KandyPens MiNi Review

KandyPens Mini

This is the KandyPens MiNi vape pen for wax and oil concentrates, and it’s got a lot goin for it in the performance department.

The “mini” part refers to its length (it’s short), not its girth (its fat).

But despite how it looks it actually performs extremely well and produces top-shelf quality vapor – smoothness and flavor are the name of the game with this one.

Check out this clip below where I show some cool melt shots:

My favorite features are:

– Very good airflow (feels natural) and doesn’t clog.

– Leak-proof bottom, you can use thin oils and it won’t leak down to the battery connection, it’s sealed off now.

– Coil-less ceramic plate is very efficient with your concentrate.

– Flavor is very pure.

– Vapor production is light with the ceramic atomizer but pleasant and satisfying.

– Dual-quartz rod coil available.

The quartz rod atomizer is sweet because it hits harder and produces more vapor than the ceramic coil, and I personally think the taste is just as good if not better with the quartz.

Overall it’s a great performing pen if you like how it looks, it’s just a little pricey. However, I finagled some sweet promo codes you can use to bring the total cost down to where I feel it needs to be.

Click here to buy the MiNi from the official KandyPens store and use my promo code STAYUP25 for 25% off the pen. If you buy through my link they compensate me for referring you and I appreciate your support more than you can imagine!

Stay up!

More pics:

Mini Colors Micro USB Charging MiNi Quartz Atomizer Ceramic Atomizer Coilless Atomizer MiNi Battery Airhole 510 Threads Mouthpiece Mini Box


  • im a new “vaper” so does inly worm for wax? does it use THC oils as well? how mucb would you put?

  • There is no support whatsoever from the KandyPen company. The top of the Kandypen mouthpiece is ceramic and broke before able to use it when trying to shmoosh the top over the silcone ‘rubberbands’. Broke before using it. Now, there are no replacements. No spares as in the other models.

  • I cant even get mine to turn on? I charged over night and tried it this morning. It flashes red then cuts back off? What do I do? I’m about fed up already…

  • Used your discount code, and it worked! Thanks! Now just awaiting my new pen… :)

  • I used your promo code, it worked! When I got it, I LOVED it – got ripped on all three tanks. I’d say that the Quartz tank is the best.

    As for these haters who say the Quartz is defective, you probably loaded too much wax or concentrate into the tank. The ceramic tank is meant to hold more wax, while the Quartz and Pearl tanks are only meant to hold TINY amounts at a time. So stop being greedy and overloading these tanks.

    This pen definitely is worth it. Thanks!

    • Yes, I believe so. I tried using my Kangertech tank on the pen, it worked without any issues.

  • Hey thanks for the promo code it worked and saved me a few dollars greatly appreciated ! Made me feel better spending that amount of money on this pen considering it’s full price thanks again.

  • I have a mini and the quartz atomizer stopped working after about 3 weeks. If you plan on using the quartz, you might want to look in to a different vape. I’d rather not spend $40 every month for a new quartz atomizer ($29.95 atomizer+$10 for cheapest shipping). The ceramic one doesn’t hit well at all, don’t even bother using that one. Thankfully I ordered on 4/20 so ended up saving 42% I believe. Still not worth it.

    • You can always contact KP customer service and they will send you a new coil. I had a similar issue and they took care of me. Their customer service is the BEST!!

    • I had exactly the same problem within the first few weeks. I contacted KandyPens customer service expecting that a malfunctioning atomizer would be covered under warranty. NOPE, they would do nothing for me. Needless to say, I won’t be buying from this company again.

      • Were you considerate to the rep on the phone? If you were rude, I wouldn’t be surprised that you got the cold shoulder. Kindness goes a long way, especially when it comes to customer service reps or anyone who is serving you in foodservice/retail. Being an a-hole automatically gets you poor service.

        • It was a polite email and they politely told me that the atomizers weren’t covered by the warranty and I’d need to pay ~$40 for a new one.

      • funny – I had a problem with my elite pen and they sent me a new coil chamber without question!

    • I don’t know where your shopping at or where you came up with those prices but new coils on kandypens.com either ceramic or quarts for the mini cost only $9.95 each

      • Did you load a lot of wax/concentrate into the tank each time, or just a tiny pinch? Just curious.

  • Thinking of picking up my first vape… should I get this kandypen mini or should I get the puffco plus?

  • I took ur advice on the kandypens mini. Just ordered it & I used ur 30% discount. 2 buy the the quarts atomizer. I will repost once I receive. The pen. Thanx again. Right now I’m. Using the. Dr. Dab aurora. & it totally suck d—k
    Just keeping it Real

  • TVC30 did not work for me on 11.21.16.
    I was excited to buy the Mini through your link but KandyPens was also giving a similar discount so I settled for that.

    I appreciate your work, efforts and insights.


  • Promo codes are working now and I have two of them you can use for different discounts, please see review above for details.

    Stay up!

  • so i dont think the coupon code is valid anymore on the site it is saying invalid now. Stopped me from making purchase.