Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Haze V3 This is the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer, a very nice improvement over the original Haze vape I reviewed and a new entry into my top picks.

Pretty much every area that I had issues with is better with the new version, I give this company a lot of credit for making it happen.

It’s $250, right around average for what I would consider a solid Tier 2 vape.

The most unique thing about the Haze is that it has DUAL bowls or two ovens, and it can be used to vaporize both dry herbs and full-melt concentrates.

Dual Ovens The dual chambers are stainless steel and you have your choice of a few different screens and cans to put your material in:

– Convection screen
– Conduction screen
– Dry herb can
– Concentrate can

So technically there’s 3 different ways to use it with dry herbs, and one way to use it with wax & oil concentrates.

Build quality is great, even better than the original and above average for a portable vape. The main oven door locks into place nice and tight and the battery compartment has an extra lip at the edge to lock that shut also.

Mouthpiece The mouthpiece with the Haze is stored inside the unit in a hidden compartment. To turn the unit on you slide the lever at the top either forwards or backwards, and when you do this you can see and access the mouthpiece stem.

It comes with two stems, one is stainless steel and one is glass. Which one to use is largely personal preference and the difference between them is barely noticeable, but if I had to get really detailed about it I’d say the glass stem provides a slightly purer taste and the stainless stem provides a slightly smoother vapor. I personally find myself using the stainless one most of the time, but what do I know.

The mouthpieces slide easily up and down and they’re designed to stay in place wherever you leave them; sticking a tiny bit out, halfway out, or all the way out. This also makes them easy to clean, a nice bonus.

Stainless Stem More importantly, the design of the stems and inner compartment has been updated so there’s no longer the problem of the stems sticking inside and not coming out.

I mentioned this as one of the main drawbacks to the original model, but the mouthpiece with the new V3 has been done perfectly, it never sticks anymore (nicely done Haze).

Now the battery that powers this thing is removeable and user-replaceable, and it comes with two of them. These are 18650 2600mAh batteries, and it also comes with a proprietary charging dock to charge them up.

They do take a few hours to fully charge up to 100% but you get a good amount of usage out of them, I’m averging about a half-dozen sessions per battery or about an hour of vaping before they die. The cool part about the batteries being removeable and it coming with two of them is that you can really get over a dozen sessions out of it before you’ll need to recharge.

Battery Usage & Performance

First I’ll start with the procedure for vaping dry herbs:

1) Finely grind your herbs, you don’t want any chunks in there. Also, make sure your material isn’t too moist, lay out your grinds on a sheet of paper for a little while to quickly dry it out a tad if you need to.

2) Choose which screen you want to use and pack it full, then tamp it down a bit. I prefer using the Conduction screen when I want max vapor production and the Dry Herb Can when I want smoothest flavor, but realistically they’re both very good and the difference is very small. You’ll be able to fit approx 0.25g-0.4g in either one, but a hair less when using the can. Also, 0.25g is the minimum I would recommend using with this vape for best results. My least favorite is the Convection screen – I still consider it decent, the vapor’s just not quite as smooth or dense as the others.

Conduction Screen 3) Snap the oven door shut and slide the lever at the top to turn it on and pull out the stem. Once it’s on you can use the button at the top to cycle through the 4 heat settings. I recommend starting at heat level 2, I found that it provides the best overall experience there as far as vapor production and quality (flavor, smoothness). If you want more visible vapor try bumping it up to level 3, just keep in mind that it might not be quite as smooth or tasty, mainly towards the end of your session.

4) Take long, slow draws that last between 4-10 seconds, depending on how intense you want it to be. You usually don’t get much vapor on the first few pulls, that is totally normal, but after that you’ll start to get more. I also recommend waiting at least 30 seconds between draws, this seems to allow the unit enough time to get the temp back up and your material primed for max vapor production on the next draw.

Dry Herb Can 5) After roughly 15 draws or so your herbs should be spent and all you do to end your session is push the stem down back inside and slide the top closed. I highly suggest brushing/scraping out your chambers after each use, it really helps keep them clean longer and cuts down on maintenance.

The overall vapor quality has definitely been improved with the new V3 model, everything seems better – the flavor, the smoothness, and the volume of vapor you get.

This vape now sits above average in most of the areas I consider in my reviews, as far as portable vapes go anyway.

The procedure when vaping concentrates is mostly the same but you’re going to use the Wax Can they provide that has the black silicone lid.

Wax Can Take off the lid, remove the cotton pad from the bottom (used with e-liquids) and place a small dab of your concentrate at the bottom of the can. You’ll want to set the heat a little higher than you would with herbs, so set it to level 3 or 4 when vaping wax.

When vaping concentrates it’s probably a good idea to keep the unit horizontal when you vape, with the oven facing up so that the oil stays at the bottom of the can.

It’s more of a “session” when vaping wax with the Haze because usually for the best results and vapor quality you’ll want to vape it all in one shot, meaning you’ll take at least a handful of draws in a session to use up whatever you load. It’s not a vape to take one or two draws at a time from, is what I’m trying to get at here.

Haze Vapor

Haze also has one of the best warranties in the industry, they cover any defects for 10 years so if anything goes wrong with your unit they’ll repair or replace it. As with all vapes, the warranty does not apply to any glass parts (the stem, user-replaceable) or the batteries (user-replaceable).

In Summary…

So the bottom line is that I’m really diggin this vape, and I think you’ll dig it too.

Performance and vapor quality are right in-line with what I would expect from a good $250 vape, and it’s definitely better than the last model.

Dual bowls, long battery life and solid performance are what you get with the Haze.

Stay up!


  • In the picture the person using the vaporizer is behind the wheel of a car!!!!! Here in Ontario Canada this would actually get you a care and control charge which has the same penalties as driving under the influence and a criminal record :-( :-( :-( Having some one I love killed by a driver impaired driver (pot not alcohol), I find this offensive. …. And no I am not against people smoking as I am a medical user, but PLEASE USE RESPONSIBLY!

    • Nitecore i2 is essentially the same charger, at least in terms of function and appearance, but it has rock solid reviews. I’ve been using mine for 3 years with my Arizer Air and my e-cigarette 18650’s. Works really well with every rechargeable I’ve put in it.

  • First day using this yesterday and I used one battery which at the end LED LIGHTS blinked red before blinking normally.

    Assuming battery was low I charged it.

    When I went to use again, it still blinks red before it blinks normally LED lights.

    Is the short red blink a battery issue?
    I just bought this device, is this a defect or will it give me issues near future?

    Please share your advice.

    • Did you buy it locally at a vape shop or something like that? They should stand behind their product and help you get it resolved.

  • It should be around 150. Not 250. They also want 15 bucks for 2 of those half thimble sized steel buckets. You need a dozen of them in a row if your a heavy user which will most likely burn this thing out.
    I’m definitely in the market for another unit.

  • the only CON i can think of is when you’re done vaping, the oven is really hot and it cooks your remaining herbs, otherwise, topnotch vapor, flavor, and i only use about .16g when i packed it full and tamped down, i dont know how you got .4g

  • Hi,
    I’m not experienced with vaporizers. I’m a newbie.
    But after studying a lot of about vaporizers my favorite is the Haze V3.
    There is only one thing that bothers me.
    The lowest temperature (heat level 1)is 365°F or 185°C.
    A lot of herbs need lower temperatures.
    Is it not possible to vape e.g. tobacco (needs 257 up to 302°F or 125° up to 150°C) with the Haze V3?
    Cannot understand why temperature range cannot be set to lower temperatures.
    Sorry for my English.
    THX for your answers

  • We’re looking forward to our Haze 3, since our V2 series seven died on us.. It was acting a bit wonky, then it just wouldn’t turn on. We’ve had it 5 months, spent about $200, and when we contacted the company, we were pretty much told ‘too bad’ — there’s a 90 day warranty.

    One thing I didn’t see you mention was the Haze 3 10 YEAR warranty. For daily users, this is important… if we’re going to spend a couple of hundred bucks more than we’d spend on an old-fashioned pipe, we want some assurances that we won’t have to replace it.

    • I forgot to add… the V2 series 7 has a built-in battery, so you can’t replace it. Also, the mouth piece is not marketed as something you’ll be replacing, but it has small plastic clips that break — and when we called the company about that we were told those $30 parts were considered things that would be replaced.

  • GREAT REVIEWS as always BUD!!!! Ok I just got this vape 4 days ago….and I’m getting the hang of it. I chose this one for a few reasons. First off, I break things, so a warranty is key. Secondly, I use the shit out of these things so user-changeable items like batteries are also ideal. Lastly, this thing seems geared towards heavy-ish users, which I certainly apply, with the dual chambers, wax capability, etc…
    So far I’ve gotten great results from the convection screen packed pretty tight, but I haven’t quite figured out the dry herb can. I’d like some input on how everyone is getting the best results??

    • Got mine today. Having regrets.

      Will I use it. Yes. It was real expensive. I have to now.
      Daily driver? Not for people that have been smoking daily for decades no. It isn’t going to get you there in one session with both bowls packed full. Mainly because the bowls just aren’t big enough. That was my mistake. I didn’t realize just how small the bowls were until I got the package and I’m struggling to fill these tiny things. One pinch is about what one can hold.
      The metal bowls are great for people who like having kits and pieces and extra gadgets I guess. I realize now I am not one of those people.
      Does it do what it says though? Absolutely. Vapes your bud clean tastes great draws nice easy to get to all the airways to clean just switch the button to get to the different chambers. Its great for bud its ok for wax and who cares about ejuice. Not even the ejuice people. Plus you really would only use it for juice in an emergency. Its too much hassle with tiny buckets and obviously waiting 60 seconds to heat up is out of the question for most people who vape.
      If I could do it again I would go a different route. Like the crafty and a flowerpot enail setup.
      I wanted this unit to be my main squeeze. Just gonna be my side piece for now.
      Save your cash on this one. Its a decent vape its just 150 bucks overpriced and it needs to come with 8 buckets. 2 metal buckets for fifteen bucks? Gtfoh. I mean they are tiny tiny buckets. Like half thimbles if not smaller. Definitely not a tier 1 vape and I think it just barely makes it into the tier 2 vapes which should tell you something for a 250 dollar vaporizer. I’m back in the market for a heavy hitter.

      Bottom line. Not recommended for heavy users. Jack of all trades master of none.

  • Hi Bud,

    I have the original Pax but I am thinking about switching to the Haze V3 because it seems like a perfect fit for me and my husband. With the Pax, I’ve found that I have to pack my material very tightly and I have to pack it full every time. Is the Haze the same way?

    • For me, the Haze gets better vape when you don’t pack it tightly (simply put it in, no need to tighten it more). You dont have to pack it full. I usually put in 0.2-0.3g

  • Of course like all the others I must start with how great you do Bud. I have little experience with vaporization other than heating up a glow rod with a torch…yeah not user friendly. It was refreshing to find such an inclusive site for someone who knows nothing. I had my idea of the wide range of products AMAZINGLY quick.

    I did finally focus in on your top portable picks to the right. You do so well on the depth of your reviews but I do want to point out a few things missed before I click on the Haze checkout cart. A few things you missed on the Haze that are not mentioned.
    1. You did not touch on prepacking the canisters for later. That is huge. The keychain loaded up could last days without having to grind, prep, pack, shove, spill, etc.
    2. I think some credit should be given to the patented heating mechanism that cools the vapor. Everything I read says the smoke is smooth and cool even after restarting the bowl. Even and proper cooks everytime.
    3. Haze site is great. They offer points for purchases and promotions. That means they give you about 10% points that can possibly be used for an upgrade later or accessories. I find this very appealing that they essentially give you ways to earn towards an upgrade. With a ten year warranty…I feel SOOOO much better than say the Crafty or Firefly2 regardless and should not need it.

    With a removable battery and so many options…I can not seem to find a reason to buy a Crafty or Pax2. The only thing that I liked about the Firefly2 is the use of glass as a heating element. I just can not wait 2-3 more months and also give up so much versatility with the Haze V3. Double the sessions and volume to carry and give me prepacking as an option…I am sold.

    P.S. I emailed Storks and Bickel about their defect rate on the Crafty and warranty restarting with a new unit…no it is the original date of purchase with returns. They did not address the defect rate. I feel they are not comfortable with their own product and that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the idea of R&D at the expense of the customer (that is a LONG ways away). “Introduce a solid product S&B or get off the pot.”

    Thanks Bud

    • Your code for the XL battery is appreciated and worked great! Under $280 and I got batteries, extra cans, and keychain to organize it all. I am set up yo.

      • OMG, after 2 days use I am satisfied if not truly impressed with Haze V3. Of course, I have no comparison. But for a first time “high end” vape…I am blown away. Got some wax and tried it out with each of the 3 ways to do dry herbs and blown away. Convection screen is not only NICE smoke but also easy to load before and during the course. I was interchanging canisters like a mad man and enjoying MANY types of vape and found NUMEROUS ways to use this device.

        The thing I do love most and no review even touched on this factor. Load two convection bowls…different strains…and you can literally open the door after each hit and compare how far done your material is to the fresh (or used) bowl next to it. Wonder when your oven is done…look at the last one. Batteries GALORE with your code so no running out.

        I have nothing bad to say bout this unit. The design of this is phenomenal. It works, feels, and produces everything I expect out of an American company…even if it has a ten year warranty with china. Customer service was responsive to my tracking requests as well. More than I can say for the poor response from Storks and Bickel.

        • Have to totally agree with Darth Vaper on the pre-packing…

          With a handful of charged batteries and a key chain of pre-packed cans plus two in the chamber, you could discreetly get half a wedding ceremony nicely vaped :-) Without a single non-vaper having a clue…

          Can you imagine re-packing a crafty at a weekend long music festival?

          No need with the haze, just switch the used tins for fresh tins. Clean, easy, very very discrete.

          Pre-packing is why this was the only choice for me.

        • Got my Haze 2 years ago, I use it around 4 times a week. Still works perfectly and it’ isn’t even the V3. Friends of mine own the Crafty and the Mighty and I think that my Haze produces better vape and better taste by far.. + all the points you made above.
          This should be Tier 1 vape for sure

        • UPDATE!!!

          OK, First things first…my life sucks and have not even been able to use the canisters but that is str8 potential to a already great product. I use mine EVERYDAY all day and even has taken a few OH MY GOD drops. Honestly, have not touched combustion since!!!!!! In love with my vape…I get lots of samples so can pack a session but 2 strains, my favorite part of my haze. Still performs like a champion every time. Batteries leave me totally loaded to rock even when it gets low. Easy to clean if you maintain. Your life is your life, maintain. I love the convection baskets…not popular but after seasoned they perform great with a scrape. Older baskets work better than new ones. Love loaded baskets instead of bowls. can load a few at a time and smoke a line of peeps out if they are patient. Best thing is easy clean and super friendly. I can say so much more good things about this but…

          CONS::::No warning to battery running low. Red light does not work. Does not heat on low battery. Finally you replace the supplied batteries and back in business. BUT…burns great on a new battery. Second, wasted a few baskets because of no warning upon heating up other than blinking lights…gotta keep it on your thigh so you know it is warm.

          The way it vapes all day at home with lots of mobile potential…gotta prop it. Love being able to check the burn every hit by opening the door. Honestly, a great piece of tech!!! Everyday user and still very happy..cons are easily addressed to performance. Lets hope they improve.

        • Darth Vapor, thanks for the insight. Your enthusiasm, and excitement are genuine. So much so that I’m going to get one tomorrow. I have a Pax 3 but still want to try this one out and I’ll be sure to use the dual chambers with different strains like you did.

  • Hey does anyone know what the best whip to get for this is. Like would the MFLB whip fit the Haze v3 mouthpiece?

  • Hey bud.

    Thank you for your reviews.

    I’m in the UK. You’re obviously not.
    If I use your links to buy from the USA I get hit with rediculous import taxes.
    Do you have any codes I can use with UK distributors so you still get paid for all your hard work?

      • Hey Bud,

        Just like to let everyone know that your recommendation for the VapoShop in the Netherlands is spot on.
        My two haze v3’s were £30 cheaper each than any shop near me in the UK. So I saved £60. delivery was just two days. Everything was packed perfectly. The courier service updated me by text with delivery details.
        And I even got a couple of free gifts.

        Thank you.

  • Hey Bruce,

    You may have answered this already so, If you have I apologize. I don’t smoke a lot right now. I am just getting back into it and I am stoked about that. Anyway, you mentioned you can’t turn it off and on for a small pull like you can with a vape pen. Were you making that reference in use with oils only does that apply to dry herb as well? I am hoping that this is not the case because I am really leaning toward the Haze v3 because of your FUCKING BAD ASS review and your cinematography skills. what you are doing is exactly what OUR generation is looking for!

  • I wish I had done more research before I took your reviews so seriously. I purchased the Mighty Vaporizer based on your review, and I have to say that the Mighty is nowhere near as good as the Haze V3. My experience: the Haze vapes all the herb in the can MUCH MORE EFFICIENTLY than the Mighty, and is OUTSTANDING with wax. It produces a much more intense effect than the Mighty, and is about a million times easier to clean than the Mighty.

    I rate the Haze V3 100 out of 100, and the Mighty B- or C+ (especially considering the inflated price of the Mighty and the snooty customer service reps).

  • Bud,
    I just got the v3 this week and I am enjoying it so far, but not as much as I had expected to. I upgraded from the arizer air after that reached the end of its life span. Anyway, I realize there is a learning curve with all vapes but I still don’t feel I am getting the full experience that I should (stronger draws and longer sessions per bowl) and I’ve tried nearly all techniques from what I know. Also for the amount of material I am putting in compared to what goes in the air, I feel it should be performing better than it has. I would appreciate any tips or troubleshooting advice. Thanks,

    P.s. You’re the man love the reviews.

    • We’re all good now Bud. Using a different material that’s much stickier/fluffier and not grinded as fine has been working incredibly. Thanks again for all of the great reviews. Stay up

    • I get excellent results with the Haze V3 on the 3 setting: it thoroughly vaporizes all the dry material I put in the can, it provides a considerable amount of vapor out of one packed can (I don’t cram it in there, but I put a good amount is as allowed by the space). It is absolutely outstanding with wax–never had such a superior experience vapeing wax as I have had using the V3.

  • I got the Haze V3 , and i agree , i get big clouds from the conduction screen (cut out ones) i use setting 3 though . I like the metal baskets for pre loads but the vapor not as intense if you like big clouds . The metal cans 100% evenly cook the materal , i noticed with the conduction screens some material was lighter toward the top air hole versus towards other end. My glass stem slides easy , but the metal one is very tight.

  • How is the Haze v3 in terms of smell? Is it less on the smelly side compared to the other high end portable vapes?

  • Hey Bud, you stated that the Haze V3 comes with the 3200 batteries but the site says 2600. Which is correct? The 3200 two pk batteries cost 30 bucks.

  • So, if I’m understanding this one correctly you can also just use the additional drop-in cans without a screen if smoking dry herb, correct; thereby eliminating the hassle of packing one of the 2 built-ins while using either clumsy screen? I could definitely see that being a big convenience factor, when on the go. Simply drop in a pre-packed can and 90seconds later, you’re vaping.

    • I haven’t found the cover screens to be “clumsy,” but maybe I have smaller fingers than you do. It takes a little practice to get the herb in the screen in the can, close the screen and put the lid on, but I have found that the Haze V3 works excellently–far superior to any other vaporizer I’ve ever used.

  • Hey bud,

    Quick question for ya. Is the V2 VASTLY inferior in every way to the V3, because I’m looking for a portable but I’m not willing to spend $250 on a portable when you can just buy a desktop model for the same price. Is it not worth getting at all the V2 model because I do like the two compartment style they have there.

  • I own a Mighty and a PAX

    With the portables, my big complaint lies in that one can not vaporize much at a time (I am used to the generous serving I get with my Voclcano!). With such design and “machinery” in the amazing Mighty, it’s frustrating that the chamber is so small. The PAX chamber seems a bit bigger, but not by much…and I am guessing.

    At any rate, I am looking for the unit that will give me the most chamber quantity.

    The dual chambers of the Haze are of particular interest to me because I am imagining that this might render more material available in a single use (of both chambers).

    Because each vaporizer’s chamber capacity is not spcified in the reviews here, I am wondering if I can get a weigh-in regarding capacity of the dual chambers (single/combined) as opposed to that of the Mighty and the PAX. Input appreciated; thanks a lot.

    • Each chamber doesn’t hold a lot–way less than a gram–but I really love the dual chambers on the Haze V3. No portable vaporizer is gonna hold a lot of material, but this one is so easy to use and to clean!! I highly recommend the Haze V3–especially when you use one of the chambers for wax.

  • Great review as usual! First time vaper here, and I’m torn between the V3 and the Goboof. What do you think is the best bet? It looks like the vapour density on the Alfa is much better… although it looks like the V3 from about the middle of the session is making as much? But then I like the 10 year warranty and the removable battery. Aaarrgghh! It’s a hard choice. Gimme your 2 cents! ;) Appreciated – keep up the good work!

  • I am intrigued that you did not include the Ascent in your Top Portable selections. Why did you omit?



  • Hi there, for a long time I am tempted to buy a vape but I have like 1.000 problems regarding the right choice of a vape for me and I would think, the haze is the product ill buy if there weren’t demands to statisfy.
    So here are my questions:

    1. Is it possible to vape small ammounts of Material with it?
    Some of the herbs I wanna vape are pretty expensive so how does this vape fare when you just pack the bowl with like .15 gramms?

    2. Is it possible to vape resin like Material in it? Someone told me it is and someone told me that it isn’t.

    Great review, btw thank you for that ^^

    • Yes, you can put as little or as much as you want in the stainless steel cans. As I have said in other comments on this blog, the Haze V3 is the very best vaporizer I have ever used, and the results with wax are truly amazing. It gives the smoothest vapor I’ve ever vaped, and it completely vapes whatever material you put in the can. Far superior to the over-priced Storz Bickel Mighty.

    • The buckets are tiny. smaller than a thimble. They are designed for small amounts in my opinion.

  • hi, great review. I just got this vape and im loving it. just wondering, how do you know when to reload the chambers?

  • Hey man thanks so much for putting so much time into your reviews. Ive been looking at vapes for a while and ordered this one through your link. How much time does it usually take with free shipping to arrive? Thanks so much for your awesome reviews dude.

  • Hi. Love your extremely thorough reviews (the only thing I missed from your Best of 2015 piece was ease of cleaning) but I have a couple of questions. #1: What is the difference between the Haze 2.5 & 3.0? Is it more than just fixing the sticky mouthpiece problem? I have a Crafty (always very happy with it, super easy to use, etc.) but now I’m getting zero draw — probably because I’ve never cleaned it. Too many parts and knowing I’d need to use the cleaning instructions (don’t ask) at least the first time, made me procrastinate. Yes, my bad. So this leads to question #2:
    If I wanted a second vape with access to limited funds, what would you suggest using the following specific criteria: low(er) price, ease of use, ease of cleaning (will accept more frequent cleaning over more complicated cleaning less often), uses herbs and no manual heating. Yes, I would be willing to forgo taste, ease of draw (unless you have to suck your lungs out), cloud size, speedy heating, etc. And it doesn’t have to be super portable although I assume all would fall under the Portable category.

  • Would you recommend this over the Alfa? I was about to purchase the Alfa when I came across this review. Is the vapor quality/intensity better than the Alfa? I’m just wondering if it’s worth the extra $50.


  • hi bud, how you compare the haze v3 with the crafty in terms of efficiency and vapor quality? (i’ve tried only the crafty)
    thank you

    • I know i’m not Bud but just a opinion from someone who tried both vaporizers. I personally own & use the crafty vape all day everyday lol. Don’t get me wrong, the Haze V3 is a great vape but if money is not a option and you can swing for S&B crafty… just buy it now ;)

      All honestly, I really do feel that the crafty and the mighty portable vapes set the bar very very high for companies to actually produce a better portable one.

      Good luck though in whichever you buy, you can’t lose.

      • My two cents, which I have written ni other places: If you can get by with not too much material to vape, then the Crafty. Its quality is incredible, all the wy around. However, if like me, you want to be able to have as much material as possible able to vape, then the Haze seems very promising, unlike almost all the portable vaporizers and their tiny capacities.

    • Hey John this vape is what I would consider ‘very good’ or ‘Tier 2’ and the Crafty would be a Tier 1, it scores a little higher in most areas.

    • I own the Mighty (which is close to the Crafty, right?) As I say in my other comments, IN MY EXPERIENCE, the Haze V3 beats the Mighty hands down: I put it on the 3 setting and it vapes both dry herb and wax more efficiently than any other vaporizer I have ever used. I say the Mighty is an inferior unit when compared to the Haze V3, and I think everyone is praising the Mighty/Crafty so much because they’re so damn expensive and supposedly have that superior German engineering behind them. A lot of smoke and mirrors in my opinion. Wish I had tried the Haze before I went and forked out $400 for the Mighty.

  • Hey bud I’m u huge evo cloud fan and was wondering if u have tried the sublimator out ?and if it compares to the Evo cloud

  • Hey Bud,first up great review as always,just wondering how the vapor quality and draw resistance compares to the arizer air. I was going to get the air as a cordless unit,but if the haze can outperform the air in vapor quality I may have to reconsider

    • Hey they’re not very different in those areas so I wouldn’t let that be a deciding factor I would look at the other pros/cons

      • Sorry Mr. Critic, I totally disagree with you. No comparison between the Arizer and the Haze V3; the Haze is about 3 million times more efficient.

    • I used the Arizer for quite a while and it doesn’t compare to the Haze V3. Now I haven’t used an Arizer in maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years, and as the technology is getting better so quickly, they might make a better unit now. But the Haze V3 is the best vaporizer I have ever used and much better than the Mighty (which I also own, having bought one before I got the V3).

  • Hey Bud,

    You should have a cape with the letter V in the front. Great read as usual. Great Review. I concur I think there is the Crafty/Mighty $300 — $400 and everything below it is tier 2. I can say in general, these tier 2’s are all pretty good, it depends on the person. I have a couple they are okay. I use my $119 Magic Flight and my Extreme Q all the time. (thanks to all the material from The Vape Critic), I think it all comes down to is what is a vaporizer and how does it work. The model of The Magic Flight Battery, Screen oven, mouth. That is the closest of almost any vape. Everyone else is still trying to make a vaporizer like the Magic Flight. It works Every Time, Its very durable, very small, extra batteries for endless supply of power, barely any cleaning, made of wood, metal and glass, no plastics, just a genius piece, great customer support. The way I look at it. if your spending $250 on any vape in where The V.C’s Tier 2, why would anyone in the $250 tier 2, not spend $50 more to get the Mighty or Crafty, which everyone says is The Best. If you cant get a Mighty or a Crafty, then I don’t know why there is anything else than the Magic Flight Launch Box. The others are just not as good at trying to reinvent the Magic Flight but are still missing the basics.

    Bruce Brewsky (Vapaholic)

    • Post Script: I am hoping that something comes out that’s better than the MFLB that’s affordable for me. From what I have heard, the next Vapes, will incorporate more of the Crafty and Mighty mechanism’s. I know that semi solar powered one that just hit the market(endless power is pretty cool)there. I have also heard that there will be a reliable pen, for those that like the idea of a pen.

    • I def agree with most of what Bruce Brewsky wrote lol. I do not own the new Haze V3 personally but got to try it out a few times recently. I have used the first Haze more than enough since it came out originally but never was that fond the unit.

      Damn I was surprised between all the new changes/updates and how it preforms. I didn’t get that rubber meeehhhh taste in my mouth I’d get with the original Haze. I’m not going to start reviewing it cause Bud already did that hah ;) – but crafty all the way for me. I mean this in the nicest way to all the other company’s but S&B first attempt at a portable vape is doing laps around every other portable available.

      Note to future vape companies… before wasting time making a vaporizer you have to ask yourself one question. Will my vape be better than the crafty or mighty, if not do not bother making it.

      Anyway if you can’t afford a crafty the Haze V3 I think will be liked by many and you can’t go wrong with 2 chambers. The taste of the vape is much much better than the first one that came out so good job Haze.

      If you got a minute Bud, can you tell me what I am missing on the grasshopper vape? I am seeing it all around but why is it so popular cause personally it looks like a POS (sorry but I had to say it). Thanks.

      • Thank You, Vapingly much. If all vapes were free I go Mighty or Crafty, and then Magic Flight Launch Box.

        We are the new breed of the 60’s. Peace, Vape and Love!

        Have a Vaping Good Day,

        Brewsky Bruce

        • I don’t think the Mighty is anywhere near as efficient and user-friendly as the Haze V3, which is far and away the best vaporizer I have ever used. Based on my experiences, I’d call the Mighty a tier 2 unit with an inflated price and the Haze 3 a tier 1 unit. No doubt.

      • If you can afford to blow $250 or even $300, why bother even getting a portable. Just get a damn desktop Vaporizer as it will be FAR superior to any portable device as you will ALWAYS get a convection style vaporizer with a QUALITY desktop (like the Extreme-Q). That’s why I don’t want to get this just yet. If anything I might just get the summit when I can catch it on sale.

    • I own three S&B products: the Volcano, the Plenty, and the Mighty. Wanting a portable, I am frustrated that yes indeed, the S&B devices are the best, BUT the portable has such a tiny chamber capacity that it simply does not cut it for me. I would be more than happy to stay at they “tier 1” level, but there is nothing that provides the capacity that the Haze does. Descending to Tier 2 now… sigh.

      • I disagree: S&B Mighty is NOT THE BEST: the Haze V3 is, according to my experiences with dry herbs and with wax, the superior unit in every way. I posted my review with details below.