The AUXO Cenote Review

Where Technicolor beauty illuminates ergonomic functionality 

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Dazzling lighting and thoughtful luxury combine in the AUXE Cenote portable vaporizer. The Cenote is a premium smart e-rig featuring wireless charging, complete customization through the AUXE Connect app and an effortless, ergonomic design. The streamlined cylindrical body allows for the consumer to be confident in a secure grip, allowing for anxiety-free usage on the go. 


Disposable Elements:

Any concentrate consumer will know the pain and frustration of attempting to clean a dirty e-nail. Residue can heavily affect flavor and induce a severe, harsh-feeling hit. AUXO has remedied this issue by incorporating high-quality disposable e-nails into the Cenote’s design. The benefit of disposability has not come at the cost of durability; AUXO’s ceramic heating nails are painstakingly crafted to withstand up to 150 sessions. 

App Control:

The AUXO connect app is available to  iOS users via the All-On browser available on the App Store, and Android users via the Google Play store directly. The AUXO Connect app is intuitive and features easy-scroll selection and precise customization of the device’s temperature, setting, and lighting mode. 

Fun Lights:

Mesmerizing, radiant lighting modes set the AUXO Cenote apart from the rest of the competition. Technicolor lighting modes like Lava, Aurora, Purple Haze, UFO, Pink Flamingo and more are sure to add an element of aesthetic satisfaction to any session. New lighting modes are periodically available for download via the AUXO Connect app. The Cenote also features Stealth Mode, great for inconspicuous consumption on the go. 

Thoughtful Design:

With type-C and wireless charging enabled, the AUXO Cenote is easy to charge regardless of proximity to an outlet. Always with an eye to thoughtful design, the AUXO Cenote is made of high quality, hand-blown borosilicate glass. Any consumer can use the Cenote without fear of unexpected shattering, and can remain confident in the use of durable, high quality material. 

AUXO Cenote Charging


At a price point of $399.99, it is harder to forgive design flaws. Although the AUXO Cenote does feature app capabilities, the app is difficult to access for iOS users. Apple users have to first download a secondary browser and then download the app from this secondary browser – a technique that Apple’s security features sometimes block. Given that many of the AUXO Cenote’s customizable features require the app to access, this can lead to a consumer’s disappointment after spending so much on a product. 

The Cenote is not usable while charging due to AUXE’s safety concerns and respect for cunsumer safety. Though beautiful, the LED lights deplete the Cenote’s battery, and the LED lights cannot be fully turned off – even in stealth mode, the LED lights at the base of the device will still illuminate. 

The Cenote’s method of loading is somewhat messy, requiring the consumer to scrape concentrate along the sides of the central nail. This scraping procedure can be easily mitigated by using a product like the Puffco Hot Knife, which allows the consumer to precisely drop concentrate onto the center of the device’s coil via a heated lower knife element. 

AUXO Cenote Front View


For a slightly higher price of $420, consumers could alternatively purchase the Puffco Peak. The AUXO Cenote’s lack of  pull-through charging will be a deal-breaker for some consumers; the Peak Pro features this ability to use the device while in a charging cycle. Both devices feature wireless charging capability, and both feature an app that allows for session customization. 


The AUXO Cenote is easy to set up. Fully charge the device before use. This takes only 90 minutes, and each full charge is capable of producing 12 heating sessions (based on 100-second sessions). The Cenote can be charged via a traditional USB-c connection or via wireless charging through any Qi-Certified wireless charger. Fill with water to the fill line, remove the carb cap located at the top of the device, place the desired material in the nail, and secure the carb cap back in place. From here, hold the front button for three seconds to turn the device on or off. 

The AUXO Cenote comes equipped with four temperate settings. Setting one is 518° Fahrenheit, setting two is 572°F, setting three is 626° F, and Pro Mode is a setting that is completely customizable via the AUXO Connect app and can be set to temperatures anywhere from 392°-644°F. An enchanting lava light effect indicates the preheating phase. When this lava effect fades, the session is ready to begin. 

The AUXO Cenote features an automatic shutoff feature that initiates after ten minutes of inactivity. The Cenote heats up in as little as 28 seconds, and each session can last up to 90 seconds. 


The AUXO Cenote features an industry-leading  ten year warranty. Because this device features one of the longest warranties available in the public market, the AUXE Cenote boasts quality and confidence. 


In summary, the AUXO Cenote is a luxurious piece of equipment for the consumer looking to add an element of beauty to any session. Stunning lighting displays and customizable light show options set the Cenote apart from the rest of the competition. Thoughtful additions such as hand-blown borosilicate glass and a mouthpiece which prevents accidental water inhalation are incorporated to elevate the smoking experience. The AUXO Cenote is an excellent product for any consumer looking to combine aesthetic beauty, high quality functionality, and luxurious design. 

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