Haze Vaporizer w/ Dual Bowls

This is the Haze Vaporizer which features dual chambers or bowls, and it can used with both dry herbs and concentrates.

***UPDATE: Don’t read my review below, it’s for the old version from a while ago, you want to read my new Haze V3 review. The new one is much improved over the original model, I highly recommend it.


Battery Life & Charging

Haze The Haze uses rechargeable batteries that you remove from the unit and charge separately. This makes them easily user-replaceable, which most would consider a positive.

Battery life is actually really good, they include two with the vape and I was averaging ~90 mins of usage with each one during my testing. I used it mainly on heat level 3, so if you bump it up to level 4 the life may be shortened a little, but with both batteries combined you’re looking at 2-3 hours of usage total, which is great.

They do take a few hours to fully recharge, but for the amount of usage they provide I have no problem with that. They include a charging dock that you put the batteries into to charge them.

To preserve the battery the vape does have an automatic 5-minute shut off timer, but it only shuts off if it doesn’t detect you using it (like if you put it down), so your sessions should never really be interrupted.

Dual Bowls Dual Chambers

The two chambers are isolated from each other inside the unit so when one heats up it doesn’t cause the other one to heat up as well, so each side only gets vaped when you want it to.

I found the capacity of each one to be approximately 0.3g when using dry herbs, but this will vary a little depending on how finely you grind.

They include two screens for herbal use, one for conduction and one for convection. Basically the only difference between them is that the conduction screen has the sides cut out, so your herbs make direct contact with the oven walls.

If you want to use wax or oil concentrates with it you would use one of the cans or cartridges they provide. They come with small wicks inside of them which you would use with e-liquids, but for everything else you take those pads out.

Haze Screens Usage & Performance

I tested this vape a bunch of different ways, and the way that seems to work best for me is using the conduction screen, grinding my herb pretty fine, packing the chamber full and fairly tight, and taking long, slow draws.

Some people have told me they get good results filling the concentrate can with dry herbs and using it like that, so that might be something to try out if it interests you.

If you set it to heat level 3 the unit should take about 60-90 seconds to heat up depending on how much charge is left in the battery. If you set it to level 4 it’ll take a little longer, somewhere around 2 minutes or so.

To get the best vapor production I found that I really needed to take long draws, and more importantly I had to draw slowly. When I pulled too quickly I was only getting a light vapor, so if this is happening to you I would adjust your draw speed first and see what happens. I also found that if you pause between draws, and not take them back-to-back (like when sharing), you’ll get more vapor per draw.

Draw resistance is also pretty low which is nice, it’s not a hard vape to pull from.

I usually do about 12-15 minute sessions and I’m averaging about 12 good draws per sesh. The first few pulls are pretty light, with just some flavor coming through, but after that vapor production ramps up a little bit.

Vapor Quality

I think the vapor it produces is decent but I do feel that it’s kinda on the hot side. I’ve definitely tried worse, but it’s not quite as smooth as what’s produced by the top-tier portables, I’d say it’s right around average, maybe slightly above.

Taste is pretty good for the first half of my sessions, but just like with most portable vapes the second half doesn’t really taste as good.

It may have been a tiny bit smoother when I tested it with wax, but it still felt a little hot so it wasn’t really that different.

The volume of vapor you’ll get with each draw is pretty average as well, I’d say middle-of-the-road clouds.

Mouthpieces Mouthpieces

The Haze comes with two different mouthpieces or stems, a glass one and a stainless steel one.

These actually reside inside of the vape, so you can’t see them when the vape is off and not being used. When you slide open the top piece and turn the vape on you’ll see the stem sitting there inside of the vapor path.

What you’re supposed to do is turn the unit upside-down or give it a little flick to make the mouthpiece slide out. Then it sort of just gets held into place once you pull it out far enough.

I actually find myself preferring the stainless stem over the glass one, for whatever reasons the vapor seems to be ever so slightly smoother. It’s not a big difference at all, but I really tried everything to get the best results.

I did find the stems to be one of the main issues I had with this vape. They get kinda sticky after a few sessions and sometimes they just don’t want to come out of the unit.

This can be a little frustrating if you don’t have something handy to stick inside and pull it out with.

To minimize this issue I found that there are a few things you can do… One is to simply take the stem all the way out and wipe it with a napkin or paper towel to get any sticky residue off of the sides and bottom.

Another thing you can do is shut off the vape with the stem removed and wait for the unit to cool down before putting it back in. This will help prevent the residue from hardening around the mouthpiece when it cools down.

Lastly, you can try setting the vape down upside-down when you’re done using it, which will make the stem rest a millimeter or two off of the very bottom of the vapor path. This is another way to help prevent the stem from getting stuck down there when the residue hardens.


I do like this vape, and it’s definitely unique with the dual chambers.

If it didn’t have the mouthpiece issue and it produced smoother vapor I’d be giving it a higher rating, but performance-wise it falls a little short of the top-tier.

They do offer a 10-year warranty with it which is really good, but of course the batteries and glass mouthpiece are parts that aren’t covered.

If you’re looking for a decent portable with really good battery life, and you like the idea of the two chambers, this vape could be right up your alley.

Stay up!


  • We have gone through 3 vapes in 2 years. They work great in the beginning but don’t stand up to every day use. We bought 2 cause 1 was going in for repair and needed one to use. They replaced the first one under warranty. When that one melted they suggested the new version and after many emails and pics and back and forth they finally replaced it too. I’ve emailed for repair on the newest one which is the new version but haven’t heard back. This newest versions issue is one side chamber stays open when using the other side so u don’t get a good draw. The other side closes properly tho. Now using the 4th, replaced unit. When it’s done so are we.

  • I have two V3’s and mine keep shutting down during use not due to the 5 min delay. this can happen as offend as much as 5-8 times a session. Haze has replace my units but it still happens even during first time use of new units. I keep the units very clean including all pathways. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I fix it.Also doesn’t seem to matter if batteries are new or not

  • thank you sir!

    just bought the haze because of this review. I wasnt even thinking about it
    But goddamn its got all the things.

    watched all your reviews, love em, except your dislike of the solo ;) Fyi, the solo with the eds tnt stem works better, bigger bowl, smoooth no draw resistance

    keep doing your thing

  • Hi I removed the ring on one of the rechargeable batteries of my new haze vaporizer is the battery ok to use

  • Hey Bud!
    First off your site’s the shiz–you’re always concise and brutally honest, 2 things that you wouldn’t think would be difficult to find in reviews but are haha. That PLUS you know how to proof read and have good grammar! :D But I digress… Anyways I’ve been smoking recreationally for awhile from a pipe but having become a medical patient (and using much more frequently) my lungs have decided that the time has come to invest in a vaporizer. Gonna stick w/ just a portable for now due to fund-age (or lack thereof ;P) & right now I’m really torn between this Haze and Dark Knight: Brave (it’s by the same peeps that make the Volcano). Have you ever tried the latter, and if so how would you say it stacks up when compared to the Haze?
    Thanks in advance for your pro advice! :D
    ~Elizabeth K.

    • Actually, the dark knight is made by jomo, and is a piece of crap imo. The people that make the volcano are storz and bickel. Id definitely get the haze.

  • can you make/upload a video of you using the haze vaporizer with the female water pipe tool attachment

  • Hey Bud I am new to smoking and i am looking to purchase a mobile vaporizer around the 200-250 range and I am stuck between the haze and the alfa. I really like the ten year warranty and the higher capacity but i am leaning towards the alfa. Do you think this one has a higher value because of the warranty? Thanks for these reviews they are really thorough.

  • Thank you for all your informative, straightforward reviews.

    I have been smoking more lately and, having asthma, find that even though I use a water pipe, I am having too much coughing and congestion when not dosed. I decided to get a portable, since I cannot buy 2 vaporizers right now, and your reviews were a big help in narrowing the field.

    I decided on the Haze, though you rated Firefly higher, in part because of the upgrade program and liking the fact that they are trying to give back to medical users in need. It was a hard decision, since the kazoo is the only instrument I can play and the firefly bears a remarkable resemblance. Hah. I clicked through your site to order because I really appreciate your reviews. Should be here sometime next week.

    Thanks and keep doing what you are doing – you are a big help.

  • Hey Bud – really enjoyed your review and read a few others! I was going to buy through your link as you mentioned free shipping, I chose free shipping as my choice, but whrn I got to finish it had tacked on $17.62 for shipping so I backed up, any thoughts?

    • Never mind, tried again and scored free shipping! Love the site and will recommend!!

  • I just ordered the Haze after clicking through your link. Thanks for all the details, you deserve whatever reward the company is offering. Couldn’t have made this decision without you

  • When is the haze vaporizer coming out with part two or like the packs two is there going to be another Hayes vaporizer on the market soon

  • Hi. I just ordered one. I’ve noticed in my other vapes that you need to stir up the material in the middle of a session to keep it going. And the DaVinci Ascent has a stirring implement that conveniently fits into the device so you don’t have to carry something around with you separately. Does the Haze require material to be stirred, and does it have any sort of built-in implement?

  • Hi …bud how are you.I own the Pax and it’s been very good to me for the last two years.I looking for a new vape I’m intrested in the haze 2.5 and the ascent.however I really like the crafty as well.haze has two batteries which is good and the ascend has internal Battery. Need vape when I go back packing through the city and or hikking.witch one should i pick bud can’t decide

  • I’m torn between the haze and the pax. Which one do you believe has cooler smoke and an easier draw?

  • This or Arizer Solo for same price? I already have the arizer solo but my buddy is trying to decide between the too. The solo I can get for a tad bit less.

  • Bud

    I just bought the Haze and I had some questions. It seems that the all purpose can and convection screens are very loose in the bowl to the point where they would fall out after you would empty the material when you’re done. I prefer to unload it immediately and when I do the screen falls out and some of the material is still burning. Is this normal for the screens being loose and should I give it a couple minutes to cool before I unload??…Also it seems that almost every draw I take the lights flash to get back to the temperature (sometimes it takes 10 seconds before they are solid again). Is the normal as well??..Thanks

  • Hi Bud…really happy i found ur site. U R awesome. I am looking to purchase a vape however I will be getting a kidney transplant very soon and some of the risk to my lungs needs for me to invest in one that does not burn at all. Can you please suggest one as this will be my first time vaping. I am looking at the v2 pro dry herb pen, the original pax, and this haze vaporizer. which is best for not burning herb or should I be looking at another vape? I want it to be portable! thanks in advance!

    • Hey Monique! All of the vapes I recommend will truly vaporize dry herbs, no burning or combustion at all. All of the models I rate 85/100 or higher are ones I really like and think are worth the cost.

  • I got a used firefly for cheap but returned it. I got the technique down but it wasnt worth the hassle. I then got a haze. After a week of use i have to say this is everything i needed in a vape. Portable and something i can take a few hits off and be good. I like to use both the screens so i have one pack of tasty vapes and another with hard hitting clouds. I love it!

  • Just snagged one of these from your link!

    I’ve been looking for a portable vape to take backpacking with me, so being able to take extra batteries was super important. Was looking at the Arizer air for while, but I wanted something that was could do concentrates as well, and the Crafty was too expensive.

    I was also looking at windproof butane vapes like the iolite and the Hammer Pro (any interest in doing a review for that one?) but i wanted something a little more discreet for around-town use.

    The haze looks like just the ticket. Love the double bowl, I can carry it around loaded up, and the steel mouthpiece won’t break on the trail.

    • Hey great choice, you’re the man!

      I’m actually in the process of reviewing the Air right now, so far I’m not that impressed and I really don’t think I’ll be rating it as high as this one.

      I’ll definitely consider that butane one, enjoy the vape brotha and stay up!

  • Im considering buying a vape. Ive narrowed it down to the haze and the davinci. Which one do you recommend?

  • So i wanted something more mobile than my volcano.

    I don’t doubt the quality of the Might or Crafty, but not being able to change the batteries is p****g me off. As well as the company producing it itself.

    Changeable Batteries is really important for me. I want something i can take on a camping trip.

    Would the Haze be the next thing to go to?

    Is it using 18650 Batteries? It looks like that in the pictures, and i got plenty of those (the good ones) from my Mech Mods.

  • Hey i want to quit smokin cant decide between the Haze, the sticky mouthpiece hasnt been fixed in v2.5? And the Arizer Air which seems a lil more solid. I want to use it with a pinnacle water tool with adapter for the solo or eds tnt for da haze would love to see those compared by a pro b4 buyin. Good channael m8 keep it up!

  • I purchased this vape for Christmas. I am happy to see you addressed the sticky mouthpiece issue. Nice to know it is something that happens. We wipe it down with alcohol. I had a issue with the battery. I had charged the battery, so I would have one ready to go when the other died. Well, went to use that battery and it was dead. It did not hold a charge. It was off the charger for about 10 days. Is that normal.

    Thanks. I love your honest reviews.


    • Hey I just checked this out for myself and tried one of my batteries that was last charged a few weeks ago, and it was dead. It seems the batteries do slowly drain even when not in use. Some other vapes act like this also, so I wouldn’t say it’s an issue unique to this model.

  • Crafty vs Haze? This is my first portable and I want the best. I have read reviews on both and features on both. I like both and design of both. I’m leaning toward the Crafty but, would love an expert opinion. Thanks

  • Hey Bud, I know that you encourage us to buy through a distributor via your referral link, but I’m wondering if buying through ebay would be any less advisable even though they are new and potentially less expensive? Any input from you would be appreciated, and thanks for the review I got my launch-box because of your review!

    • Hey man the thing about ebay is that the sellers are generally not the big authorized distributors, it’s usually little guys trying to get business by undercutting

      I don’t personally recommend buying there because I don’t have experience with those sellers so I’m not sure how they handle shipping and customer service issues should they arise

      You just have to make sure that the seller is an authorized dealer also, usually stores selling for less aren’t authorized but there are some exceptions

      It could very well be fine I just can’t personally recommend it

      Hope you’re diggin your Launch Box!

  • I recently bought one of these and find it vastly superior to my Ascent and Pax for several reasons. First, the ability to prepack the oil cans with herb before going out and then being able to swap them out on the fly is AWESOME. Second, cleaning this vape is a breeze compared to the other two. Finally, having extra batteries to be able to swap out is another plus.

    My other vapes have been gathering dust since the Haze came along.

    • Really glad to hear you’re diggin it

      How about the sticky mouthpiece issue, that doesn’t bother you?

      And the hot-ish vapor?

  • Thanks for the effort you put into your views. I’m looking for a portable that’s discreet in appearance with good vape quality, and holds less than .4 grams. One that can be used in public without a noticeable scent. Hopefully you can suggest one that has these characteristics plus a good bang for your buck. I was thinking about the Davinci since it has been priced at $99.00 with cigarette lighter adapter. However, I am aware that the Davinci is not one of your favs. Please assist.

    • Hey have you looked into the V2 Pro? One of the main downsides is that it has a small chamber (~0.1g) and doesn’t produce a ton of vapor, but it’s small, cheap, discreet, very efficient, and doesn’t give off a lot of odor.

      Otherwise if you want to spend a little more this Haze vape is good, and so are the Pax, Firefly and Launch Box. I’m not a big fan of the DaVinci though so I would veer towards one of the other models.

  • I bought the Haze. I own a DaVinci Ascent. I like the Ascent but don’t love it. The Haze hasn’t been delivered yet but will let you know what I think. I’m fairly new to all this but it is nice to see so many good choices out there. Your reviews are by far the best. Your well spoken and don’t come off like some stoner with a hidden mask over your head. Some of us actually have a medical need for this and need honest and direct advice to make informed decisions on purchases like this. Thanks again for your honest advice.

    • It’s my pleasure, I’m happy to hear you found them helpful. Definitely come back and let me know how you like this vape!

  • Thanks vape critic for your well written, insightful from a [vaper’s] perspective…clinically speaking of course. I’m saving for a Crafty, then the mighty perhaps…well physical food or mind food budget would be a great addition, the Craft that is. Already a user of the Pax, Vapor-smoke,Ascent,Whisper,NO2 ,Pinnacle Pro, Firefly.

    Keep up the great work; reviews and I enjoy how real you keep it. Merry Christmas Man or whatever you celebrate :)

  • HI, I’m considering the Haze but needs a smooth vapor. What do you think of the WULF digital model, the better of the 2 WULF’s. Wondering if you have any views on that one. Thanks.

  • what is the most you can comfortably fit into each bowl if using a metallic four piece grinder? I’m talking about herb

  • Hi Bud- been looking at alot of your reviews. I am looking for a portable vape for very small sessions-say 2-4 draws. Which models would satisfy that requirement?

    • Hey I would look into the Launch Box and the V2 Pro Series 3, both are good with small amounts of material for a handful of draws at a time.

  • The idea of being able to pre pack cans for on the go ease of refill is very appealing. Might have to invest in one of these.

  • Got this vape after reading your review and thank you for the detailed information. Helped me a lot. My Pax died a week ago and I was on the fence between Haze and Ascent. I am surprised that you rated Haze less than Pax since it is way better vape in my opinion or I would say that it is way more convenient than Pax. Regardless , I added your site to one of my favorites. Thanks again