Stundenglass Glass Gravity Hookah v2

Something different and fun that feels both new and classic

Stundenglass Glass Gravity Hookah v2

The Studenglass Gravity Hookah is an odd contraption looking more like a space-age hourglass than a water pipe. The units’ complex rotating glass chambers serve a truly simple function that many smokers of the past have accomplished with crude implements such as a cut-open milk jug, an old bowl, and a bucket of water. The Studenglass Gravity Hookah functions like a gravity hookah but with an incredibly refined design. When the glass chambers are rotated, the pull of the water fills the opposite chamber with smoke from the bowl. Simply rotate back, and it blows out the mouthpiece. 

There are many specialty versions of this as well as the simple grey and black version. Whichever is chosen, the price tag on such a unique and high-quality piece is heavy. There really is nothing like it on the market, however, and the quality of the unit is apparent when felt. 

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High-Quality Materials:

The materials used by Studenglass in the Gravity Hookah V2 are remarkably nice. High-quality anodized aluminum, as well as borosilicate glass, are the main materials used. The craftsmanship really stands out, and the aesthetic of the Studenglass is ultra-modern and sleek. High-quality materials are also easier to clean, so that makes the Gravity Hookah a lot more enticing, knowing that it won’t be harder than necessary to keep sanitary.

Conversation Piece:

For those who love having a weird piece at the session, the Studenglass Gravity Hookah is perfect. It’s a great centerpiece to a party and a sure crowd, please, with its weird and wonky kinetic function. There is the added benefit that it’s rather sanitary as well because users don’t even technically need to put their mouths on anything to enjoy the piece. It provides its own pressure and pushes the smoke out!

Very Effective:

For heavy consumers, common complaints can range from small bowl sizes to ineffective products. Not so with a gravity hookah. The Studenglass unit is essentially force-feeding the user smoke as long as they want it. Once it starts going, it’s guaranteed to fill the chamber with a large amount and expel it all.


Whether using dry herbs, shisha, or concentrates, there’s a way to make the Gravity Hookah work. It has multiple mouthpieces, but also crafty owners can run their other rigs or water pipes through the Gravity Hookah with a bit of ingenuity.

2 girls' using the Stundenglass Glass Gravity Hookah v2


A lot of the units are in the $650 range, which can be steep for some consumers. The Studenglass v2 is actually on sale here for a cheaper price than most. That is a substantial saving, and the grey colorway is really clean looking. Other than that, the unit is heavy. It has to be because it has moving parts. This is more of a tabletop experience. As long as those drawbacks aren’t deal breakers, it is a really fun party piece or home unit. 


Really the only competition is crude, homemade devices. The Studenglass Glass Gravity Hookah is so unique that if someone wants one, they have one choice of brand. What’s so cool about the Studenglass is that it can be used with vaporizers or pens as well. 


Using the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is a simple and enjoyable experience. Begin by assembling the hookah and filling the globe with water. Next, grind your dry herbs and pack them into the bowl. Prepare your coals or lighter, with self-igniting coals being the recommended choice, and place them on the bowl. Rotate the unit several times to prime the bowl, and after you’re finished, allow the bowl to cool down before handling.

Setting up the Stündenglass hose attachment is the next step. Attach the glass mouthpiece to the hookah wand, and then connect it to the hose. Fix the male-to-male adapter onto the mouthpiece, and connect the hose to the adapter. Start rotating the globes to fill them with smoke, and savor the delightful experience!


The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah boasts an impressive 10-year warranty, provided users register it through their website. As an added convenience, it arrives accompanied by a reusable craft box thoughtfully designed for safe transportation, featuring a sturdy handle. This ensures that owners can enjoy the longevity of their hookah while easily moving it around whenever the need arises.


Haters will say it’s weird, but the truth is the Studenglass Gravity Hookah is fun. For those with the budget and the whimsy to rock the smoking hourglass, it’s a great investment in joy. One could wax poetically about the build quality or the limited colors or the engineering, but at the end of the day it’s cool because it does a neat spinning thing and it blows smoke. 

The gravity hookah is very popular as live events where lots of people might be partaking in one piece. It’s absolutely cleaner than having a piece that gets wiped down between uses. They are definitely a status symbol piece in anyone’s glass collection. It stands out no matter what it is put next to.

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