How Are VapeRatings Determined?

The overall score or VapeRating that I give some vaporizers is determined by a number of factors, most of which are listed below. Models that I consider especially noteworthy will be labeled as TOP PICKS.

Ease of use
– Is it complicated to setup?
– Does it have many different parts?
– Is it comfortable and easy to hold?
– Can a beginner get good results quickly?

– How evenly does it vaporize the material?
– Is it consistent in how it performs?
– Is it hard to pull from? (draw resistance)
– Is stirring of the herbs required?
– How many draws do you get on average?
– Does it provide a satisfying experience?

Vapor quality
– Does it produce big clouds of vapor?
– Is it smooth and comfortable?
– How hot is the vapor it produces?
– How strong or potent is the vapor?

Taste / flavor
– Is the flavor bland or complex?
– Does it taste very clean and pure?
– Is it noticeably better than others?

– How much herb/material is required for good results?
– Can it efficiently be used with any amount?
– Do the end results justify how much was used?
– Is it efficient for both solo and group use?

Portable or desktop
– Is it mainly for use at home?
– Is it easy to pack and use on-the-go?
– Does it fit in your pocket?

Power supply
– Does it need to be plugged in for power?
– Does it run on rechargeable batteries?
– How long does the charge last?
– Are the batteries user-replaceable?
– How long does it take to fully recharge?
– Can it be used while charging?

Build quality
– Where was it manufactured?
– Does it feel like a high quality product?
– What kind of materials is it made of?
– Are all materials flavorless and food-safe?
– Are any of the parts fragile?

– Does it feel like a luxury product?
– Does it have a sleek look?
– Is it noticeably higher quality than most others?
– Did the manufacturer pay fine attention to detail?

– How much does it smell compared to other vapes?
– Does the unit itself give off an odor or just the vapor?
– Do you exhale a lot of visible vapor?

– Can it also be used with concentrates or dry herbs only?
– How efficient is it with wax and oil?
– Does the vapor taste very clean and pure?

Warranty / reliability
– How many owners have reported reliability issues?
– How responsive and professional is the manufacturer?
– Does it have a sufficient warranty?

– How clean does the unit stay after repeated use?
– Does it get dirty or build up residue quickly?
– How visible is the build-up?
– How often does the unit need to be cleaned?
– Is cleaning a reasonable process or hard to do?

Maintenance required
– Does it have parts that may need to be replaced in the future?
– How often will it need new parts or accessories?
– How much will it cost to properly maintain?
– How much effort is required?

– Is it considered a budget, mid-level, or premium vape?
– Is the price justified based on the quality and performance?
– Are there recurring costs involved for ongoing use?

Personal opinion
– Is it one of my favorites?
– How often do I use it versus others?
– Will I recommend it to people often?

Sometimes my ratings may slightly change over time for a particular vape, and this would be due to any variable factors gaining or losing weight. For example, if I end up receiving a large volume of reliability complaints 6 months after an initial review I will go back and adjust the VapeRating accordingly.

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