EYCE Beaker Water Pipe Review

Unbreakable Beaker for those who always drop the piece

EYCE Beaker Water Pipe in different colors

Most daily users will eventually drop a beaker or similar large piece and shatter it to bits. This can be truly sad when it’s a favorite piece or one that costs a lot of money. EYCE is a brand that looks to solve that problem with its line of accessories made of unbreakable silicone. Only the necessary bits are made with durable borosilicate glass that is easily replaceable if broken. 

EYCE’s full-sized beaker water pipe is 50% larger than the mini beaker countertype. This is a full size water pipe that comes in loads of color swirl options. If space isn’t an issue, this is an excellent travel companion as it won’t break in transport. It’s also perfect as a centerpiece for a party with its bright colors and nearly bulletproof exterior.

EYCE Beaker Water Pipe



The EYCE Beaker comes with a silicone downstem coupled with a borosilicate glass slide, ensuring an optimal and pleasurable smoking experience. Suited ideally for individuals leading a fast-paced, mobile lifestyle, this miniaturized water pipe stands as an embodiment of convenience. 


Aside from the glass bowl insert, the EYCE Beaker features an almost unbreakable build. Its soft silicone body remains resilient even if it happens to take a tumble onto the floor. This quality proves especially valuable for those who tend to be a bit clumsy or for group settings where the piece may be passed around. 

The worry of someone accidentally dropping and irreparably losing the piece is now eliminated. Considering the inconvenience of carrying a delicate borosilicate bowl while traveling, one must acknowledge the constant risk of it shattering during transit. In contrast, this particular piece excels in such scenarios, as its flexible design allows it to fold and absorb the impact, providing a cool-looking and stress-free solution.


The EYCE beaker water pipe is backed by Eyce’s distinguished Lifetime Warranty, a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, cementing its status as an industry leader. It makes sense; the water pipe bounces instead of shatters.


Having a full-size beaker means a larger chamber for smoke. It also means more water for filtration. A lot of people love a large beaker, so this one fits the bill.

EYCE Beaker lifestyle photo


While the functionality of EYCE’s beaker is undoubtedly universally appreciated, the aesthetic is a bit polarizing. The sort of trippy swirled colorways in silicone mixed with modern cast shapes isn’t for everyone. For those who are more accustomed to scientific-looking glass pieces, the EYCE line can seem a bit chaotic. However, it should also be considered that many people will love the look of these pieces. 


Any classic beaker water pipe is a strong competitor to this. For instance, the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Beaker is an excellent choice. While there isn’t much in the way of direct competition with other silicone water pipes, a good borosilicate one will last as long as it is cared for. 

EYCE Beaker Water Pipe in use


Fill the bowl with your pre ground material (The Aerospace grinder is perfect for this) and place it in the downstem. Light while inhaling. Remove bowl to clear the piece. Make sure to dump your ashes in an ashtray to cool, not a trash can. 

Cleaning your pieces is very important. This stems from the fact that built up residues can grow molds, not to mention the fact that it stinks. Cleaning silicone and borosilicate is easy. It’s commonly done with household items. The most common method is to use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Fill the piece and shake vigorously to clean the entire piece. Dump it out and make sure to rinse everything thoroughly to avoid baked taste from the alcohol. 

EYCE Beaker Water Pipe


All EYCE silicone products carry with them one of the most generous warranties in the business. As proof of confidence in quality and design, the OraFlex line is covered by not one but two warranties. The first is the industry-leading lifetime warranty that comes standard with all EYCE silicone products, which includes one free replacement for glass or metal within the first year of purchase and guarantees the silicone for the life of the product. The second is the Protek glass warranty, which is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers replacement parts for any manufacturer’s defect. EYCE’s consumer-minded product guarantees allow the consumer to use the OraFlex spoon with confidence. 


Considering the amount of money lost on a broken water pipe, the EYCE beaker is easily a decent investment. For people with hardwood or tile floors, this piece is the perfect solution to clumsy counter bumps, cat and dog tail swipes, and slipper hands. The lifetime warranty is almost a joke considering it would be very difficult to break the silicone body of the piece. 

It’s additionally cool that customers can get a matching set of EYCE pieces with spoons, mini and full-size beakers, rigs, and more. This being their largest offering, it’s made for frequent dry herb users. The generous size and beaker bottom allow for lots of space for cooling. 

If it weren’t for the borosilicate bowls keeping everything classy and glassy, these pieces wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. However, EYCE has done an excellent job engineering a nearly indestructible line of smoking accessories in fun and funky colors. For those who’ve already broken a few pieces, this is it.

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Man using the EYCE Beaker Water Pipe