VapirRise Vaporizer Review

VapirRise This is the VapirRise made by a company called Vapir who also makes the popular NO2 vape.

Their goal with this model was to create a lower-priced alternative to the Volcano, but it actually looks and works more like the Extreme-Q.

It’s a dual-mode unit, meaning it can be used with a whip (direct inhalation through silicone tubing) or with a balloon system. I’d say vapor quality is just about average, not bad but not great either.

There’s a good amount of parts that come with it which can be overwhelming at first, but once you fully understand what they all are it doesn’t seem too complicated.

One of the main drawbacks this vape has, in my personal opinion, is that you can’t turn the built-in fan off without also turning off the heat. (***see note below)

UPDATE: They’ve since released version 2.0 and one of the main upgrades is that you can now turn off the built-in fan independently from the heater.

Stay up!

Video transcription:

Hey how’s it going?This video is going to be my review of the VapirRise vaporizer. So this vape here, this is a desk top model. Meaning that it has a power cord and it plugs into the wall. And this is a dual mode vaporizer where you could either use it with a whip, they call it direct inhalation, or you could use it with a balloon. So first let me just show you all the different parts that it comes with and how it works.

So this is the main unit here. It has the touch controls for the temperature up and down, the fan speed up and down, and then the control to turn the heater on and off. And obviously the LCD display for the temperature. You also have the removable power cord coming out of the back there. And then on the bottom of the unit you have a place here to put the hepa filter that it comes with.

Moving right along we have the silicone tubing for the whip. And inside this little box here we have some extra mouth pieces, we have some extra screens, we have an oil chamber if you want to use this vape with concentrates, we have the standard inhalation adapter that you’ll be using a lot, then you have the multi user adapter, you have the chamber adapter piece which is what actually connects to the herb chamber, which is this piece over here, we have the hot chamber grabber – this is the tool you’re going to have to use to grab the herb chamber when it’s hot, so that you don’t burn yourself.

Over here is the balloon adapter when you’re going to use it in bag mode. And this over here is the balloon clamp which will clamp the bag onto your adapter. Okay? In addition to those parts they also give you a separate bag which includes all of the balloon material.

Okay, so as far as how this vape operates, when you first turn it on the way that I have it now is in standby mode basically. So you’ll see that the lights are on and there is some kind of very faint noise going on. I can’t figure out if it’s the fan that’s spinning slowly or if it’s just the electronics that are buzzing, but in standby mode like this there is a slight noise you hear but the vape isn’t actually on – like the heater’s not on, the fan’s not really on. So if you wanted to actually get it going like for a session, what you would do is first set the temperature and then if you hit the heat button to turn it on to actually get the unit to that heat that you set, you’ll notice that the fan’s going to turn on automatically.

So this is very important because the way this vape works is any time the heater’s on, any time the heat is engaged, the fan is going to be on.

So another vape that I reviewed that works similarly to this is the viVape. There are pros and cons to this, but I’m personally not a huge fan of vapes that work like this. But nonetheless that’s how this one works.

Okay. So it doesn’t take a very long time to heat up, just a couple of minutes, and now that it’s on and heated up you could increase and decrease the fan speed as you see fit. Just remember like I said that if you tried decreasing the fan speed to zero the heater is actually going to turn off.

To use this vape in whip mode or direct inhalation mode, what you would do is you would take this piece, it’s pretty much the top half of the herb chamber, and then you’ll take the actual herb chamber itself, this is where you’re going to put your ground up material. So you’re going to grind your herbs, you’re going to put as much as you want in here. Now it is a fairly large chamber so you will be able to fit a lot of material if you wanted to. And then what you do is once you have it packed, you’re going to connect it to the top piece by just pushing it in like that and then it’ll snap into place.

Then you would take the whole chamber that’s just been put together, and you would insert it into the top of the base unit and turn it to lock it in place. Then you would take this adapter and you would screw it right on top into the herb chamber, like that. Then you would take your silicone tubing and put one end into the top and then take a mouth piece out of the box and put that on the other end, like so.

Okay, so at this point the vape is on, the heat’s on, it’s up to your target temperature, and your material is in the chamber. So technically right now you could start vaping.

So in this clip you’ll see me vaping with it in whip mode. So first what you’ll see me do here is take a nice slow draw with the fan on the lowest speed possible. And one of the things you’re going to notice is that after I’m finished with my draw the vapor is still going to be coming out of the tubing. That’s just my personal opinion of why the fan being on constantly is sort of a draw back. Because you know, as far as I’m concerned there are many people that like to vape at a slow pace, comfortably, they like to take their time. It almost feels like, to me, that you would need to rush your sessions with a vape where the fan is always on.

So for the second draw you see me take here I actually increase the fan speed up to about the medium speed or so. And you’ll see that this helps you get a little more vapor, it’s sort of like a stronger draw. So when you’re using it yourself you can obviously experiment and see what fan speed you like to use best.

Now after you’re finished vaping with it, what you’re going to want to do is then turn the vape off. And then this is where you’re going to want to use that hot chamber grabber piece, which is this, this little tool thing. Because when you go to unscrew the chamber here you’ll notice that there is your herb chamber and it’s going to be very hot because it was just sitting getting heated.

So you’re going to take this plastic piece, you’re going put it over and very gently sort of wiggle it back and forth and it’ll come loose.

I only have one piece of tubing with mine so I couldn’t actually test the multi-user adapter, but the way it’s supposed to work is instead of using this top piece for the single piece of tubing you would take this one and attach it to your herb chamber. And then it has these levers here for the valves. So you could technically use this in whip mode with four different whips. So like I said I didn’t get to test this personally but I would imagine that it would work in a similar way to the single whip.

Now to use this vape in balloon mode what you’re going to have to do is put the actual balloon together first. So the adapter piece does come separate from the balloon material, and then you also have an extra clamp piece that helps hold it on.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to take one of your balloons and then you’re going to take your adapter, and you’re first going to remove the blue O ring from the adapter and you’re going to put your balloon material through it. Okay, and then you’re going to put that over the adapter again. And you’re going to roll up the O ring, so that it fits right inside the groove there.

Then you’re going to take the extra balloon material that’s hanging over and you’re going to fold it back. And then this is where you’re going to take your clamp piece and you’re going to put it around the material over the adapter and clamp it shut so it holds it there all nice and tidy like.

And then you’ll also notice that the balloon adapter has a lever for the valve. Moving the lever up and down will open and close the lever inside which will let the vapor out or stop it from coming out. And then the only other piece that’s also used with balloon mode is this adapter piece which, after the balloon is full, snaps into place like that. So to get started with the balloon what you’ll do is you’ll fill the herb chamber just like I showed you before when using it in whip mode – fill up the chamber the same way. You’ll put the chamber right into the top of the unit and you’ll take your balloon adapter and that is what you’ll screw in to the top of the chamber. And just remember to check and make sure the valve is open when you’re filling the balloon.

One of the things you’ll notice when filling the balloon is that it doesn’t really stay up or anything. It’s not the same type of balloon material that the Volcano comes with for instance, where the balloon stays straight up when you fill it. So it’s going to keep falling to the side, but whatever, that’s just how this one works.

So once the bag is full you could turn off the fan, then you could close the valve on the adapter and then unscrew it from the herb chamber. Then you could take that adapter piece and snap that right on the end, and then all you’d have to do is open the valve to start drawing from it. Once the valve is open you’ll notice that any time you take your finger off the end of the adapter the vapor will start coming out.

So I thought balloon mode is okay, personally. I found it a little cumbersome with the parts. There’s kind of a lot of stuff to do, and it’s a little heavy these things.

I don’t think it’s the greatest, I don’t think it’s on the same level as the Volcano at all, but you know, it’s at a much lower price point so it’s not a bad alternative. I think the valve system was a good idea, but the placement of it and the way that you open and close it, I found myself not even bothering to use it because it was a tiny bit annoying. But the valve is there if you need it.

All right, so that is the Vapir Rise in a nut shell. If you’re interested in buying one of these I put a link in the description to the authorized dealer that I got mine from. You could check out my website to watch reviews of other vaporizers. Thanks for watching. And stay up!


  • I had one of the original NO2 vaporizers. After 5 years, it finally died on me. I went on their website to purchase their new 2.0 version but it appears they have discontinued the NO2. That’s really a shame. I purchased the Vapir Rise 2.0 because I wanted to try a desktop model. It works good, but it seems to burn through my herb a lot faster than the NO2 did. It also has more parts than the NO2 and is more difficult to clean. I think it might be good in a party situation where you have several people drawing on it like a hookah, but for one person I think it’s wasteful. Fortunately I was able to find a NO2 2.0 on some random vaporizer retailer so I am eagerly waiting for it’s arrival. I think I’ll save the Vapir Rise 2.0 for parties.

  • Just bought my VapirRise2.0 last week, have never used a vaporizer before and had only ever heard and saw them on tv. Decided to go in blindfolded and am just blown away by how great this thing is. Some aspects could use change but they are little things that i believe will be changed over time with newer models. If you’re thinking about getting one, do it. You truly will not be disappointed.

  • Hi,

    I see on your video that you have a very dense vapor with the Vapir Rise, how do you get there? What is the amount of herb you put? And what are the settings of Temp. and Fan.? I cant have a dense vapor, and I dont understand why.

    Thank you!

  • I’ve had my Vapir Rise for a little over a year and lately it has been afflicted with wild temperature fluctuations. It jumps from 190 to 175 and then to 200, essentially burning the weed in the chamber. I had a perfect system of escalating temperatures that worked for a year and now it’s useless. I need to constantly monitor the temperature as it will inevitably fluctuate and burn the weed to an ash. Needless to say, it’s pissing me off and my next purchase is definitely a Volcano as you pay for what you get.

    • Did that come with the 2 year warranty like the newer version does? With an issue like that you might be able to get some help with warrantied repairs.

    • I’ve also experienced wild temp fluctuations after a few months of use without these issues, have returned the unit twice and both times the unit developed an issue with wild temperature fluctuations after a couple of months.

  • Holy shit, too many parts to make it work. Just putting it together requires a well deserved hit. I wouldn’t reccomend it. I think I’ll just stick with buying the EQ. Though question though, is it possible to mod that multi-whip device onto something like an EQ. That’s a really cool trick that makes the vapir rise appealing though that’s it.

  • curious if this model would work with glycerin?? in your opinion what’s the best desktop model for my needs??would be appreciated, thanks-

  • I don’t know if you are aware but there is a new model of the vapir rise, its called ultimate. There is a increase in the temperature range and you can turn off the fan without having to turn off the heat. If you could consider reviewing it would be nice. Peace.

  • Bud,
    Thanks for all your great reviews. I’m leaning towards vaping because my lanlords live above me so odor is a big concern for me. I want a unit that’s going to get me [where I want to be]. I’ve owned a pax but I found myself [using] more material in order to reach a comfortable level of [radness]. I’m kind of leaning towards the Crafty or the Vapir rise 2.0? Don’t really care about flavor much just the end result. Thanks for your help!

    • Hey I totally what you’re saying, and the vapes you want to consider are the Plenty, Crafty and Mighty. Aside from being really well-made and performing like champs they also produce some of the strongest vapor I’ve experienced.

  • Howdy Bud,
    I’m super curious what you have to say about the VapirRise 2.0? It’s supposed to allow you to turn off the fan, and has a higher temperature. Any thoughts before I go ahead and buy it?

    • Hey the higher max temperature doesn’t do anything for me because I didn’t feel that was a downside to the original model, but I do like that you can now turn the fan off separately from the heater

      This puts it more inline with a vape like the Extreme-Q performance-wise which I think is a good thing

  • Over the past year or so i’ve read, viewed so many reviews & wasted too much money. i only wish i’d found your reviews before wasting $$ on junk but better late than never. the point you made about the fan not shutting off on the VapirRise, i can deal with that especially as the last few days they’ve been selling for $169 flat fee, free shipping! that price drop along with your reviews helped me make a tough choice today, thanks! i know it isn’t atop the list of your favorites but for the money i couldn’t say no. one question in regards to flower? is it possible to grind it too finely? my only experience to date vaping has been using flower with the atmos pen aka “the burner,” & the magic flight box. haven’t received the VapirRise yet so thought to ask before hand.

    • Hey the chamber screens in this one have pretty small pores so it’ll be ok to grind up really fine, but you don’t have to go super super fine to get decent results with it. Grind consistency will affect the density of the vapor so just experiment and see what you like best. Vape it up!

  • Hi I was just wondering what would be better for a balloon system. This the extreme q or the vivape. Or should I just save my mommney and get the volcano

  • Hey guys I’ve had my vapor rise forever now and I was just wondering whats your thoughts on the tubing ? i LOVE using the tube but the only thing is the tube always falls off, cause i guess its the residue that makes it slippery. right now i wrap the tubr tightly on with half a papertowel and use a clip to hold it in place, it works great barley falls out but i’m just wondering any other ideas of keeping the thing in place?

    thanks guys!

    • Just get some new tubing :-)

      Same thing eventually happens with my NO2, but new tubes are cheap. If you’re not sure which one to buy, just get an actual Vapir tube from the Vapir site.

      In the meantime, those Rise tubes are quite long, so you could also just trim off the stretched end a little and it should fit fine. Oh…and soak the top piece (the funnel) connector in some alcohol, rinse it real good, and all those oils will be history.

  • Bud –

    Any chance you will update your review with the new and improved Vapir Rise 2.0?

    I’ve been considering a Rise for a few months now, and would love to hear your comments. Apparently the new Rise allows a “no-fan” mode, and raised the top temp to 420F (for oils?).

  • Ok now see I loved that review. that particular unit does everything I will want mine to do so those are a lot of pluses. the extreme Q also did well by me because of what u said.
    1, it has both whip & balloon modes.
    2, it has a fan that will help with the draws,
    3, its digital,
    4, it has a valve for the bag &
    5, it can let me share in a group of 3 or more
    6, as u have pointed out it’ll be nice to have a large well made chamber for material.
    7, I would also like the option of a additional long whip.
    (However, u didn’t speak well of the bag & its valve & I agree with you. I have no desire to waste material or be rushed by my machine because the fan stays on).
    8, I also want to avoid harsh pulls & I hope to find smooth pulls & soothing pulls.
    9, Simple & user friendly with out a lot of parts to loose &/or clean.
    10, well made with solid construction & good handy workStill though I hope to stay as far below $300 as possible for a desktop unit. the ability to share with multiple ppl is the 1st thing that I’m most willing to sacrifice but I know that the price is a .. limitation. what do u suggest as a good desktop for a 1st timer?

  • Hi!
    I watched all your reviews about 5 months ago. I love them and really enjoy the fact that you show demonstration of all of them. Keep up the good work!

    After checking out your review I chose the Vapir N02.
    After 2 weeks of use I was feeling the herb chamber was too small and I was refilling a lot. So I wanted a desktop one.
    I watched all your reviews again and there was this Vapir rise review that was new as the unit had just been put on the market.
    Even with your 75. I went a head and got it. For me the price was ok and since I wanted to use it for the balloon experience the fan was not an issue.
    I like it a lot, for me he deserve better than 75 but I understand your reason,

    What I wanted to do is review the oil chamber as I didn’t see anywhere reviews about it.
    So I made my self a few version of concentrates to test it and here what I felt needed to be shared:
    -It works well but it will take time before the oil reaches the displayed temperature. I would say between 20 to 30 minutes of heating before you start to see visible vapor.
    -It may start to taste at 10-15 minutes.
    -E-Juice works too if you want to flavour the concentrate.

    So I hope this helps as nowhere mention anything. about the oil chamber.
    If you use the oil chamber, prepare your self a bag or two before. ;)

  • I’ve been using Vapirise for almost a month now and I couldn’t be any happier!
    I love the fact that I can taste the [material] and I get clean vapor with no after taste…the filter must be working!
    I just love it!

  • I love the VapirRise, my current favourite desktop. The direct flow is as good as any I’ve used and it works very well. The bag system is as good as the Volcanos, fills up easily, valve system, the works. Even with my Extreme Q, I always had the fan on in even in direct flow mode so fan always on is not a drawback for me. Replaced my Volcano a long time ago due to preferring direct flow which I still prefer. That being said, the VapirRise is the first unit I’ve enjoyed bag on since my Volcano Classic. The parts quality are top notch, definitely one of the best desktops out there while still being affordable for most.

    • I have reviewed the VapirRise as well and about 95% agree with the Vape critic. His reviews are mostly objective and thorough. From being an insider I know that there has been very limited amounts sold up to the 16th of august, which is when Damon posted his comment. This indicates to me that like me and the VapeCritic he is close to the industry. His opinion is not objective as he is one of the exclusive distributors of vapir :).

      In my opinion the Rise has tremendous potential, but falls short of expectations exactly for the reasons the VC mentions. Many other review sites say very similar things, so it is not a secret. I am very much looking forward to Vapir doing an update on the unit and fixing these issues so we can actually recommend the Rise to consumers. Until then, I would highly recommend holding on to your hard earned money.