Alfa Portable Vaporizer Review

Want nice vapor from a short draw? The Alfa is one to consider. This mid-priced portable vape is made by a new company that goes by the name of Goboof, and it has a few unique features that make it stand out.

Design & Build Quality

Alfa It’s one of the smallest vaporizers I’ve reviewed and the overall design seems quite simple. On the top of the unit you have the removable silicone mouthpiece and rotary heat setting dial, and on the bottom you’ll find a door that unlatches to access the herb chamber.

What’s not very common is that extra heating-pin that’s sticking up in the middle of the oven. Most vapes have what I’ll call an “open” chamber design, but the Alfa utilizes that extra pin to more evenly heat your material from the inside out.

This vape is actually designed and made in Ireland, and it feels pretty solid for the price. It’s not very delicate and it seems like it can handle being knocked around a little bit, I’m cool with the quality of this one.

Inside Door Ease of Use

Everything about this vape is simple and straightforward except for maybe how you have to pack the oven for the best results.

Grind your herbs up real fine, this is important, and then tightly pack the chamber. Because of the pin sticking up in the middle it’s hard to use your finger to tamp it down so you’ll probably need to use some kind of small tool to pack it in.

If you don’t grind fine enough or if your material is loose in the oven you will most likely not get good results, but this is true for most conduction vapes.

After it’s packed you just turn it on, let it heat up, and then start puffin away.

Cleaning and maintenance is easy too and I’ll talk more about that later in the review.


One of its standout qualities is its ability to produce a pretty satisfying volume of vapor with just a ~2-4 second pull. The Alfa is what I would consider a great “puffer” vape. You can take longer pulls of about 8 seconds also and you’ll get pretty much double the vapor, but there are some better options out there for “ripping”.

Herb chamber That extra heating pin in the center of the oven is what I believe helps this vape perform really well with short puffs, I think it helps this unit create the vapor faster since a larger surface area of your material is heated at once.

Heavy hitters might not be totally and completely satisfied with the vapor output of this one, it’s no Crafty, but it’s certainly respectable for its size. If you prefer taking shorter draws but actually want to get a satisfying amount of vapor then this is the vape for you.

It’s very important to load the herb chamber properly to get the best performance from it, so just remember to grind fine and pack tight.

So the unit has 5 heat settings: LO, MID, HI, A/P, A/T

LO is 374°F (190°C), MID is 410°F (210°C), and HI is 446°F (230°C). The lowest temperature gives you the best tasting and highest quality vapor, you just don’t get a ton of it. MID is what I recommend in most scenarios because it gives you that nice vapor with a short draw and still keeps it smooth. HI is just too high, I won’t personally ever be vaping at that temp but if you’d like to try it just don’t expect the vapor to be as smooth and pure tasting.

The A/P setting stands for Auto-by-Puff, which means it starts at the lowest temperature and after every puff it detects it bumps the heat up a little bit (~3deg;C per draw) until it reaches somewhere around the HI temp (~428°F or 220°C). However, it seems that it doesn’t always detect these short puffs I keep talking about, they might be too short for it to register. So if you wanna use the vape on this setting you’ll probably have to take ~4-8 second draws for it to function properly.

Rotary Heat Setting Dial A/T means Auto-by-Time and it does the same thing as A/P but instead of detecting your puffs it just raises the heat over the course of 20 minutes (same temps). I feel like 20 mins is a little long though, my typical sessions are usually around 12-15 minutes so I wouldn’t normally even reach the max temp.  But actually now that I think of it, I don’t like the high temp anyway, so I guess that works out for me and it probably will for you too :)

Some people prefer to vape this way for a couple of reasons; When you start at lower temperatures you can get a richer and purer flavor & aroma experience. Then when you reach the highest temps you can more completely vaporize any residual ingredients left in your material.

I’ll be using mine on the LO and MID settings most often, and when I start my sessions on LO I usually end up raising the temp to medium halfway through the session anyway to maximize vapor production. In the session clip I show in my video review I’m using the vape on the MID heat setting.

Vapor Quality

I’d say the overall quality of the vapor it produces is slightly above average. In most cases and on most settings it’s smooth, pretty tasty, and fairly potent.

The experience seems ideal on the low and medium heat settings and that’s where flavor and smoothness is best. The only time I personally encounter harshness is when I have it on medium and I pull for too long, like 10+ seconds. It’s not really the best for ripping like that but for draws 8 seconds or less I think it’s great.

Oven Door On the highest temperature setting you’re much more likely to encounter hot or harsh feeling vapor, so I don’t normally recommend vaping with it set this high but everybody prefers different things so it’s worth givin it a shot to see if you like it.

I’d classify the strength of the vapor as good, it can produce satisfying end results but it depends what you’re looking for. If you take short puffs like I keep talking about the effects will usually be nice and mellow, so if you want to maximize how strong it feels you’ll have to pull for ~4-8 seconds.


It’s a little above average here, I’m happy with it. The herb chamber will hold up to roughly 0.25-0.3g of material but this will vary a tad depending on how tight you pack it and how fine you grind your stuff (grind fine and pack it tight).

From a fully packed oven you can expect somewhere around 15 draws depending on how long each pull is. Shorter puffs yield a little more, longer draws yield a little less.

What’s cool about the Alfa, and more specifically the extra heating-pin in the oven, is that you can pack less than a full chamber (half-pack) and it’ll still work pretty well, the performance is not far off. You’re not gonna need any extra screens or anything inside the chamber to fill up the empty space when you pack less, the heating pin does a good job of holding your stuff in place as long as you pack it down nice and tight.

When you don’t pack it full you won’t get as many draws from it and the vapor might not be quite as dense, but it’s pretty close. I wouldn’t put less than about 0.15g in there though, it won’t really work well with a smaller amount than that. From that amount you can usually get around 6-8 good draws before it’s spent.

Charging Port Battery & Charging

You can get about 60-90 minutes of usage from a full charge when you use this vape on the low and medium heat settings. The battery inside has to be pretty small so this amount of usage time is great.

Charging time is the biggest drawback of this vape, it can take up to ~3.5-4 hours to fully charge the battery to 100% if it’s completely dead. This is very long and way above average, and this is with the wall adapter they include which is really surprising.

It does have pass-through charging which is nice, this means you can turn it on and vape from it when it’s plugged in. This makes the long charging time not as big of a deal but most other portables do charge up in 1-3 hours.

It also has an auto shut-off feature which turns the unit off after about 10 minutes of not detecting a puff. It’s not perfect, sometimes it won’t detect all of your draws so I’ve found that the time it takes for it to automatically shut off can vary, but it’s usually after 10-15 minutes of usage which is a typical session length anyway.

Cleaning & Maintenance

It’s pretty easy to maintain which is great. The oven will slowly build up residue on the bottom where the screen is and the vapor path itself also accumulates some buildup. A big bonus with the Alfa is that residue and buildup does not seem to noticeably affect performance, so it only needs to be cleaned once every dozen sessions or so.

Mouthpiece To clean it first pull out the mouthpiece, then open the oven door, then stick an alcohol-moistened pipe cleaner down the vapor path until it reaches the chamber and pushes out the screen. Sometimes the screen can be a little stubborn and it won’t come out with just the pipe cleaner, but something like a paper clip will do the trick to pull it out the rest of the way.

After scrubbing the vapor path you can fold up the dampened pipe cleaner and scrub the inside of the oven. The screen can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol also, but in my testing it seemed pretty worn out after about 20 sessions, so every two cleanings or so you’ll probably want to replace the screen. It comes with a couple of replacements in the box but I would try and maybe get a few extra if you decide to get this vape.


You get a 2 year warranty from the date you buy it during which time they’ll repair or replace any units with defects. Sometimes they handle claims through their factory in Ireland, and other times they’ll go through retailers or distributors depending on where you live.

Stay up!


  • Hi Guys, Alfa Goboof has a new website and are now getting emails, and replying to support

  • As manufacturer of the Alfa Vaporizer, Castle D Enterprises Ltd will now assume responsibility for sales,service and repair of the product previously known as the Goboof Alfa Vaporizer.

    Castle D Enterprises Ltd trading as Alfa Vaporizers will continue to honour the warranty on all Alfa Vaporizers supplied by Goboof Products Ltd. in the past.

    Please log in to our website and fill in the contact page to enable us to deal with any queries:

    Castle D Enterprises Ltd t/a Alfa Vaporizers

    • Thank you to Terry Murray at Castle D Enterprises Ltd. for honouring the 2 year warranty on my faulty Alfa. I received my replacement unit yesterday. Very much appreciated. A very satisfactory outcome thanks to you and your company. (Thanks for posting this new info re Alfa vaporizers, Vape Critic.)

  • I’ve had it for about a year now and I am pretty happy with it. I’d love if they released alternative mouthpieces, like a slightly longer metal one. The one they ship with it sucks, great for on the go but too hot on your lips. I use it with a glass mouthpiece.

  • Hey Bud! Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using my Alfa almost daily since I won it in your giveaway. My ol’ lady and I love it, and it’s still running like a top. Thanks again!

  • Purchased directly from Goboof. Lasted 3 months. Contacted Owner Ciarán Oglesby.
    Had to pay $50.00 CAN to ship back. Postal Tracking showed the Alfa arrived at Goboof address in Ireland Sept 7, 2016.
    Company will not acknowledge they received it. I’ve sent 4 emails.
    I can’t give the Alfa a good review; I’m out $350, and it doesn’t appear I’m getting it back.
    I give Goboof Customer service a zero!

  • Hey Bud,

    Thanks for this great site and review. I based my choice for the Alfa mainly on your videos and I am very happy with my purchase. One thing though, you never mention that this thing can get uncomfortably warm in some situations. That was the only thing that kept me hesitating from buying it till I found the answer at this German shop.

    Was wondering if you maybe could pitch this idea to your connections with retailers or even manufacturers. An optional mouthpiece really turns this little badboy into a lean mean smoking machine and I would readily buy several if they were out there.

    Anyway keep up the good work. I can tell you really test all these models extensively and know what you are talking about. I will be checking your site again in a year or so when I hope to buy my second model.

    ps. Why are you always vaping in your car? Thought that was funny.

    Peace, and Vape On!

  • Hey Bud, just stumbled on this, enjoyed the review man! Would you say the Alfa has been beaten by any newer similar-priced models since these comments from a year ago? Thanks dude!

  • Replacement Alpha defective, right out of the box. Thermostat did not detect when heat level was reached. Light kept flashing. Unit went to high or higher(?) although set on low. Workaround is to take draws after unit has been on for 30 seconds. Power down before too hot, about one minute more.

  • Alpha stopped working. Fully charged. Green blink had one red blink before resuming green. Unit does not reach temperature, in fact does not warm at all.


  • Hi Bud,

    I bought this vape (through your referral link) about two months as my first dry-herb vaporizer based mostly on your recommendation. I’m not terribly happy with it. Three concerns:

    1. The pass-through charging feature is broken. I’ve had several occasions where the battery was low, so I would plug it into the USB charger off of AC power. When this happens, the vaporizer *tries* to heat the herb but never reaches the desired temperature. The LED starts to blink (to indicate that the oven is heating) but never stops blinking (to indicate that the oven has reached the desired temperature). I.e., the AC power seems to provide additional power to the battery, but this isn’t enough power to actually vape with. I end up with dried-out herb with no usable vape. Bummer.

    2. The latch on the door that covers the oven is poorly designed. I’ve had multiple occasions where I’d pack a full oven with herbs, slide the switch to latch the door and have it click into place, and then have the door pop back open again a few seconds or minutes later. On more than a few occasions, I’ve had some good, fresh herb spill all over the floor as the door pops open. Double bummer.

    3. The battery seems quite weak. At best, I can get two sessions out of this. (Perhaps my sessions are longer than yours.) At worst, I can get 1.5 sessions out of this before the battery goes into the red. If I plug the vape into AC power to finish the session, then I get into the problem of (1) above. Triple bummer.

    I hope you can take these concerns into account with your future reviews.

    On a related matter, you give the Alfa a score of 90 on your “portable vaporizers review” webpage, but it only shows up as 89 on this webpage. Did you downgrade this product? If I recall correctly, it was your #2 pick for best portable orders when I bought it, but now it doesn’t even show up as one of your recommended products on your homepage. If you downgrade a product for some reason, it would help if you could make that more explicit by updating your reviews.

    • I agree with all of Robs points from his post on dec 23, 2015.
      Mine has stopped working entirely after 8 months of use.
      The battery door latch is finished, it longs to click once more.
      It wont charge and it wont turn on. I have tried different adapters and replacement charging cords. When it worked, it worked well, aside from the short battery life. Expected better quality.

  • Hey Bud,
    big ups from Germany for your outstanding page and channels. You are definately the god of hell vapor – especially for newbies like me. Talking about efficiency (meaning to get the most out of your material, even with half-packed chambers) which one would you choose: ALFA, SUMMIT or PAX 2? I’m completely new to this vape thing, but I feel like I’m gonna be a sipper using mostly small amounts of material like half-packs. Currently I tend to the Alfa followed by the Summit, what do you think? Thanks a lot!

  • How is the Alfa in terms of smell? Is it less on the smelly side compared to the other high end portable vapes?

  • Does it heat up the herb pretty evenly or do you have to make sure to move the herb around every hit or two?

    • You asked this a while ago, but if you’re still wondering, yeah it heats it up evenly. Maybe if you want to get the most out of your material you might stir it up at the end of your sesh.

  • Wassup , i posted that comment above on sep 10th when i first got my alfa vape . The unit is solid and i really liked it but was dissapointed with vapor production and couldnt get any vapor to speak of . Since then i had time to play with it and experiment and now that i got the hang of it im getting excellent results and big dense vapor . First your product HAS to be on the dry side , if it doesnt grind really easy its too moist and results wont be satisfying , next make sure to pack tight and dont be afraid to push it down really good. Also i noticed with this vape the light goes solid way too early and its not up to temp yet atleast on my unit. Now i wait atleast 2 mins after solid green light and it works wonders , then between each draw wait about 10-20 secs to give time to reheat oven works every time for me and gives satisfying clouds of vapor. Finally , i find with this vape you have to draw really slow but steady if you dont get vapor still draw slower but keep pulling directly into your lungs . I also found the lower the quality of the blend the smaller the vapor output. I now only use toP shelf , hope this helps someone. Peace

  • Just received my Alpha, it’s my first time using a vapor and I’m not sure if I know what I’m doing. Only packed it half full set it on medium heat and started puffing, good taste but hardly any vapor and not sure about the buzz either as opposed to a glass piece. I’m 67 been chiefin’ a long long time and would really like to be able to use the Vape rather then the old harsh way. Oh how the hell do you know when it’s played ? I watched the video and can’t come close to getting the vapor you do, what’s up with that /

    • Hey Stan do whatever you can to get your herb ground up as fine as possible, this is one of those “conduction” vapes that need to heat a lot of surface area to produce good vapor.

      If you grind it nice and fine and pack it fairly tight you should be able to get good vapor on the medium heat setting. That’s all I’m doing in my video but I do have the oven packed full (~.25g)

      You’ll know it’s spent when it starts to taste like burnt popcorn and your herb is a dark brown color

  • A question to anyone that owns the alfa. I grind fine pack really tight and slow long draws as suggested in this review by bud however i cannot produce anywhere near the vapor the vape critic does in his video review evan on thd high setting Now is it only my unit or does the alfa produce whispy vapor in general??? Im trying to find out if my alfa is defective and if i should send it in for repairs. Thx

  • Thanks for all your great reviews! I had an original Pax last year I did not care for. After giving up on vaporization for a year I decided to try again. I came across your reviews and got the Goboof Alfa. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!

  • I new to vaping the this the first vaporizer I am going to purchase I am on a tight budget, I have seen all your reviews, but want your help on choosing one of the following, the Alfa or the Pax 1 or the Summit or the Davinci Ascent. Its hard for me to compare each based on reviews. I have also never Vaped before, my preference is Vapor quality and Smoothness. Hope you get time to help me choose one, Thank you very much in advance for your time.

  • Hi, I just bought the Alfa, just used it for the first time today. I find it gets really hot, really fast, even when on the low setting. And I also find I’m not getting much of a cloud. I’ve heard that it can get warm after a while, but this is hot! And within a couple of minutes. Any ideas? Could I be doing something wrong? I’ve been putting in about 0.2, packed pretty well.
    Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

  • I really like the Alfa just got it this things roars will make you yak! Thanks on your review bud!

  • Hey bud, I was wondering what vapor gets you the [strongest results] pax 2,summit,or alpha please reply and btw you make awesome videos :)

  • Hey man, props on the reviews. I’m an intermediate vaper and I’ve used your reviews to decide on a Dr. Dabber Ghost, Light and their Percolator. They are exactly as you describe in your review.

    I’m now looking at a dry herb unit and I am leaning toward the Alfa, which I presume is a conduction vape… but I’m wondering if you have heard of or plan to review a new convection vape pen called the grasshopper? I’d ideally like a convection vape but I just don’t like the Firefly’s small oven.

    200+ is an investment for me so my quandary is this: Should I get an Alfa now or wait until after September when the Grasshoppers start shipping?

    Thanks for creating the go-to site for vapers like me!

    Vape On,


  • Just hooked this up with your link! You deserve it, always great info, always my first choice for vape advice!!! Got it for 179….. Seemed to be the cheapest around! Keep it up! Healthy stoners everywhere are depending on you!!

    • UPDATE>>>>><<<<><
      Got this thing and it is awesome!!!!!!! The first packing was too loose and performed like shit….. and I was like "that vape critic is such a dick" but then I packed it tight… really tight… and it hits like crazy. This thing is perfect…crazy hitter..tiny package. Battery charging blows but it lasts awhile, and it is kind of a pain to pack it as tight as you need to, but overall totally worth it. Thanks man!!! Keep the reviews coming!!!!

  • I was wondering if you know whether or not it’s safe to use a higher power charger to charge the Alfa faster without damaging the battery. Goboofs site doesn’t give you specs on the Voltage, Amperage or Wattage of their charger. It’s an awesome vape and I can deal with the charge time but I just want to know if there’s a solution. Maybe they’ll realease a ‘Bravo’ with a better battery and charger.

  • Hello, I’ve been using Alfa for 3 days.
    I wonder when you use this vaporizer, is it ok to turn off during the session to save it for later session?
    I mean I’ve been consequent vape user but until these days, I really don’t know how to use it.
    When I use the Alfa, I dial it to LO and have about 8 short puffs and turn it off. When its turned off, what happens/effects to the material?
    Do you have any tip for the best result or efficient way of using it?

  • Just hit submit on the Alfa. I’m upgrading from the MFLB wish me luck… Thanks for all the info you provide, way cool man

  • Love your reviews.

    Considering only vapor quality (visible clouds), would you go for the Alpha or the Pax 2 ? Note I do have the Mighty so you can refer to that in comparing the other two. Thank you.

  • I just purchased a Alfa. Good vape. TERRIBLE PACKAGE. The housing and the mouthpiece become VERY HOT! Be careful because it can burn your hand/lips. Do not leave it sitting on anything combustible, plastic, etc

  • I love your videos man. I can’t wait for every upload.
    I got the Alpha along with Flowermate 5.0S.
    I love my Flowermate more than the Alpha !
    I’m expecting you and others to be shocked.
    I might be doing something wrong. Or maybe it’s the shit and over priced [herb] in Holland and Amsterdam!
    I think you should give the Flowermate a try very soon.
    Please upload more videos. I’m addicted :)

  • Hi there, first i think you should know your reviews are downright fantastic.

    My question though is what do you think is the right choice? Im choosing between the alfa, arizer air, and the ascent. Im coming from a flight box so vapor quality is very important to me, but im looking for something that will be better suited for on the go use especially during outdoor activities and a lot of use will be in cold climate. Another thing is that im more of a long smooth draw, than a ripper or “smal sip” vaper.
    If you have any thoughts that would help make this choice easier it would be greatly appreciates!

    Thanks, props coming from the east coast of Canada.

  • Hey bud,

    I liked the videos a lot. I would love to help for a French version…

    The Alfa is not available anymore at VW

    Any other suggestion for a delivery in Canada?

    Thanks and regards from Montreal


    • Hey Conrad you tried ordering it and it wasn’t available?

      I just looked and it’s in stock on the website but maybe you mean it’s not in their Canada warehouse?

      Please let me know!

      • I clicked on the link but did not find the Alfa on the site.
        If I do a search, I get only the screen set.

        Thanks for your help!


        • Ah I see! You’re automatically being redirected to their Canada store pages but for some reason the Alfa isn’t showing up there.

          I’m gonna look into this now and get back to you asap!

        • Good news and bad news, which do you want first? lol

          Bad news is they don’t have it available in Canada at the moment, but the good news is they are diligently working on getting it there.

          Sorry about that!!!

  • I have a MFLB right now and im looking to upgrade. I was wondering which vaporizer is better, the haze or the alfa?

    • Hey I personally rate the Alfa a little higher overall but the Haze does have some unique features so I would go with the design and look & feel you like best.

  • Hey bud,

    Which cleaning wands/alcohol or cleaning kits out there do you recommend for cleaning the Alfa? Can’t seem to find any kits anywhere and I liked the cleaning tools you used in the Alfa video. Thanks brah!

    • Hey Vinny any old pipe cleaners should do the trick, and use 91% isopropyl alochol.

      The vape comes with a few when you first get it that should last you a few dozen sessions.

  • Hi everyone,

    I bought this vape a couple months ago and I have to say that the Alfa by goboof is a top notch portable vaporizer. This one being my 5th vaporizer, it is also my favorite and I am still being impressed by how efficient, flavorful and stealthy this baby is. The only down side with this vape is that it gets a tad hot, otherwise this vape is a powerhouse. I highly ;) recommend this vape

  • Hi there,
    First off let me complement you on an amazing service you offer here. You are so helpful with what can be a very confusing market.
    My situation is that have been forced to make the switch to a herbal vaporizer due to health issues (I’m actually currently in a hospital awaiting an operation to repair a collapsed lung) I have been a smoker for over 15 years (both tobacco and herbs) this has been my wake up call to knock the cigs on the head. I would rather not give up the herbal smoking as I rely on it, not just for my own sanity and other medical problems, but also so I can continue to fit in socially with my group of friends who all sit during our weekly poker games with a herbal cigarette each.
    I like in England and over here the range of available vaporizers is fairly limited I am also a bit tight on budget so I would like to keep my outlay low. I’m looking at portable vaporizers and am wondering if you think I’d be OK with one of these Alfa’s
    Really I’m looking for something I can use for what is the equivalent of a couple of J’s when out with my poker buddies and also my daily medication of a couple of j’s of an evening at home.
    I’ve also been contemplating the MFLB as it looks to be cheap but good. And I’d love the crafty but its really at the higher end of my budget and would rather not spend that much as cash is tight because I’ve been off work for a few weeks. Is the alpha fairly smooth and easy on the lungs? Please help I’m in a world I’m not familiar with and I fell you are the expert I need to ask. Thanks dude

    • In relation to my above comment…..
      Also just noticed I can pick up the summit for about £100 so that may be an option too.
      So to summarize i’m torn between

      The Alfa £130
      The Summit £100
      The MFLB £80

      Is the extra cash going to make much difference to a newcomer to vaping in terms oof smoothness to already not the best lungs.
      Thanks dude.

    • Hey Oli thanks for posting,

      I do think the Alfa would be a great choice for you, the vapor is smooth and you don’t need to take a long draw to get a satisfying volume of vapor.

      The vapor isn’t quite as strong as that from a unit like the Crafty, but it’s definitely comfortable.

  • Hey Bud,
    Your reviews are excellent! Thanks so much for the help.
    How does the alfa perform with solids/wax?


  • Hey man, love your site. I came across it a few years ago when researching vapes after trying out my mate’s Volcano, and this has been my go-to source of information. I bought a Vapir NO2 back then and have been happy with it, but I really like the look of this Alfa. (I like the look of the Crafty also, but it’s a bit pricey for me)

    My question is – do you think the Alfa would be a good step up from the NO2? Thanks and keep up the good work, Adam

    • I’m also wondering this as well. I’ve only used the no2 and while it was good the battery didn’t last long… I don’t feel like paying the 45$ for a new one. So I’m thinking of a new unit either this or the Summit. I just don’t want to have to look for another one in a year.

    • Hey thanks for posting guys,

      Yes I do personally think this Alfa is a step up from the NO2, pretty much every aspect is at least a little better.

      • Thanks Bud, that’s reassuring and what I was hoping to hear. I think I will go ahead and get one!

  • Hey bud!
    Is there any way to speed up the charging time with the alfa? Or could you possibly replace the battery?

    • Hey I’m not really sure! If I hear about or figure out a way to do either of those things I’ll post an update for sure.

      Stay up!

  • You gotta test the top vaporizer first consumers in it for the best product i would assume

  • In terms of potency of the vapor which would you say is stronger; the Alfa, Summit or the Arizer Air? Also thanks for providing the best and most informative tape videos on YT!

    • Hey Pat I would say it’s pretty close with all 3, but to get really granular the Alfa & Summit are most similar and the Air is a fraction stronger.

  • Looking at the Alfa vs. Crafty.
    It’s a gift for someone who smokes alone and doesn’t need a lot at one time.
    What if you don’t use everything you put in the vape?

    • If you don’t need a lot in one sitting you can half-pack the ovens of both of these vapes with about 0.15g and get a handful of nice draws.

      Go with Alfa if shorter puffs are more desired, go with Crafty for maximum strength vapor but you need to pull for ~8+ seconds to get a lot of it.

    • Not next but hopefully soon, I have a bunch in the pipeline right now but thanks for requesting!

  • You are the best! Looking for a portable. Summit or Alfa? 87 vs 90. Can you elaborate? My go to is the SSV.

    • No you are,

      They’re both great I’d say it’s just a matter of spending $150 or $200, and maybe which design or look & feel you like better. Performance-wise they’re really not too far apart, but the Alfa is pretty much the best for short draws ~4 seconds or less.

      The key with both of these is to grind fine and pack them tight, then take nice slow pulls.

      You really can’t go wrong with either one!

    • It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be changed by the user but perhaps I’ll take mine apart to see what’s going on in there.

    • I like the PAX 2 a tiny bit better overall but if you want to keep the price down I think the Alfa would be a great option.

      • How’s the draw resistance on the alfa vs the pax 2? One thing I hated about the pax 1 was the draw resistance.

        • Pretty similar, but with the PAX 2 you have to scrub out the oven every few sessions to keep resistance at a minimum, you don’t have to do that with the Alfa.

          However, neither one will be a huge difference from the Pax 1 cus they’re all still conduction vapes which work best with low air flow.

          If you want a really free-flowing draw and you want a portable my top picks are the Crafty & Mighty.

  • Hey! Where did you buy the oven screen with the hole in the middle? Did you use the oven screen and the mouthpiece screen? Or just the oven screen?

    • Hey what’s up, the vape comes with 3 screens and when you’re ordering it you can add on some extra ones for a few bucks. They are specific to the Alfa though because of that hole in the middle.

      The mouthpiece actually doesn’t have a screen it there’s just the one in the bottom of the oven.

      Stay up!

  • Hey bud enjoy all your reviews man! Was wondering what you thought about the pax screen and pusher by new vape, i guess they also have one for the pax 2. They claim increased airflow and performance with these two pieces, as well as the ability to use less material. Your thoughts on these pieces would be appreciated. Thanks man! Keep up the great work.

    • Hey Roy thanks for posting, I have those pusher things for my original Pax and they seem to work fairly well, I wasn’t aware of a version for the PAX 2 can you email me a link?

      • Yes the pax 2 sandwich bundle is also adjustable to the amount of material in the oven,

  • Hi dude

    I appreciate your videos :)

    I have a solo, but he irritates my throat a little.

    Do you think this Alfa can be more “soft” in the throat? The air is too hot?

    Kind regards from Portugal

    Stay up :)

    • Hey man what’s up,

      I also kinda find the Solo vapor to be slightly irritating, and I do think the Alfa vapor is smoother but only with draws 8 seconds or less, if you rip this one for a long time the vapor can start to get kinda scratchy.