The EYCE OraFlex Spoon Pipe

Wait… Is it Glass or is it Silicone?

EYCE OraFlex Spoon Pipes

Everyone at some point needs a reliable piece that will, beyond a shadow of doubt, make it to the function intact. The EYCE OraFlex Spoon Pipe is the answer to that prayer. This EYCE spoon as it all: quality borosilicate glass, removable components to make cleaning a breeze, and two layers of patent-protected OraFlex. The OraFlex Spoon is easy to use and easier to travel with. Featuring EYCE’s patented OraFlex material, the glossy luster of glass meets the comforting durability of silicone with this thoughtfully-designed piece. 



Nothing ruins a session like dropping a piece and hearing that following disappointing shatter. With the EYCE OraFlex Spoon, that fear can be put to rest. OraFlex is a nearly indestructible platinum-cured silicone which features the pleasantly dense feel of glass and the shock absorption of silicone. This means the consumer can travel confidently, knowing that the OraFlex Spoon will not break in transit or upon arrival. The session will always be protected, just like the included poker tool tucked into the bottom of the OraFlex Spoon. Combined with EYCE’s industry-leading product warranties, any consumer can feel comfortable traveling without any need to invest even more money into costly protection products such as insulated carrying cases or travel bags. 


EYCE’s OraFlex Spoon was designed with cleanliness in mind. To ease the (at times arduous) process of cleaning a piece, the OraFlex Spoon features a removable bowl piece made of durable borosilicate glass. In a classic hand pipe, the bowl is attached directly to the stem, making it impossible to reach every nook and cranny. This leaves debris in the piece, which can severely impact the taste and quality of your smoking experience. With the OraFlex Spoon, this is no longer an issue. Simply pop out the detachable bowl, wash individually using the consumer’s preferred method, and pop the borosilicate bowl back in. Within five minutes, the OraFlex Spoon is perfectly clean and ready to use again and again. 


The EYCE OraFlex Spoon is unique in that it is adaptable to accommodate concentrate consumption. Simply add an affordable 10 mm collar and 10mm titanium nail to the bowl of the OraFlex Spoon in order to modify the device for concentrate compatibility. The OraFlex Spoon features beautiful hand-painted glass designs, making this piece an excellent nominee for both on-the-go and stationary home use. Many consumers enjoy the flexibility this conversion allows, especially in a piece already designed with portability and adventure in mind. 

EYCE OraFlex Bendable Spoon Pipe


While the drawbacks to using EYCE’s OraFlex spoon pipe are few and far between, some users may experience difficulty lifting the detachable bowl piece out of its base. If that situation arises, simply place the OraFlex Spoon’s body into the freezer and allow it to chill. The bowl should become easily detachable after that. If only all problems could be solved by putting them in the freezer. The OraFlex Spoon is slightly more expensive than the typical mass-produced handpipe, but the price point of the OraFlex spoon is hard to beat when taking into account the included accessories (the poker tool) and the lifetime guarantee. 


The OraFlex Spoon Pipe is affordably priced at only $29.99. For a lower cost option, a consumer could opt to purchase Groove’s Fritted Handpipe; at $17.99, this ergonomically designed hand pipe fits comfortably in the palm of any consumer’s hand, but it lacks the reliable durability of OraFlex’s platinum-cured silicone composition. The OraFlex Spoon still has the classic gleam of glass composition and gains the added bonus of being easy to clean and challenging to break. 


The OraFlex Spoon was designed to be ready for use in just seconds. Simply pack the removable borosilicate bowl with the consumer’s chosen dry material, grasp the pipe by the thoughtfully designed ergonomic handle and light away. After use, easily clean the OraFlex Spoon with the poker tool located conveniently on the underside of the handle to prevent resinous buildup. Coming in at 4.24 inches, this piece will store comfortably in most spaces.


All EYCE silicone products carry with them one of the most generous warranties in the business. As proof of confidence in quality and design, the OraFlex line is covered by not one but two warranties. The first is the industry-leading lifetime warranty that comes standard with all EYCE silicone products, which includes one free replacement for glass or metal within the first year of purchase and guarantees the silicone for the life of the product. The second is the Protek glass warranty, which is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers replacement parts for any manufacturer’s defect. EYCE’s consumer-minded product guarantees allow the consumer to use the OraFlex spoon with confidence. 


The OraFlex line is a wonderful option for consumers who truly value freedom, and the Spoon pipe especially suits a wandering soul. Compact, easy to use, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible, this artfully designed piece is ready to accompany any consumer on any adventure. With hand-painted features, a high-quality borosilicate glass bowl, and patent-protected, innovative materials, EYCE’s dedication to quality and innovation shines through the OraFlex Spoon.

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