Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer Review

Flowermate Swift Pro

Swift Pro Black This is the Flowermate Swift Pro portable vaporizer for dry herb (pure convection!).

When I first saw pictures of the swift pro online I actually wasn’t very intrigued by its design, meaning the way it looked cosmetically. Well, I finally got one of these in my hands and I must say that the pictures did not do this justice, it’s a very nice looking piece.

It’s actually a little smaller than I thought it was going to be, and its curves and general shape are also sleeker than I imagined. It has a nice smooth surface that feels great in your hand and it’s surprisingly light, although it can feel kind of hollow when you tap on it.

I’m Thoroughly Enjoying The Performance

With a convection heating vape a lot of the experience is controlled and influenced by how you draw from it.

The unit itself just produces the heat and gets it ready, and it’s up to you to draw the hot air up through the oven to vaporize your herb.

Convection Oven The oven walls inside the chamber are not the part that heats up like in most other vapes, or basically any ‘conduction’ unit. If you don’t inhale nothing is going to happen to your herb.

All you need to do is take a medium-paced draw that’s at least 10 seconds long, and the longer you can pull the more vapor you’re gonna get and the denser it’ll be.

The flavor and smoothness of the vapor is very very good, I find it to be a pleasure to use and I even prefer it as my morning vape because of how easy it is to fine tune the strength and density of each draw.

The biggest downside to a vape like this is that you have to stir your herb at least once every few draws during your session. This involves sliding open the top piece and using a thin tool to quickly give it a stir, then closing it back up to resume vaping.

I’m using this vape a lot right now and am pleasantly surprised by how good it works. Efficiency is also above-average, it only holds about 0.1g at a time but you can get ~5-7 nice satisfying draws from that amount (and you don’t have to vape it all at once!).

Important Points:

  100% pure convection heating (hot air)
  Top-tier efficiency – oven holds ~0.1g (gets you ~5-7 draws)
  Easy to use, just remember to take long ~10-15 second pulls
  Above-average taste and vapor quality (it’s smooth)
  Main negatives are below-average battery life and the herb stirring requirement
  It’s not difficult to pull from, draw resistance is below-average

Stay up!

More pix:

LCD Display Swift Pro vs CFV Cooling Unit


  • I just won one. Ill let you know what i think when it arrives, but i hear good things about it

  • I want to buy a vape so I can take two draws a day, one for me and one for my neighbour, for medicinal purposes. Is it possible to:
    (a) put just enough herb in for two draws? Or
    (b) if it needs more herb than that in the chamber at any one use, would it be an option to vape the partially-used herb again the next day? I would guess that the herb’s medicinal properties would be significantly harmed once it had been partially used the first day.

    Would this be a good vape for me to buy?

  • Stuck right now between this, the boundless CFV and the Air Vape XS. Gonna be tough to nail it down.

      • The swift pro will work with two puffs for you and your neighbor per day. can keep the same small amount in the swift pro for the next day as long as you mix it a bit and repack. It all depends on how much Canabinoids you inhale the first puff or two.