KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer Review

This is the RUBI vape pen for thin oils, CBD liquid, and distillate, and this is the sleekest and lightest portable oil vape I’ve reviewed from KandyPens.

It looks good, feels good, it performs well, and it’s cheap. It’s under $50 with my discount code, and for light oil vaping on-the-go I recommend it.

This little vape is called the RUBI, it’s a tiny little portable vaporizer for thin oils.

Now this thing may look familiar, you may have seen something like this before, but this one’s different. It’s improved because this is an open system, so the pods or cartridges, whatever you want to call them, they’re refillable. You can open them easily and put your own oil or liquid in, you don’t have to buy the pre-filled closed system cartridges to use this, so that is pretty cool.

RUBI Vape Pen

That was basically the deal breaker or deciding factor on why I haven’t reviewed any other ones like this, because I didn’t want to or couldn’t get the pods. So now I’m putting my own oil in this thing.

Basically what I did is I mixed some wax that I had with some terpenes. There’s also products out there where you can mix a little wax with some propylene glycol blend that they make to make it liquid, you make it thinner so that you can put it into pods like this. And that’s if you don’t want to use terpenes which are a little more expensive.

RUBI Side View

So two of the other really important advantages of it are no leaking from the pods and no spit back through the mouth piece. Now inside the pods, here’s a little clip of what’s going on inside of them.

These are not my hands, but there is the ceramic coil, the heating element, and then there’s japanese cotton around the coil. Then you have the stainless steel tube inside. So the coil itself is 1.6 ohm and the battery gives you 8.5 watts of power, or 3.7 volts. So it’s actually pretty powerful for the size, I’m getting a lot of vapor from it.

You don’t need a proprietary charger for it, it just has a micro-USB port for convenience. The battery itself is 280mAh. So it’s a pretty small light battery, it’s not going to last forever. I’m going to estimate that for oil use like I’m doing, 30 to 50 draws per charge is what you’ll get. It’s going to depend on how long you pull for, but I would say if you pull really long and take big rips you’ll get like 30, and if you kind of take light to medium draws you’ll get like 50.

Oil Vaporizer Pen

Then it recharges really fast, it’s been recharging in like a half an hour for me through USB. It’s extremely light, it weighs a half an ounce… half an ounce. It’s 50 bucks. It’s actually under 50 bucks, I usually have like a promo code or whatever for it. It’s pretty cheap but it’s a good product, it feels well-made, and it’s been working for me well.

I haven’t had this a very long time so I can’t comment on the extended life of the pods, but so far they seem to be OK, I’m getting good vapor from them as you can see. I haven’t gotten any leaking or anything yet so it’s looking good with those.

KandyPens RUBI

It’s a good pod, a good system. They do give you a lifetime warranty on the battery, you would just have to pay for shipping if something goes wrong with it.

Click here to buy the RUBI from the official KandyPens store. Make sure you use my promo code STAYUP25 to get 25% off this vape. I do get compensated if you buy one through my referral link and I seriously appreciate your support!

When it comes time to buy more pods use code STAYUP50 for 50% OFF which brings the price of each pod down to $5.



  • I’ve been thru three different rubi’s and about 7 pods all the same result no matter if it’s just oil or oil with turpines the past few months. It works fine with just turpines thou but not what I wanted it for. I’ve two in hand. One wast warrantied since it quit working but did the same as the other two rubi pens. I have two so one is charging while I used my back up so they are rotated once needed to charge. Kandypen says it’s the turpines but is total bs. it works fine with just turpines since it’s a whole lot less viscous. It doesn’t get hot enough for natural oils. So I say look at a different model if you want to use it for oils. My pain and trouble will benefit you in this review.

  • I purchased mine have yet to try it as I’m allergic
    To pg so am wondering if it works well with a
    MCT oil base cbd oil or a vg only oil base cbd
    Anyone have any information regarding this
    I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Where do you get your terpene liquid from I particularly am interested in humilene but am having trouble finding it and also discerning what quality sites even offer terpenes in general. Thanks in advance!

  • Hey I bought distillate and put it in my rubi. It’s pretty thick, consistency of molasses… is this gonna work? I couldn’t get much inside the pod cause too sticky.

    And does RSO oil work in this? Bought some of that too and it’s dark colour..

    • I buy distillate and refill my own pods. The trick for me is to heat the oil before trying to fill it. I put the distillate on the heating pad, set the heating pad to 8 (1-10) and keep it in the heating pad for about 10 minutes. This thins the oil making it simple to fill the pods with no mess.

  • I bought the Rubi because or your review. I could not be happier about it. I buy my nic salt oil from LevelUpVapor.com. It works great with the Rubi. Also, I have had a PayPal account since 2000. I requested a debit card from them that is linked to my bank. I have never had any bad charges on this card. I use it anytime I purchase on line or in a store and I get 1% back. I was using the Juul. Threw it away. My oil costs $23. and change for 30ml. One bottle lasts a month so it is just a fraction of the cost of Juul pods. I have a thin needle plastic bottle that I fill with hot water and clean the Rubi pods each time before refilling. I keep my filled pods and bottle of oil in a dark place so my pod oil doesn’t turn that dark brown. And lastly, I do miss the window on the Juul but it doesn’t take a second to pop your pod out on the Rubi to check your oil. Thanks

  • Got me 1 & xtra pods with the kandypen coupon a couple months back. 1st pod system I have tried & it is great! Thanx Bud, your reviews swung me over from a phix or juul route and the coupons worked for me no problems.

  • Great comments here.. especially the warnings over credit card services and internet purchases in general.. been there , done that myself.

    Ever fallen victim to Apple download ‘trial subscription’ crap and been charged.. well we live and learn, new ways our digital payments can be compromised..

    Thanks for those comments !!

  • I cannot get the silicon plug to stay in the rubi pod and moreover the rubi pod will not go into the vape pen with the silicon plug attached. I just bought this. Any ideas? Thank you. David

    • Use a bunt instrument, perhaps a ball pen, and gently press the very center of the plug as if you were attempting to stretch the plug pin

    • Make sure you have the right plug. It’s the black one. I was trying to put a white piece of rubber in there with no success until I realized that wasn’t the right thing

    • Wow. Never heard anyone having your issue with the pod. Sounds like you are not aligning the plug with the shape of the pod. Sound like your leaving the plug sideways. If you are doing that then the pod won’t slide in n lock in place. So just twist the wings so they lay flat onto the pod

  • Hey I wanna use cbd oil to vape on this device
    do u recommend?

    Is cbd oil thin enough for this device

  • Can I just say that I love your style. Not just this review but in general. Kudos.

    Ok. One question.

    I have a Mighty from S&B, so I’m covered with bud.

    I have access to resin and I really want a cool slick and stealthy device to go with it.

    I smoke a lot of tobacco, and I’m going for maximum yield and not potency, so I don’t mind the PEG-mixers and the whole Terpenes thing is a bit confusing.

    I’ve fallen in love with the Ruby and the charging case. You get a discount if you buy the set through the case guys.

    My question: Is this the best option for aforementioned needs?

    Have you checked out the Kangertech Uboat?

    And how does the Rubi draw compare to a real traditionel cigarett og joint?

    • What up thanx!

      Most important question, what specific type of concentrate do you plan on mixing and putting in here? Do you mean rosin?

      RUBI has a nice easy draw, pretty free-flowing and close to a J.

  • Can you vape wax with it? I mean without mixing it with anything, just pure dense wax… jaja Great review btw!!

    • I just rolled up some bits of shatter and shoved them thru the hole of a pod I had previously used and was nearly empty. I think I’m into the shatter now as it’s quite potent 92% tac Blue Dream. So far so good. Try it with Wax, but just use a little to make sure it works.

      • in my experience wax gets into the coil and makes the draw damn near impossible. like hitting a blunt that was rolled to tight. FOGG Flavors is where i get my terps, but if anyone has any better/cheaper recommendations, id love yo hear them

      • I’ve seen your comment on using shatter with the rubi on a couple forums now. They all seem to be from about 4 months ago though. I’m just curious if you’re still using that method and if so how is it working out so far?

    • That’s the auto shut-off kicking in, it automatically turns off the heater after a prolonged draw. If you stop and start your draw again it’ll fire right back up.

    • it just stops hitting, im not sure about the rubi but my dab pen you just had to stop for a sec and rip away again.

  • am buing this product and pods with your cupon code and i thank you a lot for this, also am happy to give u back for the great value u orrefing. also i read u use terpene instead of pg please can you tell me what product u use . thanks for the attention
    hugs from italy

      • I have a Rubi and love it…. However… Only 2 days after ordering refill pods from their website I had a fraudulent charge attempted on my account for $1147 for a bill to AT&T. My sister in South Carolina purchased the pods also at the same time and also had a fraudulent charge for over $400 that was taken from her account and she had to fight to get back. I have contacted Kandypens and they told me that no malicious code is on the site. I have checked Reddit and other forums and found that this theme is far more common than it should ever be. Love the products but I will never buy from them direct again since no resolution or recourse nor compensation were offered.

        • Hi Donald I have investigated this issue not long ago and concluded that there is no wrong-doing by KP going on.

          KP never sees the customer’s full CC numbers, and I have verified that they spend quite a bit on website security, it’s the payment processors behind the scenes that normally get compromised.

          The vape industry is weird in that most regular merchant service providers will not provide accounts for companies that sell vaporizers. So what happens is these companies have to use alternative providers and this ends up being one of the issues.

          It’s not just KP, it happens with a lot of vape stores unfortunately, and many regular stores as well.

          I’m personally on my 5th business debit card in 18 months, and I’ve never used this one at KP. It seems everywhere you shop these days you’re at risk, even at Target for example.

          The only reason I’m sounding defensive here is because I’m going to most likely be selling my own vape products soon and I’m going to have to use one of these alternative payment providers. If someone gets their card compromised after shopping at my store and posts a comment like yours online I’d be very upset about it!

          Lastly you need to look into getting credit card companies that handle these situations better, I have Capital One & Bank of America for example and have been through about 15 cards between both, never once liable for any fraud charges on any of them nor did I have to fight for my money back!

          • Hello,
            I just ordered my rubi as well and ran into the same issue. Bud, it’s might not be the compnies fault however when’s you’ve been informed that there isn’t an issue with the compnies processing and obviously a weak point in the system, yet continue to keep your review up so that you can receive your cut for people using your discount code, you sir are part of the problem. You could’ve informed your viewers and readers like myself that you’d been notified of the problem and investigated it and don’t recommend purchasing through Kandypen anymore however you failed to do so. This tells me that you care more about your discount code being used than the security of your readers money. I just lost $1300 in less than 24 hours due to this problem. I’ve been in this situation since Saturday night, a couple days after purchasing my rubi, and due to my bank not being open yet for me to call and cancel my fraudulent charges, I haven’t had the money to buy food. No, Kandypen may not be disrectly responsible but continuing to herd your readers towards their website that you have an obvious knowledge of it being faulty, and there’s being previous issues isn’t what makes you responsible, as well as Kandypen because nobody has fixed the issue. I hope you start selling products, because I’ll inform everyone of the dangers of using these services with the screenshots I just pulled from this comment thread, and I maybe you’ll learn to edit your reviews as a warning for tourneys loyal viewers.

          • Wow Corey was really ticked. I too have had fraudulent credit charges after dealing with vape stores, KP included. Ha. Never thought to blame you Bud:) Thanks for investigating for us and as always, I love the forum and live streams. My love to you know whos:)

        • Same thing happened to me. Placed an order, 4 days later the fraudulent charges start showing up. Had to cancel my credit card, reverse a bunch of charges, and now change all my recurring payments on a bunch of accounts. Great product, but such a nightmare dealing with the credit card fraud. Definitely do not buy direct from them.

          • Hey bud, I was wondering if you were in further contact with zep in regards to using straight shatter in the rubi. I noticed he posted about it around 4 months ago and was wondering if you knew how that was working out for him or not. I appreciate any response man thx.