The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO review

Ergonomic design meets effortless, American-made beauty.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Black and White Models

Dr. Dabber innovates products with one major goal in mind: to produce the best vaporizing devices on the market without compromising any aspect of a luxurious user experience. The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is a testament to their consumer-mindedness and passion for ergonomic design. 

In 2015, Dr. Dabber came out with the world’s first fully portable electronic vaporizer rig, the Boost. As the e-rig Boost settled into the market, Dr. Dabber sought to input consumer feedback into subsequent models. As a result, the Boost EVO builds on the foundation of the original product, and adds streamlined, ergonomic functionality and six consumer-informed preset temperature options. Designed in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Dabber innovated an e-rig which seamlessly blends aesthetically pleasing design with innovative functionality. Featuring RGB LEDs, the consumer can easily change light modes with two simple touches of the Boost EVO’s convenient front push button. Now available in a mesmerizing Eclipse Black or an enchanting Moon White, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO can truly be customized to any user’s aesthetic preferences. 

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO lifestyle


Induction Heating:

The Boost EVO features induction heating. Induction heating essentially means that internal magnets are used to heat the e-rig to precise temperatures. The Boost EVO’s use of induction heating sets this device apart from competitors at similar price points. This ensures quality of taste, and consumers widely agree that the Boost Evo offers one of the most powerfully flavorful vaporizing experiences available on the market. Dr. Dabber products feature industry-leading battery life and charging times, meaning the Boost EVO can heat up in as little as 11 seconds.


The Boost EVO is held together with secure, heavy-duty magnets. Because of this security, the consumer can hold the e-rig anywhere on the body or glass without fear of the glass attachment coming loose and breaking. 


The Boost EVO is more covert than other e-rigs on the market at a similar price point because of the device’s internalized design. With no visible nail in sight, the Boost EVO could almost be mistaken for a water bottle. Despite this internal design, the consumer can still control airflow and cloud intensity via a small, external air hole placed conveniently at thumb-level

This device also includes a Stealth Mode lighting option. Simply press the ergonomic button four times to initiate stealth mode, in which only the front button will illuminate, allowing for decreased visibility. 

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO front view


Although the Boost Evo comes with a multitude of high-end features, the device is not wireless-charging compatible. For the price point, a consumer might expect the device to be compatible with an app that allows for further customization. Due to the lack of an app, the Boost EVO lacks the capability for fully customizable sessions and does not have an accurate digital display. 

Despite being comprised of high-quality, durable components, the battery of the Boost EVO is not replaceable, meaning that once the battery dies, another investment $299.95 will be required, but we haven’t tested the battery life nor have we heard of any battery issues as of yet. The device comes in a high-quality, durable case to mitigate the risk of damage while traveling, but this case has no handle, which could be a recipe for disaster for many traveling and occasionally absentminded e-rig enthusiasts. 


For the same price, customers can also purchase the AUXO Cenote featuring a streamlined cylindrical body meticulously crafted for optimal grip and user-friendly functionality. Its ergonomically designed structure ensured a comfortable and effortless experience. The ceramic heating nail, both durable and cost-effective, could be easily replaced when needed. Embedded within it was a delicate metallic heating film, engineered to distribute heat evenly and produce dense, flavorful vapor clouds. Recharging this device was a breeze, either through the swift USB-C connection or the added convenience of wireless charging. It’s an excellent choice but not exactly the same product as the Boost EVo which really replaces a rig.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO bottom view


The Boost EVO is as easy to use as it is sleek. The device itself is comprised of four main components: the base, the magnetic quartz atomizer, the quick-connect adapter, and the glass attachment. These components firmly attach via a series of magnets, which means that the Boost Evo is simple to use, easy to assemble, and a breeze to clean.  

To power on, touch the Boost EVOs front five times. From there, the user may choose a heating cycle. The Boost EVO makes determining the e-rigs temperature simple and clear, one of many thoughtful design inclusions that makes this device so accessible to consumers of any experience level. The Boost EVO can deliver temperatures between 500° and 700° Fahrenheit. The LEDs will glow purple to indicate a temperature of 500° F, blue to indicate a temperature of 550°, light blue for 600°, green for 650°, orange for 700° and white for 750° F. This wide range of temperature options ensures that the Boost EVO produces a satisfying experience for any user. 

Once a temperature setting is selected, pre-load concentrate into the atomizer before initiating a heating cycle. Now that the unit is fully prepared, press and hold the ergonomic front button to initiate the chosen heating cycle.

Once purchased, the Boost EVO takes only 90 minutes to fully charge. One full charge is capable of powering 60 heating cycles. With safety in mind, Dr. Dabber included an automatic shutoff feature, engaged after fifteen minutes of inactivity. In addition to the Boost EVOs fast charging time, the device is equipped with pass-through charging technology, meaning the device can still be used even while it is charging. This thoughtful feature  is especially helpful for longer sessions with multiple participants. The Boost EVO is charged via a USB-c charging port, which is protected by a thin silicone covering to prevent debris from clogging or damaging the charging port. 

The Boost EVO’s price point of $299.95  is justified when observing the device’s multitude of high-quality features. The Boost EVO ships with a non-servicing, long-lasting quartz atomizer. This large atomizer is completely sealed, preventing oil and vapor from leaking into the electronic components of the device and causing damage. A temperature sensor is built directly into the Boost EVO’s heating element. This sensor ensures that the atomizer never overheats the concentrate load, and protects the battery from short-circuits and damage associated with overuse. The Boost Evo is set apart from competitors through the implementation of a direct quartz-to-glass airflow, meaning that only medical-grade materials come in contact with the device’s vapor pathway. 


The Boost Evo comes equipped with a one-year warranty. Dr. Dabber as a company, prides themselves on excellent, expedient customer service and encourages consumers to contact Dr. Dabber’s customer service department via phone or email with any concerns or questions. 


In summary, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is one of the most ergonomic, user-friendly e-rig devices available on today’s market. Every aspect of the consumer’s experience has been meticulously cared for, from the device’s industry-leading heating time, fast-charging and long-lasting battery, protection of expensive mechanical elements, and features such as stealth mode and auto-shutoff. The Boost EVO is a truly portable e-rig that is perfect for consumers at any experience or usage level. The Boost EVO truly is the pinnacle of high quality and thoughtful, compassionate design. 

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