Flytlab Lift Vaporizer Review

This is the Flytlab Lift vaporizer for dry herb. It’s small, compact, discreet, easy to carry around – all the traits you look for in a true pocket-portable.

Flytlab Lift There’s a ceramic oven inside that utilizes a hybrid of conduction and convection heating, and it’s a pretty large chamber. The max capacity is just about ~0.5g if you grind fine and that’s definitely above average. I also happen to recommend packing it full and tight for the best performance, so I would plan on packing between 0.3-0.5g in there.

The mouthpiece at the top is retractable and held in place magnetically, and it also doubles as a packing tool to tamp down your herb during your session (pretty cool, improves vapor production).

Speaking of vapor production, I give it an A in that department because you can get some pretty monster clouds from it if you want to. The taste and smoothness of the vapor also gets a B/B+ for being above average.

Ceramic Oven Draw resistance is one of the few downsides of a conduction vape so it’s not a completely free-flowing draw, it’s gonna feel a little hard to pull. This is normal and what you’re supposed to do is take a nice slow draw from it (“sip” it) for 5-10 seconds to get a real dense hit.

You can expect roughly ~15 draws per session but this of course depends on a few things: heat setting, load size, draw duration. It has an auto shut-off timer that turns off the heat every 2 minutes but for best results I do recommend restarting it a few times in a row and vaping the entire contents in one session (~8 mins).

Maintenance isn’t hard, just remember to empty and brush out the oven immediately after each use. If you forget to it’s no big deal, because you can clean that ceramic chamber pretty easily using the method I show in my video above.

Lift Colors Flytlab gives you a 10-year warranty on this one which is pretty cool, and they also include a silicone sleeve in the box that fits the vape like a glove. It’s not required because the unit doesn’t get hot on the outside during use, but it’s nice to protect the vape if you’ll be bangin it around.

Overall I’m diggin it and it’s definitely a nice looking, good performing portable vape for $150. The larger oven means this is a good one if you plan on vaping it with another person, or if you just like a lot at once ;)

Stay up!

More pix:

Black Lift Herb Chamber Lift Mouthpiece Mouthpiece Glass Lift Box


  • why do you no longer recommend this one? a lot of write ups end like this… i bought one and thecompany seems weird af. hard to get in touch with…

    • I too was wondering , as you have said this for other formerly recommended devices, without any explanation as to what changed your opinion. Wouldn’t this be helpful to people (like me) looking for info ?

  • This is an amazing vaporizer and I am brand new to vaping, entirely. I love this and give it 4.9 stars because the amount of discretion and quality it offers. The only drawback I am experiencing is a very, vey fragile battery life and perhaps someone can clarify if I am doing something wrong. Also, where can you get things like extra plastic lip pieces and cleaning tools? A cleaning solution of some kind would be incredible because I cannot imaging a swab + water getting all of the residue getting left inside.

  • Hey Bud.
    I’d like to know how much capacity (MAH) does the battery have? is it remobable? Wich battery refference does it use? Is it fair to compare it to the PAX2?

    Thanks a lot man! Really appretiate it

  • Thanks Bud! I wouldn’t know about this vape if it wasn’t for you.
    Already owning a few vapes, I am currently looking for something ultra portable, discrete and (if possible) the smell shouldn’t be too extreme. Also I usually use small amounts (about .1g or so).
    Is the Lift or a PAX the better choice for me? I considered the Davinci IQ as well, but I like the slim design of the Lift or PAX much better.

  • Nice write up Bud. I’m really interested in this vape. Price point for one. Second I like how much you can put in there. I think that’s why I fall back on my Pax2 so much is because the amount you can pack = nice session.