chinese product that you can find on eBay for a fraction of the cost, all these guys do is stamp their name on it and Mark it up, first one broke on day one, when the replacement came, 3 months later, that broke too within a few days, then had to battle with these idiots for my money. Fuck these jerkoffs and their inferior product, if you want this garbage buy it off ebay

  • Tons of problems, never got one that works… They are a terrible company, even tried to fight me on the refund and return shipping. Had two that where broken with “loose wires” that are “No big Deal”. My response was that thoose “Loose Wires” can cause a short and the battery to expload. I really don’t think these things are safe. I wouldn’t want one in my car, house or pocket. The batterys are chinese crap, and there is some questions as to if they are misleading the power on them. Lots of problems, don’t buy.

  • Ordered a source vape orb 4. It never came. No contact from the company to let me know. After 10 days of waiting I called in and they informed me they are out of stock. Pretty poor customer service / experience for me. I would advise going with a different product if you actually want a vape.

  • Hey any advice?
    If i have the galaxy/gravity pen and i get a source orb 3 atomizer.. i have to buy the mouthpiece separately for the orb3? do they sell it?
    Or is it better to just get a while new kit all together? The orb 4 looks pretty sick.

  • I email company. .return it they said I should of.
    The vase .is good .but it’s Chinese junk .
    I asked for to TERRA heads sent a picture. .nothing .now they say .do this to fix. It.
    Company in cali .
    They suck. Plain dual coil 7$ tip is way better. .

  • Junk .I got the orb xl
    Wax pulled out a coil .right out the box .110$ not worth it. Then extra coils came .wrong I had problems. Not triple coil …they burn out faster .
    You need read this .
    Cuz it’s junk ..

  • Hey Bud-

    Love the great work you do! Just thought you might like to know that source has started using grade 1 titanium for their dual rod Quartz atomizers for use with the source orb 3! I was about to buy a Galaxy but this has me in indecision.

  • Hi I am debating between the orb 3 and the orb slim. What are the drawbacks to the slim? Its alot less money so I am assuming it cant be as good.

    Thanks! great reviews my man

  • I really appreciate you doing these reviews! I was sort of conned at a shop into getting the vaporbrothers 11 pen starter kit and I guess it was ok. But I paid 80$!. It has the ceramic coil I wasn’t even aware there were others as I put me trust into the girl at the shop which was dumb. After reading your reviews I was inclined to get the kandy but I just was not a fan of how they looked. Im VERY interested in the xl and was wondering if you could tell me which you think I should get xl or kandy. I usually get a gram of wax and it lasts me quite a while as I only vape at night a few puffs and im golden. Problem with the Vaporbrother pen was after each use if I didnt fully clean the entire thing it worked like crap. I definitely want BIG hits the quicker the better I just thought maybe the xl was a little overkill but what do I know. Any tips would be great thanks!

  • Hey bud I’ve bought the dd aura the boost enail and the kandypens Galaxy from your links and recommendations all only $30 max delivery I think the galaxy may even have costed less sorry to be a pain I was going to order the dxl custom 1 can’t remember the name atm But they r screwing me around telling me $330 for delivery after 10 emails to them I’m so frustrated they replied fast but it feels as if each email was read by a differnt person and the next person wouldn’t even bother to read back or even pay attention to what I’ve written sorry to rave on I’m mighty pissed to be quoted $330 for delivery i mean ffs I’ve ordered a boat load of products from your links the cloud Evo pretty much every hydra tube realesed the mighty a bunch the list goes on vapeXhale didn’t even quote me over $100 dollars when I ordered 2k worth of hydratubes for me and friends and some r heavy especially compared to a pen please help this is nuts sorry I no it not your fault or problem I just figured mabey u would have some more pull than me please

    • Hey Adrian what’s up man, I appreciate your support more than you know thank you!!

      I want to help you I just don’t know exactly which vape or which company you’re having trouble with, can you send me an email with the details?

      Stay up!

      • BUD, quick question here. Orb 3 vs orb xl? Hear negative things about orb 3 battery life, have they improved for orb xl?? I know they did for their flosstradamus orb xl but replacing the big battery on that one scares me since it’s only a limited time offer.

        • ooooo tough call, both are awesome…

          Battery life isn’t fantastic with either, but it’s not bad and I haven’t had any issues with mine at all.

          The thing with the XL is that the triple Gr1 coils use more power so even though the battery is physically bigger it kinda balances out.

          I would try and think about what kind of hits you want…

          Do you want a fairly mellow vape pen experience with the capability to go crazy if you feel like it? Go with the orb 3.

          Do you want a pen that’s specifically designed for bigger hits and provides the strongest experience? Get the XL.

  • Hi!

    I was wondering if this was still your best device in pens for concentrate?
    I saw your other post and 3 of them has the same review at 90/100 but not sure which I should get to use my concentrate.

    Let me know!

    • Having used all three, I can tell you the SOURCE is significantly better. The airflow is far superior to the kandypens.

  • Hey Mr. Crit! Never wrote you but I bought the Mighty and now this on your recommendation. I bought a bunch of different types of concentrates to try out with this thing. I’m having trouble getting the oily concentrates into the atomizer though. I bought a couple that are like thick oil and I’ve been getting it everywhere trying to get it in. I want to put it right on the coil with the tool they give you but I’m scared I’ll break the coil. Can you help me out? I appreciate all the reviews man!

  • Hey bud just wanted to know what type of coil would you recommend for an oil such as ganja gold? It’s made with hexane and it’s thicker then co2 it’s like the clear from harborside if you ever heard of it. I had it in eureka style cartridges and it barely hits it’s too thick. I just want to get the biggest hits but don’t want it to leak or anything since it’s more liquidy then a shatter or something like that

    • Hey man I’m not totally sure! This is actually at the top of my priorities list to figure out, I only have wax to test them with right now, and as you said oil will leak from atomizers that aren’t completely sealed. I will update ASAP!!

      • Can you tell me if the atomizers are completely sealed with the Orb 3?

        I am looking to vape co2 oil (without leaking) and wax and I’m wondering what I should get. I usually take small draws since I’m an asthmatic and it makes me cough alot, and i want to use it to take a couple puffs here and there while walking to work – i’m looking for something discreet. I’m saying this because I was looking at the Haze v3 and you were saying it’s more for a whole sessions rather than a couple puffs, and the whole keeping it flat thing turned me off. I’m actually switching from disposable co2 oil devices that piss me off because i need to keep them upright, i would have the same problem with the Haze…

  • Their herb chambers are definitely for show. Even their website acknowledges that they do combust. It’s funny, one of their pages recommends the terra atomizer more than the dry herb baker if you are going to be using dry herb.

  • I could’ve sworn a while back I watched or read one of ur reviews on a pen that praised it for beong the first pen to actually vape dry herb without combustion. I came back to the orb 3 review cause I thought it was this one but after rereading I realize im wrong. Am I just crazy or did you review a pen that actually vaped dry herb?
    And by the way, amazing detailed review as always. Don’t ever stop^^

  • Just ordered this now. Upgrading from the VapeApe Gorilla globe, think I’ll notice a big difference?

  • Love all of your reviews, they’re unmatched and I appreciate the hard work.

    If you had a gun to your head, Dr Dabber or Source Orb3?

  • How do u compare it to the doctor dab ghost ? I like the ghost pen it just feels to restricted imo hoping to find something with a bit more punch for when I’m out on the go I have a mighty and the ghost pen but still can’t kill that urge when I’m out and about need something with a bit more kick a portable Evo cloud would be nice lol

    • Tough call they’re both really good pens, but you’ll be able to get bigger rips from this one with the dual coils and extra airflow.

  • Great review and now I am ready to try out the newer quartz coils. I have a source orb v2 and have been using it for about four months now, so far best vape pen I have had, and I have had before a micro g and a regular g pen, but the orb blows those away even my d ceramic coils taste clean.