SOURCE orb XL Vape Pen Review


This is the SOURCE orb XL vape pen, and it’s a monster. (sometimes called the SOURCE volt)

It’s made by SOURCEvapes, and it looks just like the orb 3 pen I reviewed but it’s bigger (XL).

They also did an artist collaboration and came out with the Flosstradamus orb XL kit, which is the black one in the picture above and it uses the same atomizers as the standard XL but it has a more powerful battery (and different paint job).

Triple Coils Triple Coils Made From Grade 1 Titanium

The atomizers with this pen are BIG, the biggest I’ve seen. This means it can hold quite a bit of concentrate – more on that in a minute.

It comes with two of them in the XL travel kit, and they both have quartz rods inside at the bottom of the chamber. One has dual coils like the orb 3 and the other has three coils – the first time I’ve seen this in a vape pen.

What’s special and different about these coils, aside from the lovely quartz, is that they’re made with Grade 1 Titanium (Gr1 Ti), another first. Their SOURCE orb 3 Titanium alloy atomizers were already top tier, and the new ones provide even better heating and a slightly purer flavor.

These guys like to innovate, they were the first with the dual coils and now they took it a step further with the triple. This one’s not for the lightweight or faint of heart, the 3 rods is serious business. This is the pen for you if you’re lookin for very potent rips and huge clouds, and you don’t mind using a little more wax than usual.

orb XL & Flosstradamus It’s designed to hold a *lot* of concentrate, just keep in mind that the 3 big coils will vaporize your wax faster than a smaller pen would. I wasn’t able to quite fit a whole gram in there of the wax I have, but I did squeeze in .7g which still makes it a very high capacity pen. Most other top shelf pens right now hold about .3-.5g, but they do vape it slower.

Now even though that is technically the maximum amount it can hold I never really recommend loading any vape pen 100% full, you’ll almost always affect the performance or airflow somehow by doing that. Loading your atomizer at the most 75% full is what I normally recommend, so figure you can realistically pack about a half gram in here with ease and it’ll perform perfectly.

Another reason you don’t want to load too much is that your concentrate can become thinner and more liquidy because it’s so powerful, and the atomizer seems to retain heat longer than the smaller models. This means if you lay it down on its side after a session it could potentially leak, so you’ll just want to let it cool down and make sure your concentrate has hardened up again before setting the pen down. For me it usually takes about 30 seconds for this to happen.

Vapor Production & Performance

Watch the video clip above to see me taking some draws from both orb XL models.

The lighting is set up to enhance the visible vapor, but both of these vapes are super strong and hit harder than practically every other pen I’ve reviewed.

Adjustable Temperature & Adjustable Airflow

Sub-Ohm Battery The orb XL has a variable voltage battery with a 1300mAh capacity – double most other pens. You can adjust the heating intensity from 2.7 to 4.2 volts, which affects how hot the coils get when you hold down the power button.

It has 8 different temperature settings which allows you to really fine tune your experience. You can even get small hits out of this by using it on the lowest heat, but that’s really not what this thing’s for is it ;-)

Now the sub-ohm battery that comes with the Flosstradamus kit is almost twice as strong as the already-strong XL battery. It has 30 watts of power which is enough to make these Grade 1 coils glow red if you hold it down long enough – even the standard XL battery can’t do this. This means if you want the biggest and strongest rips possible you should go with the Floss kit with the beefier battery, but the regular one still does just fine (better than fine).

orb XL Travel Kit Just like the orb 3 the XL also has adjustable airflow. Just below the atomizer on the outside of the bulb you’ll see 10 air holes total, 5 on the left and 5 on the right, and there’s an adjustable ring around the holes that allows you to open or close as many as you’d like.

The difference in airflow with all the holes closed and all the holes open is pretty subtle, but it’s cool to have and it just adds to this pen’s versatility. Overall it still has a natural feeling draw that is more free-flowing than most other vape pens.

The XL kits are $90-$120 and it’s one of the best values you’ll find. It’s bigger and more powerful but still in the same price range as standard models.

Stay up!

Here’s a few more pics:

Components Orb XL Macro Floss orb XL Macro


  • Yeah, the shit comes out slow from a tiny hole in the bottom of the atomizer and onto the battery top, but besides that and waaay too many silly holes to “choose the airflow” *cough..bullshit*
    (a third of one hole works great), it’s a really fine electronic rig! And I call it a Rig cuz it rips like one. Unlike MOST wax pens, this xl kit traveler GETS me there fo sho. It doesn’t make me just satisfied with pacifier like pens, suckin on em all day just to be…well, mellow, and Not lifted.

    Love the pen. A lil cleaning from time to time works for me, the price and clouds speak for themselves. Maybe in another five years some company can make shit that doesn’t leak and can be vaped upside down and in zero g’s. Looking forward to the future, but for now this product rocks. I just re-upped on a handful for the Fam. ‘Nuff sed, spend your money at Source.

  • the two atomizers that come with the orb xl do leak out the bottom check the faqs on their website… basically your material will get runny and come out a tiny hole on the bottom and soak the end of the battery your screw it on causing issues that will say atomizer is damaged but in reality you have to clean up all your oil off of it and start over.. only happens to me when i load too much live resin. still a awesome device just sucked when it leaks but they say you can buy the coiless atomizer for no leakage.. hopefully this saves someone time as i had to hunt the interwebs for this info

  • i just bought one of these sv x and i have to say. wow. it gets me lifted every time.. the you have enough power to get threw any bad day. 6-8 hours i would say. for the price it well worth it..
    and the company seems good.. so far.. no complantes

  • These guys have terrible customer service terrible just terrible I would never buy anything from Source Vapes again.
    Take your money and send your product with delay if they remember and then the product does not even work that they send you.
    Terrible service and product.

  • Hey.

    Since this review came out the source orb 4 was released. Do you recommend the 4 or the xl? I will be buying either one through your link as soon as i find out which one is better. Thanks

    • The Orb 4 Signature has the same battery as the Nail (40w). The Orb XL has the smaller battery (30w). If you can spend the extra $80 for the Signature then it’s worth it. The bigger battery allows you to add on a Nail attachment. You also get a lot more atomizers with the Signature line to help justify the cost.

  • My pen is good bUT I’ve had it for bout 3 weeks and now when I press the button it says protection does anyone know why plz lmk thanks

  • I bought the flosstradamus mod an I got the titanium nail for it an it dosnt work on it is it my battery???

  • Is there a big difference between the Orb XL pen? And the Orb XL flosstradamus? This will be my first vape pen

    • There is a difference but the but the regular one still is more than powerful enough for huge rips. Basically the Flosstradamus kit puts out about 2x more power over the already strong XL battery. Personally I don’t think it’s needed but if you got a super strong set of lungs and want some crazy hits, go with the Flosstradamus. Either or you can go wrong IMO.

  • I said I was happy with this pen, but I spoke too soon! I really do appreciate that tasty first hit, but I can’t get a decent second hit no matter how much/little I load and I have experimented all week with the heat and airflow settings. My experiments have cost me more than twice the wax (which doesn’t leak out the bottom of the atomizer, but instead gradually coats it inside and out never returning to the coils) and I’m frustrated waiting for help from SOURCE…do you have any advice?

    • Sometimes you vaporize the oil into massive hits with very little smoke. Also, it works much better when you drip the oil into the atomizer rather than packing it in. When you pack it in too tightly you can break the fragile wires which hold the coils. When an atomizer stops working I soak and scrape it using Everclear and a dab tool. The resulting mixture is then evaporated and material reclaimed.

  • Glad to see the flostradamus has moved up to your top picks def my favourite the battery is a beast imo and now with their new heads and coilless attomisers should be real interesting I’m still waiting to get their portable enail in it looks so dope I wish I lived in us so all this pre order stuff n place to deliver wasn’t so hard but……

  • I’m looking into getting a pen would u recommend the orb XL or the galaxy by kandy pens

  • I have enjoyed reading your review and look forward to reading more as i find myself wandering deeper into the use of concentrates i enjoy using two types of concentrate pieces I have a small Gravlabs dry concentrate piece that is about the size of a chillem that will travel well and can facilitate very
    High temp big cloud hit off of a nice nickel size quartz dish and avbigger wet piece with two perks i can get a very high temp and really punish myself i like to feel it… any way i have not yet found a vape pen that satisfies me like my two rigs any advice?

  • I’m thinking about buying the Source Orb XL. Will this be a good purchase? And is the Kandy Galaxy still your top one? Also does the XL work with all concretes(oil,wax,shatter,butter)? And also dry herbs?

  • Bud
    First off you have the sweetest job ever!! Love the reviews. Was bummed the other day cuz my POS stag steath pen got plugged up and upon cleaning it I got some iso in the battery and toasted it. Which led me to your site, after your thoughts on the source XL I ordered up the flosstradomuss kit and am super stoked to get it, but they are back ordered so that blows…Source keeps sending me surveys wanting to know how I like their product, they must be to loaded to realize that they haven’t even shipped it and it’s been almost two weeks since I made the purchase. Anxious as hell tho. Keep up the great job dude

  • Great reviews btw. I own the Orb 3 but I’m feelin the triple titanium coils of the newer Orb XL. Do you know if the XL atomizers fit on the Orb 3? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Excellent review….makes me really happy to read as I bought the XL about 3 days ago…I wish I would have seen this first..thanks for all you do(:

  • Hey I noticed this one is pretty lowly ranked compared to the Source 3. Why is that? Also how does this pen work with smaller amounts .1-.2?

    • Also, is the Grade 1 Titanium coil available with any other atomizer (maybe one that works for the Source orb 3?) or is it only available on these XL sized atomizers?

  • hi
    another great review, i just had a couple of questions. i have usually used a herb vaporizer, now planing to shift to a wax vaporizer. will this thing work with Hash ? i am from india and we usually get good quality Hash compared to herbs. Hash is the only form of concentrate we get in india. would appreciate your help
    thank you

    • Hey Joe! I hate bein a buzzkill but unfortunately vape pens don’t work very well with hash, and it has a tendency to ruin atomizers because it’s not an extremely clean concentrate and it still have microscopic particles of plant matter in it :\

      Right now the best way to vape that is to break it up into small pieces and mix it up with some herb, then vape it in an *herbal* vaporizer.

      Stay up!

      • Battery life will vary depending on how you use it, there are a few variables, but you should be able to get somewhere around 30 draws or so on a full charge (roughly)

        That’s with the standard orb XL, with the Floss 30w battery you can probably get a little more, but again it depends because if you always use it cranked to the max it doesn’t last quite as long

        • The Big Rig battery gives it a lot more use time. I’ve used it for like 2 weeks (vaping a few hours a day) before it died.

        • Can you buy other batteries for the top piece cuz I bought the atomizer titanium nail for the flosstradamus an it dosnt work should I buy a new battery to fix my problem

          • You must have a version 1.0 of the battery. The newer version 1.5 would have worked with the coil less atomizers.

          • You should contact Source Vapes. They are really great at replacing items. Really nice people for a vape store known for snooty hipsters. These guys are very cool and like to make their customers happy.

      • Its 1800mah I bought one for shatter doesnt do well with my experience coils get caked and burnt easy.