Hydra Typhon Charging Case for KandyPens Vaporizers

What’s up! This is my review of the Hydra Typhon Charging Case for KandyPens vape pens. Check out my full video below (~4 mins) or continue reading for the transcription:

The full name of the company that makes this is actually Hydra Vapor Tech, and they specialize in cases, cool cases with an anodized aluminum shell. Strong, high quality stuff.

Hydra Typhon Vape Charging Case They have one for the PAX 2, the Juul e-cig (case coming soon), a case for vape pen cartridges, and then they also have one for dab tools.

KandyPens vapes if you’re not familiar are for wax and oil concentrates only (they can handle thin oils too without leaking).

Now the case is available with and without the vape pen inside. This is the glossy black Gravity pen from KandyPens, which normally comes with the dual-quartz atomizer and a ceramic plate atomizer.

So, if you just get the case, Hydra is gonna include a glossy black coupler. This is the charging coupler that you can screw on to your KandyPens battery, the stock battery. Then you screw on the atomizer and mouthpiece on top of the coupler, and then the pen will fit into the case, and as soon as you push the pen down it automatically starts charging.

KandyPens Charging Case The capacity of a typical KandyPens battery is 650mAh, and with this charging case the capacity of the included battery is 3000mAh. But there is some power loss because of how things work here, so the charging coupler, the way it’s designed, it actually has to be able to send power down to the battery when the case is charging it, and then when the pen is in use with the coupler on it has to send power up to the atomizer.

So, having that one piece do both things is actually more complicated than it sounds. When you take the pen out of the case, when you wanna actually use it, you can use it with the coupler on or you can take the coupler off and store it inside the case and just use the pen normally.

But if you use the pen with the coupler on it actually also reduces power to the coil also. With the coupler on it doesn’t heat up quite as quickly and it doesn’t heat up to the same maximum temperature, so it actually turns it into a low-temp wax pen.

Hydra Vapor Tech So, this case has some pretty cool features actually. The silicone or rubber insert that’s in there is medical grade silicone, so it’s good quality.

The part that says Hydra on it is a silicone wax store container. It’s a good sized one, you can fit over a gram in there. The entire silicone wax container can also be taken out of the insert. So, if you wanted to fill it or carry it separately you can do that.

Then you have the loading tool, it’s a good quality tool. On one end is a sharp bent tip that’s good for loading the pen, and on the other end is a Philips head screwdriver. That is for the battery compartment because inside there is a removable 18650 battery. This is a pretty cool feature because now you have extra redundancy, even more backup charging power, by just carrying a few extra fully charged 18650’s with you.

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