The EYCE Oroflex Rig Review

Where tenacious beauty coexists with resolute durability

EYCE Oroflex Rigs

Indestructible beauty is at the heart of the EYCE Oroflex Rig. The EYCE Oroflx Rig is a truly versatile piece, able to handle any environment and any situation. Concentrate compatible and easily transportable, the EYCE Oroflex rig is adventure-ready right out of the box.



Beloved in the engineering world for its durability, reliable performance and cost effectiveness, Oroflex is a nearly indestructible material.  Made from dual layers of platinum-cured silicone, the glossy finish of the Oroflex Rig looks so similar to glass that the consumer wouldn’t know the difference until the piece dropped. Where glass will shatter, Oroflex will absorb the shock’s impact and redistribute it throughout the piece, preventing any nasty breaks from ruining the consumer’s session. 


The EYCE Oroflex rig may look small standing at a mere 5 inches tall, but this piece packs a hard-hitting punch and can deliver intense hits.

While the EYCE Rig may look like a traditional glass rig, the piece itself will not break when dropped. Oroflex is virtually indestructible and can withstand even the most hard-wearing consumer.

EYCE Oroflex Rig Inside View


EYCE holds a utility patent on the Oroflex Rig, meaning that the consumer can rest assured knowing that EYCE is the only company able to offer the benefits of a device made from Oroflex silicone.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning an EYCE Oroflex Rig is never needing to sacrifice beauty for functionality. The EYCE Oroflex Rig is thoughtfull designed with aesthetics in mind. Unlike other silicone rigs on the market, the Oroflex Rig is hand painted to mimic the look of real glass. The platinum-cured silicone has a sheen which mimics the gloss of traditional glass pieces. The Oroflex Rig is available in a variety of hand painted colors and designs inspired by nature, such as Honey Drip (a charming honeycomb-inspired design), Slime, Winter Blue (inspired by the chilly blue nights of the coldest days of winter), and Jungle Green (which is green, like the jungle).

The EYCE Oroflex Rig was engineered with convenience in mind. Cleaning any piece, especially one designed for use with concentrates, can be a true labor of love; most consumers are familiar with the frustrating process of attempting to pry components apart only to realize they are sealed together with dried concentrate. Luckily, the design team at EYCE built the Oroflex Rig to feature a fully removable mouthpiece to enable quick cleaning of the component which affects taste the most directly. 

EYCE Oroflex Rig


The only real drawback to the EYCE Oroflex Rig is the price point; it is significantly more expensive than other silicone rigs available on the market, but this is for a reason. Other silicone rigs lack a certain visual aesthetic that the Oroflex Rig brings back to the table, and the ease with which the consumer can clean the Oroflex Rig will pay for itself over time by lessening product wasted on painful, rugged hits. Buy quality. It lasts. 


Given that the creators of the Oroflex Rig have a utility patent on the device, there aren’t any true competitors for the Oroflex Rig. However, if one is willing to sacrifice the glossy sheen that only Oroflex can provide, the classic EYCE Rig is an affordable alternative at only $49.99. Featuring a Grade 2 titanium nail, integrated storage container, and included loading tool, the classic Rig is perfect for any on-the-go consumer looking to add a sturdy, reliable, affordable-priced rig to the rotation. 


The EYCE Oroflex Rig features a fixed downstem. Upon use, this fixed downstem funnels vapors through a fine disc percolator, resulting in smooth water filtration and a pleasant cooling of the hot vapor. This water filtration allows for maximum flavor at zero cost to the consumers comfort. The EYCE Oroflex Rig is concentrate compatible, giving the user even more freedom in how they choose to consume. Simply add water to the base of the Oroflex Rig, place the material of your choice into the included 10 mm male quartz banger and light away! The high-quality quartz banger provides the consumer ultra-smooth filtration, perfect for maintaining the purest flavor and smoothest feeling possible.


At just $85, the EYCE Oroflex Rig is a reasonably-priced investment that the consumer will only need to make once. Oroflex’s industry-leading durability means that this rig will never need to be replaced due to breakage. The folks at EYCE are so confident in the Oroflex Rig’s design that the piece comes with a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty is not industry standard, meaning that the EYCE Oroflex Rig truly is a cut above the rest. 


In summary, the EYCE Oroflex Rig is a beautiful piece comprised of a unique material that marries the best parts of glass and silicone. Easy to clean, easy to assemble, and easy to use, the Oroflex Rig is perfect for consumers at any and all experience levels. Without having to sacrifice comfort, taste, or quality, the EYCE Oroflex Rig offers consumers the best of both worlds. 

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