Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

Pulsar APX This is the Pulsar APX portable dry herb vaporizer and it’s currently the cheapest herbal vape I recommend at only $60.

I’m actually surprised by how much of a well-rounded package it is for the price, it’s a good value if you really don’t wanna spend a lot.

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The build quality is not bad at all, they did a good job of making it feel like it costs a little more than it does. It’s 4″ tall (with mouthpiece) and only a little over 1″ wide, so it’s definitely a nice compact pocket-portable that’s smaller and lighter than most others.


CategoryVaporizerPrice (msrp)
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Battery life isn’t terrible also, and it actually has five preset heat levels which is more than most cheap portable vapes, but I’ve found it does seem to run a little hot so even on the lowest temp it’ll roast your herb pretty good (but no burning).

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  • Borrowing my friends apx untill i can order a dynavap. I think it works fine. But. It can be harsh and mouth piece gets really hot. Plus the battery sucks in my opinion. Constantly charging when im not using it. I use it on the lowest temp first sesh. Middle settings second sesh. I wont lie, its making my .5 a day limit last me twice as long as smoking. Im glad im converting over to vapes

  • When I was a first time vapor, I purchased the APX for $60 and used it daily for about one year without a problem (I only needed to repacked the charger after a year), but I did clean the screens and chamber with alcohol wipes after about every three uses. It did need to be charged after three uses also. I purchased a higher quality vaporizer, but still use my APX as a backup occasionally.

  • I purchased this vape 2days ago as I am a beginner vapor an with that price was decent… well I am not really liking it I set it in the middle temp backed it my way ( the right way) lol so ok good to go so I thought? I get hardly any clouds mouthpiece gets fairly hot an battery doesn’t last long at all so on all that said would u plz offer some of your wisdom my way Thx☮️

    • seems like u packed it too tight or loose?
      i dont have one but if the heat isnt being transferred to the weed then it could disperse throughout the vape itself. idk

    • Sorry to wake an old thread, but my sister recently gave me this vaporizer because she didn’t like it. I’m finding the same thing, I barely get any cloud when I hit it. Definitely not anything like Bud is showing when he hits it in the video.
      Did you figure out why? Is how we pack it the secret or something?

      • When vaping, its best to have as little cloud as possable. The cloud indicates combustion. Combustion negates the benifits of vaporizors. Dial it down a bit if you do have a cloud. You can tell by the taste if its hitting or spent.

  • I have a new app pulsar and it will not charge! I purchased it in the U S and can not take it back so I am out $60.00 us. Not impressed!

  • Do you have the problem that makes the user turn it on twice? Mine stays on for about 20 seconds the first time, then turns off. I turn it back on, and it stays on for as long as I need. Kinda weird.