Is the Studenglass Gravity Hookah worth it?

When it comes to gravity water pipes, in the past the brave or foolhardy have experimented with DIY setups involving soda bottles and a bucket of water. Today, those looking for a less humble experience can move on to superior and more refined instruments specifically crafted to deliver an intense smoking experience such as the Stundenglass Gravity Hookah V2.

The Studenglass Gravity Hookah has gained popularity with endorsements from celebrities such as Seth Rogan. Still the price tag of over $600 may be off-putting to many potential customers who could rightfully argue that a standard water pipe is far more affordable. Affordability isn’t everything, though. Is the Studenglass Gravity Hookah worth that steep price tag?

Using the Studenglass Gravity Hookah

Stündenglasses’ Gravity Hookah is known for incorporating pioneering technology and impeccable craftsmanship. It has elevated it to a whole new level, placing meticulous attention on details, water flow, and mechanism. The real selling feature of this piece is the undeniably fun function.

The Stündenglass unit features a 14-millimeter joint that seamlessly pairs with any 14-millimeter smoking accessory. Using the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is a straightforward process. Simply connect both chambers to the base and proceed to fill the lower chamber with water. After loading the desired herb or shisha flavor into the bowl, it can be ignited to initiate the smoking experience. Simply rotate the entire unit on its axis and let gravity do the work of forcing air through the system.

Features of the Studenglass Gravity Hookah

Contactless Smoking:

For those situations where sharing is caring, smokers no longer need to swap saliva to pass the piece. Because the Studenglass Gravity Hookah V2 forces smoke out of the unit, it creates a germ free experience even among a group of users. For those who want a bit of contact, it also comes with a whip and a glass mouthpiece for individual usage.

No Pull:

One often overlooked benefit of the gravity system is that there is zero pull strength required. In fact the smoke is forced out of the whip into the user’s mouth. Not only is this fun, but it’s easy and nice. Once the water has traveled from one vessel to the other, rotate the unit back and push out any left over smoke.

Build Quality:

The team behind Stündenglass prioritized the piece’s quality and construction, resulting in a product crafted from the finest materials available. Notably, the rotating glass component utilizes borosilicate glass, while the base itself incorporates aircraft-grade anodized and surgical-grade stainless steel, along with high-quality Teflon seals. This selection of materials makes it the most robust and durable hookah on the market. Notably, the design of the hookah is engineered by Tracey Huston, a former Apple employee. This intricate design evokes a sense of sophistication and luxury, truly exemplifying the value of your investment.

The different parts of the gravity hookah effortlessly converge, forming a cohesive unit that feels sturdy. Even the pill-shaped globes rotate and flip with remarkable smoothness, devoid of any disruptions, noises, or exertion. Also, the glass chambers can be easily detached and cleaned in a dishwasher, eliminating the unpleasant odor of stagnant bong water. Gone are the days of stubborn residue and build-up that compromise the authentic taste of your herbs.


Perhaps not the most vital aspect, but the packaging on the Stündenglass Hookah is thoughtfully enclosed in a reusable craft case that features a convenient handle, enabling easy repacking and transportation. It is advisable to retain the box for future use.

Upon unpacking, one may initially find the assortment of components slightly overwhelming. However, the organization of each part within the box provides clarity and order. Although the parts are not explicitly labeled, the packaging design ensures that the setup process is simple. It’s simple touches like this that make the unit really stand out and show off the thoughtful quality of the design.


Recently acquired by Grenco Science of G Pen fame, the Studenglass Gravity Hookah works excellently with the G Pen Connect to deliver seamless vaporization of concentrates. The only drawback is the added cost of the pen, but for vapers that already own one, it’s a little bonus for buying a Studenglass.

Studenglass Gravity Hookah: The Verdict

The Studenglass Gravity Hookah V2 is a luxury piece. The benefits of being able to share smoke without sharing mouthpieces is fabulous, and the function is novel. The build quality is excellent by every standard and given proper care should last a lifetime. The materials uses are durable, borosilicate, aluminum and steel, and these add to the price tag. Purchasing quality is never cheap and this unit delivers quality.

For those looking to impress their friends or for customers who want a centerpiece of a smoking device, the Studenglass Gravity Hookah V2 fits the bill. Also, this device is a strong contender for best party device. For some, that price tag will be easy to swallow. For others, classic water pipes may be the answer. There are few compelling competitors to the device, and it’s a lot better than a bucket full of water and cut up milk jug.

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