Magic-Flight Power Adapter & Water-Pipe Whip

In this video I talk about two popular accessories for the Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizer: The Power Adapter and the Water-Pipe Whip.

They’re both pretty cool to use and if you vape with your MFLB mostly at home I think they’re both good investments.

I think the main negatives to each are that the cords to the power adapter are a bit cumbersome and the water-pipe whip slightly restricts the airflow which could make it a tiny bit harder to pull. Overall though I think they’re both useful and good quality.

Even if you don’t own a LB, check out the vapor clouds that start around 1:10 into the video.

Stay up!

Video transcription:

In this video I’m going to show you the Magic-Flight Power Adapter and Water-Pipe Whip, both designed for use with the Launch Box vaporizer.

I’ll start with the water-pipe whip because I have a pretty cool clip to show you of the vapor production I got while using it, but first let me show you a little bit about it and how it works.

So it’s a pretty simple add-on; you have this small end that fits inside the draw hole of the Launch Box, and you have the larger end which fits perfectly inside standard 14mm-14.5mm water pipe slide pieces. Then you have this flexible tubing connecting the two ends.

Now the reason someone would want to use this with their Launch Box is that it can help cool and condition your vapor if you find that it’s a little too hot or irritating when vaping with it normally. Another added bonus is that you get a little more visible vapor when you vape through a water pipe.

So in this clip I have my water-pipe whip hooked up to my MFLB and I’m taking about 10-15 second draws, but I cut out the wait to keep it short. you’ll see that I’m actually getting a surprising amount of visible vapor, and I do want to note that there is no combustion going on during this session. I’m using the Launch Box normally with one of the rechargeable batteries and one of the ways to make sure you get the best results with this vape is to dry your material out a lot and grind it up super fine.

Now one other added bonus of the WPW is that it actually fits a few other popular vapes in addition to the MFLB – it fits in the iolite, Wispr, and even the NO2. So if you own any of these vapes you can use the Magic-Flight water-pipe whip with them if you want.

So now let’s move on to the Power Adapter. So this can only be used with the Launch Box and basically what it does is it allows you to vape without the use of the standard rechargeable batteries that are included.

If you use your Launch Box mainly at home, and you sometimes get annoyed at recharging your batteries over and over again, this adapter may be a good investment for you. It plugs in to a standard outlet and provides instantaneous power at the touch of a button, power that you can throttle or adjust with the knob located on this piece here.

The piece that you insert into the LB is actually shaped just like the rechargeable batteries are but it has a cord coming out of it and a little black button on the end. All you do to start vaping with it is you insert the battery part and hold the button down. As soon as you hit the button you’ll see the amber light go on inside the box indicating that the heating elements are engaged.

You’ll need to keep the throttle dial close by, at least in the beginning, to fine tune the perfect intensity. It’s possible to have it set too low where you don’t get any vapor and it’s also possible to have it set too high where you material could combust if you’re not actively taking a draw.

Overall I’ve found that it works really well and it’s nice to not have to worry about batteries dying during long sessions. However, it’s not exactly as small and convenient as just using the batteries, and there’s these two long wires you have to worry about in addition to the power pack. So the benefit is not having to worry about dying batteries but the tradeoff is having some long wires to deal with. But as I mentioned earlier, if you use your Launch Box mainly at home you might get good use out of something like this.


  • Hey thanks, for all the awesome reviews. I was going to purchase the extreme q,but went with the volcano based on your reviews, and couldn’t be happier.

    However, I still am craving a good portable vape, and a whip vape. I was wondering if i buy the MFLB and the water-pipe/power adapter setup it could double as both?

    I know you prefer the pax (portable) and plenty (whip) but I do not want to spend another 600 right now.

    • Nicely done!

      Technically yes, if you bought the MFLB with the adapters it could basically function as a whip vape, and be portable.

      But it will definitely be a different experience from having a Pax and a Plenty.

      If you end up going that route, buy just the water-pipe adapter first to make sure you like how everything works, before buying the power adapter also because that’s a little expensive.

      I would consider maybe just going for a Pax next, and holding off on the whip vape. Having the portability and awesomeness of a Pax is very convenient, but a whip vape really won’t add much value to your situation IMO, since you have a Volcano already.

      • cool. Im going to take your advice, and get the pax, and also the MFLB (just because I want a vape thats instant as well.) Thanks for all the reviews.

        • I’ve been thinking about doing that as well. How’s it going? How do the two compare? Do you end up only using one or the other or which do you prefer?

  • I see, there was a [water-pipe] connected to the mflb. Thanks for the explanation. I might get these adapters while I save for a Volcano, damn student loan. Thank earth for [herbs].

  • Why do you think that happens, that you get so much more visible vape from the whip? I experimented with my own magic flight launch box and some stem replacements I had at home (cables, straws, tubing) but the original stem is still better, although too hot for frequent use. I never got so much visible vape from my magic flight, thought, not even from the original stem.

    Thanks for your other reviews. Good work.

    PS. Would you review the VaporGenie? I find that using a rechargeable kitchen lighter, it gives some crazy clouds. I added it a whip, but it’s hard to clean now and doesn’t work as well. This pipe needs frequent cleaning to give good vape.

    • Sometimes vaping through water will make the vapor more pronounced, because of the moisture it picks up, but the main reason you see so much vapor in this video is the lighting, and it moves so slowly in the air because the conditions were fairly humid when I filmed this.

      Thanks for your review request also.

  • Hey so I’m trying to build a homemade alternative to the power adapter by using two batteries together to get extra power for thicker clouds and I’m wondering if you could quickly help me out.

    So on the power adapter converter that connects to the wall, there should be an input voltage and current rating and an output current and voltage rating. Could you possibly tell me what those numbers are?

    Thank you!

      • Thanks for the feedback! That’s exactly the amount of power I should be putting into it.

        Oh and thanks for all your reviews! Really great and I would definitely reccomend someone who is investing in a vape to visit your site.

      • hey i have the water pipe adapter without the whip and i bought a whip sepertly can i connect them or its just that water whip piece thats connects togetehr and wuts the drifference from the adapter to this whip plz can u answer these questions i always view ur videos and think ur the best vapor man

        • Hey sup I’m not totally sure how it would work because I never had one of their older adapters, which is what it sounds like you have.

          You might be able to rig it up in a similar manner but I’m not 100% sure sorry man!