Vapolution 3 Glass Desktop Vaporizer

This one is the Vapolution 3 or VAP3 desktop vaporizer, and it has some unique features.


It’s the first vape I’ve reviewed with a truly 100% glass air path, and I’m impressed. The glass gives the vapor a super pure flavor and it still keeps it smooth and comfortable.

There’s another interesting thing about it that makes it different, you don’t have to grind your herb! This is one of the few (only?) vapes I own that actually works very well with flower still in bud form.


Performance and vapor quality are its strengths, and at right around $300 I think it’s a good value for the price, I really enjoy using it.

Watch my video review below for a full demo and to learn everything you need to know about the VAP3.

Stay up!


  • I would like to ask if Vapolution 3.0 is usable in Europe because of the difference on the voltage of the current and the shape of the plug


  • One and ALL, DO NOT buy from Vapolution!! I bought a Vape.#1 and the temp. control mal functioned. I sent it back, they fixed it and after less than a year,, the on/off switch broke. The unit delivered great taste so I purchased a Vapolution#2. From day one, the electrical connection to the unit had to be positioned just so at just a certain angle or it wouldn’t work. This became worse after time and then the unit would switch from F. to C. on it’s own, burning the sh-t out of my throat time & time again. To make things WORSE,, the unit would switch OFF on it’s own and no amount of tampering would revive it until, say the following day. I e-mailed their web site but still no response from them. So now I’m out $300. PLUS dollars. Look for other vape units! I just bought an Arizer unit and hope for better usage. Learn from my misfortune grasshoppers. kimo pohaku. OUT

  • Hey Bud,

    Just got one of these bad boys, with much help from your video review of the vape. What ended up changing your mind about it? I’m enjoying the all-glass airpath very much so far and aside from the seemingly dirt-cheap, smelly plastic housing, this thing really rocks. Would you still consider it in the same league as the VapeXhale Cloud EVO or The Volcano?

    Thanks a lot!

  • I just re-watched your video and saw that you did try the hydrotube attachment. Do you prefer the purity package over the hydrotube package?

    Thanks again for all the great, detailed reviews.

  • Thanks for all your detailed reviews. I’m trying to decide on first vape just to try vaping, and your reviews are very helpful. I notice from the Vapolution website that they have dropped the price of this unit by $100 to $205 for the “purity” package, and that they are now selling one with a hydrotube water pipe attachment at $250 for the package.

    1) Have you tried the hydrotube with this unit?
    2) At the new lower price, is this one of the better deals out there currently? Of course, the price is MUCH lower than the VapeXhale with hydrotube.

  • hey bud
    great review as always, so interested in this vapol 3, but i already own a nano and although not 100% glass on glass air path, it has been my referrance for flavour. how do they compare to each other?
    also any luck getting to the bottom of the noise from the vape and powerlead? tried any other leads or asked the manufacturer? seems expensive for a vape that isnt a great looker and not made from premium materials and makes a wierd noise while in use. seems like vapolution are trying to break into the high tier market with this glass on glass gimick, without making the device itself top tier?
    so wanna love this and get one but