KandyPens Oura Review

This is the new Oura vaporizer from KandyPens, it’s the best portable dab rig of 2019 for concentrates and I really like it, it’s better than the other brands out there.

What’s so good about it? Well…

The quartz glass atomizer that it comes with standard is IMHO the best “bucket” style atty for wax and oil. You get excellent flavor, good clouds, awesome efficiency, and very easy maintenance & clean-up.

If you’re into doing dabs at home, and you’ve been thinking of going portable, this is the one to get. I’ve been using it in different rooms all over my house and it’s been a breeze to carry it around.

Oura Vaporizer

How to Use

It’s very easy to use the Oura also, there’s just one button on the front and it’s not even really a button, it’s a touch sensor that you tap, so you don’t have to hold down any buttons to turn it on and off or change temperature settings. You can also change temps on-the-fly while you’re in the middle of a session, a feature not found in other models like the Puffco Peak for example.

Important note: Above I make one statement that needs clarification – you’ll hear me say that the atomizer is a “consumable” part, but it didn’t come out right, I wasn’t implying that it breaks often and you need to buy more, I just meant that it’s a part of the vape that companies normally sell extras of separately and you can get more if you need them. KandyPens actually offers a lifetime warranty on all parts of the Oura so even if you break your atomizer they will replace it for you, all you need to do is email them.


Cleaning and maintaining the atomizers is easy to do, it’s a really nice characteristic of the quartz. After each handful of hits, when there’s only a tiny bit of wax residue left at the bottom of the cup, use a moistened cotton swab to gently rub off any remaining oil. You can use iso alcohol to moisten the swabs and you can also just use water too. For a real thorough cleaning after a few dozen sessions you can unscrew the atomizer parts and soak them in iso overnight to get them clean.

Quartz Atomizer


One thing I didn’t talk about in my review is battery life, so I did more testing and I have an update about that.

When you turn on the Oura and engage the heat it stays on for a total of 60 seconds, it’s considered a “sesh mode”. It’s just about the perfect amount of time to finish off a BB-sized amount of wax, getting a handful of hits from that. If you need more time to finish it simply restart the heater by tapping twice on the front sensor.

I’ve been using mine mainly on the highest temp level (blue), it has 4 levels but I think most people are going to go straight to the max heat to get max clouds and hit strength, so that’s how I mostly tested it.

Also another feature it has that is very convenient is the automatic shut-off after 4 minutes of inactivity. Almost everyone including myself forgets to turn off these portable rigs, some of the other ones don’t have auto shutoffs and it sits there draining your battery.

From a full charge I’m averaging ~28 full 60-second heat cycles. This is more than 28 dabs because you usually take about 3-4 hits per cycle, so it’s more like ~100 hits per charge on max heat, that’s acceptable to me. Obviously if you can get away with using a lower temp you’ll extend the battery life more.

Charging doesn’t take forever either since it has a USB-C port and charger, so if you run it down to a completely dead state it’ll recharge in under 2 hours. It does have pass-through charging, so you can use it while it’s plugged in, you just need to give it a little bit of a base charge first before it’ll stay on long enough for a whole session.

The Verdict

Overall, I think this unit is a winner, there are very few things I don’t like about it and many things that I do like. It’s the third portable dab rig I’ve reviewed so far and to me it’s the best one.

Click here to buy the KandyPens Oura from vapor.com. vapor.com compensates me if you use my referral link but I’m as honest as can be about the vape and I truly appreciate your support!

P.S. I also have a KandyPens Review page where I list some of my other favorite models. One of them is the Crystal which I currently rate the best vape pen for wax and oil concentrates, it has basically the same quartz atomizer as the Oura.

Detailed Product Description

What is up my friends! This is the new KandyPens Oura portable dab rig for oils and concentrates. I am diggin it. Here is a close up of the quartz glass atomizer which has a removable bucket.They also include a ceramic insert which I’ll show you in a minute, but the quartz is really my favorite. It has one button on it, that touch sensor on the front. I’m gonna jump into a quick dab right here with the quartz cup and that is on the high heat level.

There are four heat levels, blue is high, and heat-up time is very quick with this one. It’s only about five seconds before you can start hitting it. This is the 60 second session mode that I activated by tapping that front sensor twice, so the heat is going to stay on for 60 seconds, you’re going to see me get multiple draws here, I’m going to do multiple dabs.

The first draw was the longest and these next few it’s really hot now so I’m not going to have to draw as much. You can see it really milking up there in the glass, I only put like a B.B. sized amount in there but you do get multiple draws from it, multiple dabs.

This is the atomizer up close. You can easily unscrew it from the base. That’s the heating coil that sits underneath the quartz or ceramic buckets. The quartz as you can see it’s pretty clean looking even after me using it a bunch, you can get it like new.

The ceramic one I didn’t use yet, you’re gonna see me use it for the first time after this clip. This is me reassembling the atomizer, putting the bucket in and then screwing on the lid to hold it in place. This is how you screw the atomizer back in. It goes right in the front there, you could see the air inlet where the air goes from the atomizer or the vapor once you start hitting it.

So you screw the atomizer right in there on the front it fits into place nice and snuggly the atomizer is are a consumable part of this vape but if you take care of it and if you’re gentle with it they will last a while.

This is how you change the heat settings, once the vape is on you tap the sensor three times to cycle through the settings. Green is level 2, red is level 3. This is how you check the battery, you hold the sensor down for 5 seconds, and the yellow light there indicates I’m at medium battery life.

Now I’m getting into the ceramic here and I actually liked it a lot. It worked really well. I still think the quartz is my personal favorite but the ceramic is right behind it. It seemed to take a little longer to get to max heat so I was getting some light vapor at first with the ceramic but then once it really got hot I was getting those huge milky draws.

I actually really like the session mode feature. It’s pretty much a perfect amount of time to finish off a nice dab amount of concentrate, so I like it at 60 seconds. If you don’t want it on for 60 seconds you can just tap it twice again to turn it off. You can change heat settings while it’s on, and you can start it right up again after it shuts off if you want to continue.

There is a slight difference in the taste and performance between the quartz and the ceramic so it is kind of cool that they include both because I think you’ll like being able to use different stuff in both kinds.

So the best way to maintain this and keep it fresh for every hit is to swab out the bucket with a q-tip after each time you use it, which I’ll show you shortly. I’m still getting some nice vapor, some nice draws from that little bit I’ve put in the ceramic cu,p so again that was like a B.B. sized amount I’ve put in and I ended up getting a handful of drawers off of that.

KandyPens does include a few of these cotton swabs pre-moistened in ISO but you could also just use a regular q-tip moistened in water. So after every few dabs moisten the cotton swab and use it to swab out the bucket while it’s still hot. You can also use a pick tool to gently scrape it if you have any residue, like if you’re using rosin, but remember be gentle.

The glass water piece separates from the base and then is easily pressed right back into place. I think the draw is great. Not too much draw resistance at all and they also have this little band to hold the carb cap in place so you don’t lose it.

This is back to the quartz again now and I didn’t mention yet that it has haptic feedback or vibration you know when it gets up to temperature and when it shuts off, all that stuff, it’s going to vibrate in addition to the lights flashing.

I am on the red heat level now which is the third highest and with the quartz bucket getting some nice rips. I think the flavor is really nice with it. It pretty much tastes like a dab from a regular dab rig.

I didn’t really mention it yet but you can use it, either way, you can actually use it like an E-nail like I am now or you can pre-load concentrate in there before you turn on the heater, it’s up to you.

So overall I like it. I think it’s worth it, it works really well. The list price is $350. I have a 25 percent off discount code though in the description, so you’re looking at like $270-ish. Not bad at all, pretty much mid-priced for the few of these things that are out there.

KandyPens also makes the Crystal vape pen that I like which uses the quartz bucket atomizer as well. If you pick one up post on the forum and let me know how you like it. I appreciate you taking the time to watch and stay up!

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