Atmos Orbit & Transporter Vaporizers

The Atmos Transporter and Orbit are true herbal vaporizers, which I never really expected to see from this company.

Previously I reviewed their AtmosRx pen vape which claimed to vaporize dry herbs but didn’t do a very good job at all, and in most cases it combusted (burned) your material.

Orbit & Transporter These are different, they don’t burn your stuff, but it’s interesting because they both utilize basically the same exact herb chamber.

This makes them perform in a similar way, although the Orbit is a little heavier and seems to be able to produce slightly larger draws of vapor.

Another important thing to note with these vapes is that there is no temperature control, they have just two settings: on and off.

Although this is not ideal, I’ve found that the temperature they chose to set it at is a pretty decent one, maybe a little on the higher side since your material will come out dark brown when it’s spent. I’d guess that it’s set somewhere between 370°F and 390°F.

Vapor quality is ok, the taste is ok but it definitely feels a little hot and sometimes gets a little harsh. This is not that uncommon with portable vaporizers, it’s pretty tough to get these little things to perform really well.

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  • Hey, Bud. I found both of these vaporizers for the same low sale price. I don’t care about portability, just performance. Which one should I get? Thanks!

  • Hey bud how are ya? I purchased a orbit vap pen, like the idea and like how it works but it doesn’t seem to be charging correctly and only lasts about 5 minutes on the battery. I was just curious if you heard of any type of battery issues they might have ran into with them?

  • Hi, could you please help a newbie vaper in the UK? I’ve been a smoker for 30 years and now want to switch to vaping. I’m on a very tight budget, and after checking out all your great reviews, I’ve narrowed it down to either the Atmos Transporter or the Vapium Summit, which seem to be the best in my price range, but I can’t decide! Which one would you recommend of the two please? Thanks so much!

  • How can I tell the different between the old AtmosRX that didn’t do a very good job and this one that you’ve reviewed? I’m seeing a few online and the names are all the same.

  • Same problem!!!!

    Hi. I just bought atmos transporter. Had a few sessions but I am not seeing any clouds, very few if none now. At first it produced very very light clouds but basically nothing now and I don’t think it’s working. I still want to burn. At first I was good when I bought it but now I feel it’s not working and my product is dark brown and leaving me feeling like I need to refill it. Please help, I liked it when I first used it but now I think it’s just spending it it chamber and not reaching me.

  • Hey Bud-

    I am considering buying a vaporizer that has absolutely no combustion. I like the look of both of these, but am also looking at the Pax. I want to stay under $200. Is the Pax significantly better?

    Also, have you tried the Atmos Astra? I’ve found it online at the same price as both the orbit and transporter. How does this compare?

    If there are any options that would be good to consider as well as these?


  • I bought my Atmos T about a month ago. The store owner told me not to buy it, because it was junk. I think I shoulda listened… I was told of 1 customer who bought a T & returned it, not working. He did the same two more times before buying a different unit.

    Well, mine works. Kinda. Sorta. Sometimes. I discovered that to obtain any kind of buz…… er, ston…… wait, vape! yeah, I had to cycle my T thru 4 (FOUR!) heat sessions before I sensed that something was happening. No vapor at all. I tried bud & shake, ground up & crumbled, powder dry & slightly springy… with no difference. After those repeated heat cycles, the casing was getting hot, so I made a silicone sleeve for it.

    Yadda, yadda… judging by the way retailers on the web (& my Vape store) are selling these things at deep discounts….. I think I got myself a $90 (but cool!) paperweight.

  • Hey I just ordered the atmos transporter, it’s going to be my first vape! I’m wondering although it’s a dry herb vape would I be able to get away with putting small amounts of oil Inbetween herbs?

  • Hi. I just bought atmos transporter. Had a few sessions but I am not seeing any clouds, very few if none now. At first it produced very very light clouds but basically nothing now and I don’t think it’s working. I still want to burn. At first I was good when I bought it but now I feel it’s not working and my product is dark brown and leaving me feeling like I need to refill it. Please help, I liked it when I first used it but now I think it’s just spending it it chamber and not reaching me.

  • Hi, love the videos, they were very helpful in my selecting of a new piece. I have the Transporter now, but the price I paid makes me a little suspicious of it’s genuity, as it was super-cheap.
    The only difference I could tell between my unit and the one in this video, is that mine has phillips head screws, other than that it looks the same. The good news I guess is that it got me where I wanted to go, so I’m mainly interested, ‘for science’ :)

  • Hi I like your page. my question is about vaping dry herb how do you know that the good part of the herb is vaped and the stuff in the burn area is done been vaped ???

    • Hey normally the vapor production will trail off (no more vapor) and it’ll start to taste like burnt popcorn when your material is spent

  • So I just recently through out a snoop dogg g pen they don’t vape they combust and very poorly made I had to buy a couple of coils before realizing.. Saying that I’m really skeptical on buying any portables so my question is what do you think the best portable vape under $250 is

  • Could you please review the Atmos Boss. I hear good things, but I don’t want to waste my money

  • Hey, I just came across this site and really appreciate the reviews.

    1. I’m a vape first-timer, and like you said in this video, I might be interested in one of these Atmos’s that you reviewed. However, aside from other portables’ higher price tags being justified by lower size and weight, taste, not having to stir mid-session, etc., my biggest concern is efficiency. I haven’t done the math, but even for a beginner, wouldn’t it be best to consider the vape’s efficiency along with the price? That might just make it equal with a higher end, for example (again, I haven’t done the math, but I imagine it’ll add up quickly).

    2. Do you have any experience with the T-Vape 2.0 or the Firewood 2.0? They seem to have good reviews and I’m especially interested in the T-Vape, which comes with 2 different-sized batteries, 2 different-sized chambers, for $180.

    3. If I pack a vape full (or even half full), is it even a normal thing to do half a session, turn it off, come back later, and finish the rest off?

  • Hi Bud, thanks for the great videos and info. I got this device about a month ago and really like it. Easy to use, very solid and built like a tank! I do like the vapor taste very much. Tried two different strains and both tasted great through this.
    You mentioned that you thought the vapor was hot on it but I’m noticing it come through stone cold but very effective! I opened the silicon top and saw there is a ceramic filter in there, very cool(ing)!
    The little light inside the chamber is handy too. But as much as I love using the Orbit, and not having to fuss with temperature settings is great and all, the battery seems to be on the small side, so you only get a few sessions before needing to charge it.
    Besides the short battery life, I love this thing.

  • I got this device about a month ago. Love it. Works great. So easy to use. Almost no cleaning required. I like the taste it gives and the vapor quantity/quality. It’s now my primary vaporizer.

    My only issue is the battery life. I only get about three to four sessions out of a charge. Each session is less than ten minutes! It does charge fast though and you can use it while charging.

  • Just got the Orbit. Totally new to this. I have a question about loading the herb chamber. Once it’s loaded and your vaping–must you consume the entire chamber in one sitting? Or can you turn it off and come back to it later without refilling it? Thanks for any info!

    • Hey I’ve personally found that you get the best results when you vape it all in one shot, you can totally shut it off and save some for a later time but the taste & density of the vapor won’t be quite as good.

  • Can you comment on the Cloud V ‘Phantom’ Ultra Portable Vaporizer? Is it very similar to the Atmos Orbit? Maybe you could check it out and do a review on this one.

    Thanks for all your hard work. This is the best source for high quality, superbly constructed critiques of vapor devices. Also, your website is clean and easy to browse.

    • Hey I’ve actually been testing that one for a little while now and should be posting my full review for it very soon, hopefully within the next few weeks.

      It is similar to the Orbit yes, but it has a smaller herb chamber.

      Thanks for your kind words I’m really glad you found my stuff helpful!

      • Hey bud, any update on the Phantom? Trying to get a small vape that’s great flavored and easy to use. Mflb looks great but I want something simple that a bunch of us can use without a long learning curve. I do like the idea of taking draws when you want rather then doing it all at once but it shouldn’t be a problem when it’s a little bit. I was looking at the xpen pro. My buddy likes it. The v2 series 3 looks good and affordable as well but I’m curious about the series 7. Any word on that? And do you think the orbit is better than the xpen pro? Thanks!

  • Hey Bud!
    Have always really liked your reviews, defiantly steered me in the right direction when I was new to all this. Since them Ive probably owned about half a dozen tapes but just got an e-nano log style vaporizer and think I have finally found my perfect vape! Was wondering why you hadn’t ever done any log style vape reviews? Can use .05 grams of material, Nearly six-eight times smaller than the pax I had! Not to mention that with that amount I can get clouds near the size of my SSV of late. Just thought I’d ask as I’m sure many would benefit from reviews on some of these truly solid vaporizers!

    • Hey Caelan, thanks for posting!

      I’m really glad to hear you found a vape you’re satisfied with, and there’s really no particular reason I haven’t reviewed that one yet, I do still have it on my list of future possibilities.

      I appreciate your request!

      • How long does this battery last on the Orbit? And how harsh is the vapor? I’m very interested in this but worried about how high quality it is (LOVE the pen appearance and the fact it can be used while charged- actually seems like a great unit)

        • The battery lasts for three filled chambers which both get two sessions out of them. The vapour isn’t all the harsh but can get rough with extended use.

  • According to our Atmos rep the temp is set to 380. Could be a touch lower, but they function well for the price point.

    • Haven’t reviewed that one so I can’t say for sure, probably somewhere in the same ballpark, thanks for your request!