DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

DaVinci IQThis beauty is the DaVinci IQ vaporizer – a new portable unit for dry herb with a fresh design and a whole bunch of cool features. DaVinci’s last release was the Ascent a few years ago, and this IQ is a very impressive upgrade.

DaVinci has just released the MIQRO-C vaporizer which is another great vaporizer.

Here are the main reasons I like this one:

– Small, compact design and shape
– Ceramic oven & vapor path (Zirconia)
– 360° conduction heating
– Removable 18650 battery
– Haptic feedback (it vibrates)
– Micro-USB charging port
– Integrated APP with Smart Paths* (watch video)
– Great flavor, especially for conduction (possibly best conduction vape?)
– Good battery life (~70 mins of usage @ 375°F from full charge)
– Very easy to load (smooth, funneled loading zone)
– Works very well through a glass rig
– Great vapor production (and fast)
– On-demand temperature Boost Mode
– 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

You really should watch my full DaVinci IQ review video above to see everything there is to know about this vape (7 min video), cus there’s a lot to digest. I talk about all the good things in my video and I also mention the few things I’m not crazy about (the cons list is much shorter).

Overall I’m very impressed with this one and I strongly feel it’s a huge improvement over their previous model. Both beginners and advanced users will be able to appreciate what this vape has to offer, it was very well thought-out.

Click here to buy the IQ2 from the authorized Davinci dealer I recommend.

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More IQ pics:

IQ Box Flat Mouthpiece Built-in Pick Battery Compartment 18650 Battery Flavor Chamber Water-pipe Adapter Pearl Ceramic Oven

Review video transcription:

This is the DaVinci IQ, a portable herbal vaporizer made by the same company as the Ascent.The IQ is a 360-degree conduction heating vaporizer. It has a rechargeable, replaceable 18650 battery. In my testing with an average of 375 degrees I got about 70 minutes of usage time.

It also has a micro-USB port for charging and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge up.

It has haptic feedback, it vibrates, I find this very useful and helpful to let you know when the vape is ready to use and also when it shuts off automatically.

It has a very unique, pretty cool LED grid display on the front, it has 51 tiny LED lights. It has a ceramic oven that’s a pretty average size. You’re gonna wanna pack it tight, grind fine pack tight with this one.

And then the vapor path is ceramic zirconia, and that is the material that the mouthpieces are made of too.

Zirconia has the highest mechanic strength of all fine ceramics, I had to research it a little bit. It has a really high fracture toughness or crack resistance.

It also has really good heat insulation; the thermal conductivity of this stuff is 1/10th that of other ceramics.

The vapor path itself is actually this removeable chamber, they call it the flavor chamber, and it’s also made of that ceramic zirconia.

Now the flavor chamber is normally left empty, it’s just the vapor path and is kinda designed to let the vapor cool a little before it gets to mouthpiece. But if you wanted to do you could use it as sort of an airpath infuser by putting a little herb in there while you use the vape.

Now one of the other really cool and unique features or things about the IQ are these things called smart paths. The IQ has an app that you can download and pair with the vape over Bluetooth.

Besides just having a really slick user interface some of the things you can do include: turning the vape on and off from the vape, you can also change temperatures obviously from the app, and then you can customize and use the smart paths.

When your using the vape it has basically two modes, it has the smart path mode and the the precision mode or precise temperature mode.

It has four preset or built smart paths, and then when you’re in precise mode you can set the temperature in 1 degree increments to whatever you want.

So, each smart path can be customized by you and you basically have this 10-minute window, because its gonna shutoff in 10 mins for heat reasons and safety reasons and whatever.

But during that 10 minutes you can program the vape to increase the temperature throughout the session at whatever intervals you want,

For example, my first session in this video I was using my smart path 1, which I set to start at 350 degrees and then over the course ten minutes get to 360 degrees. So basically, just bump up 10 degrees over 10 mins.

The oven is a pretty average size with a max capacity of roughly 0.3g. Since this is a conduction vape you will want to grind your herb very fine and you are gonna wanna pack the oven full and tight, very important to pack this one tight for the best performance.

The bottom of the vape when you open the bottom cover, where the oven, the loading zone I’ll call it, this is really cool it’s like a polished stainless steel
I guess, it’s really smooth and shiny and this is a really easy vape to load, I really like that.

Now I think, unless I’m forgetting something which I probably am, the last noteworthy feature to talk about is the boost mode.

So, at any time during a session what you can do is hold down the power button and while you hold it down the vape will enter boost mode and you’ll notice that the up arrows on the display and the temperatures gonna start increasing, and is gonna keep increasing until you let go of the button.

So, it’s pretty cool, it’s an on-demand, manual boost mode. So, you hold it down and it heats up, and you let it go and it cool down.

I made a short list of pros and cons to kinda sum this up so let’s run through it…

For the PROS:

I’m small and it’s a great shape, I think it’s really comfortable to hold and use, I really like it.

It vibrates – I really like the haptic feedback feature.

It has the removable 18650 battery, which is great, a lot of people like that.

The micro usb charging port is convenient.

The app with the smart paths where you can increase the temp automatically over the course of your session, that is cool.

The on-demand boost mode, that is cool.

Great vapor production and fast vapor production.

Great flavor for conduction (possibly the best conduction vaporizer?)

10-year warranty, that’s really good.

It has that built in pick, I like that.

It’s very easy to load and in fact is fun to load.

It’s very very good through a glass rig. The 10mm adapter they give you can of course fit 10mm rigs but you see me using in my clips is actually a 14mm male rig but this 10mm adapter happens to fit right on the end.

Overall I am very impressed with the IQ, I am pleasantly surprised to be truthful.

As far as portable conduction vaporizers go, you really can’t get much better.

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  • I purchased mine for Christmas (now August) and it’s been with customer service more than me. All the common problems; lid opening when warm, stopped working altogether. Customer service is substandard though. They’ve shipped back filthy broken units that weren’t mine, scratched my battery casing, forgotten to reinstall lower hinge pin after repair, shipped to wrong address, and promised freebies that I never received. Have gotten replacement units, but those are also junk. Poor design, poor customer service, inferior product. It’s not even my main vape, so not heavily used. They have issued me 1/2 dozen return labels. Not good for low-income patients that need dependability.

  • I am using my IQ very intensely (around 10 times a day) for about a year now, the vape quality is very good and it’s a very likeable vaping tool as long as it works perfect. Still I wouldn’t ever buy one again as it has one very important flaw that leads to many problems after some time: There’s a rubber ring between the flavor chamber and the mixture chamber and the part below that ring can almost not be cleaned and gets very dirty. After some time the rubber will be displaced or destroyed and the vape will not be airtight anymore…

    • I’m hearing on forums and seeing on davinci it YouTube reviews the device producing clouds I’ve yet to see this through using it I’m following all instructions Can anyone give me advice They Should give you a free oven glove with it

  • First of all, sry for my English I’am learning. So once upon a time i decided and bought an IQ, It’s overheating was hot as hell and when it got really hot the top didn’t close properly and it had a pink battery. So i brought it back and got a new one. The second had the same issues overheating as hell, top didnt close and the same pink battery. So I brought it back again and got a new one. And now, the third had no problem its warm but not hot as hell, the top’s closing properly and it has a green battery. Yeah finally i noticed the overheating is a battery problem what u can solve under 10 dollars with an LG HG2 battery.
    What does it tell u about a company who make a high quality, overpriced product and they able to destroy they product usable with a lowest priced, shit, crap battery and they sell it u when they know the problem. They are lying to your face. I think must not support that behavior in the World. Mostly not with your money. They have to learn from. U are what u support. I think I’ll never buy a Davinci product again and I think Davinci got a well-won STAY AWAY price.

  • I’ve owned many vapes and this one is crap! Gets hotter than the depths of hell, if you’re a medical patient it’s a pain in the butt to clean and over time it will break! My last unit though the Bluetooth app finally works good! I can change the smart paths and save them even after battery swap…

  • Stay away. The IQ is a nice little vaporizer if you can get one that works properly. Yes, it does get a little hot, but that is not my complaint whatsoever. My first one just died, and Davinci followed up promptly sending me a new one. Their customer service thus impressed me at the time. However, for the replacement, the mouthpiece always popped open whenever the unit heated up. I then sent it back, and Davinci sent me another replacement. That one has the same exact problem, and Davinci said they would replace it again. Yet, they haven’t done this, and have more recently clearly tried to avoid dealing with me. I’ve sent them many emails and it is crystal clear that they are merely trying to not address the issue whatsoever, and I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to deal with them.

    I would not at all recommend buying an IQ, and I would never ever buy another product from Davinci. I’ve owned 5 vaporizers and would stay away from this company.

  • Absolute piece of Sh#7… Returned mine and got a crafty and couldn’t be happier.

    The vape gets hot, overheats, inefficient, average flavour, overpriced conduction vape.

    I can’t recommend this when the crafty is 10x better for a small amount more.

  • hi there
    i’m waiting for my sixth iq… (had 5 with heating/overheating problems).
    they were all covered by guarantee…
    it’s a piece of s**t.
    I prefer my mighty and arizer air.
    i will never ever pay for a da vinci product in my life.
    regards, spike

    • lol why does it sound like youre lying, theres literally no way you’ve had to return it 5 times.

  • ive had the Davinci IQ for about 6 months now and I’m in love with the whole device. I do a lot of work around the people so being able to bust my IQ out and get at least 3-4 huge rips from her without any body being any wiser amazing. Davinci IQ is a game changer . I’m able to stay faded everywhere I go . ill hit my IQ in Walmart while shopping for my dinner. now thats top notch. I keep an extra battery in my case for a back up but I never have to bust it out. I go 2 or three days one one battery . so I vape about 2 grams a day with my IQ and I haven’t had any problems at all. I also don’t use the flavor pods for it cause I vape top shelf herbal through her, so I really enjoy being able to taste the pure flavor of my herb . my DaVinci IQ was a gift from a very good friend I grew up with and we started smoking herb together when we were kids and technology has evolved, hands down the best vape for my vape style. I love my DaVinci IQ

  • Gets unbearably hot. It is impossible that it does that by design. Very disappointed, i was expecting an exceptional product and instead its unusable. I will be looking for a refund ASAP.

  • I just want to share that I just bought the IQ based upon yours and other’s reviews. I had the Ascent and it worked like a charm for four years until recently when it failed to charge. Anyway, I got my IQ and was super excited to use it after reading about its design. Well, as others here have stated, my unit heats up so much when I’m using it that I cannot hold on to it without fear of burning my hands and the mouthpiece gets very hot as well. I contacted Da Vinci about this and they said “The unit getting hot is normal, as it is basically a mini oven. The outside of the IQ can get up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. ”. I told them I couldn’t tolerate 130 degrees, and that I wanted to return it. I was then told that only if it was unused could I return it which is ridiculous because how would I know it got super hot unless I turned it on and used it. So I’m now out $275 and have an unusable vape. I will never buy a Da Vinci product again, and just want to warn anyone considering buying the IQ to buy a different vape.

    • You posted this on leafly too, stop whining and get a case so you dont burn yourself, its literally 10 bucks.

  • I’ve been having problems closing the top gate during sessions. It seems like the flavour chamber expands when it heats up and would interfere with the gate, I’d have to hold it down with my thumb throughout the sesh.
    Is anyone having this problem or is it just my unit?

    • Yes. I just sent my IQ back to Davinci after the top was always popping up when it was heated up. I tried using the new replacement I just received from Davinci last week and it is doing the exact same thing. Besides this problem, it’s a really nice vape. But this is disappointing.

  • i started vaping with a solo arizer then upgraded to a davinci iq
    first solo is affordable and very cheap to use,it doesn’t take as much as the iq to fill the combustion chamber and it really give a nice cloud with a lot of flavor and virtually no maintenance except the glass stem,that always break over time but the arizer is killing battery very fast (new battery was good for 4 session and after 2 weeks of daily use the battery is down to only 1 session bought 2 extras battery with the same result)
    for those reason i started looking for something better without glass stem and long life lasting battery.
    after a lot of research i finally decided to try out the davinci iq and found one at a very good price on ebay at 189.00$ brand new instead of 275.00$+tx from davinci directly.
    i know what you thinking that at that price it must be a chinese replica but it’s not it’s an original and the seller is still on ebay carynsgoods – this video of how to spot the difference from legit iq vs chinese replica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z2przCFqXM

    first i have to say that at that price the iq did blow my expectation and comparing the arizer to the iq is trying to compare a toyota tercel with a bmw m3.it’s just that good on every aspect,better flavor,a lot faster,durability with battery and it’s all that in a very small package and great look. bad thing is it need a lot of material to fill the combustion chamber a little more over twice of arizer solo making it a lot more expensive to operate but does not get lost and give a bigger punch.

    still i do have some bad thing about the iq and it does show how davinci work with people buying their product.
    exemple,the mouthpiece with the stem does not stay in place when i flip it open the silicon is just a bit too small to stay in place,
    difficult to remove the battery all the time need to push the flavor chamber down to open the battery door wide open,if you don’t know why you can’t get your battery out it’s because of the flavor chamber blocking the battery door to fully open
    i does get very hot sometime
    after 6 weeks of use the usb cable as come loose at the smaller end of the cable the one that is connected directly to the iq,it’s a bad design,when charging the iq to see theccharging light indicator we need to put the iq on its side,since the cable plug is on the back of the iq it’s not possible to see the progress of charging if we put it down on its face,so after 6 weeks it as come loose and is not charging anymore,the cable is very weak and the only thing that as broken the cable is the weight of the iq witch is almost nothing
    so i send an email to davinci and i receive an email back within 1 hour informing me that : We’re going to need a small amount of information…lol that is where the fun begin!

    here is what they need before anything happen and to ensure that the product is eligible under warranty guidelines.

    Please reply to this email with the following information:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Mailing Address:
    Contact Number:
    Description of issue (with pictures or video if possible):
    Product Name:
    Unit serial number(printed on the unit / box):
    Purchase location:

    Please also attach a copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase, as this part is mandatory.

    We’ll review this information and get back to you with next steps or a request for more information. In the meantime, we urge you review our troubleshooting guides to see if we can’t fix the issue.

    so as you can guess since i did not buy directly from them at over 300$ with taxes so i don’t qualify to their warranty,even if my device as been manufacture by them and they can trace it with the serial number they just don’t back their product if you don’t buy direct from them.
    i believe that the small problems i have with my device is the reason i paid less, davinci instead of fixing the problem just sold it cheaper to people that sell in bulk that is my guess.
    i really don’t mind the little problem i can live with that what i mind is they don’t back their product period.
    fortunately i have another usb cable that is compatible with the iq so i’m good.
    but even if i did buy directly from them i would be really piss at having to do all of what they demand from their customer to honor their word on their product,i’m as busy as every other working people and making difficult on us sucks imo

    so basically i’m very happy with my iq even with the little problem, it’s not a problem it does work perfectly every time i use it, but still i would have preferred a smaller combustion chamber to save more $ every time i use it.
    if i can use it for say 2-3 years i will not mind replacing it with something new instead of having to send it for repair,it’s expensive and take time to send for repair and sometime it’s better to just move on with something new

    • just a follow up on my previous comment
      like so many before me i do have serious problem with it…it as stop heating,it doesn’t work anymore after only 3 months of use it’s dead.
      my davinci is registered and under the 10 years warranty but their is the big catch about their warranty they just make it very very difficult to get your device fixed,so much that i have decided not to have it fix and just take my lost and never buy anything from davinci again.
      whenever a company mistreat its customer after selling them default item should never be encourage by buying more from them.
      on top of that the device taste like s””t after a very short time of use because it’s impossible to clean it properly.
      definitely not worth 275$+tx
      i’m using my arizer solo that i bought before and loving it better then davinci iq…buyers beware of poor services with davinci they really don’t want to make you happy

  • I had one (several) for nearly a year and ended up sending back for a refund. For that price I expected better build quality. The fact you can NEVER clean it properly- there is always that swanky old vape taste after a few uses- could have been amazing, but its resin collecting habits under the non-removable rubber from it, along with the fact after a few months I couldn’t close the lid properly, means this vape is not fit for purpose. I have a crafty (which I owned for a year before) and the air 2 and haven’t looked back ;)

  • My Davinci IQ also started having charging problems. Then It dropped from the desk to the floor and I can hear loose components moving inside it. I am a product designer and I must say that this is a pretty piece of rubbish. I contacted them and they say because it has fallen it is not under warranty and that I have to open a paypal account and pay a $100 repair charge! Do not let the 10 year warranty fool you. I have seen many reviews so far written by others who had various problems and were told the warranty does not cover the repair cost. I would rather spend that extra $100 on letting others know not to buy this product and to make everyone aware how poor the design and customer service are.

    • I also must add that my Davinci IQ’s life time was just over 2 weeks only and it costed $306.80. Charging problems started by the end of week 1 and in week 2 it dropped once from the desk to the floor and the internal components broke.

  • My IQ suddenly stopped allowing vapor to pass through to the mouthpiece. I cleaned it, I did everything I could think of, but could not get it to work. I then called Davinci Customer Service. They told me: if you didn’t buy it from us, we do not honor our 10 year warrantee. WOW! That sucks. I do not recommend this company.

  • I have used the DaVinici Ascent daily for about 2 years before getting the IQ. The IQ seemed like it would be a good upgrade without the glass parts of the ascent to clean and break all the time. After about 2 months my IQ stopped charging and shows that it is charging all the time even when not plugged in. I sent it back and they sent me a new one which has the exact same issue. Looks like they have a serious reliability issue with the IQ and I would not recommend getting one until the bugs are worked out.

    • i had the same issue with 3 units!! all 3 of them overheated and stopped charging. have returned them and going to look for a different vape for 2018. :( shame because they’re such a beautiful vape!

  • Just read some of the reviews…wow i must have got a good iq coz mine, regardless of the small lid issue previously posted, charges fast holds, its charge well, vapes the herb perfectly, gives great clouds ( try blowing into a sun beam and see what you get !! ) ..bit of a pain to clean but well worth it when properly cleaned..i do mine once a week.

    • What did you do to get the mouthpiece door to stay closed? Mine is super clean but seems flavor chamber is getting pushed up at a certain heat.

      • Its because the silicone degrades over time, and cleaning with alcohol doesnt help… So I think it swells. You have to send it back. Contact the company you bought it from- “not fit for purpose” ;)

  • Hi, has anyone had this problem with their IQ ? when she has been used for 5 minutes or so, the lid begins to open and has to be held closed. which is not too much of a problem, because i dont use the adapter mouthpiece, i prefer the flat mouthpiece and can hold it closed with my mouth, if you get my meaning, but it is very inconvenient. It seems that the seal at the bottom of the flavour chamber, expands when it gets hot, and pushes the chamber up which pushes the mouthpiece up, so i have to keep pushing the chamber back down to keep the lid closed. So …anyone else or any suggestions apart from returning to Davinci USA…i live in the UK.

  • Just got it. First impression, is good flavor, yet thin vapor. The vapor quality is what sold me, maybe I am packing the material too tight or loose. Not sure what else to check, maybe a good cleaning, Ill do that. Yes, the unit gets quite warm, way moreso than I expected, a couple times, I needed to turn it off, got too hot, but that was a longer session, my sessions are 5-7 minutes generally. The quality is exceptional, quality thru and thru, everything works well, I just need to get tuned into the material pack. I have had fair luck connecting to davinci via emails, but they return no calls, I guess. The app will not work, installed, uninstalled, reinstalled (per Davinci recommendation), to no avail. Took out battery, no luck. Mixed feelings, yet hopeful. opened bluetooth on note 3, and scanned for the iq, found nothing, a few tries. Any Ideas? Jury is still out.

  • I was expecting a very good tier 1 vape. Davinci took me by surprise because of the IQ, is the best vaporizer on the planet if you ask me. In my opinion, the IQ is better than vapes that cost $100 – $200 (USD) more.

    I click the links on top after the Vape Critics review for the best deals and it benefits the Vape Critic, what more could you ask for?

  • One thing about the pearl. If it’s not holding or conducting heat does is reflect heat? I noticed that there always sticks some green leaf to the pearl while the rest of the herb is totally brown. If the pearl doesn’t reflect heat it’s a nonsense gimmick which proves to be a useless piece of annoying glass on a fragile post. I think it’s function should be adjustable spacer. But proved not functional and they spinning it to 360 heating. It’s a design miss

    • It gets very hot when you open the chamber during use so I presume it helps to keep the heat of the chamber by reflection

  • Don’t be confused by the bad reviews. They are right. I actually purchased TWO of these things and both of them were a train wreck in a hundred ways. The confusing thing is all the great youtube video reviews. This thing is a disaster product. I don’t even know where to begin. But let me try: 1) Charging the device for literally hours and never seeing it actually finish charging – always showing that its got one more “notch” to go on the display before the battery is full – and it never gets there 2) Using it for a whopping 30 seconds and watching it go dead due to a low battery 3) Trying the second one I bought and the thing never powered on. Wouldn’t charge. I put the battery from the 1st one into the 2nd device and it worked, but the insane charging time and the horrible battery life are one of its biggest problems. 4) Literally every time you use it, your herb gets either burned to a charred crisp, or it doesn’t get hot enough. And no matter what temp you set it on, you are lucky to see a single bit of smoke come out of your mouth on exhale. 5) Its literally impossible to inhale air through the device if you’ve packed it fully like they recommend. 6) Im pretty sure the people who make and package this thing are high when they do it because the first device was missing a piece from the box, and the second device had no user guide, nor battery cover. Just the entire product seems to be created by absent-minded people. 7) The mouthpiece falls off constantly, and when you are seriously high, there’s nothing more fun than spending virtually a half hour fiddling with it to try and get it back into place again, because it wont just fit properly on its own.

    I haven’t read any of the bad reviews below, but I am going to now, and see how many people repeat the same things I’ve said. I am 100% sure I’m forgetting a few bad things about this device. I got so pissed off eventually that while in Mexico, in a bathroom, I threw the thing in the trash – all $350 worth of it, and left it there. Horrible product.

    • I agree but just cant throw mine away yet. They say have at least two batteries and an exterior charger …mo money!

    • I have had too many problems also.

      Will charge but will not turn on.

      Poor batter life. I tried 2 different battery mfg.

      I asked Davinci replace it and they giggled…giggled.
      They giggled. Then she said it was my fault and I
      should not have tried to take it apart. WTF? Nobody
      had attempted to disassemble this silly vape.

      Cleaning is horrible. There is a space between the
      flavor chamber and the heat chamber. To get to that little
      open space you need to use a q-tip each time you vape.
      If you do not do this the resin builds up between those
      two chambers and adds a flavor to the weed you won’t like.
      Poor engineering. Poor CEO.

      the little holes do not line up on mine. I can only see 3 holes.
      they are covered by the other chamber and not resin. So I
      don’t get all of the vapor and have to suck harder.

      Horrible serice and horrible vape. $285 shot to hell.

      • I’m starting to wonder if some of these negative posts are presented on behalf of other manufacturers. It’s possible, I guess. Maybe there’s a bunch of Russians invested in a competitor, and they’ve loosened Russian trolls on the IQ.

        I’ve had my IQ for a number of months, and I just haven’t seen most of the problems people are mentioning. Overall, I love it. That doesn’t mean it’ll be my last vape or that it’s perfect.

        Yes, it gets hot. And if you’re outside in summer heat, it’ll be even hotter. But pull it out in winter in the Rocky Mountains, and you’ll love how it warms the hands.

        I didn’t realize there was residue between the chambers. Yes, I think it may have diminished the flavor. I’ll take a pipe cleaner with some alcohol and test the difference.

        It heats up very quickly. It’s a very comfortable size and shape. It is nice looking and small enough to comfortably carry it around and use discretely. Depending on your usage, this could be very important.

        The efficiency is much better than what I experienced with the Haze and the cleaning for me is much easier than the Haze.

    • Omg yes!! I agree with all of that. My IQ gets way too hot to hold.

      They are rubbish. I wish I could get my money back.

  • I originally voted for the IQ. I’m not happy with it anymore. It’s no longer cooking herb, shutting off randomly, and gets really really hot (too hot to hold). I sent it in for an RMA and am waiting on a response.

  • Mine was not so good. Battery will not charge in the vape to 100%. We checked it with ohm meter.

    I charged with the Anker 20100 battery. I discharged as per manufacturers instructions. A basic “deep cycle” to try and dump the memory in the bat so it can be charged. The battery would charge outside of the vape but not in the vape.

    So we were off to the store to buy another bat. Got and tried. Same in charger. In fact I have 2 spare bats…I have cancer and need them to work 24 hours.

    Called the company and they told me I was wrong and the unit will charge…I am now a liar now? I am 68 years old and I totally understand batteries and jet aircraft. That was a huge insult from the company.

    It won’t charge and the company said I broke it. WTF? How did I break it. It is still in the same condition when I bought it. Never opened the case so how did I break the vape?

    Anyway, it also had speck spots where the anodize did not adhere to the aluminum. Dirt on the vape causes such specks. And they tried again to insult me. They said that happens when I carry it in my pocket. WTF. It is new! I had the thing for 4 hours out of the box but the company knows that I had it in my pocket apparently for days while the scratches secretly fucked my vape. I am a fucking retired corporate jet pilot with degrees and a certified FAA mechanic. I know what anodize is and what it is for. The rep didn’t know!

    Typical problems as mentioned in other posts.

    Will never buy another. Company distributed software that did work when it left the company. Garbage pp.

    It gets hot and it vapes weed. The taste is typical. Quality is good but could be better.

    Company customer service is shit.

  • I bought the $300 DaVinci IQ hoping for a better vape than my $170 CFX.

    I returned the IQ because of the following:
    + unit would get extremely hot to the touch
    + short battery life (<1hr) constantly switching batteries
    + hard to clean with tons of little parts
    + clogs easily
    + constantly stirring
    + even with glass spacers the unit was inefficient
    + really small and delicate unit
    + flavor chamber would stick to inside (hard to get out)
    + extremely high draw resistance
    + conduction only
    + DaVinci app was buggy

    FYI: Overall, this was not what I expected from a $300 vape. It was more maintenance then enjoyment with this portable vape. I was very disappointed and was able to get a refund. Next portable vape I buy will be the Arizer Air with the wooden mouthpiece to decrease draw resistance.

  • Bud can you please tell me the best way to clean inside the device once the flavour chamber is out. 2nd time I’ve asked without replying. Be good if you did a video on this .

    • Hey man my bad, you’re referring to cleaning the ceramic oven right?

      If so, here’s what you do:

      1) Turn vape on, set it to highest temperature

      2) Dampen a few cotton swabs with WATER

      3) With the oven pointed down, scrub the inside with the moistened cotton swabs (heat still on)

      Most of the other parts are better cleaned with ISO, but the water-dampened q-tips is a trick for ovens to get most of the buildup off.

      I demonstrate this method in my PAX 3 cleaning video that you can see on this page: https://vapecritic.com/pax-3/

      Stay up!

  • This is my opinión but I was able to see in this forma a mighty vs iq post…online for two days. In that post Bud prefers Mighty abovedado Iq. The post dissapeared in about two days…and after that we never seen again this comparación and Bud start to prefer Iq. It’s really strange and more if you think no reviewers are making this comparation. I think davinci is paying reviewers because marketing. It’s the online explanación I have for not making this vs battles with Mighty vaporizer. We don’t have to forget this a bussiness and Bud…and other reviewers…have to make their money

    • Hey I’m not sure what you mean, I don’t recall deleting any posts where did u see it?

      I like both vapes a lot and try to clearly explain their differences in my reviews, and nobody pays me to rate theirs higher or give them better reviews!

      I give brief summaries of each on my top picks page: https://vapecritic.com/best-portable/

      • What the best way to clean inside the device once flavour chamber is taken out. Be good if you did a video on this. I’ve now asked 3 times without reply.

  • Is anyone up for class action lawsuit against DaVinci? I have the resources to possibly make it happen. Let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can go from there. First thing we need to do is account for each person who has bought a unit that is experiencing this same issue.

    • I have the same over-heating issue, and after calling DaVinci, it seems they don’t want to acknowledge the quality issue with at least some of their devices out there. I think this is the right move.

      The heat worries me every time I use the device and is extremely annoying to say the least (if not potentially unsafe). But DaVinci does not want to take it back or offer replacement.

    • Fuck Yea, Off course Im rrady for a Davincci Lawsuit.
      Krep in mind misleading advertisement, keep in mind, misleading facts on the product, keep in mind it doesnt blow vapr!!!!! Ive fucking had it with Davincci. The whole unit is Bullshit, it’s cursed.
      Lawsuit time. Sorry.

  • Hi . When you take the flavour chamber out what the best way to clean the inside of device and what’s the best replacement battery do you recommend.
    What voltage does the IQ draw.
    Cheers from Australia

  • Hey guys thanks very much for posting your thoughts, experiences, and updates.

    Is there anyone who hasn’t had their issues resolved with DaVinci yet? If so please shoot me an email.

    I have two different IQ units that don’t overheat or have battery issues so I definitely want to know that you’re being taken care of!

    • I just bought mine a couple weeks ago and was super happy with it till the pearl broke off at the post.. i just shot them an email to see what they say, i did see on a forum they said this should be warranty.. however im not sure if they will honor due to where i bought it but this will ultimately decide if ill keep the unit or not. If not theyd better offer a replacement for the rubber part that the post connects to on the oven door..

    • Hi Bud,

      I purchased the Davinci IQ 1.5 months ago and have had the overheating issue since day one. I just emailed Davinci regarding this issue and this was their response:

      Tim (DaVinci Vaporizer)
      Apr 5, 10:15 AM PDT

      All of our units are the same in that regard. The reason it may appear some units are not heating is due to different vaping methods. Unfortunately, we do not exchange or warranty units for them getting too hot as that is not an issue.”

      I am pretty livid as it seems like they don’t even care to ask questions about the issue and just seem like it is ok to blow it off as it is a “non-issue”. I can absolutely see this as a lawsuit waiting to happen due to how hot the unit thing gets. Nowhere in the manual or related media does it state that “our product gets very very hot”. I am looking for a resolution here and want to know how I can make this happen. If what I have been reading is true, I have a defective unit, and there are non-defective units out there.

      I was an avid user of the Ascent and loved it. But this is making me want to turn my back on Davinci forever.

      • So I have kind of a history so to speak with Davinci & the IQ. I’m on my 5th unit that I just received a few days ago. To be honest, I’ve had so many issues it’s hard to keep track of what’s right and wrong now. Example. I could have sworn that when powering down the unit you got a brief display of the battery usage, instead of just shutting right off. But guess not, after so many problems you just invent crap, LOL.

  • just got a Da vinci IQ, and like everyone else, the battery is the issue, it just doesn’t work, now Da vinci are sending me some replacement batteries for it, but i got 3 pulls before it discharged. i got some other ones here in uk, but it takes 2 to so one chamber on smart path 3. i have a pax 3 with is awesome. but the high is slightly different with Da vinci, slightly higher

  • Anybody ever been able to talk to someone at davinci? I had a problem with an item I ordered and they never answer the phone. Their customer service is non existent. I call and leave emails but never get a reply. I usually order from vape world but decided to get this directly through davinci. What a mistake. I will never make that mistake again.

    • I just purchased the DaVinci IQ about 2 months ago. Of course I made the decision after I had already done my research an so it ended up between the DaVinci or the Pax 3.
      This unit is definitely the best handheld vape in town, however, there one thing in particular that I think needs improvement– ASAP:

      The unit (at least my unit)gets RIDICULOUSLY hot after 7-10 minutes of use. I mean I cannot hold it any longer. This worries me because of the potential for injury and lawsuit. I am hoping that this is just an isolated issue with mine. I wonder how Customer Support is..?

      If this is a prevalent side effect, then I would unfortunately say that it may not be worth purchasing for that very specific reason.

      Also, the unit is very sexy but it also is kinda “slippery” because its a very smooth looking piece. But it can get a bit cumbersome to hold especially when the unit starts to get piping hot.

      The battery life is terrible. You maybe get 2 full sessions per charge. No more than 2 people per unit max.

      I think that’s pretty much it. I would never consider using the unit without the additional mouthpiece. You might just burn your lips off trying to use the unit without it.

      That’s all folks. I hope that I was able to enlighten you a bit regarding the current state of the device out now.

      • mine def. gets pretty damn hot after like 20 mins the mouth piece is fine though i just set it down and hold it less but its def. uncomfortable

    • My mouthpiece does move slightly if you shake it but it shouldn’t move too much- especially if you have the piece inserted into the rubber gasket.

    • Hey! I don’t know the answer but I’m wondering the same thing AND if anyone has found any tips/techniques to keep the extended mouth piece from falling out/moving around?

      • to remove battery, i tilt back on side, open door down, insert finger in front of mouthpiece inside, and finger tip on flavor chamber. Pop open battery door, turn upside down, and shake once, twice, baattery slides right out.

  • I purchased this vape solely with research I did from The Vape Critic . com. The Best Vaporizer out there in my opinion. I have used or owned almost all of the Vapes reviewed by the Vape Critic, sometimes you just meet your match, the IQ is insanely built and some genius at Davinci put this together. Amazing. The best vape hands down that I have ever used.

  • I love my IQ, and I use it heavily. Lately, plugging in the unit in to charge no longer works, and the charging light stays on, even when not plugged in. I have to change batteries, then the unit will not click on. I must hold the down button in very firmly, then the charge light comes back on, which it shouldnt, but the unit will boot up aND do well for two or three sessions. Then I have to change batteries again. This frequent battery changing now has the cover around the battery is popping off and will not stay put. I tried the factory reset, but it does nothing. I am sick about it. I LOVE my IQ and want it to work like new again

  • Me and my bodies just spent time vaping with the IQ, the new Pax3 and Firefly2. Firefly truly stood out for us in flavor and the ease of loading. There is no cook up time with Firefly, so nothing gets wasted and you can taste the flower fully and get the most out of the plant. (Besides, I also love the fact that you can get one or two puffs and put it down that you don’t have to finish a whole bowl with Firefly which is the opposite of Pax and IQ) But our favorite was how the Firefly kicked butt with the extracts! The clouds we got from Firefly were so insane and that we could not stop coughing and laughing…End of testing basically, we were so done :))
    Can’t wait till the next round of testing, haha…

  • Bud
    Please describe what is involved in cleaning the IQ and how easy or hard it is to maintain over time.
    In general, I would appreciate it if you would comment on the maintenance aspects of each vape you review. I find that, if a vape is too much of a pain to use, it tends to migrate to the back of the drawer…
    Keep UP the Good Work!

  • I purchased the IQ last week and love it so far. I put it up there very close to the Mighty in terms of pure vapor quality from a poratable. And no vape I have comes close to this in terms of options and flexibility. However, there is a serious issue with the app. I tried to pair it twice and each time the IQ heats to the very max and stays that way! Can’t even turn the IQ off and had to take the battery out. Anyways, I was fortunate enough to not have an f’d up IQ from this, who knows it may be somewhat damaged now. But after reading the reviews through the apple store, it looks like this issue has broken quite a few IQs!!! I really hope they fix this issue, as it would be nice to use the app. But until then, I’m not even keeping that app on my phone. Has anyone had this same issue? I contacted the company last week and have not heard back.

    • Never happened to me but from what I’ve read about such instances you can try doing a factory reset. Just have to hold down all the buttons till it vibrates, this was told to someone with the same problem by a DavinCi rep on fuckcombustion.com

      I definitely recommend that site to any IQ owners who experience problems, just look into the Davinci IQ forum you can read up on all the experiences, complaints, solutions to various problems. Good luck.

    • Try doing a factory reset, hold down all three buttons till it vibrates. This was told to someone who experienced by a Davinci rep on fuckcombustion.com

      • The Factory reset worked for me. I had the same problem with it connecting to the app, then disconnecting and getting super heated. I factory reset and then connect to the app again and was able to control the vape through the app without problem. Thanks!

  • Jamie –

    Is your battery actually draining to the point that the vape shuts off? Or is it just the battery indicator that is showing the battery as drained? I’m asking b/c I’ve noticed the indicator is not usually that accurate (like most vapes), and it’ll show low bars even with a freshly charged battery sometimes (when it still has juice).

    I’m perplexed as to why they would be ignoring you, I’ve spoken to them recently and was assured their customer service department has been improved.

    The vape gets pretty warm/hot after prolonged use but through my testing and experiences with it (2 different units) it does not get unbearably hot under normal circumstances.

    Make sure you’re also packing the oven full and tight – loose material in the chamber and/or empty space in there would cause the unit to heat up more than normal.

  • Try listening to someone who actually bought this piece of shit. Out tonight, hoping once again that maybe the IQ would function properly for me. Vaped for 11 minutes, then the fully charged battery dead. The IQ causes 18650 to thermal vent because it gets too hot, then the battery dies. Davinci refuses to even answer my calls and emails, once polite but now frantic. DO NOT BUY THIS VAPE, YOU WILL BE SORRY AND OUT $280. DAVINCI ARE RIPOFF ARTISTS WHO WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND HIDE

  • I really like your vaporizer reviews. I trust what you say. You have not steered me wrong yet! Thanks for doing a great job. You are very helpful.

  • BTW, I don’t blame Bud at all. The IQ is excellent when it works, he couldn’t have known Davinci would act like criminals once they realized they had released a defective product. Shame on Davinci, not Bud…

  • Another day gone by, not a word from Davinci, I left 3 vmails and 3 emails since monday. nothing. THEY ARE HIDING, DO NOT BUY THIS DEFECTIVE VAPE!!

  • Nice review, I currently have the crafty as my portable. Is there any reason I should the IQ then?

  • Believe me, people who are saying it gets too hot know what they’re talking about. My IQ gets scalding hot, not warm to the touch. And with a fully charged battery, the IQ either doesn’t work at all (unit immediately shuts down) or, if working, the power indicator never gets above 2 dots (50%). I have called and emailed Davinci repeatedly, no response, nothing! This has been a horrible experience so far. For those of you who got working units, please don’t disparage those of us who got screwed with no support. It really happened

  • Huh – not finding that it gets too hot at all – initial reaction for me is that it’s the best vape I’ve used so far.. Thanks Bud for working out the details in regards to getting credit for the firefly2. This is *by far no question* tremendously superior to the firefly2.

  • Does this vap get hot? I purchased the mighty and I love it do you think that this is just as good as the packs to ? And also thank you very much for the help that you gave me with my firefly vaporizer returning it and then I purchased the mighty and I love it I appreciate all that you do for us and thank you for your honesty. Mary

  • Just got my unit in 3 days ago copper color i am so happy i have used it abut 10+ times and using it right now xD i dont get why people are saying it gets really hot, i mean yea it get really warm but not extremely hot where you cant hold it, if you have sensitive skin i can some what understand, but other than that this unit is amazing the battery life lasts about 60 min constantly vaping at 380 – 395° F and when it turns off after 10 min i bring it up to 430 and vape everything out for 2 min, after every session i clean it with isopropyl wipes so the oven doesn’t stain and its working, and pack it again after cleaning and use it then repeat, for battery life i bought 2 extra battery’s from davinci and i dont charge the battery in the unit because is does take a bit long time to charge instead i got a 18650 battery charger with 4 slots, it takes about 1 – 1.5 hours to charge every battery and i have battery’s on the go, and only thing im sad about is the warranty i tried to register it did not work, but i remember when i got the ascent on release it had the same problem after like a month or two you could register it, other than that i love this unit, is it worth 275 yes just the fact that you can change battery’s is a huge plus, and i dont get why people are blaming bud its not like he forced anyone to buy this product is was his review and what he thought about it i just think people are nitpicking, like how i said i love this product, keep up the reviews bud:)

    • Hey Josh, think you can tell me where I can pick up one of those external chargers for the spare batteries? Unfortunately I am one of those people that received a less than perfect unit, my IQ runs out of power in about 40 mins. I need to pick up some spare batteries and a faster charger to hold me over in the mean time till the cs crisi ends at Da Vinci and I can get the problem attended to. Thanks

      • I grabbed an xtar vc4 from planetvape.ca to use with my Arizer Air (which also uses 18650). I’m really happy with it .. great price from that site. Now my Arizer can have 0 downtime if necessary =).

        I read around a bit on chargers, and just to summarize … efest and xtar seemed to be the best feature wise, and nothing wrong w Nitecore.

        The fact that IQ takes an 18650 is probably going to be the reason i get it over Pax 3 or another stealth / modern look vape.

  • Note: I am not affiliated with Davinci or Bud in anyway. This is my first time visiting vapecritic.com and after reading the comments, I felt compelled to add my own comment.

    I’ve ordered my Davinci IQ and should receive it tomorrow (12/28). I’m truly looking forward to trying it!

    I came across this review and just like the other reviews I’ve read, the IQ has gotten amazing remarks and many “best of dry herb vaporizer” rankings.

    I understand (by reading your remarks) that many of you are quite disappointed with the product; but, wow! Why are you out-and-out blaming Bud? He didn’t force anyone to buy this particular vaporizer. He wrote a review that was very positive and recommended the product highly; but, I didn’t see any threats of life, body, limb or bad juju if you did not buy a Davinci IQ. Yes, it totally sucks to buy a product that turns out to be a dud – especially when the item is so highly praised. However, it isn’t only Bud who found the vape to be amazing in his review.
    —–At thevape.guide, they gave it a 9.7/10.
    —–The Vaporizer Wizard rated the IQ a 9.3/10.
    —–Spineful Vape Magazine said, ” If you’re looking for quality and price is no object, look no further.”
    —–Best Vaporizers loved it
    —–Health Vaporizers gave the IQ a 99%; HOWEVER, the User Rating was 5.75/10 (16 votes)
    I could go on and on; but the point is: Bud wasn’t the only one to love the IQ. I ordered the IQ and it wasn’t based on only ONE positive review. On other sites I read the reviews and user comments and at the end of the day, it was MY CHOICE to order the vape. No one held a gun to my head, no one threatened me in any way.
    I totally understand being disappointed with a lackluster product after reading a (or many) positive review/s… however, saying that the author of the review is solely responsible for your purchase choice is ridiculous. I truly believe some of the commenters here are being unfair and disrespectful to Bud.

    And, honestly, why the hell would you shell out hard-earned money based on only one review?? Especially a good chunk of $$…

  • im really confused, im seeing all of these reviews saying its the best conduction vape out there, and all of these comments saying its bad, i have never owned a herb vaporizer before and im really looking forward to getting into vaping and i was so exited for this unit i saw it about a month ago reviewed by alot of people saying it was good, i need someones help on what i should get and is this unit worth it, i really don’t mind it getting hot in the hand im not planning on using it for 30min strait, and for the battery cant you just get a better 1860 battery?

  • I have used the IQ for about 20 sessions and have cleaned the oven each time with the brush. Now there are bits of residue that are adhered to oven wall that resist being removed. I guess that the only way to keep the walls perfectly clean is to alcohol swab them after EVERY use.

    I’m curious to know if IQ users alcohol swab the oven after every session, once a day, or whenever they feel like it?

    Is it important to keep the walls clean or does it really matter? I don’t know if there is a happy medium.

    • UPDATE: I was able to remove the residue that stubbornly clung to the oven wall. I couldn’t remove it with alcohol and qtips so I resorted to using a sharp tool. Without scraping the oven wall, I was able to pop the pieces off and do a final alcohol cleaning. It has stayed clean ever since. All I do is brush out the oven after every use and do a good alcohol swabbing at night. My home grown cannabis does not have a lot of resin and I imagine that more resinous cannabis would want to stick to the walls?

      • I’ve had the IQ for about one month and have used it daily. For whatever reason I had not had any more residue build up. Maybe because my herb doesn’t have very much resin or because the unit was new, I don’t know. Brush it out after every use and alcohol swab it every night.

        Overall, its a great unit.

  • I just added a note to my review guys (in red) and I’m truly sorry for the troubles you’re experiencing.

    I have no good explanation for their customer service or lack thereof and there’s really no excuses.

    As for the vape getting hot I am investigating this, I did not have this problem with my unit or another unit I tried.

    It is normal for portable vapes to get quite warm on the outside during use, and the IQ is more compact than most others with less air space on the inside so there’s very little heat insulation.

    I would say that 15-20 minutes is the max amount of time you should use any portable vaporizer before giving it a break of at least 5 minutes. But, if your unit is really getting too hot to hold in your hand after just a few minutes then there could very well be problem.

    Something else that can influence how hot the vape gets is how you’re packing the oven. If you pack your herb loose in there, or if you don’t pack it full to the top, the vape will get hotter than normal on the outside. Pack it full and tight to avoid any overheating caused by this (if you’re not already).

    I sincerely do appreciate all of your feedback and hope you believe me when I say that I’m trying to do the right thing.

    New visitors please take a look at my list of top picks to see other portable vapes I recommend as well: https://vapecritic.com/best-portable/

  • Horrible review!! Bud, I saved my hard earned money just to get this vape. It gets way too hot and does not properly heat. I have tried calling the company and nothing. Because of your review Bud I spent 274.99 for a vape that does not work. Are you sponsored by the company and received money just to say that this was a top tier vape. Its disappointing, instead of helping your fans you hurt them by convincing them to spend their hard earned money on something that does not work. First the firefly 2, and now this. Please update your review

    • Agreed. I have been coming here for a while. I’ve been wondering why you review vaporizers with such horrible Q&A so highly.

    • Hello. I own a smoke shop & my vape distributors get to test the products (pax 3, davinci, firefly, etc… & my distributor recommended the davinci for the shop. He said it was such an awesome device and he would pic it over any other vape. He doesn’t get paid to make reviews. So there you go, coming from someone who tested all of them and liked it the best .. it is a good vaporizer. There just must be some issues with certain devices. Make sure you follow the directions well

    • That is totally unfair, Bud does not work for DaVinci and does not make the vapes, if you got a unit that wasn’t faulty you wouldn’t be bitching, you just want someone to blame.

  • Davinci has some nerve! I don’t have this kind of money to waste. I bought this and it has issued.

    I can’t register for warranty?

    Their web site doesn’t work?

    The connection from the phone app to the unit worked for a week and now will not connect?

    The unit will shut off with a full charge after being on for 20seconfs?

    I have tried to call, email, I even asked you?


    I don’t know why you continue to list them best when people rely on your review (I did)?

    Service means more to me than the product does because without customer service you have nothing as a company!!

    What I would really like to know. You mentioned you talk to the guys all the time and they are trying?

    Are you part of the company or are you here for us, the ones reading the reviews?

    They are not the best (right now) and that’s all that matters?

    I didn’t ask to be part of a test.

    How do you get through to them anytime you wish?

    I’m out money I can’t afford, can you help with a refund as you didn’t help me with the review?


    Below is what they just emailed me today, Merry F’ing Christmas!

    Have some good laughs? Watch our “12 Days of Vaping” video!

    Check it out in our BLOG and feel free to share!

    • you cant blame the reviewer this!!
      i have seen more reviews and they al say good stuff

      but if they dont repond is bad service yes

  • Davinci IQ First Impressions

    I love the looks of the IQ and it seems very well made. I’ve used it about 5 times. The flavor and user experience is worth the cost, but I’m concerned about a few things.

    I would feel more at ease if the lid magnets were stronger. I’m concerned that the mouthpiece(s) and flavor chamber would come flying out if the IQ was dropped or knocked hard. Being as heavy as it is, I wonder if the weight would make it more susceptible to damage if dropped. I’m hoping for the best.

    I don’t like how easily the flavor chamber comes out when the compartment lid is open. I’m thinking of putting an o-ring around the outer top edge to see if it will hold the chamber snugly in place. I don’t think that it will work because the chamber lid is held in place with an o-ring. I will just have to get used to it.

    I’m concerned that oven walls will require frequent cleaning in order to keep them free of residue. Maybe I should just let the walls get coated? I suppose this is a common problem with vaporizers, but my other vaporizer (Arizer Solo) is so easy to keep clean.

    I’m concerned that the small air holes, on the bottom of the oven, are going to get clogged. I don’t see how a Qtip or the include brush will clean them. I think you’d need a thin piece of wire to poke through them.

    I’m not sure how, or if its possible, to clean the area between the bottom of the oven and the flavor chamber.

    I found that it is possible to eject the ABV contents by blowing through the mouthpiece while oven is still hot. This is how I clean out the glass stem on my Solo. Ejecting the ABV material, this way, eliminates the need to have a tool for digging it out. But blowing through the IQ mouthpiece may not be as effective as it is with the Solo because there are probably air leaks, where the parts meet, unlike the Solo’s one piece glass stem.

    The IQ size and shape feels good, but it would be better if there was a sleeve that provided a non-slip grip while reducing the heat. I don’t mind how warm the unit gets, but wouldn’t want it to get any hotter.

    I wish that the flat mouthpiece had as little draw resistance as the stem mouthpiece.

    It is difficult to press the Power button 5 times in such a short amount of time. I wish that the time and/or number of clicks could/should be adjustable through the software (maybe it is?)

    Their Registration web page wouldn’t accept my data for some reason. I hope to hear back from them on what to do.

    Anyway, the vaporizer does fit my needs pretty well as far as being super compact, a 18650 replaceable battery, USB cable, high ratings and a 10 year warranty. I just need to get used to handling it and cleaning schedules.

    • Its not as easy to blow out the ABV contents as I had hoped. Maybe I’ll find a way to improve the process, but in the mean time, I’m glad that the poker tool is stored in the unit.

      The oven chamber has remained pretty clean after 15-20 sessions.
      The flavor chamber seems to collect the most amount of residue. I might not bother cleaning the chamber until there is enough residue to reclaim.

      So far so good!

      PS: The IQ is nice to hold, except for the sharp edges on the bottom of the aluminum enclosure. Davinci should have rounded these edges before painting it. The sharp edges will eventually get rounded (and chipped) through use. I might file the edges down myself. Minor thing!

  • Dude, why don’t you change your review then, and say that they are still getting all the kinks out, and it gets hot…you had no mention of any of that and praised there product as a tier 1 vape…..Why not tell it like it is, Because anyone whos been around the vape community in the last 4 years knows that Davinci is a pretty solid company! maybe we need to wait for IQ version 1.2

    • I agree with you. I saved my hard earned money to get this vape in hopes that it will work perfectly, wrong!! Because of your review Bud, I spent $274.99 on a unit that doesn’t work. It gets too hot, the mouthpiece is hard to change with the rubber part. Please update your review. Prevent people who spend their hard earned money on something that does not work.

  • Been playing with my new IQ for 2 days, that thing is so sleek. Haven’t been able to get any major clouds out of it but the taste is superb. Haven’t found any major functional flaws with it so far besides this perplexing phenomenon. In the 2 days I’ve had it,it’s been packed 4 times and I use it for no longer than 5 minutes each time. Altogether I’d say I used it about 12 times so to be generous you can say I had 90mins of use. The usage data on the app says my average session is 26mins and I’ve used over 3 hours of vape time. I don’t know how this can be possible or has anyone else seen weird numbers on their app?

  • I recieved my IQ today and I’m not pleased with it, the IQ gets Extremely HOT!!!! The unit gets so Hot that it’s uncomfortable to hold in the hands while in a session of 370-380 degrees. I wrote to customer service about this issue, hopefully there’s a solution for it.

  • Please, Bud, if you are a proper journalist, for the sake of new consumers, immediately amend your review to show the truth. Regardless if they are “good guys” or not, there are various quality issues (super glue used inside) as well as customer service issues even today, Dec 22nd 2016.

    Bad quality:
    Your review. Bud, made me spend $284 for an item that is falling apart, a metal surrounding the flavor chamber hole (behind battery lid) is only a thin plate super-glued to what looks like a black plastic body that will be heated at 430º for many minutes, and that’s where you inhale. Also, the mouthpiece falls off the lid while you are busy with the flavor chamber unless you are really careful.

    Bad Design:
    The flavor chamber can brake easily if it falls, and it can fly off the vape just by turning it on its side with the lid open. By the way, the unit comes with NO instructions and none are posted online that I could find. I opened the lid, then turned it on its side, and the flavor chamber flew off like a torpedo and hit the tile floor and cracked in 3 pieces, like porcelain. Things that may fall off a vape WILL fall. Please don’t make something that is sooo fragile and NOT PROPERLY SECURE IT. And do not give it the ability to slide smoothly off the unit to the floor.

    Batteries NOT Standard

    STANDARD 18650 batteries DO NOT FIT. The IQ is 1mm too short. You have to use non-standard no-nipple 18650 batteries not found easily. Great idea, bad design and execution.

    Bad Service:
    They STILL do not answer emails or phone calls, even if they list customer service numbers and business hours online, their answering machine says you are calling outside business hours and to leave a message. No use leaving a message either. This sounds like a company that is hiding, it has been a month since initial complaints.

    So Bud, if you have direct contact with the good guys at DavinciIQ, please ask exactly how long it will take them exactly to contact and resolve each customer’s issues from the ticket date? They had absolutely NO PROBLEM with the response time of SELLING and SHIPPING, will they be the same in SERVICE?

  • Does anyone have a functioning unit and it works as well as DaVinci claims? I’m waiting for mine and want to see there are any positive feedback from real people

  • Hey Bud
    ordered the IQ based on how much you raved about it, expecting delivery next week. After reading all these negative comments I’m not sure I want to gamble off $275. Nonetheless if only a few units are experiencing these problems I’d rather keep the little beauty, what say you, does it appear this whole first release line seem defective? So far I haven’t seen any positive comments from anyone who has gotten one.


  • The best thing you can say about a Vaporizer is that it’s to so good, they cant make enough of them. There is no question this vape is out of this world good. I have a nice collection, and I have to say is the very best vaporizer I have ever used. I have had it a month, and I realized after a few sessions that this is the B.D.V.E.P (Best Dammed Vaporizer Ever Period.)

    The Vape Master (Mu Ha Ha Ha)

  • I would like to Nominate this Review to get a Golden Vape Award.

    The Vape Master (Mu Ha Ha Ha)

  • Hey guys, thank you all very much for your patience, I truly do appreciate it. I spoke with DaVinci and have some information for you.

    In short, the extremely high demand for the IQ and the sudden influx of outreach from customers caught them off guard, they weren’t properly prepared.

    They still needed time to make some small tweaks to the unit before final production, and they still didn’t have enough people on staff for customer service.

    I want to let you guys know that I’m just as disappointed as you in how this has gone, I know how frustrating it is, but I do feel that they will soon catch up and make this right. They’re good guys who are very passionate about the product, and they’re really trying their hardest to make things happen as quickly as possible.

    Here are some quotes from my correspondence with DaVinci:

    “Acknowledging the issues from our side, we leaped into action and ramped-up efforts in the manufacturing process. That wasn’t as easy as it could have been because there was still a level of quality control that we were not willing to sacrifice just to meet [sudden] demand.”

    “A lot of the feedback being received required more time than usual with careful approach and it set us back for a short moment. We are expanding our customer service teams as we speak.”

    “Please assure those who are awaiting their devices or need assistance and want their voice to be heard that we will help everyone get to a resolve.”


    What I’d like to do to hold DaVinci accountable is gather a list of those of you who are displeased with their service. If you have been waiting too long for your pre-order, or if you have tried contacting them and haven’t received a response, I would like to hear from you.

    Please send me an email at bud(at)vapecritic(dot)com with any and all information you would like to provide about your experience.

    I sincerely appreciate all of your support and patience, seriously! And I will do everything in my power to get you all the service you deserve.

    Stay up!

    • How the heck did you get through? I have been leaving messages by phone and email.

      Their website is also f’ed up as my unit no longer connects with the program.

      The other day I was in a bar and the unit was off, again off in my pocket and it fit so hot it was burning my leg. Off to the bathroom I went, I had to take the battery out as it was cooking hot!

      You get 51 dollars credit and can’t spend it?

      As far as a warranty I guess the isn’t one, as if the was my unit would be replaced.

      I believe if you get a good one it would be a great deal it is solid however, not being prepared on a roll out if no excuse.

      Please, if you talk to them give them my number!? Lol

  • customers service is shocking mine get very hot and doesn’t respond very well either battery life is terrible aswel I put mine on charge for a good 2-3 hours when I got it me and my brother used it within 30-45 mins it had died what is the strongest battery you can use in it?? But yeah customers service very poor

  • Thanks for all the comments regarding customer service and the issues with chipping, overheating etc.. I appreciate all your reviews as it convinces me this one is a piece of plastic junk.

  • Still can’t get instructions from them — cuts service non-existent as others have pointed out.

    That said, best portable vape and I have owned Crafty, Pax 2 and Firefly 2.

  • I recently received the DaVinci IQ. I purchased it on your recommendation. I really like the vape but the customer service is non-existent. I’ve had a few issues and questions and they are not responding to either phone calls, phone messages or email. Probably the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I was recommending this vape to friends, but now, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the absence of customer support. In fact, I’d warn people that they won’t get any help at all.

  • One more thing…
    It looks like the finish is easily chipped, as I see some minor chipping along the metal edges. It looks like it has a painted surface. How durable is the finish? Will it age nicely?

    PS: I ordered one about 3 weeks ago and I’m still researching while I wait.

    • Cancel it if you can.. NOW!!

      Send me the 275 and I’ll send you nothing and you will be ahead and happy.

      On my deal you expect nothing and get nothing. Therefore you got what you paid for.

      • It’s on the way. Waiting 3 weeks wasn’t a problem. it gave me time to search for something better, but couldn’t find a better vaporizer, for my needs, and gave up looking any further. Hope it lives up to my expectations.

  • 1) How does the flavor chamber interface with the bowl? Is there a gasket and does it require cleaning or maintenance? Does the interface leak air?

    2) When I finish a session and while the bowl is still hot – with the oven cover open, is it possible to remove the ABV by blowing through the mouthpiece? This is how I clean 99% of the ABV from my Solo glass stem.

    3) It looks like the flavor chamber sits in place loosely and that it may slide out, without using the tool, if turned up side down. Is it a loose fit?

    Thanks for your excellent/informative reviews!

  • I’m new to vaping and just received my IQ. Noticed that the unit gets uncomfortably hot to the touch (but not too hot to burn). Is this normal?

    • I have the same issue. It’s extremely hot to touch. I can barely get thru a session because it’s too hot for me to hold it.

  • Hey guys I see your comments and I’m really sorry for the delay they’re having shipping the vapes, and their non-responsiveness, it’s really not cool.

    They’re good guys so I would imagine they’re probably just completely overwhelmed with demand but I’m going to reach out to them right now and see wtf the deal is.

    I’m very sorry again and I really appreciate all of your support and patience!

  • Pre ordered this based on your fantastic review of the unit over a month ago now, and still not shipped or able to contact them to get a any answers or even cancel the order, which i don’t really want to do as it looks a great little unit.

    Stories of defective units on FC and a Facebook group with some pretty shady stuff against them is getting me nervous though, it may be a great vape if people can get them, but god does their customer service suck or what.

  • As of today I’ve been waiting since 11/28/2016 for Davinci to answer my emails about my defective IQ with a seal issue at the top at the hinge area. They have not responded at all. I can’t use the $51 credit for some reason it’s unavailable. What’s very odd is they sent an email asking how their customer service was.
    Great reviews Bud keep up the good work.
    I’m staying up

  • how do you know when it is on. pushed button 5 times no indication of it on,just wait till it vibrates no indication when the battery is dead, the machine gets quite warm itself.for the amount of talk this got it really isn’t all that good for simplicity to much guessing if on or not.

  • So I decided to call Davinci again. Amazing, the phone put me into the system so I held, and held, and held. At least every twenty seconds (so imagine hire many times I heard it. While on hold I made dinner, are dinner, cleaned up dinner. Finally just when I thought I got through it hung up on me holding. Official time holding 119 min. 8 sec. This could be the greatest unit in the market however, if you can’t register your warranty, signs your extra 51 dollars, ask a question to see if your unit is defective? YOU SUCK!!!!

  • I purchased one of these IQs based on your review. I think it’s a quality product you can feel it as soon as you put it in your hand. However,I have been trying to get ahold of DaVinci since the day I purchased it. you cannot register the product on their website as it will not let you upload the sales receipt. With the purchase you get $51 of credit for DaVinci products however, you can’t buy anything off the website nor will they answer any emails of which I’ve sent 5. Nor does their phone service work! The message machine does not allow you to get through to anybody and I’ve left 7 messages. I’ve been a business owner for 40 years this is not what I call customer service. I’m not bitching to you I love reading your reviews as everybody knows who you are and you do a straight-up review that you can trust in. I was just hoping maybe you would be able to give me some directions of how to get a hold of them or maybe you have a contact there that can help me out? Thank you.

  • I would like to nominate this video review for a Golden Vape Award.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The: ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^

  • Day 10… New Features I like, the build on this vape is at the very top. The magnetic mechanism that keeps the hinges closed is very impressive. There is a pick, that is made for flavor Chambers, but does an excellent job at stiring. The app is very cool. Boost Mode is awesome. These little things and the obvious one make this The (Best Damn Vape Period)

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The: ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^

  • Bud – as always, great review. I’m ocurious about a comparison between a fine grinder and a traditional one (I have a space case)? Also, is a fine grinder appropriate for use with most portables? Thanks

  • what’s the difference between the 2 chambers?
    Do you think is possible to smoke dry hash (the consumed hash has coffee powder texture) in it?

    I wanna buy a portable vape (or pen?) to smoke both weed and dry hash, but I still don’t find a clue.

  • I don’t understand the difference between the upper chamber and the lower one.
    I wonder if despite the description one of the chambers is actually able to process dry hash or not.

    I’m looking for a portable vape that let’s me smoke both things or at least hash.
    The hash I find here is like afghan (fresh, dark, soft and really aromatic), at the end of the session its waste is really dry and looks like coffee powder.
    When I read “for concentrates” I don’t understand what it is meant: just wax-like (or oil) products or also something more dry like hashish (afghan, moroccan….)

    Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

  • Looks awesome! I’ve been jonsing for a new vape, but so far nothing has gotten me excited enough to buy. Been using the Crafty. But, I’m definitely going to pick this one up! Your reviews are the best!!!

    • I bought this to replace my crafty after it broke, and all I have to say is stick with the crafty. The vape production is vary poor and it is messy to load and you only get like 2 sessions before the battery is dead. It also gets very hot in the hands as well. The good thing is would be the warm up time. Please do not buy this vape it is not even close to the crafty you will be vary disappointed with this product.

  • Hey Bud,
    I just received my IQ Saturday. Do you have to press down on the straw mouthpiece to get yours to seal toward the hinge area? The top of the unit close to the hinge area sticks up about 1/16 to 1/8 of inch above the metal sides and does not fit flush like the side that opens. I have to press down toward the hinge area on the mouthpiece for the unit to seal or else I draw in a lot of air with very little to no vapor. It took me awhile to figure this out. Once I got it to seal it works really well. Have you heard about production issues or these issues with anyone else? I emailed support on Saturday but the support button for a message does not work. I sent them a reply on the shipping of the unit to get thru but as of now I have not heard from them. I’m a little disappointed after paying $275 that this doesn’t look like a quality unit and that I have to press down on the mouthpiece before every draw to seal the unit. Is this what I am to expect from the Davinci IQ ?

    • Hey i have the same issue! Did you fix it as yet? This is a production fault as I have 2 and the other one fits flush everytime.

  • Anybody know how to get the PDF instructions? None came with mine and text too small to read with app. Thx.

  • Finally received my IQ. Is the battery on the IQ and arizer air the same? Can I use the same battery on both units?

    Still trying the feel of it and by far it’s enjoyable.

  • I’ve seen many complaints on FC about issues with their IQ’s I hope it’s just for some of the first units and they fix it, if not would you still say its a top tier 1 vaporizer Bud?

    • I’m definitely gonna keep an eye on this and if the issues are widespread I will update my review! It’s a Tier 1 vape but defect problems would have to be noted to let people know about it.

  • Do you know where I can get an extra Battery for the IQ? I just order My on november 17th and it still hasn’t been ship. Im to excited to wait

  • Can you check out the puri5 deja vu? It seems like a well priced option. I was also wondering what is your favorite option in the $100-$200 price range.

  • Trying to decide if I should get this or the Firefly 2 (or other option). I have the V2 Pro Series 3 pen with dry herb chamber. I’m pretty happy with it, except how hard it can be to draw from. I removed their filter and use pipe screen, which helped. Still have draw issues at times. I use weed at least twice a day for medical use and I have asthma, small lung capacity. I need stealth at times. The capacity of the chamber and length of time are fine for me. I have to use new herb each session to get the medical relief I need. Little worried if I get this Davinci, I’ll go thru a lot more herb due to having to pack the chamber full. Want to avoid quality issues, since I can’t be without vape due to medical need. I plan to sell my pen to a friend to help fund a new vape. so I eon’t want the crafty or mighty. And, I prefer to avoid plastics, etc., so that narrows it down a lot. I’m new at this, been at it a few months, so appreciate recommendation what to buy to replace my vape pen. Thanks!

    • Had the Firefly 2 and air hated it. Hardest vape to use. Had to clean it constantly. I went through my herb very quickly with little result. My Arizer Air destroyed it.

    • I wouldn’t buy a FF2 for a dime. Complete headache – What a Vape Company Should Not Be!

      Thats why Bud is the best, his rankings have no reflection on price.

      You Have Just Been Vaporized By The Vape Master.

  • Their customer service was very missformed. Emailed them a week or so before the release asking where an order to canada would ship from and was quoted “We have a fulfillment center in Mississauga that ships to all of our Canadian customers” when asking if that center was going to be shipping the iq’s specificaly I recieved no reply. On the 14th i called then to see what was going on with the orders because if there was this much of a delay it was not likely they were sending to centers. They said that no the order will ship from nevada. When i explained that there would be tax associated with that the rep seemed to not understand the concept of duty and said he would speak to a supervisor. After like 4 seconds he was back and asured me that there would be no tax crossing the border and they take care of all those charges. Users in the UK are now reporting that they had to pay over 60$ in tax for duty charges and when contacting davinci they claimed that it was not their fault and would do nothing for them. Also uk user claimed that the package had that it was a gift labbled on it. Not happy, not excited and dont want to have to deal with this just for a vape. Also anyone have any luck with the claimed 51$ for preordering. Plus to 50-60 hours after they claimed product shiped for usps to get it.

    • User from uk is reporting that davinci refunded him import charge after some debate so that calms me down a bit.

    • Bud, not sure how customer service or company responsiveness in your reviews but DaVinci should definitely take a hit here. If they were not ready to launch than they should have held off or clearly communicated to us that there was massive interest and that they are weeks behind in delivery. My old vape kicked it and I’ve been waiting 2 weeks now for this one and it hasn’t even shipped yet. Thinking of cancelling my order and going with the crafty for $100 more…..

      • Definitely is considered in my reviews and recommendations, and I feel bad and apologize for the delays, if they don’t get their ass in gear real soon I’ll have to post an update.

        • Order my iq on the 29th and was told in an email a week prior that orders for canada ship from inside canada. Call on the 14th because of the delay and am told that it will ship from las vegas but i didn’t have to worry about any charges or tax for crossing the border because they take care of that, rep even check with his manager. Other user now report that is a lie. And add the apt number to the shipping info. Get confirmation that it was changed and all looks good. Ships and everything looks fine. Then check tracking and says it is in brazil. Call usps and they tell me that the package was sent with the same billing info i gave but the country was listed as brazil. Now they say it will take 30 business days for them to send it back up. Call davinci to get some answers and their customer service line is set on a loop that ditches you in the main menu infinite times.

        • Please do, as they can not be gotten ahold of, in any way, not can you register your unit for the warranty! I might have to try to sell mine and buy something else based on performance and customer service.

  • How does air pass through the unit exactly? There doesn’t seem to be any holes at the bottom of the chamber like the Ascent, or are they on the side? Where does air first enter the unit? I don’t see how you would be able to get adequate airflow with only one hole at the top, that’d be like trying to suck on a straw with your finger closing the other end.

    • Fresh air comes in around the seal of the oven lid on the bottom, it’s not a lot of air because conduction vapes like this one need the air to move slow to heat it properly, but for the type of vape it is the draw resistance isn’t very bad at all.

  • The DaVinci Ascent (currently own) is a little annoying to clean, as the glass downs to gets sticky and blocks the very small holes. I am sure that’s fixed in the IQ…but the ascent did concentrates. Does this one not?

  • This is a really cool addition to my collection of top-of-the-line vapes. What a neat little gadget. Big clouds. A couple things though:

    1. The instructions don’t tell you how to open the weird battery compartment. Neither do their videos. I thought I had a defective unit when I finally got it open and then it wouldn’t close easily by just pushing it down. Is that the same for every unit? You have to pull the switch back, push down the lid, push the switch in. Kinda awkward. Seems like it could have been designed better, and the instructions should have covered it.

    2. I’m not crazy with the way you turn it on and off. You have to press the power button very rapidly 5 times, and I often have to do it more than once. There’s also a sound factor. You can’t quietly turn it on and off lying in bed next to your significant other, which I learned last night the hard way. I wonder if there will be a software patch that changes the way you power it on and off.

  • Starting to get frustrated. Ordered on the 29th and not shipped yet and not getting any reply from their support team.

        • Hey guys here it is straight from the horse’s mouth (DaVinci): “We are sending them out as fast as they come in!”

          If you wanna email me your order# I can find what’s up with yours specifically: bud[at]vapecritic[dot]com

          • Thanks Bud! They actually got back to me and said there was a quality control issue with a shipment and that this was holding up a lot of orders. All I can do now is just keep watching your review video and dream of the mad draws to come lol

    • Got this from them last week

      Purchase Date Estimated Ship Date
      Sept 26th – Oct 1st Nov 24th – Nov 30th
      Oct 2nd – Oct 8th Nov 31st – Dec 2nd
      Oct 9th – Oct 15th Dec 3rd – Dec 5th
      Oct 16th – Oct 22nd Dec 6th – Dec 9th
      Oct 23rd – Oct 29th Dec 10th – Dec 12th
      Oct 30th – Nov 5th Dec 12th – 16th
      Nov 6th – Nov 12th Dec 12th – 16th
      Nov 13th – Nov 19th Dec 12th – 16th
      Nov 20th – Nov 26th Dec 12th – 16th

  • Hi! I really love my Mighty vaporizer but I am currently looking for a more portable vape. It should be as small and “stealth” as possible in (look and smell). Would you say the Davinci IQ is the way to go? I like the design of PAX better, but you said somewhere that the smell is stronger..

    Which one would you suggest for my requirements? Maybe other alternatives like the Goboof Alfa?

    Thanks, really appreciate it!

  • Everything about this vape looks awesome. Only thing i think they could improve on would be smaller loads. A spacer or something in the works do you no? Was the same with the ascent the bowl was cool if i wanted a good sesh. But sometimes you want like half the amount for a smaller sesh.

  • I usually use a Mig Vapor sub herb black attachment and want to upgrade to a full vaporizer unit. I usually only take 1 or 2 hits at a time, would this be a good piece for that or no?

    • This unit is best for full sessions that you get 10-20 draws from and are about 10 minutes long. You can turn it off mid-session and resume later, the vapor quality and taste is just not quite as good the second time around.

      Hopefully soon there’s an oven spacer available so that we can load smaller amounts for mini-seshes.

  • Hey Bud!
    Excelent review al always. Just wondering if boost mode can be used as “1 hit” and separate the bowl in different sessions like the firely.
    Thanx bud!

    • Hey! It can probably be used like that, but it’s definitely not the most efficient way and I wouldn’t recommend it and the primary way to use it.

  • I have a few high end vaporizer and I’m excited for the IQ, pre ordered it Nov 2. What is the waiting period for this vaporizer?

  • Ever thought about giving every aspect of the reviews, such as the vapor quality, draw resistance etc., a numerical value and placing those on a list where you can compare those numbers with other vapes, and have an overall rating which combines all those numbers? So instead of having to read every review, people can just look at a spreadsheet for example and make a quick choice of which reviews to read in specific.

  • Hi vapecritic!
    i have a herbalaire, a arizer solo and a storm!
    I´m looking for a replacement to my storm, because i broke the water mouhtpiece! This vaporizer it´s what i need to carry with me in the car! the herbalaire anda arizer solo it´s for home usage!
    But i just wanna spend money in a portable vaporizer with the most cooler vapor in market, because i have stomach problems and the hot vapor hurts my esophag! The storm with the water MP, only works for 1/2 minutes, after it, the water also gets hot! It´s not in my plans to buy another MP for the Storm!
    In comparision with the arizer solo, this IQ it´s cooler or hotter!?
    What vaporizer do you recommend to someone wiht the same problems i do have!?

    • Hey I feel you! I’m not a fan of hot vapor either, but the only problem is that portable vapes in general are not known to produce particularly cool or smooth vapor. However, my top picks are the ones with the best vapor, and the IQ is definitely one of the first models I would suggest for comfortable vapor.

      If smoothness is a top concern I recommend keeping the temperature setting at ~360F or less, but you can experiment with this.

  • Do you recommend the IQ over the Crafty ? And also witch one hits better through a water pipe ? Thanks!

    • They’re pretty different vapes so it’s difficult to flatly say one is better than the other, I like them both a lot, pretty much the best pocket-sized portables you can buy right now.

      The IQ would be easier to use through a glass rig since you won’t need any adapters to do it, but I’d say the strength of the vapor from the Crafty is a tad higher because it’s a hybrid conduction/convection vape as opposed to pure conduction like the IQ.

          • man gotta say, all your comments are honest and spot on.
            never biased, never leaning towards one or the other.
            this is so hard to find, when everyone and their mum is
            trying to sell you stuff. of course you get compensated, good thing, but i really appreciate the honesty still. tight!

    • Hey they weren’t deleted they just might not have shown up on the page right away, it’s a technical thing with the page caching my apologies!

    • Pretty close actually, the ceramic zirconia used in the IQ seems to behave like glass in that the vapor tastes very pure and doesn’t seem like it’s coming from a conduction vape.

  • Do you have to mix the bowl in the middle of a session to get a consistent brown? And how easy is it to keep clean?

    • Never have to mix or stir your herb with this one, just grind your herb up real fine and pack the open full and tamp it down. Then close the lid, fire it up, and puff away for 10-15 mins.

      Keeping it clean is a matter of brushing out the chamber after each use, preferably while the unit is still warm which is not always easy to do when you’re on the go.

      If spent herb is left in the oven after a session and it cools down it can leave some staining on the oven walls. I’m still experimenting with the best way to clean that off and I’ll post an update when I figure it out.

      • cleaning the oven is the oooonly thing with these things. i find the staining quite annoying, from a taste perspective. i like things clean.
        i love that storz has put out those bullets for the mighty (which i use, tho i own davinci, qextreme, solo, air, pax2, flowermate 5pro, love em all, each has their pro and their con, its amazing).
        but bullets always give a cheaper staler taste,so its a trade off.
        but very convenient for on the go!!

        cleaning a warm vape, i dont know, if you go in to early you might melt your cleaning tool (unless is a metal brush). never leave herb in the chamber ugh!! big up!

  • Great review man! Love all of your work!

    Can you comment on any impurities of the materials, i.e. Use of Silicone? Any offgasing or risk of it? How is the pathway any risk of non-flowers entering in to the flow?

    How is this compared to the FF2 as it comes down to impurities?

    • Hey man, the only part that to me doesn’t look like ceramic is the silicone gasket around the mouthpiece.

      The vapor barely touches this as it passes through the flavor chamber up into the mouthpiece, but it does touch it a little.

      Lots of vapes use high-temperature silicone parts in their construction, and I don’t personally feel there’s any elevated risk in this.

      From what I’ve researched, as long as the silicone is rated to withstand high enough temps it should be OK, but this is just what I’ve deduced.

  • I’m concerned about the use of Silicone, I don’t like any potential toxins coming close to the vapor path or heating element

    I’m just at a loss for words why they haven’t figured out how to do a glass/wood or ceramic portable vaporizer.

    What is your thought in terms of impurity

    I don’t know how I feel about the magnesium in the FF2,

    Love my VapeXHale for home use but not sure what to do about portability use

    • I totally understand and I agree about the use of silicone for the gasket, I was surprised to see it there being that the rest of the vapor path was so carefully crafted.

      As I mentioned in my reply directly above this comment, I don’t personally feel there’s any higher risk with this but I do take notice when the silicone parts of vapes develop an odor, because that’s something I receive compaints about from time to time.

      Luckily it’s a cheap replaceable part if this ever happens, and I haven’t had it happen to myself yet.

  • Hey, I’m thinking about getting the newvape grinder for this vaporizer but would i be able to get a coarser grind for a spoon pipe/bong or joints? Is a fine grind reccomended for the davinci iq?

    • Hey yes I do recommend a fine grind for the best performance with the IQ, and pretty much every other portable vape too, and that’s what they specifically designed their Fine Grind model for.

      I personally still use this consistency when I roll as well, but ideally it should be a little coarser and newvape makes the same grinder in a Coarse Grind model, I’d actually get both if you can swing it but if you have to choose one go with the Fine grind.

      • Thanks for the reply, couple more questions before i pull trigger; How does this vape compare to the efficiency of convection vapes and the quality of abv? Do you have to constantly draw in order for it not to waste herb buy constantly staying heated since it is conduction?

        • Efficiency and quality of ABV are right up there, but yes it does work best when you pack it full and then take 10-20 draws over about 10-15 minutes.

      • In terms of potency do you think the iq or the crafty gives you more bang for your buck? and how do you describe the difference between the effects of both

        • Right now I feel that the IQ is little more well-rounded overall but the Crafty & Mighty edge a tiny bit ahead in the strength department. This is mainly because of the technology behind them – the DaVinci is conduction only and Storz & Bickel vapes are a hybrid of conduction and convection heating. Convection vapes in general are usually a little more potent because they heat your herb with super hot air instead of just radiant heat, and this seems to activate the compounds in a slightly different way. The IQ is one of the finest conduction vapes I’ve tried so far, very very nice, but if potency is your #1 concern the S&B models hit the spot.

    • I’m kinda diggin this one more right now but I still have some testing with the Pax 3 to do. I’m a little bummed because the new one isn’t very different from the old model.

  • I’d like to see a magnetic style charger (like Pax) with a micro USB all in one. That way you have both options.

  • Hey Bud,

    I see this is one of your top vapes and I’m glad to see that. I bought a crafty and went through 4 in a year. I upgraded to a volcano and will soon get another crafty because they’re fantastic.

    Before I got another crafty I decided to get either the pax3 or davinci IQ. I know you have both and would like to know if the pax3 will likely tie the crafty and IQ. I’m into the quick heat up, games, and overall pax experience, but I don’t use concentrates much and would love to have a handful of batteries charged to pop in. I had the FF2 sold it within 2 weeks so I’m cautious about another preorder.

    Ps I can see the games are pax, Simon and something that looks like a shooting target icon. Any chance you can enlighten me on the third?

    • Hey man I feel you with the Storz & Bickel vapes, they’re amazing and I’ve gone through multiple Crafty’s also.

      The Pax 3 is interesting to me because it’s not much of an upgrade over the Pax 2, the performance difference seems to be negligible.

      I haven’t gotten into the games or the app yet but the concentrate experience is just meh, the wax can thing is pretty weird.

  • Pretty disappointed with DaVinci. I went to their website to order a new IQ and they have a promo that I copied here: USE CODE “NEWS10” FOR 10% OFF DAVINCI AND ASCENT VAPORIZERS! When I tried to use it it wouldn’t work. I went on Chat with a rep from Davinci and they said they would not honor that coupon on the IQ. It does not say anywhere “except the IQ”. When I mentioned this he stated that it did not matter. So I don’t want to do business with a company that won’t honor their coupons. What else will they not honor? Maybe their warranty!

    • Hey Alan that is definitely annoying and irritating, it sounds like it was just an oversight on their part that the promo code verbiage wasn’t updated.

      Typically when vape companies release new models they tend to reduce and discount their older models, which is in this case are the original DaVinci and the Ascent.

      If they had named the original unit something different it probably would be a lot clearer versus it just being called the “DaVinci” which could be miscontrued as all vapes they make.

      I wouldn’t let this make you question how they do business because they’ve been around for many years and if anything they do is not up to par (like warranty service) I’ll be the first to say something about it.

    • It was just a missunderstanding.. The davinci is the oldest modell and the ascend the second released, so these were also stated on the coupon, but the coupon doesn’t say something from the new IQ. You must give the point to davinci.
      And as Bud said it’s always the same thing, they release a new device en reduse the price from the older ones.. They have no interested in reduce the price of the new device

  • Looks like this is one of the only vapes worth getting.
    Do you have a Crafty vs IQ video in mind ? i Would really love to see a vapor output comparison.

    • I’ll definitely consider it! Although I’d say this vape is more similar to the PAX which I will definitely compare it to.

  • Hey bud! Any chance you’ll get the Pax 3 before the end of the month? I was planning on buying that because I loved my original Pax, but this looks great too and I always buy my Vapes based on your recommendations!

  • How did you like using the recessed mouthpiece? I’m not sure that I’ll like carrying around the vape with that raised mouthpiece.

    • I personally like using the straw mouthpiece better but the flat one isn’t bad at all and really reduces the profile of the vape and makes it super easy to store and carry around.

  • Do you have any info. on the company DaVinci? Where are they located, where the product is made, etc.

    • DaVinci is a division of Organicix LLC in Las Vegas, NV

      They’ve been around since I started doing this years ago, and each of their releases has been better than the one before which is expected but always nice to see.

      The vape itself is designed in USA and made in China.

  • Hey Bud,

    Great review, as always I have a question. Now I’m on the fence between the Boundless CFX and the new DaVinci IQ. Which would you choose? I already have the Ascent and it still works like a champ. Be well.

    The Dawg

    • Sup Dawg!

      If you got the dough I would go for the IQ, but if you’re on a budget the CFX is awesome for the price ;-)

  • How is the vapor quality?! How hot/harsh is it?? What other vape would compare the vapor too??? I have semi bad lungs and use a Mighty mostly but looking for something smaller to pack around the city.

    • Vapor quality is very good especially for a conduction vape. The flavor is nice and pure and it’s never harsh or uncomfortable, which I’m sensitive to also (as long as you stay under 400°F).

      The effects from the Mighty are a little different because it’s a combo of conduction and convection heating, versus the IQ being conduction only.

      Crafty/Mighty and the IQ are my favorite portables right now and I say both because they do provide slightly different experiences but equally as awesome.

  • Thank you for early review! Would you please add some pics of flavor chamber inside and how to use it?

  • Looks great! My only thing is spending this kind of money for a vape that I’m not sure I’ll dig. For example, I had the Firefly 2 and I hated it. My Arizer Air destroyed it in a every measurable way. I’m looking for an experience similar to the Air, and I’m curious as to which you would pick between this, The Boundless CFX, and the Airvape XS for that type of experience.

    • I would pick this one, it sounds like the FF2 with the manual convection heating isn’t up your alley (you’re not alone), it’s a different kind of vaping experience and I think the IQ will be a lot closer to the Air for you (I like this better than the Air)

      • Just went through my herb too quick. I had the technique down, but my Arizer could almost knock me out, where as the Firefly 2 was more of a sipper. Not near as strong, though the flavor was great. It was good, but not at double the price of the Arizer.

        Thanks for the tip, Bud. Gonna take a swing at the IQ.